Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV and Ritika sit on the stage for the rituals of marriage. Amba and Kailash their Kaniadaan happily and the Pandit asks them to stand for taking circles. Ritika takes the first step for circles when Ishaani calls to stop it. She stood on the doorway with bandaged head. Ishaani says this marriage can’t take place. Amba says that she must leave now because her son is getting married. Ishaani says she is still her son’s wife, and in presence of first wife he can’t remarry. She walks towards the stage where Ritika was standing shocked and only wondered how Ishaani is still alive. Ishaani walks up the stage to RV then turns to Ritika and opens the knot of their Kaniadaan. She remembers her knot with Ranveer tied by Falguni. Everyone is shocked watching this all. Ishaani turns to look at

Ritika and says to RV that he can’t marry her. Kanchal and Mr. Mehra is also worried. Ritika thinks she knows all about her. RV says he is marrying her. Ishaani says no, she is his wife and she is still alive, how can he marry someone else? Amba calls and asks what drama she is making, she had left Ranveer herself; she has no right over him. Ishaani says she knows she didn’t want their marriage but still they got married, now how can Amba marry Ranveer with someone else. She says she knows she went away from him, but it doesn’t mean a break of relation and those one at heart can never get apart. She says she took circles with Ranveer promising to stay with him, she can’t get separated from each other. She says neither Ranveer can stay happy without her now will she stay happy without him. She says to Ranveer that she has promised to save him from any problem and if it comes she will face it first. Ritika takes a seat. Ishaani says she knows he loves her and for the sake of that love, please don’t marry Ritika. Amba tells Ishaani to stop this rubbish, she says this is her son’s marriage and not a drama. She says Ishaani never had a relation with Ranveer and whatever it was has been broken, RV accepts this truth and won’t come back to her at any cost now; so she must leave. She takes Ishaani by arm but Ishaani removes her hand and says she won’t listen to her. She came here to take her husband and will take him today, she says she knows Amba is Ranveer’s mother but she can’t do anything now. Baa smiles approvingly.
There, Dewarsh hears from Krisha at home that Ishaani has stopped RV’s marriage. Chaitali hears this and says Ishaani can do anything at anytime. Dewarsh says he knew Ishaani and Shekhar aren’t marrying but he didn’t know the reasons too. He tells Chaitali that Shekhar promised him he won’t let anything come between his and Krisha’s wedding.
Ritika makes a call to driver to bring the car, Lakshmi stops her and says she won’t go anywhere. She takes Ritika by arm and holds her.
Amba says she has heard a lot about promises from Ishaani before as well. Today, she will push Ishaani out. Ishaani jerks Amba’s hand and says she will leave but only if Ranveer says he has no relation with Ishaani, if he says he will never see her again in life, if he says she has no place in his heart and mind she will not only leave his house but life as well. Amba says he will speak this on her face. Amba goes to Ranveer and asks him to tell Ishaani she has no place in his life and she doesn’t belong to him. She says that then Ishaani will go away from here forever. RV looks at Ishaani, walks towards her, takes her hand and moves towards the door.
Ritika thinks Ishaani can spit her truth at anytime. Lakshmi held her tight. Kanchal asks Mr. Mehra why is Ishaani doing so. Ishaani the man who couldn’t send her out of his house can never send her out of his heart.

PRECAP: Amba asks Ritika what she has to say to Ishaani, she wants to hear what Ishaani has to say about her. Ishaani says she wants to share a secret with them that only she and Ritika knows about.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    OMG… WOW… What an episode… supeb… waiting for this for a very long time… Ishaani’s entry was simply excellent.. and like lakshmi very much when she was going on stopping Rithika.. ha ha… and she was looking as if thief is caught. 🙂
    I wish somone could kick that amba out…
    By the way Where is shikhar? ..
    Bechara what happened to him?
    Precap is interesting.. hope she wont say the truth.. instead she will say something positive things which we are unexpected..

    • kalai

      S . I had seen the shooting location where arjun say about ishaani slapping ritika. But I can’t wait understand the dialogues as I am Tamil

  2. hanna

    im new to comment ………bt im watching this show frm the start………I wanna see ISHVEER together nd kick ritika out……..

