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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The snake come inside the godown. Ranveer was chained and was afraid along with the other men who run outside. The snake crawed towards Ranveer. A snakeman outside played the music and snake crawls outside calmly. Ranveer is relieved. The snakeman holds the snake and tells him to go where his revenge has been waiting. He says that not all snakes are bad. The snake turn to be a girl with poisonous snake sting. She says that the snake which comes for revenge takes revenge only, and the revenge which is incomplete for last few ages has to be taken by her.
Ranveer was alone and finds a way to get out.
The man outside were worried what Milan would say if he knows they have left Ranveer alone. They say they can’t go inside until the snake is there inside. Ishaani comes on the way

and wonders why would Ranveer come to such a place.
Amba, Chaitali and Lakshmi awaited moon. As the moon is sighted they do the Pooja and break their fast. Ishaani comes to a godown and watches Ranveer from the window. She goes inside while the men had their back towards the door. In the godown, Ishaani calls Ranveer. There was a net curtain between them. Ranveer cries watching her. Ishaani asks what he is doing here, she turns to see the moon and then the pooja thaal. She looks at Ranveer, completing her Karwachot. She recalls Milan eating Barapao at a stall. She comes to him and asks when he changed the clothes, Ranveer says he has to tell her an important thing, he didn’t come here on his own. Ishaani faints, Ranveer holds him and helps her drink water. He asks if she is fine, she gets stable and asks what he was about to tell her. He looks at Ishaani.
Milan argued with some ladies and told them that he will take care of the neighbourhood. His men tell him that there is snake inside. Milan worried if Ranveer ran away. Ishaani complains to Ranveer that he behaved so strange after the wedding. Ranveer was about to tell her, when Milan appears from behind and points a gun at Ishaani’s head. Ranveer stops at once. Ishaani asks what happened. Milan loads the gun. Ishaani asks Ranveer to say something, Milan hits the back of Ishaani’s head. The men take Ranveer back. Milan tells them to give an injection to him, Ranveer goes faint. Milan says he knows that Ishaani is Ranveer’s life that is why he pointed the gun at her. He tells the men to give his clothes to him and leaves Ishaani there. Milan goes after changing, he wakes Ishaani up and helps her stand. He asks Ishaani if she is alright. Ishaani says someone hit her head, there is pain. Milan says she has kept a fast, they must break it. Ishaani says they just broke it, he says she just drank water so she must eat something.
Disha comes with Manas to break her fast. She does the pooja while Krish cries sitting on the couch. Parul comes to the hall, Krish jumps towards her. He was about to fell down, Manas runs from outside. Parul had held him. Manas thanks Parul. He scolds Disha that she could have left him with someone else. Disha says she is Krisha’s mother, she wants to take Krish but Parul denies giving him to Disha. Lakshmi gets a text message, she says that she submitted Parul’s photo at a marriage beaureu. Parul will get married now. Amba says this is a good news. Disha takes Krish from Parul.
Milan says to Ishaani in the room, that she has no power and is fasting for her. Ishaani straightens up, she says he also fast for her. He says he is the man of muscles. She asks if he really didn’t eat anything all day. Milan smiles and says he had kept a fast as well. Ishaani remembers him on the stall, he asks why is she staring. Ishaani asks what he was telling her. Milan doesn’t get it, Ishaani says he told her he has to tell her something. Milan holds his head wondering what he was about to tell her. Ishaani asks if he still has headache and is forgetting things. Milan says he has a headache, because of workload. Ishaani wonders if he has workload, why he had gone there. Milan says he had gone behind a peon as he suspected he is a thief. He tells Ishaani that the peon comes and takes files from his work room. Ishaani asks if he is talking about study room, he says yes the room for study. He heads to leave, but Ishaani was worried why is it all again like it was before.

PRECAP: Amba comes to ask Ishaani if her Karwachot went good. Ishaani recalls all the events. Amba asks why she is worried. Ishaani says that Ranveer behaves so strange, it seems it is some other man with same face as Ranveer. Amba gets alert at this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was also not as expected.but iam happy that Ishaani had water on Ranveer’s hand.. please end Milan track soon.Atlast Amba now known.. waiting for a good episode..

  2. that is the waiting scene ishveer bad it is not showing just 1 bore and irre ttating.rv unable to tell about towards writers decide to drag the milan track.this is bad dont spoil matsh.doesnt cheat audience.pllllllllzzzzzzz end this track immediately

  3. ishani finally finished her karwachut…ishani soon u will find out ur husband in double… I think Milan have some relation yo amba and her husband…

  4. unexpecting scene of that snake for nagin not expectin that scenes

  5. I dön’t know today epi is good or not. Bcoz ishaani sees real rv & she gets drink water from rv but milan comes rv point out shoot to ishani loaded gud. Precape is going right path bcoz amba alert from milan to ishaani talk.

  6. ishveer scene 1 minute superb , awesome and precap is aslo intersting

  7. Rookey Rookers

    wow , amba gets an alert . i hope soon flash back of our hero will be telecasted . . .

  8. Nagin promotion is not suitable in this episode… Why do they even do that kind of sh*t???
    Promoting tv serials in other tv serials is not appropriate… Care to comment???

  9. Shakti is really acting good….as milan…but the serial is going worst day by day. ..

  10. End milan track immediately.

  11. I thought the snake wud kill milan and his track wil end… but no… ???… dragging…

  12. plz end Milan track ..amba do something

  13. Disgusting serial.Dragging so much. Plz try to find out the truth Ishani.

  14. Please end the Milan story..rv get back to ishani..

  15. Omg ishveer 2 sec scene amazing yaar mujhe bas yahi song yaad araha hai do pal ka tha khawabon ka karwan aur phir chal diye tum khan hum khan.

  16. karwachot poora hogaya!I’m so happy 😀 but again stupid milan spoiled everything.At last………..ishani doubts—–> MILAN-THE IRRITATING VILLAIN

  17. I am also thinkibg lij daat only.. Snake vl kill millon

  18. The snake graphics was so so poor didn’t look really at all

  19. Lovely episode.

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