Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In reply to his proposal, Naina says yes I will marry you. They all come to play the game again. The bottle stops at Ishaani, Ranveer watches her. Naina asks Vikram to pick the slip for her, Ishaani says it is alright they must let Naina pick up the slip. Naina cheats by throwing the actual slip on floor, and showing the one in her hand. She announces that she has to smooch her life partner. Ritika laughs upstairs. Ishaani says she can’t do this. Naina says to Nurbhay that they had already told him they must do it. Everyone bucks Nurbhay up. Vikram thinks he will at least see Ishaani’s style of kiss. Naina thinks that Ishaani won’t be able to insult Nurbhay by forbidding him.
The dacoits get to the loot the idols of auction from behind the curtains.
Nurbhay confronts

Ishaani, a lady says why Ishaani is so shy as he is her husband. Ranveer couldn’t see them together, Nurbhay gets to kiss Ishaani but she backs up. The shadows fell on curtain as if Ranveer kissed Ishaani. The auctioneer arrives, Nurbhay calls to begin the idols. Aarti addresses the people that they wouldn’t have seen such master piece idols in their life. She opens the curtains, the idols weren’t there. Aarti was worried and says she kept them here fifteen minutes ago. Maa asks who stole these idols. Ritika wonders who stole the idols. Nurbhay shouts who dare stole the idols. Uttam asks them all to cooperate with them. Nurbhay says he will punish the culprit according to his rules. Aarti goes to Pratik and asks what he was doing with their idols. Nurbhay thinks about catching Pratik near the store room. Nurbhay says that Pratik is from Ranveer’s family so he is lucky, he gives Pratik a 24 hour time to return his idols back. Ishaani thinks that Pratik can’t steal, she must find out who did this. Pratik insists that she didn’t steal anything, he can’t even think of stealing. Naina says he will be suspect until they find the thief. Amba comes to side Pratik, Maa stops Amba saying right now Nurbhay is in rage and won’t listen to anyone.
Ranveer sits in his room thinking about Ishaani and Nurbhay. He was upset, irritated and enraged. He comes to window and watches Ritika hurrying outside the house. He thinks he must talk to her and goes behind her.
The guard tells Nurbhay that whole house has CCTV cameras. Ishaani hears this, she thinks before anyone she must watch the videos. The guard says that it must be someone from inside who did the theft. Nurbhay says he will look for the videos by himself.
Ranveer follows Ritika’s car. He comes and grabs her tight, she was shocked at once. He says if she wants him not to say something she must tell it herself. He wants to know the truth, what she is doing at Nurbhay’s house and what her connection with that family is. Did Ishaani come to her or she was following her?

PRECAP: Ritika tells Ranveer that Ishaani found her and got her work at Nurbhay’s house. Ishaani told her that she married Nurbhay leaving Ranveer, she needed money that had almost ended to Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Ranveer pls kill ritika and guys matsh ends on Feb 5yaar soooo sad but it is not real news there is another chance also they will continue seeing our continuous email and tweeting pls don’t fed up yaar we are ishveer fans we should prove it

  2. Keerthi

    Ranveer please don’t believe rithika devil…..very tensed to watch the kissing scene but it was ok that ishaani pushed nirbhay……
    Colors go to hell always starting late and ending early all ur serials will go down keep seeing it in the coming days….
    The thing ur doing with matsh is intolerable when it was in the top U gave extra tym and repeated telecasts but now all blo*dy hell serials are getting repetitive telecasts and we can’t even bear it for few mins

  3. U Devil ritika annoying precap,how dare she told like tis to ranvi,omg i cant tolerate anyone who scold my ishveer,one good thing is ishani not kiss nirbhay .pls guys send mail to ekta rajnayak and all and save our matsh..pps anyone tellme a good news

  4. Apoorva

    i hate this show very much it was so irritating ,dragging.i like ishani ranveers acting but this much of dragging .if show was continued like this then the show definitely goes to an end.please change the story.i request you please stop dragging .this much of dragging so much of irritating.

  5. K.praveena

    It’s nice precape. Ranvi follows devil riti car. I hope ranvi should not believe ritika words against isha charector. And today epi ishani not do kiss nibhray. And guys tell me yaar that our matsh is really going to off air. Oh no plz god give me some hope abt matsh continues.

  6. Dhruva

    No !!!!! Please why why why again I thought that Ritika might tell him truth but how could I expect from her …….how stupid of mine…….but ya love when ishveer Kiss in the shadow hope they might have a real lip lock on-screen………..

