Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram and Uttam confess that they got the robbery. Uttam says they wanted to earn money soon, adopt a short cut. Nurbhay asks if they stole in their own house, he says he brought them up as his own brothers. Vikram says Uttam did this all. Maa slaps Uttam hard. She asks Uttam where the idols are? Uttam says they have sold it. Maa asks why they did such a cheap thing for money only, if Nurbhay ever said no to them for money. Nurbhay fulfilled all the responsibilities of an elder brother, though he had no rights towards them. She says Nurbhay may forgive them, but she won’t. Nurbhay stops Maa from pushing Uttam out of the house. He says that Uttam is Aarti’s love, their brother in law, they must keep the relation. Ishaani asks Nurbhay to say something to Pratik as well. Nurbhay apologizes

Pratik. Ishaani says she still wants to play the video, she wants to see how people appear while stealing. She says she knew that robbery was done by someone at home, but didn’t know who did this. She says she just said two sentences and Vikram himself confessed. Ishaani heads to leave behind Nurbhay.
Uttam touches his face. Maa apologizes and says if she had to do this, else Nurbhay would have behaved badly to him.
Pratik comes behind Ishaani and says she did this all to save him. Ishaani says she did this for her husband’s respect, his name would have got bad if Pratik would have got to jail. She says she is in hurry and leaves.
Ishaani comes to Nurbhay who sat silently in the room. She taunts that why is Nurbhay, the flag bearer of justice and rules silent here. She says she got punishment in this house many times, then why not give the punishment to them today. She tells Nurbhay that she just want to show him the mirror. She says she has seen his other side, he isn’t as bad as he shows to the world. She says she wants to tell him that if he can give another chance to Uttam and Vikram, why he can’t give another chance to Ranveer. Nurbhay says Vikram and Uttam are his family, Ranveer is nothing. Ishaani says Ranveer is her family, he is going to marry Naina and be a part of this family. She asks him to talk to Ranveer for once about the accident. Nurbhay tells her to shut up, else. Ishaani asks what else, she is here in front of him. Nurbhay drags her out of the room, and shuts the door from inside.
Naina tells Ritika that she wanted to slap Ishaani today for accusing her brothers. Ritika says fire is on both sides, Ishaani wanted to show Ranveer how much she loves Ranveer today. Ritika tells her that Ranveer is in doubt and wants to get Ishaani back. Naina says she can’t share her love. Ritika says there is a weakness of Ranveer, for which she must make Ranveer hers, she must sleep with her. She says if Naina gives her wine, and spends a night with her, he will spend his own life in that guilt. He will marry her. Ritika says it is about a single night. Naina nods, she says if she has to murder someone to get Ranveer, she will. Ritika smiles.
Pratik says Ishaani saved him going against the whole Ishaani. He says to Ranveer she isn’t doing what she says. He says what Ritika said and why Ishaani said is same, but he thinks that is fake. Ranveer says Ritika is playing a game with Ishaani, and Ishaani is also hiding it. Ranveer wonders why is Ishaani not telling her problem to him alone. Pratik says they only have two days. Ranveer says they must get to that house, its wall will tell them why is Ishaani so helpless.

PRECAP: Ranveer denies having ladyfinger when Ishaani served it. Nurbhay says it is well cooked. Ranveer says he thought some people never learn cooking, it is good Ishaani learnt cooking after this wedding. Ishaani says to Ranveer that she thought some people’s choice never change with time, but it seems it does. Ranveer thoughtfully looks at her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ishani become geneous wow what trick to catch vikram,,,,,,,and ranveer wow u also doing good job not bad both r intelligent today and pratik id also nice today……….1 thing missing ishveer eyelock…………

  2. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Wow awsom precap..onc again my ishveer now u restarted ur knok jhok na guyzz..i want precap soon..and guyzz if ishu’s snak bite scene na and tat scene rv wear sam i thnk the jungle scene is very near na guyzz..

  3. Zia

    precape was nice♡.hate rithika.pls unite IshVeer♥.it’s very sad that MATSH is going to end.I miss IshVeer soo much.
    pls ekta,I’m requesting u , pls don’t end the show. plssssssss!