  3. dhanu

    This amba is too much .guys mala had saw ritika isn’t in room. I think she will help isaani.

  4. AnonyMous GiRL!!

    Ranveer tou aaj munh mein laddu le kay betha tha….he didn’t have much dialogues today to deliver!!!

  5. wins

    Ishani was stabbed by ritika very badly and she got operation done and halted the marriage in a span of one episode..loll. They all had lost it.. seriously.. now rv will become dumbo again among the ladies..

  6. jasmine

    shikhar is doing ashiqui in right manners… when ishani was not there ranveer is thinking about her..and when she has came..he is showing anger..and even he isnt asking about ishani’s bandage..

  7. dhanu

    Friends ishani will slap ritika on dewarsh wedding day.after slap she ( ishani) will faint.

  8. kowsi

    Woww…are wah ishaani ..awsm episode ….tomrw will be more intresting …shikar will come tomrw episode….wen ishaani arrive in mandap rithika was shocking reaction..ishaani is alive….and then she makes to call driver tat time lakshmi hold her hand tightly and her face xpressions ..superb acting rithika….

    • jasmine

      yup..ritika was good…shikhar is best…rv is having mesmerizing eyes epressions…ek ishani hee hai..jisko acting nahi aati…ha ha ha..joking..she is also doing good job these days ..personally …I dont like her very much..I feel rv deserves better co actor…

  9. rajivi

    Mats fans pls tell me wat happend to ishani’s father(falguni’s first husband), is he died?

  10. armaan

    latest update:

    Ishani slaps Ritika in Krisha and Devarsh’s wedding, the same place where Ranveer will re-marry her.Actually Shikhar convinced Ritika to come to his sister Krisha’s wedding but Ishaani gets angry on seeing her and ends up slapping Ritika in front of everyone. Actually Ishaani is faking to be suffering from a memory loss to gather evidence against Ritika in order to expose her.We have also heard that soon after slapping Ritika Ishaani faints!How will Ranveer and Shikhar react to this? And what will Ritika do to take revenge.???

  11. marry

    i looooov todays epi it was beyond words finally ishaveer come close now ritika should b punished there r many clues to reveal ritika real devil face !!!!! rv have olso a clue ! of when ritika says ketup to ishani bloods and the contract killer is olso in jail!!!!! now ritika u gonna b vry hardly punished 🙂

    • marry

      i lov the seen when lakshami stopping ritika hhaha and i hate amba charactor she is even two hands more than ritika really;/

  12. mary christodoulou

    I love now the serial it was time to seeit .until now was vr boring.hope they will continue like that

  13. sonali

    what do u think what will ishani say???…. rv will show anger on her tomorrow but shikhar will cum on the right time and tell them that rv and ishani still married so marriage cant take place……it was very difficult for shikhar to take such a decision but yes, he proved his selflessness….want to see ritika punished……
    in the upcoming episodes, there will many romantic scenes between ishveer which will make ritika jealous…….loved ishani’s slap to ritika!!! 🙂 luv u MATSH—-

  14. pathu

    I need this ishani open up her mouth. She didn’t wanna find proof. Becoz she hav already one living proof with her.

    Rithika ki bacchaa. Vo chirag ki hai na……

    • armaan

      yes, she knows about ritika’s pregnancy and its father is chirag…..but it is not easy to prove as ritika is way too smart—-she may bribe the doctor and show the baby to be of sharman….so ishani needs to wait and find enough evidences…. also she needs to make rv have trust on her… will take tym but ishveer will be back soon!!

  15. maya

    ishani was stabbed by ritika and was lying in a pool of blood,,,not even able to stand—how is it possible that she came back so soon?? even when she arrived the marriage venue, there were not much signs of the injury—-only a bandage on her head….is the recovery time so short??…….do the writers think we are stupids or the medical world has suddenly jumped up on new heights….ekta mam is so impractical—anhoni ko honi kar de,,,,honi ko unhoni kar de,,,, wahi h ekta kapoor…. rv, plz tell– is there not much difference between ketchup and blood??
    anyways, it is gud that the story is at least trying to concentrate on ritika’s crimes….shikhar has a gud role….how will he introduce ishani’s memory loss among all?? ….. just eager to see how have they planned ritika’s punishment…

  16. pathu

    Meri aashiqui dev se hi. But kya karu yaar. I love him. And he didn’t respond to just kept smiling on face and went to kuwait. Ab mein akeli. Voh ab tak cal bhi nahi karti.
    Teen maheene hogayi. Abhi bhi no respond. Mein kya karu? Mein idhar pagal ho rahi hoon.