    • Shalini_Rv

      yahhhhhh….. obviously…itz like a real lip kiss…. and i’m nt expect is scene in thiz suitn,its nic t see

  7. marma desam

    naina is a sori naai and ritika is a veri naai . Both of them will roam on roads and got hit and sethupoifying by a kuppa vandi

  8. K.praveena

    Plz guys any one tell me yar. Matsh really going off air. Or it’s gossip. Plz guys says this is only gossip. Some days ago the same news spread that i cries a lot. Now again bad news my heart beat rising very muchly.

  9. sathish

    Neega intha storya romba kevalama kondu poriga ekta kaapoor.ranveer munnadi ishani kiss pannuramathiri scene create pannathu romba mosam ranveera ennala appadi paka mudiyala .neega episodea romba long period akuriga enaku ranveer ishani love storythan venum.ur story is very bad

  10. K.praveena

    When i read the any neg cömment abt matsh then i becomes very sad and i feel cries. Matsh always best.

  11. Meera

    Uugh why is this ritika such an idiot , she is sO irritating!!
    Rv pls realise the truth and support ishani .. Pls pls Pl unite ishveer as soon as possible !?

  12. Colors channel other serialsa romba neram poduraga ana matsh seriala mattum latea potu udane finish panniraga ithanala enaku colors channela pudikave ila……

  13. K.praveena

    Where r my matsh loyal fans vyshu, sathya, keerthi, arham, marry ranaji, suga and all other. I miss ur comments. My mam call me. And my spending times is going to over now today.

  14. IshuRV

    ranaji u told us yesterday epi’s comments that u r going to e-mail rajnayak to not stop matsh . have u e-mail them and is there any reply to ur e-mail and vyshu u have also tried na……

  15. arham

    Today ritz is soo cut..i lyk her very much..but her charecter in matsh is soo much of dragging..plzz sonali ji ..plzz mujhe rhithik ‘s charecter will be positiv as soon as..i am not seeing my doll lyk tat i mean neg charecter..plzz chang her charecter..plzz i want old rhitika..rv’s bst frnd…and helping tendency woman…i hurted anyon ….sry..i am a big fan of smriti…

  16. arham

    And today i feel vry happy..bcoz ishu don’t kiss nirbhay..but the devil naina. How can she do lyk this…ippo mattu ye munnady irundha serupala adi vaangva….hatred i feel so tensed and irritated tooo to see her..and also vikram..waste fellows.

  17. Mariya

    Nice episode and waiting for next episode. But it telecast on Monday . please don’t negative comments on matsh. Isveer are always best.

  18. K.praveena

    Plz guys don’t give any neg comments abt matsh show.already matsh fans feel bad 4 matsh rumour. I know that every one has full rides to write our comments. But ur neg comments suffered or hurt lots of loyal fans dr. We want to support matsh if u not interested to support matsh show it’s ok but don’t post ur neg comments. It’s all matsh fans request dr.

  19. renu

    nice epi n precap to puchho mt…. rv ko at least apne enemy pr kbhi blv nhi krna chahiye….thnx for written update!!

  20. rhea

    Its very good tat this show is ending…i have not seen such a sadistic serial .whenever u see it…always end up with an headache.don’t know the writers r mental or what.

  21. Keerthi

    When people are watching shows like balika vadhu, sasural simar ka ,udaan with so much dragging episodes compared to these matsh is far far better than any other serial
    It’s like only romance scenes ll not be so good they are introducing new twists and turns but until Milan track the show was performing well ,only after introducing nirbay track the show had seen such drops we should not blame the lead actors or Etka mam for that we have blame the director for casting such pathetic actors who cannot bring in emotions .
    Fans do speak out from ur heart didn’t he show make u fall in love taught u what love is and what sacrifices is all about in love….
    For me no matter how the serial takes turn I ll definitely keep watching and keep praying that MATSH should not end soon ……
    Firstly colors has to telecast the serial on tym
    Second please change characters soon all are worst actors I meant nirbhay family members
    Third please show more of ishveer scenes
    Please a humble request please do not post negative comments about the show I know they are dragging but please support this for the sake of our ishveer and there are many fans who wish MATSH to not go off air so please ???????????

  22. sana

    Oh my goodness ishani not kissed nurbhay.and disgusting precap but I know my ishveer is going to rock in coming episodes.

  23. sana

    Guys anyone saw radhika madan mam’s fb page.she also posted our show is going off air.that means isthe news was true? Pls anybody tell me.