  4. Oh naina u devil how dare u told like,u u i hate u i hate uuuuuuuuuu..u slap ishaani u stupid lady how dare u told like tis,nirbahay family already u r all spoil our matsh then still what u want idiots,really i get irritated becoz of tis nirbhay family,devil naina if u get in my hand i ll killlllllllllllllllllllllll u,u bl**y lady,pls writers pls kick out tis irritating charecters from our show..and i love tis precap wow what an amzing chemistry between my ishveer,i love u ishveer,oh that ladysfinger remember last year feb episodes,guys u r all remeberna ish cooked ladysfinger for ranvi and he tasted and give complimentna,oh i miss those episodes yaar,today feb 2 ,oh we r all counting our days guys

  5. Keerthi

    Well I like the way ishaani taunting nirbhay………really waiting for tommo episode …..when will ranveer knowing the truth of ishaani will come out eagerly waiting for it …..overall episode was nice except for the faces of naina and rithika wat a terrible scene it was oh my god to sleep with a guy who loves his wife so badly yucky felt like vommitting ?

  6. Kumud

    in the upcoming episode Ranveer ek servent banke nirbhay ke kar jaaunga to find Ishaani’s truth.sad to hear that MATSH is going to end.miss u guys

  7. ishveer

    Today no ishveer secene…so sad…feb 26 is last day for matsh…l can’t bear it…why all this doing our ishveer only ha????..ektha ji plz continue the show,its a humble request to u….not only see trp else see the fans of matsh…they are like show very much especally ishveer…plz consider this…

  8. Lot of girl fan of sakthi changed to another HERO SERIAL (NAGIN) reason MATSH IS NOT WELL WRITTER SPOIL UR SAKTHI NAME anyway TRUE FANS never changed our DECISION.I am proud BECAUSE I am great fan of sakthi always.SHOW well or not i always support SAKTHI this is true fan.I hope SAKTHI GOT a new show lead to get more more popular.I am feel very bad reason MATSH END.I still last hope new serial KASAM lead may be SAKTHI & RADHIKA.I saw the lot OF GIRLS COMMENT AGAINST SAKTHI and insult ur SAKTHI this girls early SAKTHI FANS but now changed against SAKTHI SIR.plz if don’ t like sakthi plz quite .don’ t do any negative comment.GIRLS PLZ MY STATEMENT CORRECT or NOT.REASON early sakthi more FEMALE FAN FOLLOWER but now many boys liked SAKTHI ACTING recently some GIRLs Against comment on ur sakthi i read that coomend i am very angry because don’t insult my sakthi

    • sana

      I don’t know u saying is correct or not.l am a great fan of shakthi.l will always support him.l am very crazy about him and he will get better roles and goto many high.l also want him to act in a film.he was an brilliant act and also sooooooooo handsome.

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      may b yaar but alwayssss swaragingi end late so dont like this matsh will get only 12mins 🙁

  9. Today my ishu look lyk doll in her nyt suit..and devil can she thnk lyk rv never touch any other girl even drunkrn tym hey deaf naina r u heared..don’t tak advantag of my rv..he is only for my cutie ishu..

  10. Nowadays thid telly updates ko kya hoga..they loaded very slow..and the commntings r alwayz in the awaiting moderation..even 2 r 3 hours they will post..guyzz anyone have this problm na..this make me very sad ofit..

  11. Jennifer

    Instead of paying this show of 10 mins, why cant ekta ji play it for few hours of the remaining episodes and end this show. Instead of going off air.. ishveer cute love story.

  12. Leapsandbpund

    Love the actor playing Nirbhay. Hope he gets his own serial. He has a fantastic baritone voice
    And is an amazing actor.

  13. arshi

    Since its a unique story,it should have a unique ending which will never be forgotten by any one who has ever watched this show…they hv tortured us for the past few months like hell but still we are bearing with it coz we love matsh,ishveer,shakthi,radhika…then they should give us a last gift worth watching…

  14. kirthi

    Matsh latest gossip: nirbhay blames ishani for ruining naina’s marriage, ishani gives agnipariksha to prove her innocence.

