Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Baa kissing shikhar and saying they were lucky to get a good damaad and son like shikhar
He saved their izzat even before shaadi. He supported ishaani when all were accusing her
Baa thanks shikhar He assures he would support ishaani all his life
Shikhar says he will keep ishaani in sasuraal and never let her go to maika
Al laugh
Chetali offers sweets to everyone , they joke about chetali’s overweight And dandiya dance at sangeet , shikhar assures them that he would taKe full responsibility of the wedding expenses , they all could relax, baa is very pleased but embarrassed too

Devarsh tells his mother that they will arrange good choreographers
Chetali and devarsh talk about spending money
Ishaani brings devarsh

to a room and scolds him for increasing the expenses. He was dreaming of enjoying with Shikhar’s wealth, he would never manage to earn the amount he was dreaming of spending. Ishaani scolds devarsh that he had not changed, he could do anything for money , devarsh denies stealing anything.
Devarsh assures ishaani that his job was almost finalised Ishaani tells him to win shikhar’s trust

At mehera house kanchan apologises to ishaani for suspecting her
Ishaani asks them not to apologise , raj and kanchan plead guilty and seek forgiveness. BecaUse this way they have doubted shikhar’s choice too
Shikhar arrives there and tells them to keep up family values
She asks al to retire for the night as sangeet was next day
Shikhar receives a CD from the CCTV camera footage
Ishkar watch the CCTV camera footage.
As they watch the footage they notice RV shooting a video on his mobile
They feel it would be important to see what he had covered on that footage
They decide to ask Ritika for that mobile footage

At RV’s house he tells ritika to rest. Both are sitting on the same bed in night wear. RV assures ritz that he would be with her all his life , but Ri is still doubtful
RV asks her to rest peacefully as he will never harm their baby
As Ri falls asleep Rv turns the other way and tries to sleep

Ishaani tries to call Ritz many times but no reply come from other end
Next morning ishaani call Ri again. And she learns from maid mala that ra Ri had gone to some paresh patel dance choreographer to learn dance staps for sangeet
Ishkar decide to go there to learn some dance steps too

Ra Ri are seen practicing on ” lahu mooh lag gaya ..”
They fail to get the chemistry , feelings etc

The choreographer asks more passion , feelings Ra Ri feel awkward about this
As the choreographer shows the steps dancing with RV Ritz watches them and laughs and RV feels awkward and at the first instance goes back to practicing with Ritz , ra Ri try to get some passion into their act
Right then Ishaani walks in looking pretty in a saree. RV stares at her. The choreographer asks RV not to show passion towards the one standing there but with the one he was dancing , but RV continues to stare at Ishaani. Ritz gets annoyed on noticing this .

Soon shikhar comes and stands next to her , the choreographer gets annoyed with the new intruders , he tries to shoo them away but ishaani says she is a friend of Ritika and wanted to speak to her ,but RV interrupts that he had paid him to teach his wife dance steps and not chat with his wife’s friend
Ar Ra Ri dance this time RV brings full passion into his moves
The choreographer praises them
Ri asks RV if he was thinking of Ishaani in her place ??
RV is shocked and replies that there was no end or cure for her suspicious mind and moves away

Ishaani asks Ritika for the video footage on her mobile. To check who pushed her Falguni mom, ritika looks worried

Update Credit to: Sutapasima


  1. no name no fame

    Did ritika kill falguni maa or sm1 else did DAT…hate RV…he’s trying to showoff in frnt of ishaani..waiting eagerly Fr tmrws epi

  2. daisy

    ri is dancing with her baby bump?? or is d baby born???really ekta can make weird impossibles possible lyk dancing in tenth mnth of pregnancy……

    • MATSH

      Yeah lol?but still i think Ritika is a good pair for RV although she is bad,coz she understands and cares RV well and also supports him well during his broken times,indeed she is a good friend too,,
      Although she is a vampire or some shit she still atleast talks well with RV and never wanna give up him,although not married,
      But ishani didnt juz threw him away saying that its a sacrifice, no need of sacrifice yaar wen he really didnt kill chirag,,lol

      I have a doubt wether ishani is happpy to marry shiker or no”’?? coz if she is not happy; why flirty and shy accents with smiles to shiker,..? Y has her haistyle,saree and makeup all changed back,, she was not even this happy with RV post marriage :::i had much respect for her love wen she was so sad in RVs thoughts and lived with simplicity,,,but now ,,,,???
      Rv was ready to accept her in hospital rite then y she still eent away from RV,,,

  3. MATSH

    Oh my god””?it was so funny to see ishani’s face burning in jeolousy”””???
    Why so much of love hate drama and jeolousy”‘”? Just forget the world and society around u both and juz listen to ur heart,, rv loves ishani more than anyone does and ishani too has same feeling for him, then y society,stupid partners and all unethical moves in the show ”’

    • Rosh

      Yaa darling both of our lead characters fell miserably . I do hope these two will live as Ishker and RaRi . Both of them look like made for each other .