    • Shażñä

      no dr..itz juz a rumour bcz till nw o dint saw official statemnt abt matsh goin off air..n i don thnk ekta o colors ll end ths shw so soon..i hope matsh fans ll save d shw by increasing trp n i thnk to increase trp colors stopd retelecastng lso same lyk balika vadhu.. 😉 😀

      wtevr hoping fr matsh wont end n i wish ShaDika ll fall in love in thr real lyf too..i knw it wont gonna happen as shakti z lready ngagd to still i love sHaDika♥♥

  24. Hi arham dr yesterday u saw u2na,but hereafter i could’t see u2 becoz ishveer seperation hurt me a lot,Matsh also gonna offair hereafter u2 also not good for morethan one month episode,so i’m totally depressed dr..hw can i expressed my pain,i nt know but i really fl bad,even i cant sleep verry well for the past 2 days in dream also ishveer come what can i do,i cant live without ishveer and shadhika,now a days matsh is also part of my life,i cant imagine matsh gonna off air

    • me too sathya ….., i aslo cant sleep very well ….., my mind is Only thinking How to save my matsh….., but i saw shadow scene again nd again 2.00 am, 4.00 am …..

  25. arham

    I frll so sad na dr..coz f our shavi’s divorce..and shalni’s jail’s much more f dragging to c yaar..sobi am decided to don’t watch u2..before shikar’s entry…onc his entrybis strt i wannavwatch u2 na dr…

  26. arham

    Even i also donzt sleep well na yaar..bcoz of tat tumoured…y they playing alwayz wid our matsh..i wanna slap him/her..who will decided to stop our matsh…i am brokn hearted to hear such dragging nws…

  27. arham

    Guyzz whr r u..sathya,dhruva,ishurv,ranaji,sana,praveena,marry,payal,keerthi,swana,vyshu,meera,..guyzz plzz tell me a gud nws lyk..matsh not going off air

  28. arham

    Guyzz any one know abt meera..whr is she..and her ff also..plzz meera post the nxt epibof ur ff soon na yaar…..yaar meera we will alot ur ff…

  29. Mariya

    Guys Aaj or kal marsh telecast nahi hoga Monday ko update hoga .
    Without ishveer the whole day is so boring.
    So please atleast update ff na Guy’s

  30. Guys ur r the real lovers of matsh but one sad news colors channel coming with a new show with balaji teleflims i think that show is going to replace matsh hope for the best i dont want that think to happen

  31. K.praveena

    Matsh show go off air news it’s really true news. I honestly says 4 this year is really really really bad news 4 me. I can’t bear it.

  32. K.praveena

    Trp rating show still show matsh gets 1.7 (pre 1.6). Its just my pt of view that trp rate is false.

  33. K.praveena

    Who decides matsh in low trp that ways i say with my teary eyed that trp is fake. I don’t take that.

  34. K.praveena

    Who decides matsh in low trp that ways i say with my teary eyed that trp is fake. I don’t take that. I console myself.

  35. ishaani balakrishnan

    What a love stroy pls don’t give a end to this story. I know that it is dragging but we will seen for the love between ishaani and ran veer.

  36. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys I am tooooo sad and I cannot sleep till 1.00pm and but I went to bed at 9.30itself I thought about matsh and cries a lot I am a boy for the first time I am crying for a show which I loved a lot
    ????????????????????????????????????????????? my heart is broken after matsh is going to air off but my heart says that matsh is ever love story that don’t have an end if anyone agree with you pls comment

      • Ranaji(narendran)

        Then IKRS is ending???????????????????? matsh is the best if they change the time slot then I am happy becoz I only matsh but I don’t want IKRS also to end

    • guys if matsh slot is change to 6:30 then it surely get some trp becoz in older days it was retelecasted in that time and many plp are use that time to see

    • Still not revealed guys there is no details about the cast also but yesterday in sas ishani is with nirbhay and she says there is lots of scenes like ishveer romance for the fans she mentioned in that news and she do not mentioned about show going off air hope for the best friends

    • Dhruva

      IshuRV its kasam I was watching Naagin and its promo was viewed and yaa its a old love story of two best friend like MATSH only……

    • but if ikrs slot changed to 6:00pm they will play matsh daily at 6:30pm hope colors to agree with my opinion also that was good for the show. do u know that was my favourite slot then 10pm slot i used matsh @6:30 it changed after that peak stupid blackmagic using swaragini was launched