  17. Ariyan

    Is episode dekhne ke baad mujhe na saif ali khan wala ‘whoowwwwww’ feelings araha hai . . .

  18. preethu

    i wish rv and ishani go together outside of the house and live happily. Rithika real color should come out and i want to see ambas reaction at that time.

  19. harry

    plzzz end this serial soon plzz
    dont drag it like rubber
    day to day hate to watch it ……

  20. latha

    My 3 year old says mommy why this Ishani cried daily… she knows only to cry… doesn’t she know how to talk nicely… poor girl… roz roke baath karthi hai…..

  21. Eesha

    OMG finally happy to see this serial after a long time.. I mean this dumb foolish idiot ishani had started to speak than to feel and cry.. Gud job ishani

    But I have a doubt.. how can a pregnant women that too 8 and half months pregnant women can do all these acts like driving car without any difficulty, stab ishani, etc. so stupid..

    At least from now on pls bring aashiqui between ishveer don’t drag too much

  22. I dn’t undrstnd tht why is ishni’s head bndgd?she wsn’ t stbbd in the hd. lvd tdy’s episd! bt I thnk thy r drgin too much. fr the upcmin episd I think whn ishni wll faint aftr tht she wll strt actin of mmrylss. fellin vry bd fr shkhr.

    • Santosini Pani

      its only happen in our serials .. hero/heroin got stabbed and recovered .. look at ishani.. she not only recovered.. but say dialouge so smartly.. and walking.. this is never happening in real life.. lol..

  23. ananya

    Colours TV is not available on my set top box/cable network.Is anyone facing the same??

  24. shabbu

    Ishaani was stabbed but they showed her head injury!!! Becozzzzzzz then only they can do the memory loss drama na!! Tats s the plan of ekta mam!!!

    Ekta mam u r really superrrr!! We should appreciate it !! U know y??? Coz u r one who shows all the unrealistic things on screen!!! A pregnant lady doing so much hard work on killing someone!! It’s really appreciable!! Lol!!! N recovery of ishaani just within few minutes!!! Hats off!! Really ekta mams thinking power is really high!!

    Sometimes I used to get angry on ranveer.. He blindly believes ritika!! From the beginning I have seen ,, he trust her more n more!!! But this idiot ritika is a vampire!!

    This is true tat we started hating ritika.. But this is due to ekta mam ,,, she spoiled her character!! Just becoz of trps she have done this

    Well leaving all this behind let us hope for ishveer patch episode soon!! May it comes before this year ends…!!! Lol

    But pls show some evil sides of ritika to some one in vaghela house!! So tat they can support ishaani!!!

    • ♚Ranvir♚

      Shabbu u shud hav some sense!!! I mean i m not talking about everything u wrote neither m supporting ekta srsly she has spoilt the story… But the part u wrote abot the stabbing… Yes, it can cause brain damage or memory loss if it is not cured fast… And mayb this can b ishaani acting to show ritika as avamp… So except dat stabbing part everything is ryt(what u wrote)!!! Nd yaar why r u angry on me!! U hav written dat u r angry on ranveer… Lol!!! Juz kidding huh??

  25. Pihu

    Really it was a gd episode.. finally all r going to know ritika’s truth.. wht will be the expression of Amba after knowing Ritika’s truth… Jst waiting dat moment.. Precap is intresting… hope ishani u ll punish Ritika.

  26. Auror

    Jitna time ritika or rv ko garland exchanging mein laga utne mein ishaani kokoe operation and saree pehenne mein and rv k ghar pohochne mein laga

  27. Auror

    Shikar is the best character in the show. I want him to b happy……neither ishaanihas faith nor rv has in her. Shiner is the one who truly believes his love…….?