  4. bt who killed Falguni maa..??i think the script writer may dragging this story into another level..
    i believe if ishaani gets into the happy mood,that only with he is a man with witty dialogues…and he loves ishaani not only for lust or anythng..but to see her innocence and careing mind…
    rv..yyy u always jealous to see ishikhr…???
    ♥♥♥love u shikhar..bcz u are such a nice person….

  5. ??

    guess what ekta is going to show in her next show.. ok lemme tell you she vil show the love story of a human & a witch lolz.. ekta can do anythng guyz… dats nothng new

  6. anita

    hey guys,
    i guess that krisha is to become pregnant even before marriage….
    i read this info in some updates..
    lol…. in this show all the young ladies except ishani are pregnant before marriage…
    what a stupidity???

  7. annah

    Hate rv!!! What does he want I don’t understand……. He insults inlshani….hurts her n then even loves her!!! What the helllll!!!! N y is ritika nowadays asking soo much from rv?!? First toh she was happy with him for just giving her support……. Now she asking everything from rv vich is not hers……,!

  8. Manisha

    Ishani is so stupid why she is asking Ritika for video footage?if she asked to Ranveer he could also have given her.

  9. Manisha

    They are just dragging.very slow story but just they give hope to audience that they will show us something good in future so we are watching .

  10. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. The dance of choreographer was funny with Ranveer.. like RV reaction when he was shocked to see Ishaani.. but I hate the way he danced with Rithika purposefully.. OMG poor Ishaani Asking proof to the murderer itself.. precap create interest. Waiting for a good episode.

  11. if rv loved ishaani the most then y he is unable to find her love for him and he treating her as a theft where as shikar had more trust for ishaani. this clearly proves that shikar is the one who loved ishaani most than rv as he is able to understand all her sacrifices than rv

    • MATSH

      exactly ritika is more understanding about RV than Ishani,,,she is a good support to RV in every situations,,,although she is bad she loves RV than Ishani

      • Rosh

        Ritika understands not only RV but also Ishani . She understood that both of them are big nuts whom she can fool very easily. One is a foolish sacrificer other one is a foolish sad story teller . He will tel, that story to any one and walk around she will take any ones crime on her head . Now I think I must congratulate Ritika !!!!!!!!

  12. guys now ritika will delete the proof because ritika ne mara ha falguni ko……she is villan….and now shikar will help ishani for proof

  13. rosy

    Nice episde…give me a break rv y do u thnk u cn make ritika happy evrytym as dat happiness is nt genuine its all fraud bl**dy showoff…arey u nt nt loyal to dat vamp nd jst gettng carried away in ur foolsh jealousy…ishani toh iss taraf se tum se aage nikal gayi atleast she nt hellbent in jealousy…moreovr its true dat shikhar undrstnds ishu more…

  14. y rv dancing wit dat stupid ritika? Its vry irritating! ;->;->;-> why all idiots trust dat hell ritika. Any one have no doubt about her. Wat s going on? Plz stop dis foolish serial. Dat s good.ENOUGH!

  15. y rv dancing wit dat stupid ritika? Its vry irritating! ;->;->;-> why all idiots trust dat hell ritika. Any one have no doubt about her? Wat s going on? Plz stop dis foolish serial. Dat s good.ENOUGH!

  16. Honey

    I got a new way of thought about shikar. If the serial leads anyway will unite ishveer. If it happens what about shikar. I think shikar is not as good as he appear. He too a villan. This may show after ishveer unite i think. If it not happen then shikar will be left with much pain without any end up. Bcz he loves Ishani more than any thing. So i guess he must be a villan.

  17. Omg all girls getting pregnant befre marriage except ishaani.. nd wt do u want rv??? Ur hurting ishaani bt ur saving her also… pls throw dat scuum rithika out of ur lyf and bring back ishaani bck ur lyf.. and nw rithika ur going to kill ishaani i think..

