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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Falguni comes to Baa asking why she insulted Ishaani in front of everyone. Baa says she did same what Falguni did with her daughter, Madhavi. Like it’s called in English, tit-for-tat. Baa reminds Falguni that she’s expert in kitchen politics and she’s still the eldest daughter in law of this house. By going to malls, multiplexes, Falguni won’t become the eldest. She further says Ishaani will get everything because this family and Harshad believe in charity, but she will never be blood of this house like Disha. They both argue on who has more importance for Harshad. Baa says she made him sleep singing lullabies when Falguni says Harshad still sleeps in her room. She tells Baa she may be expert at kitchen politics, but it’s her who is expert in bedroom politics.

She leaves reminding baa that king never goes against his queen.

Falguni comes and complains to Harshad. He tells her she looks even prettier when she’s angry. She asks him to stop joking. Harshad says he knows everything, but Baa really loves Ishaani. She tells him he doesn’t know what all Baa does to Ishaani to insult her. He says he knows everything and it’s between saas and bahu. She asks him who he loves more. He ignores her question, but she tells him to answer. He says he loves her, but he can’t say that in his mother’s eyes. He leaves. Falguni is not happy.

Harshad comes to the kids and tells them about Chirag’s party. All of them are excited. Ishaani tells them party is at 10 in night. The kids wonder how they will take permission from Baa. Harshad goes to Baa with kids and she gives the permission as it’s Chirag’s party. She saw on Facebook, he’s a handsome guy. Prateik gets worried knowing Baa is on facebook. Baa says she saw in Chanchal’s account. Prateik says to himself thats even more dangerous. Baa tells everyone to do shopping well. Falguni is surprised.

Pant is not fitting to Prateik. Ranvir comes there. Prateik asks him for help and he lies down on the bed. Ranvir helps him. Chanchal comes in and see them in wrong pose. She gets shocked and goes out. Devarsh sees her and wonders what she saw. He goes in the room and he’s also surprised and disgusted. Prateik says it’s nothing like that. Devarsh teases him. Disha and Ishaani also come to the room and they are also disgusted. Prateik pushes Ranvir and tells Devarsha, it’s nothing like that. Ranvir says he got tired. Devarsh tells him he didn’t expect this from him. Ranvir is confused. He then realizes it and says he was just fixing button on his pant. Ishaani can’t find her book. Ranvir gives it to her and says she forgot on the terrace. Prateik tells everyone not to tell this to anyone. ishani says she will tell to her dad that Ranvir hid her book. Ranvir asks her why he would hide her book. She says to bother her. She leaves. Ranvir follows. Devarsh teases Prateik saying he will tell Baa. He requests him not to.

Falguni tells Harshad that she doesn’t think Baa will agree for Ishaani’s rishta with Chirag. Ranvir comes in. Harshad tells him to go to party as well. He asks what he will do there. Harshad says same as what he does here, take care of Ishaani and Disha. Ranvir agrees. Ishani comes there and Ranvir jokes with her. Harshad asks her why she didn’t get ready for the party yet. She says she doesn’t like going to the parties. Ranvir again jokes with her saying she only likes arguing with him, she doesn’t know how to talk to anyone else. Ishani asks her dad why he let Ranvir talk so much. Harshad says because he is like his son. Ranvir goes to get ready. Ishani tells her dad that is why he loves Ranvir more than her. Harshad says no one can take daughter’s place. He gives his kurta, which she gifted to him, to her to give to Ranvir. She asks why and says he’s so irritating. Harshad says he does so much for them and he also has to look good as he’s going to party with her. She goes. Harshad asks Falguni whether they should talk to Ishani before Baa, but she says no.

Baa is looking for wedding card. Harshad comes to her to talk about Ishaani’s alliance. Baa asks him to select a card. He asks for whom it is. She says for his daughter and asks he also came to talk about Chirag and his daughter’s alliance, right? He says yes and asks how she knew about it. Baa says she’s his mother. She understands everything without him telling about it. She also wants the same as him. That house will suit perfectly for this house’s daughter. He praises Chirag and Chirag’s entry is shown.

Chirag’s parents receive him at the airport. He meets his parents and asks how they are going. His dad says, same as every time. Chirag gets excited seeing his sports bike. He goes on bike and his parents in their car. They race on the road. They stop at a signal. Chirag calls and tells his dad there’s so much traffic. He then signs traffic police at his parents car. Traffic police stop Chirag’s dad for talking while driving. Chirag comes to them and asks traffic police to let him go, he’s elder. He leaves. Chirag’s dad understands that he tricked them and smiles.

Precap: Ishaani asks Ranvir when he’s buying a new kurta and for whom he’s saving all the money. He says for marriage. She asks if he found anyone. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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