Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parul comes to call Ritika, RV asks her not to cry as he wants to see her happy always.
Shekhar asks Ishaani why she has come here haunting him. Ishaani says she needs some help from him, he asks what happened to her tone urgently. She says wants 1 lac to help someone, he says yesterday she was being so self-respected and gave him 8,000 as fee and today his mother kept her home so she is here to ask for a lac. RV wonders whom is Shekhar talking to, as he couldn’t see Ishaani’s face. Ishaani says to Shekhar that he is a good at heart person, she will work really hard to return his money. Shekhar wonders if she is appreciating or taunting him to be a good man. RV comes to see whom Shekhar is speaking to, Shekhar’s back hinders RV’s view of Ishaani while RV has to meet so many

guests in his way. Meanwhile Shekhar agrees that he will give her money, but in return his friend, the daughter of judge Sanaya is coming here she must help him impress her by saying a lot of dialogues, can she do that. She nods, he asks if she is sure as Snaya can’t be easily impressed. Ishaani says she will speak only what is true, Shekhar instructs her what to say. RV’s view of Ishaani remains blocked as he remains busy with some other guests.
Sanaya comes to the party, Shekhar says he was just talking about her. She asks why didn’t she hiccup if he was really talking about her. Sanaya introduces herself to Ishaani and recognizes Ishaani as the jail girl who came to say thanks to Shekhar that day. RV frees himself from a guest when the Derwash comes and asks how he is.
Shekhar tells Sanaya he was telling Ishaani that 8,000 weren’t needed.
RV asks Derwash how did the cheque he gave him few days ago ended. He asks how is Disha, are her medicines going well. Derwash says Disha is fine, but they aren’t. He tells him Disha is in hospital and had a baby boy. He says to RV he gives the money taken from him at home, but this month’s budget went really wrong this month. He says asking him everytime doesn’t seem well but if they don’t pay the bill. RV stops him and leaves.
Ishaani says whatever Shekhar says, a few people are like Shekhar who helps those who they don’t even like. Shekhar’s face worsens. She says such people looks at others not from eyes but heart. Sanaya says how sweet of her. Shekhar tells Sanaya to enjoy the function, he has an emergency with Ishaani.
RV gives 3 lac to Derwash and asks is this enough. Derwash asks they pay him back. RV says that isn’t needed.
Derwash comes out and says it is good he got further 3,00,000. For two months everyone thinks RV didn’t give the cheque but no one will check on them. His investment plan can proceed through this money, after all he has to make his life too. He gets Krisha’s call, and tells her he was coming to meet her and is in market buying gift for her. He looks at the bundle and thanks RV for making his life.
RV calls Shekhar, he was driving. Ishaani asks him to pick it up, Ishaani was about to pick it up. Shekhar asks will she get him murdered, he is driving. He had saved the number as some Vijay Chauhan. Shekhar asks Ishaani to pick up the call and tells that he will talk later. Ishaani was about to pick the call when Shekhar says alright he will speak to him. Shekhar tells RV he must understand some girls only gives you headache, RV asks when she creates headache, why is he with her. Shekhar says he won’t believe this is the first in life who is with him, inpsite of him not believing him. She has changed his life. RV says it means she is a good one. Shekhar says she is a psycho, when, where and how, he will tell her later. Right now she wants to help someone so he is going with her. RV says if he is helping her, there must be something in him, she will change his life for sure. Shekhar says he has no idea why he is doing this all. RV says he has an idea, he can listen to one’s heart. Shekhar laughs and says he seems more interested in her than me, he will know after meeting her, what a headache she is. She is the same, mad in love who did everything in love. RV smiles that she must then be like him. Shekhar says yes, you both are same; he doesn’t have the one he did all for and she doesn’t have the one she did so much for.
It begins to rain heavily, Ishaani opens the mirror and puts her hand in it. Shekhar asks her to keep her hand inside and what is she looking out, is there a picture going on. Ishaani says she was thinking something, someone said to her once that when there is off season rain, it means God is crying. Shekhar laughs and repeats, RV is moved hearing this and asks why is he saying so. Shekhar says she just said this. RV comes to the window and says she is right. Shekhar doesn’t take him serious, then say you both are really same. He hands up. Shekhar murmurs, two loves in city one in sunlight the other in rain.
RV also recalls the rain with Ishaani, Ishaani had asked him that she want to get wet. He said she would melt in rain, but she had told him she isn’t that sensitive and won’t sit home. Parul comes to call Ranveer for Pooja, he wipes his tears as she drags him with her.
Falguni asks who filled the bill. Manas says he thought he will ask Ranveer, but he was busy with goad-bharai and Pratik could also not arrange. He went to hospital’s account office to ask them for some time but they said our bill has been cleared. They said it was a girl. Falguni wonders who the girl can be, who wants to help them, and knows they are unable to fill that bill. Pratik says she was no less than angel for them. Falguni prays for her long life, and fulfil all her dreams. Manas wishes he could say thanks to her. Falguni says they must now meet Disha, they will now let them take the baby. Everyone goes inside. Baa asks Disha how she feels, Disha asks Baa can’t she see. Why are all the problems with girls and now this bill. Baa asks her not to take tension, everyone enters the room. Mana announces the bills have been paid, nurse will be bringing the baby. The nurse brings the baby, and asks Disha to take him first. Disha says he is so small, she can’t hand him; what if he falls down. Baa says a baby never slips a mother’s hand, she will learn to hold once she does. Disha says she is really afraid, Baa asks her firmly to hold the baby. The baby begins crying, Disha is worried. Manas takes the baby in his arms, Falguni takes him and thinks whoever she is, she has given them a glance of this baby without coming in front of them.
Shekhar thinks thanks God he has reached home with her. Ishaani says don’t worry he will be safe here, she just came here to say bye to his mother as she allowed her to stay here for a night. She will say thanks to her, take her luggage and leave. Shekhar asks really, and where will she go. Ishaani says God has given her another chance to life, she will get another place to live as well. And he was right, she saw someone in hospital so she has a reason to live as well. She will find a way and return his money as well. He says thanks, her maths is a bit weak. Ishaani says her memory isn’t weak and goes inside. Shekhar’s mother comes and asks if he has come. Shekhar says where has he come, he is still out there. He asks is there a party at home. His mother says has he forgotten today Krisha is bringing her boy friend. Shekhar says alright, they will see what sample she has chosen. His mother says he must be better than the girls he indulge on phone. She tells Shekhar not to be a lawyer in front of him, else Krisha will dislike. Shekhar says alright he will be a brother there, but a brother will question him as he is dating his sister. His mother says being protective is a good thing but not overprotective.
Ishaani packs her bag and says she won’t stay here for a minute now. She will leave after meeting aunty. She comes out and watches Dewarsh being introduced by Krisha to her mom. Shekhar was stubborn at Dewarsh. Shekhar asks Dewarsh what he does, Dewarsh says a man does what world tells you, he will soon know what he does and of what level. Ishaani happily heads forward but stops. Dewarsh says to Shekhar he has heard a lot about him, it is a pleasure meeting him. Shekhar doesn’t take his hand until his mom and Krisha forces him to. Dewarsh gives a gift to Krisha, she is excited to see it. He asks her to open it, she unwraps it to be earrings which she dearly likes. She asks they must be really expensive. Their mom also appreciates Dewarsh’s choice. Ishaani watches this.