  37. IshuRV

    Revealed: The plot of Balaji Telefilm’s next on Colors!
    Revealed: The plot of Balaji Telefilm’s next on Colors!
    Balaji Telefilms’ upcoming show on Colors to be a love saga. Read on to know more about its plot…
    Saturday, January 30, 2016 | 1:07:15 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)
    11 Comments | Copyright:
    With most its popular shows like Naagin ,
    Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ruling the TRP charts, the renowned production house Balaji Telfilms is all set to come up with yet another show with a fresh new concept.
    We hear that after Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi did quite well on Colors , Balaji Telefilms is soon coming up with another love saga for the same channel.
    Our source informs us, “Balaji Telefilms’ upcoming show on Colors will be based on Punjabi backdrop. The story will revolve around the filthy rich ‘Canada return’ Bedi family. Their elder son falls in love with a girl but soon tragedy strikes his love life, which makes him lose faith in love.”
    We further hear from our source that, the show will take a few months leap in its initial episodes itself. Whether he will find love again in his life, is what the story is all about.
    Keep reading this space for more updates.

  38. IshuRV

    Meri Aashiqui Tumshe Hi to go off air on 26th Feb?
    Meri Aashiqui Tumshe Hi to go off air on 26th Feb?
    Ranveer and Ishani’s saga to end!
    Saturday, January 30, 2016 | 5:15:26 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)
    1 Comments | Copyright:
    The show which got a massive response and won hearts of many will be soon coming to an end!
    The show starring Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan in the lead, started back in 2014 and after completing almost 2 successful years, the makers have decided to end the show.
    According to our sources, the show will be going off air on 26th Feb. There is a buzz around town that Balaji Telefilms’ next show Kasam will replace this show.
    Keep reading this space for more updates!

    • Ranaji(narendran)

      Yes ishveer is in my heart I love their pair???????????????????????????????????????????????????????i am die hard fan ishveer romance is the best on colors TV if they conduct golden petals awards ishveer will win ?????

      • Dhruva

        Ya ranaji I agree…..but I think not only golden petals awards but every award is deserved by our ishveer only………and ranaji its to confusing what’s your name yaar Narendra or Ranaji ????

      • Ranaji

        My real name is narendran but I like ranaji name so I kept it so that nobody cannot know my name ?????????

  39. New show come soon na,so matsh gonna off air is sure,omg how can i live without my ishveer,ektaji pls atleast start the new show with my shadhika pls pls i wanna see my shadhika forever ,so pls in the new show pls make casting as shadhika i beg u pls,atleast we hv to anothet love story of shadhika pls

    • Dhruva

      Ya sathya me too want that only SHADHIKA in other daily soap together as lead pair pls plspls can this be true……then we’ll be the happiest people ever………

  40. IDIOT EKTHA ….. Her new show will be a flop …. nd rest YHM nd kKB will aslo go of air due to O trp…. i wish god give to her tough pushiment …. go to hell ekta …..

    • Yaa dhuruva atleast ekta casting our shadhika in her new show,bcoz both are amazing actors,no words to tell about their chemistry its mindblowimg,sure both deserves another good show,so ektaji pls consider our req pls,dnt end our matsh or else atleast start new show with our shadhika

  41. IshuRV

    guys matsh off air ho raha hain . mujhe abhi tak believe nahi ho raha hain. my gut feelings say that matsh is not going to end soon….
    is situation me mujhe matsh me liye song gana hain:
    kitere liye duniya chod di hain
    tujh pe hi saans ake ruke
    me tujhko kitna chahti hoon
    ki tu kabhi soch na sake……

    • Dhruva

      IshuRV I remember just one song :
      Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
      Tere bina kya vajud mera
      Tujse juda agar ho jayege to
      Khudse hi ho jaege juda
      Kyon Ki tum hi ho
      An tum hi ho
      Zindgi ab tum hi ho……
      Chain bhi mera dard bhi
      Meri Aashiqui ab tum hi ho……….


    • mary(matsh ends but ishvir love never ends)

      awwwwwwwwww i m so sad we r dieheart fans and this is sadest time for all of us ……………

  42. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys my request sana,ishurv,ishveer,Sathya,dhruva,prince, praveena,arham and all guys after commenting 100 and above pls comment in ek tha raja ek thi rani page pls yaar that is also my fav shows there is only less comments guys only 5to 10 a day after matsh end ???????????? pls comment on etretr page guys and watch that show I am sure you will get addicted like matsh but it will not up to matsh but that show will be nice… Pls believe me guys?????????