  18. MATSH

    this show is only meant for RVs love for Ishani..the main lead character is only RV not even Ishani,but his love is ishani.. all fans started to watch this show only for RVs love and how come people just here are so attracted to someone who is just introduced ,as because he speaks funny and changes people’s mood , is that every woman shoiuld just leave their love who really they love and go with the funny guy..
    please respect the pure and unconditional love of both RV and Ishani and dont enjoy new partners matched by the directors, its so unethical if we all just enjoy new partners and disrespect the real love of RV and Ishani..

  19. OMG what a serial? We are in India. Is it not necessary to have ethics?
    I hate rv who troubles ishaani. She is once deceived by Chiraag. Ill-treated, insulted & blamed by RV & family. She was reborn because of Shikar. Bygone is bygone. When she is starting a new life, she should not break the heart of Shikar who understood what life is through Ishaani and loves Ishaani the most. She will have good in-laws as well. She can feel her mother in Kanchal. She can interfere with RV as far as Falguni’s death is concerned. Can anyone who is nearing Delivery dance like Ritz.

  20. rosy

    Yeah we shd respect dat pure love,, even if dat rv doesnt respect his love…wow dats grt to sell all da self respect dignity to da man whose love is pure…so what if dat man forgets hs limit to insult…sum1…nw gals look 4 love only nd nt da self respect nd u go very far….without respect..
    Draupadi nd sita were nonsense to fight 4 self respect nd nt der hubby’s love…

  21. Manisha

    Ritika is not understanding she is just fake and selfish.she is doing everything for her own intentions.

  22. Rosh

    I don’t want to offend any one friends what are they showing in this so called love story?
    It look like turning in to a vulgar story
    Next episode Ektha happily introduce yet another unmarried pregnant girl none other than Krish , don’t you feel it is disgusting!!!!!
    This show until today buchered all the thing we respect in the society
    They stained friend ships , friends can sleep together without marriage on top of that almost all female must be pregnat before marriage
    It will be fantastic to marry some one else than who impregnated !
    You marry if your wife just in jail also you can sleep with any one on her bed
    Divorce is not needed for remarriage you just sleep around
    Mother in laws love pregnant daughter in laws
    If some one ask random money u can just rob some one and give kidnappers
    Brothers are blood suckers
    Love means if you are rejected in a brutal way u can insult that female by framing her in to a criminal
    The best lesson is you can just take anyone’s crime on your head
    Cheating justice system is a bigger crime
    One more all men are stupid they go around females day and night and dance
    Be it business man or a lawyer

    I want to bang my head some where thinking the moment I started to watch this crap

  23. anything

    I read in d spoiler DAT in d sangeet function RV n ishaani imagine dancing wid each other n den SM situations occur….waiting fr a good episode aftr all dis drama

  24. rosy

    Aftr all its nt practical to act such as all characters here….de seem to b ovrsmart,,ovr way widout thnkng front nd back 1 is taking da blames on her head…police’s work is gettng easier…de wud b feb up nt to work as pple r takng oder’s blame on their heads….!!!!!
    On another 1 accuse a innocent lady of all sort of crimes…oder way he gvs place to a pregnant(nt by him) lady(a true criminal)

  25. MATSH

    Nobody is stupid here ok” everybody have their own views, if u guys can blindly support ishani i too can support RV, if today ishani is a god to you all theres nothing wrong i think RVs love is pure,,
    This discussion is not only for ishker supporters i guess, ishveer supporters too can write their views,,,. Am i right Rosh..?
    May be then u all wont watch the show if RV and ishani reunite,,, is that so…?
    Somebody said no need to talk about ethics,,in India,, i cant understand ,, true lovers should unite or new partners should unite,,.? Lol i cant understand certaib views,,,

  26. Lathika

    Will u plzzz end this serial…
    Really disgusting…..
    Hate it…
    Making of this serial is like rubber making in factory tht must bore one

    • MATSH

      true say,,but stupid RV will never leave her,,he will always love her with all his heart..

  27. Ishaani,just leave ur sacrifices girl.And ranveer,awesome man.trying to hate ishaani but can’t.rv dont trust that heartless annoying thing wid ranveer is sharing ur room wid ritika.Sooo disgusting ya. otherwise ur a gem of a person.And still now there is no chance of blaming shikar.And ritika…irritating face and ur dance is also unbearable.Again same question,when will ishveer reunite?

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