  15. Ranaji

    really aradhya i am happy and i was little busy so that only i was not able to comment guys and how is my ff epi

  16. khushi

    Hey guys i dont want this serial to end as i love ishveer a lot plzz someone do some magic and change ekta’s mind 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Ranaji

      Me too yaar they have mentioned in matsh page in tellyupdates will you matsh??there they have written nirbhay is the one track which made all viewers to stop watching this show stupid track I hate this track and I think after ending matsh Ishaani and ranveer will be never separated????? and I think Ishaani will be seen 3icchadari naagin guys pls gear up to watch naagin. Naagin is the show which is ruling people heart from starting week it is the best show

  17. Manisha

    I don’t understand one thing that if they are going to end matsh then why they are not starting the show at 10’oclock like before ?what the connection I don least they can show us serial at right time.why they are showing swaragini at that time ?i dont kn why people like Nagin serial .nobody is interested now in this type of serial.but love stories are always evergreen like matsh but bec of wrong track they have spoiled the show.they can still improve but it’s in their hand.we are helpless in this matter.they can still run the show and people would like to watch it but they like to spoil the show.and I haven’t heard anywhere that matsh will end and kasam serial will replace.sometimes I feel why everyone is giving wrong information and negative remarks for Matsh ? Radhika and Shakti won’t get this type of role again.we will also miss them they are also losing something.lets see matsh is really ending soon or not.i don understand why they are not telecast the show at right time .we requested a lot but they dont listen.they have never done this type of attitude with any other serial why only matsh is suffering ?many shows are there on colors which are worst than matsh but still running and getting good trp also.really we should stop watching colors channel after ending matsh.its injustice to matsh viewers and insulting.

  18. i tottaly agree with u manisha ……

    I aslo dont like naagin …..

    How people see snakes i dont no they do not have fear…… but i saw only one serial

    One nd only MATSH…

    I Only watch MATSH ….. serial…….

    If they end matsh then no more in my house colors channel ….. i will delete that channel …

    when shadika in again come another show in colors that day i will saw colors channel…

    Sry if anyone ….. hurt for naagin serial …..

    • Ranaji

      hello naagin is superb show and you should be happy radhika madan is reentering that show as naagin soon pls do watch for her

  19. Guys News

    Colors has confirmed that its popular fictions
    ” Meri Aashiqui tum se hi”
    will be going
    later this month

    This show which has worked
    wonders in uk ratings
    on Risthey,
    Has been one of the
    Biggest sucess
    in the attracted over
    80,000 viewers

    Similarly, in india, the show
    worked well but
    Ratings have declined in Recent
    weeks, resulting in the
    channel to
    pull the plug

    Colors confirmed the news
    to Biz asia
    These are rumours that
    ekta kapoors nxt fiction
    will take the time slot.
    The show with a punjabi back drop will revolve
    The filthy rich canada return
    bedi family.
    Their elders son fall in love
    with a girl but soon
    tragedy strikes his love
    which makes him lose faith in love

    Meri aashiqui, stars Shakti aora nd Radhika madan

  20. teenu

    i am so much fed up with dis news of of air… i do knw what hapnt dis show… at first track of maths will increase the trap.. then atmticly trap vl incres..

  21. IshuRV

    where are arora , jassa Kerala , shalini , suga , ranveer and all? we’re missing ur comments . hain na guys????

  22. IshuRV

    Ranveer—–dashing charming hot sweet best acting best voice best lead radhika ka off screen best friend always joking and aisi bohot sari things ka combo Jo me describe nahi ki hain

  23. IshuRV

    Ishani——-sweetness ,cuteness ,beauty ,super hot, onscreen apne ranveer keliye beintaha (unconditional) pyarr , ranveer ke liye kuchh bhi sacrifice kar sakti hain , off screen jumping cat , aur kya kaho me tere bare me ishani just love . I’m also girl and ur my inspiration. chota packet bada dhamaka . 20 years old and this much of matured acting skils
    just love u Radhika

  24. No matsh always 10.00 pm ….
    nd kasam in 6.00 pm

    in my house i cant see ishveer romance infront of my dad …..:-(

    My dad scold me nd change the channel….. if saw ishveer romance….:-(

    even hug scenes aslo not allowed to me watch ….
    nd my dad take remote nd change channel…:-(

    But i would love see ishveer romance….?

  25. Ishveer


  26. chandani

    hopefully Sasural simar ka will end soon too!! bring on better indian soaps please so we can all watch it with our kids!!

  27. chandani

    by the way has anyone asked how Ritika came out of the jail? i thought she was a murderer? what a lame story

  28. Asmat Haroon

    Plz don’t let matsh to end…really owesommm serial…Ishveer inspiration for whole world…luv Uh ishaani…we want ishveer Union…

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