  43. Guys i am sooo sad plz ekta mam matsh ki ending oh no and matsh repeat nahi ho raha and ekta mam trp mat dekho fans ki feeling dekho mere cousin bol rahe i am mad bcoz jab se yeh news aai mai countinue ro rahi and plz matsh ko repeat kro

  44. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i m fed up……………totally ……………plzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue the show otherwise go to hell colors and 10pm slot upcoming serial…………

  45. K.praveena

    I only watch this matsh in daily. I can’t imagine my whole day without matsh. Now i post my comment in my teary eyed.

  46. Ranaji

    Guys there are many ff started in matsh but I am proud I am only started first ff in matsh???????????? and pls do comment guys don’t forget guys

  47. mary(matsh ends but ishvir love never ends)

    guysssss bad news i saw a new serial promo replacing of matsh….on colors……..its a lovestory……

  48. mary(matsh ends but ishvir love never ends)

    ishq sacha wohi
    jis ko milti nahi manzeelain ……………..
    sorryyyyyyy but matsh is going to b offair……………
    our shadikha and ishveer………..
    we r going to loose them………….

  49. mary(matsh ends but ishvir love never ends)

    guyzzzzzzzz get ready your selves…………to bear the pain of seperation of ishveer with us as a couple………………….

    • arham

      But will we do lyk na..r u forget abt our ishveer our matsh…no yaar chnc less..i feel so sad..and angry tooo bcoz of the devil ekta….

  50. Mariya

    I am so sad guy’s hearing this news.
    and I remembere the song which play in matsh jab ishani &rv ka divorce hoa tha pehli baat.
    Rajhan kiyun tadpy chalian na wy
    Rajhan miliyana wy
    Jigra which aagan laga ke rabba
    Lakhira which likh de kiyun judaiiii
    Chadhariya jeeni ry jeeni
    Chadhariya jeeni ry jeeni
    Ankhy bhigi ye bhigi

  51. Such a sad nyt guyzzz…i cry a lot for matsh going off air..that’s why i don’t commnt na yaar.. sry guyzz for don’t commenting..

  52. Mariya

    gair sa hoa khud se yun na koi mera,
    Dard se karly chal yari dil ye kah raha
    Kholo Jo banhy Gamm ye simat rahy he
    Ankho se aagy lamhy ye kiyu ghat rahy he
    Jany kaisy koi sahta jodaiyaaaaaaa

  53. Ho much of guyzz(ishveerians)bhav fb and twittr acvount..and anyone hav this na..plzz tell ekta to donzt go off my matsh..she is the one..the main reason of going off air..i really hate her.

  54. Sry guyzz i hav no account….tat’s why iask lyk tat..and guyzz plzz tell her tat..if she had an idea to go off air..then she will tak start matsh season 2 nu..we want ishveer together nu..we can’t without our ishveer..guyzz any one plzz tell me who have a account..and plzz share wid me yaar..

  55. Colors channl..u will end my matsh soon’s k u heard it..ur all serials reality shows all r will get end soon..even all dragging serials have less trp lyk 0.00 ””0.1”’ 0.2etc..and then u r a vetu worst channel in the world soon..and then u got a award also for..the wadte chsnnel in the world nu..

  56. I can’t control my cry..that’s y i am commnt..still aftrnoon..i fell matsh..y all r playing wid only u..luv u alot …

  57. Whr r my matsh famly mmbrs..sathya,ranaji,dhruva,ishurv,praveena,sana,suga,keerthi,marry,payal,vyshu and all othr dhfo one is here na..

  58. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Going to damm badly yaar…….how I could sleep without watching ishveer fight or love and ya shadhika too……..

  59. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Just MATSH was only the show I watch but now……………pls pls ekta cast shadhika for next daily soap together as lead pair pls pls hope through that might we can see our old isshveer love again……..pls ekta don’t listen our bold request but to our emotions related to ishveer we’re die heart fans pls pls listen to my kind as well as bold request…….

  60. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Love my ishveer if you’re going to end MATSH obviously colors 1.7 trp is going to looseand even many more……

  61. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Going to damm badly miss MATSH ….. how could I sleep without watching MATSH, MATSH is only one show I watch but now that’s also going to end pls pls pls ekta if you’re going to make a new show then pls cast ishveer mean shadika as lead pair at least we might see not ishveer but shadika pls pls its a bold request but feel our emotions related to ishveer pls pls pls except our bold request we told not to end MATSH but you did it but at least take shadhika in the show then we all ishveerians mood will be just on the top of world pls pls…..its a kind as well as bold request from all ishveerians and shadhikan’s hope u might accept it………

  62. Oof i’m totally fed up yaar,really i get an angry wity god,why he give so much of pain in my life,if i love something na god give only pain to me,even matsh gives me a happiness,my frnds are all kidding me i’m behave like a childish,they ask me y u r crying just for a serial? I dnt think its just a serial its part of my life,guys seriously i’m telling totally i’m depressed,i cant concentrate in any other thing only matsh revolving round in my mind,i know tis is show one day its become end but i cant take it matsh as just a serial,ishveer shown me a true love,shadhika i never forget in my life,and i hv a such a good frnds through tis matsh only,guys i write tis comment with my teary eyes really really i miss ishveer shadhika and u guys..