  28. i like so much the chracter of sheiker and also i feel sadness about sheiker would sheiker can gain his love by ishani or another but ranveer also wants the love of ishani and what is the one thruth ishani knows about ritika which he wants to tell all family but i think that ishani trying to cheat ritika and wants to swallowing the truth from ritika’s mouth

  29. Wat d shoot ritka stabed wit nife how can she hav badage on the head n d wrst ting is ki jab garlands xchang kar rahe the utne me hi ishni ki opertin aur sari change bi hogaya kehna padega trp badane kelie itna drama kar rahi he ekta madm. Realy ekta madm is very smart n intel in givin ideas n doin them 4 trp.
    Luv d epi waitin 4 ishveer patchup and some nok jhok btw dem!!!!#/&#:

  30. marry

    chek this out guys!!!!!!! 😉 hhahhahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    while watching a series of recently aired in ‘Meri aashiqui tumse hi’, we were quiet baffled with what we could call a remarkable scarcity in lack of brainy content in RV and Ritika,s weddding track which involved Ishani,s muder as are few glaring bloopers that left us asumed.

    No1 – Ritika,s paid goons showcase that they lack basic IQ by throwing Ishani and the car in which she was traveling, into a trench instead of using gun or knife to kill her. Ishani in a cliched television serial style, escapes death.

    No2 – Ritika sneaks out the house, despite heavy rainfall, to kill Ishani, way before her pheras after finishing her business, Ritika reaches in a drenched state but dries her up wedding grab, hair etc in a matter of seconds to avoid being caught by anyone! All we wish to know now is what on earth did Ritika had that helped her dry her clothes at the lightning speed!

    No3 – Ishaani is stabbed in her stomach by Ritika and left alone writhing in pain on the highway. Shikhar finds her by good luck and takes her to the hospital to get her treated. Once the doctors finish operating on her body, Ishaani still manages to reach the wedding venue to stop RV from marring Ritika. Faux pas reaches a new high as Ishaani turns up in a festive saree, minus any bandages on her tummy or any clinical stitch.

    • ♚Ranvir♚

      That’s a tv soap dear!!! nd this is ekta kapoors soap so she can make anything twist and turn nd call it a serial!!! So there’s no answers for these 3 questions in reeel… If it was real then any1 else cud hav answered it!!!

    • Nim

      The only answer i have is for No 2.
      Ritika miraculously has a ‘hair dryer’ yes i said hair dryer in her car! (maybe you missed that scene, it was very quick.
      That is how she supposedly dries her clothes before re-entering the house after murder attempt of Ishaani.

    • Nim

      The fact that when Ishaani was stabbed, you see the thing go right through her!
      Hours later she suddenly has no stomach wound!
      Beyond unrealistically bizaare!

  31. Hahhahaha very good questions which cannot b answered by normal viewers…. Coz these are ekta man’s so called twists and turns and may she also can’t answer these ……. ???? she thought she can amuse us with these …. But she never thought v would think such questions too lol 😉

  32. marry

    i just cant wait 4 tonites episode i hope so to see ishaveer funny and lovlyyyyy wedding nite scenes todays!!!!!!!!!!

  33. anita

    As too much cook spoils the broth, the same is happening with too much of twists with Meri Aashiqui. The recovery of Ishaani within few minutes or hour is shocking,but what appeared to be most shocking that is really Ritika pregnant ? Or is she faking? How is it possible for 8 months pregnant women to stab anybody??? How could she disappear from her house unoticibly and from the upstairs??? Does the house have any underground chamber? How could she do that miracle? And just watch about the reaction of Shikhar’s parent or Baa nobody is shocked to see her injured, even Ranveer,they are just shocked to watch her claiming her rights as Ranveer’s wife. Such as fatal incident,with no police investigations,sudden recovery,without observation. The reliability is going down.

  34. annah(anu)

    Ekta mam, I think u shud do ur check up at once……n yes d questions asked by marry really don’t have any answer cuz this is ekta mam’s serial which never shows anything real!!!!! Anyways…….I can’t stop watching it cuz I luv ishveer!!!!!

  35. ramya

    i m a student nd get time after about 1 month to read written episode nd it sounds quite funny that eveything almost remains same nd i feel i missed nothing:-p

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