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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani blames Ritika for killing Chiraag and she, Ritika kept on watching her go to jail and gain sympathy of others. She says she considered Ritika as a friend but she isn’t worth calling a human. God gave her an ability to give a life not take one. She says she hasn’t seen a person worse than her. Ritika says she is right, she has killed Chiraag and Falguni, she says it was important. Her Sharman is right, this child isn’t RV’s nor Sharman’s, she asks her to guess then discloses laughing that this is Chiraag’s child. She says in such ages one makes mistake but Chiraag didn’t accept the child as his, he became the romeo of Ishaani and what happened to him was alike Romeo. She says that then came RV, Romeo number 2 but spending a life with him comes as the cost of Ishaani’s

life. Then came Shekhar, but Falguni had seen Ishaani and must have told RV about her life so she had to kill her. Ishaani says to Ritika that she came between her and RV, she says she will tell everyone, RV that she bears Chiraag’s child, and police that she is the killer of Falguni. Ritika says at her home everyone knows that she is asleep, she can fool people really easily so she can’t really make any harm to her.
Amba goes looking for Ritika to see if she has seen something.
Ishaani tells Ritika she will get her pay for all what she has been doing, all her games are over now. She will tell Ranveer and police about her truth, she must go to her inlaws now without marriage.
Amba comes to the room but Parul brings her out, she says Ritika is asleep as she was restless. Amba says alright, she must wake her up in time.
Ritika asks Ishaani how she will tell the truth to everyone. Ishaani says she will go right now and tell him the truth, he will believe in her. Ritika says she will have to leave this place to tell everyone about everything, she stabs Ishaani with a sword, laughs and throws the sword away. Ishaani fell on the ground panting, crying in pain. Ranveer’s face rolls in her vision. Ritika says that the price of knowing a truth is heavy, she had to pay it as her mother had to. She asks Ishaani not to speak as it will pain a lot, she says that Ishaani is a good person but what was the need of coming between her and RV. She asks her to say her hello to Falguni. She says bye to Ishaani saying her story is still incomplete. She takes a leave for Ishaani saying RV must be waiting for her and no one will come to help her now. Ishaani tries to pick up her phone but Ritika takes it saying she wants to help her while going, her family must be worried about her so she will inform her family else they will think she has run away. She says it’s battery is low, she will tell Baa that Ishaani is fine.
Baa asks RV to think where Ishaani can be. She didn’t say anything to them but she must have told him. RV says he knew her not now, today he must only think about Ritika as he is marrying her. Baa asks doesn’t he care about Ishaani today. RV leaves saying no, Baa stops him and asks him to swear he doesn’t care about Ishaani. Ritika texts in the car waiting for the mobile to charge. Ishaani struggles to get up and moves towards the door of the car. Ritika laughs watching her, her phone screen flashes. Ritika says she will tell her family she is fine, she writes a message for Baa that she is fine and wants to spend sometime alone, she will soon be back. Ishaani faints and fell on the road. Ritika says now no one will care about her and create problem in her wedding taking her. She watches the fainted Ishaani and says she is already dead, may she get peace now. She drives away.
RV was worried when Baa gets Ishaani’s message and reads it. RV says if she is relaxed now, may he go to marry himself now. He leaves, then turns and asks Baa to come to his marriage and bless him and Ritika. Amba comes there and asks Baa what she is doing here. RV says he invited Baa, Amba asks why? RV says she is mota bapuji’s mother, he isn’t here so Baa must give her blessings to him. Baa smiles. RV asks Amba to consider her as a guest at home, he tells Baa he is happy she came to his wedding. Baa wonders where is Ishaani.
Ishaani lay on the road consciousless. RV steps inside the wedding hall. Ishaani wakes up, cries in pain then struggles again to get up. She cries hard.

PRECAP: Ritika is worried what she will answer if anyone asks how she got wet. In the room Mala calls Ritika to have the juice, she is shocked to uncover the bed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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