    • I tottaly ……, agree sathya dr….,

      Ystrday night i didnt sleep only seeing ishveer pics nd videos nd crying ….., ?

      i know these a serial ….., but i didnt take like that ….., Real life jodi …… Real love birds story ……, that im so much depressed….., in my house all are Kidding me what happen to u… why u crying so much ……,

      I totaly die for these serial….

      • Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

        Ya with me too I slept a 2 am and woke at 4 am and just watch shadhika selfies and old episode of ishveer romance…..

    • sana

      Agree with u family members is kidding me for crying for a serial.they don’t know how we addicted to matsh.l love matsh from core of my heart.

    • sana

      I agree with u family members is kidding me for crying for a serial.they don’t know how we addicted to matsh.l love matsh from core of my heart

  63. Nxt week …… snake bite epi ….

    3 weeks ishveer romance episodes …..

    ? last year feb they romance episodes come again march seperation ishveer…

    Nd now these feb ….. again romances nd the show is going to end ….. ????

  64. same dr….., these yr i bought touch cell so iam download….
    , these year ….., lst yr i dont have cell….,

    But i want feb _ 16 th with full epi full sound where i can download ?

  65. Guys pls…… if MATSH ends …. then no one pls dont colors channel …., That new show was aslo dont watch…..( kasam)

    if all true fans pls ….. dont ….. watch colors tv …. if MATSH….. ends in my house a delete the channel….

    i dont want these stupid channel …. in u tube they always song nd so many ishveer dialogues are missing….

  66. SMS

    pls don’t quit the show. MATSH is one of my favorite serial.I always fight with my parents to see this show, bcoz they don’t like hindi serials.

  67. NIBIR

    hmmmmmmmm matsh dhaan mokkayoda uchha kattam i hate matsh plz end it…………inime endha pudhu track-um vendaam

  68. Fatarajo

    MATSH was going good but I think the only mistake the makers did was to show Milan track and repeatedly seperating Ishveer the time they showed Ishveer happiness that time show was one of the best shows n also no.1 show on colors, I wished they never show Milan track or seperate Ishveer again

  69. IshuRV

    guy read this carefully
    We had already reported about the Colors’ popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi coming to an end. The makers are giving one last try to the show to bring back the TRPs. As we all know, currently, Ishaani is stuck in Nirbhay’s house as their family and Ritika has been blackmailing her.

  70. IshuRV

    We had already reported about the Colors’ popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi coming to an end. The makers are giving one last try to the show to bring back the TRPs. As we all know, currently, Ishaani is stuck in Nirbhay’s house as their family and Ritika has been blackmailing her.

  71. IshuRV

    guy read my last comment carefully . still there is hope that we can stop our matsh from going off air . if trp increases I think at least they will air matsh at 11:00 or 6:00. please don’t loose hope and from tomorrow watch matsh only in TV . still we can save our matsh .

  72. IshuRV

    ranaji , ff writers , and all fans who posts their comments for other serials also . please request ur friends of other serials using telly updates of different serials . please request them to watch our matsh . please guys do this .

  73. IshuRV

    matsh is going off air on 26 Feb na… then we still have almost 4 weeks to save our “jaan matsh”

    • marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

      i m crying bcozzzzzz i really dont think so people gonna watch matsh………..our matsh is like helpless like us……….people r crazyy for disgusting serialssss not for our matsh……….we know there r some flaws in our matsh but evry serial also have……….hmara matsh sirf kuch jeolous logo ki wja se offair horaha hai i know but dekhna matsh ko offair krnay k baad colors flop hojaey ga yaar………….i really hate colors team…………????????????