PRECAP: Shekhar hears Dewarsh saying to Ishaani that she isn’t a sister to anyone, they all broke their relation to her the day she murdered Chirag and went to jail. She must not tell anyone here he is her brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I just love this serial…….its awesome…

  2. Today’s episode was good. Waiting eagerly for ranveer ishaani meet.. shekhar scenes was nice to watch.. what happened to shanaila and I think chiraag was killed by girish.. Please reveal the truth soon.

    1. No Chirag was killed by rv

  3. romba mokaya povdu….. Ini vara storyum tention yethura maari than irkum……..

  4. Today’s episode was good. Waiting eagerly for ranveer ishaani meet.. shekhar scenes was nice to watch.. what happened to shanaila and I think chiraag was killed by girish.. Please reveal thwe truth soon.

  5. hello suga chiraag was killed by rithika, not grish… Wait and watch

  6. hello suga chiraag was killed by rithika, not grish….. Wait and watch

    1. Hai nalla tamil pesuringa.

  7. nice epi…guys hv u sen spoilers..OMG thre is some romantic moments betwen rithika nd rv..disgusting

  8. nice epi…guys hv u sen spoilers..OMG thre s some romantic moments betwen rithika nd rv..disgusting

  9. Oh dewarsh how selfish are you. You will not get shikhar’s sis mark it. It was a good episode but reveal the truth soon or else we will also take a leap coz IPL is coming.