  74. sana

    Feb Day of MATSH….balgi next show Kasam to replace our show 🙁
    We lost guys…everything gone

  75. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    i want ishveer maariage their chidrens and a romantic rain sequence b4 offair………..
    tujse juda juda juda main juda hua
    muj se khafa khafa khafa mera khuda hua……….this song play in matsh when ishani faint at krisha,s marriage and shikher and rv both take ishu to home and rv showing concern to ishu…..
    phelay q na milay hum
    tanha hi q jalay hum
    mil k muqamal huay hain
    ya thay tanha bhalay hum
    saweray saweray saweray
    na humar hua
    na tumhara hua
    ishq ka ye sitam
    nagawara hua…….this song played when ishu was kidnappedand rv was finding her in car here and there ……….
    ah meray humsafer ek zara intazaar
    sun sadaein de rahi hai manzil pyaar ki…………this played when ishveer unite in railway station……….and trp was 4.2…………..
    ans sun sathiya mahiya
    brsa de ishqa ki siyaahiyan
    hun piya bus teri main
    chu le to khari main
    this song played when ishveer romance in room when ishu drunk chaitali kaki kadha and ritika bcome jeolous and rv changes ishus cloths……..and tp was 4.0…………i know u all remember these moments……….but these r the bestest moments………..

  76. IshuRV

    and also remember
    “har kar jitne vale ko bajigar kehte hain”
    “har manane valonki nayya par nahi hoti koshish karne valonki kabhi har nahi hoti”

  77. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    bhula dena mjay
    ah alwida tujay
    tje jina hai meray binaa………….ishveer aashiqui…………..

  78. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    guyz i m sorryy i m cring but i really didnt have any hope now my hands r trembling ……… heart is like stoped beating……..

    • marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

      yaar we already dying since 1 month,,,,,,,,,,,we r helpless i just want now swaragini also flop which take our show time………..and colors,,,,,,,,hate colors so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goodbye colors may u become flop and untill u didnt start matsh season 2 remain flop………….

  79. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    guyss promo main sirf bachay hi thay may be shadhikha become the lead of qasam………….ekta new show…………..i just now this last hope may b this miracle happen…………

  80. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    matsh khatam krna hai to ker do per shadikha ko kisi or new serial mai lead le lo plzzzzzzzzz

  81. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    jo krna ker lo matsh end ker do qasam shuru ker do bs shadikha ko onscreen couple bna as a lead kisi b or naye serial mai………….bcoz shadikha won many jodies award and veiwers hate matsh but they love shaidikha as a couple plzzzzzz………

  82. marry(matsh ends but our love never ends for ishvir)

    shadikha ager ab kahin or dobara lead bnay to plzzzzz sonali jaffer ko writer mat bnana matsh ko flop ker diya senseless ne,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  83. Ranaji

    Hi guys let us pray for our ishveer I am glad that Feb 14i think there will be a blockbuster epi matsh should air that time and we should show our strength guys pls yaar

  84. Ranaji

    Matsh always rockzzzz my ishveer are super Jodi guys anybody watched aranmani 2it was superb yaar????

  85. IshuRV

    guys 4 weeks hain hamare pass roz email karenge rajnayak aur ekta mamko, roz 200se jyada comments karenge vo bhi positive, forum users forums par halla bol denge, Twitterwale dher saare twitt kareng , Facebook users bhi boht kuch karenge , hamare matsh ka repeat telecast raat ko hi hota hain na… vo bhi dekhenge , agle do weeks agar trp 2.8 se 3.0 tak bhi rahi to vo log shooting phirse start karenge I mean unhe karni hi hogi agar vo na chahe to bhi…

  86. IshuRV

    guys if trp does not come in coming two weeks it means ishveer fans themselves r the reason of matsh end

  87. IshuRV

    guys if trp does not come in coming two weeks it means ishveer fans themselves r the reason of matsh end…

  88. Fatarajo

    I don’t watch MATSH much but I love the way the fans r supporting MATSH here guys don’t feel bad I hope ekta Kapoor just cast Shakti n Radhika as leads in Her new show which will replaces MATSH , then you all can enjoy Ishveer scenes in that show 😛 even though I don’t watch this show much i feel that something good is going off-air this show did had some magic, I still miss the initial MATSH, my best friend only watches this show n she is quite disappointed that this show is going off-air. I may not watch this show much but I must say you guys are doing a great job and are true MATSH fan, I just hope colors do listen to all of you. And I love all the MATSH ff though I don’t comment all I read all of them

  89. sona

    I hv jst read in India forum dat…if this newly induced track of reunion helps in increasing trp of d show….they might reconsider their decision of pull out d plug from d serial…