  10. Upcoming track in MATSH

    RV gets some doubt after finding Shikhar with a girl and he assumes there is something amiss. He goes ahead to meet Shikhar at his home. Shikhar comes to know of RV coming to his home to ask him some questions about the girl. Shikhar tells Ishani to hide in the room and do not come out until he asks her to do so. Next, RV comes to Shikhar’s home and asks him about the girl with whom he was last seen. Shikhar gets nervous since he doesn’t want to reveal Ishani’s presence in his home. The upcoming track will be showing Ritika’s inclination for RV. Ritika andRV have some romantic moment after they get undera curtain. While RV does not has any feelings for her,Ritika gets romantically close to him and stuns him. He breaks their moment. Ritika gets to know that Ishani is alive and tries to tell this to RV. Later on, Ritika realizes she loves RV…..

    Ab tho lagtha drama queen Ritika Bhot kch krne wali he…. 🙂

    1. .ritika has already made story go round and round…..more to come, i wont be able to tolerate….apart from aashiqui everything is there in the story….better to start seeing ipl matches, maybe by that time, the story will have something nice to offer……

      1. U r ryt….can’t tolerate ths Ritika anymore….juz irritating….so itz btr to take a leap n njoy ipl matches….m gonna do tat 🙂

  11. …………..the track will come soon when shikhar will have feelings for ishani and their love story will begin….on the other side, there are a few scenes of ranvir and ritika coming closer……i dont where is the story going???………………guys, have u seen the promo where shikhar closes ishani inside a room when ranvir comes to meet him……
    its all leading to big confusion and misunderstandings………..none knows when the truth will come out and ishveer will be back…………….waiting!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. director when wiil you make meet of ishani and rv yar

  13. Ishaani aur ranveer ko wapis milao…
    Hamari maange puri karo
    Hamari maange puri kao

  14. Today’s episode was cool and when they both felt at the rain ;that was awesome,, and RV feels restless when shiker talks about Ishani to him,, this sensation is brought out well,,
    But make ishveer together soon

  15. that spineless dewarsh! living on RV’s money since forever and taunting Ishaani. Khud apne parivaar ko dhokha deke ishaani ko responsibilities fulfill krni sikha rha hai. such a cheapo.

  16. ya saranya, na tamil than…. Ningalum tamil ah?

    1. Ahhhhha na pakka tamil. Na mattum than tamilnadu la irrunthutu intha serial pakrenu ninaichen. Shall I know wer r u from. Sorry

      1. nanum tamilnadu than… Romba detail ah keka vename, public ah irku……. Ninga Ena panringa?

  17. Rv n ishanni kb milenge yar..itna boar mt h karwaie..jaldi milwahi dijie

  18. wow….shekhar ki acting to gajab h plzzzz shekhar ko negative role mt Dena!!

  19. Y ritika was kil chiraag? Y she spoil ishveer life?

  20. This dewarsh family itself is selfish, which includes his, mom and dad.. I just don’t understand why falguni is taking responsible for all earnings and spending.. Due to falguni only they are staying in a house.. And i cant forget wat chetali did.. this chetali over reactive kuch na ho to bhi is ki akad nahi jaati.. If she have tat much problem in staying in the house y can’t she leave The house. How she reacted wen falguni brought her in nitins house.. Aur she is blaming ishaani.. Agar she want to live independently she can leave the house. And why falguni is convincing all, this baa and all her family.. She can leave them and can live her own life..

    Well coming to shekar track its quite interesting… And the precap seem to be awesome.. Just waiting for today’s epi.. As far a spoiler , hope ritika unite ishveer.. I know she won’t do but still a little hope…

  21. I m Dam sure t8 shikher will fall in love with ishani

  22. ohhhhh !!!!!! what’s going on ?? I just want 2 seee ishveer back as soon as possible ???

  23. Well tell me guys…wasn’t the scene of Disha and her son meeting good?A mother forgets all her pains when she holds her child in arms.She thinks that now there will be no separation but what when the same mother is separated by her child.You would never think it right….?
    What abt a cow when she is separated from her child….a chicken when she is separated from her chick?Don’t just read…do something.


  25. Everyone as the right to live.Do something for the little animals.

  26. i am also tamilnadu,

    1. wow I had no idea that other Tamil ppl were watching this show!!! That is so cool and you guys speak (write) in good tamil too 🙂

  27. thank u abira

  28. what the hell
    just move the story

  29. hi guys!! just watch you tube video!! I watched it n seen ritika killed chirag n c is pregnant with chirag’s child.. I think c lv rv n c knew dat ishani madly lv rv n c plotted this plan with great evil mind to separate ishveer….

  30. Thank u abira.

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