  90. raji

    Guys pls see the forum they said new promo is related to matsh & may be its season 2 ??? Its relared to punarjanam..god pls save matsh…. they also give ahint in bcl2 promo …pls see it ..let’ s see…

  91. Guys who r all silent readers here pls pls hereafter pls watch matsh,eventhough they r draging pls watsh matsh for us,becoz we r all dieheart fan for ishveer,we hv last chance once trp inc sure colors give second chance,pls pls i beg u all pls watch matsh our last days are counting pps help us,who r all not watch matsh becoz of ishveer seperation hereafter pls watch it pls

    • Y ur right frd do not lose ur hope fight back .why means nice stories like this was not to end without completing the whole track. do u all know frds amit tandon track was ab tak adhuri hai becoz the source was not revealed who was him y kidnapped ishu after ritika was jailed and another one is who is the lady in nirbhay’s house y she was kept locked in nirbhay’s room and finally ishu can know (or) not Her father is still alive. Frds before math i like saraswatichandra lot but at the time of ending i was worried a little much only becoz it was a compeleted with complete family and romance i was quite happy about the show ending. pls frds fight back dont let the show to end q ki kahani ab tak adhuri hai

  92. Matsh my life

    No one can replace MATSH. Just hoping that it does not end and the trps are increased .Keeping fingers crossed for matsh

    • arham

      Sathya dr…Mee to hop tooo ..our matsh never end na yaar..plzz gutzz plzz watch matsh in tv na yaar. Once you will tell all ur family memmbrs to watch matsh na yaar..this is our last hope..i sware..our matsh mever end na yaar..

  93. Guys pls optimistic yaar,our matsh never end ,eventhough new show aired but that cant replace our matsh, its become aired on any other time may be 6.30,once trp increase sure we hv second chance pray guys for matsh trp

  94. kirthi

    Ya sathya we are hope our matsh never end and trp also increase upcoming epi. And matsh fans pls pls dont loose ur hopes.

  95. marry ????

    hope matsh trp increase i agree with sathya yaar plzzzzzzzzzzz if u stoped or left seeeeing matsh then watch for us plzzzzzzzzzz this situation also comes on swaragini yhm kkb ssk fans atlast ………….so plzzzz understand our pain also ,,,,,,,,,,,veiwers plzzzzzzzzzzzz we all need u we r nothing without u ………..

  96. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Hey guys I’m hoping that we might get to see our ishveer romance onscreen again…..pls pls dhf of shadhika force our friend to watch MATSH I’m doing it……pls pls do anything possible…SORRY sathya I don’t have either Facebook nor Twitter account but will try to comment through other sights….

  97. IshuRV

    guys please agar koi hamare ranaji jaisa hain Jo matsh chod kar aur bhi koi serial dekhta ho to please apke in serials ke friends ko matsh dekhne ko request karo . we need trp to save our “jaan matsh” and please comment positive

  98. IshuRV

    please guys start requesting ekta mam rajnayaj
    k on Twitter , fb, email, telly updates, forum and every posible site .

  99. Sathyasree venkat

    What the hell.unmailayae matsh mudiya pogutha.omg i really miss u ranveer and ishaani

  100. IshuRV

    guys matsh agar trp ke vajah se off air huva to uske liye ham hi responsible hoge. yes seriously we matsh’s ishveerians..

  101. IshuRV

    guys agar log matsh YouTube ke jagah TV par dekhe to matsh off air hone she bach sakta hain . kyunki mene YouTube me matsh ko mile hue likes or dislikes dekhe hain air kahi saare log to like or dislike kuchh bhi nahi karte . itne saare lok matsh TV par dekhenge to kyu jayega matsh off air….

  102. IshuRV

    guys agar log matsh YouTube ke jagah TV par dekhe to matsh off air hone she bach sakta hain . kyunki mene YouTube me matsh ko mile hue likes or dislikes dekhe hain air kahi saare log to like or dislike kuchh bhi nahi karte . itne saare lok matsh TV par dekhenge to kyu jayega matsh off air………

  103. IshuRV

    guys please don’t comment negative or sad comment . I have made my mind that if we all try then we can save our matsh in coming 3 weeks and in 4 week we will be enjoying that our heart is not going off air

  104. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Hey guys today MATSH repeat is going to be at 12 am so pls pls pls watch it guys…..

  105. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Guys hope this week trp should be more pls pls pls other show lovers you might also face like this situation there you might get help from us ishveerians if you help us soo pls viewers of other show pls pls pls do watch MATSH……its a kind request from all of us……….

  106. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    If MATSH end then also no one can get the place of MATSH, ISHVEER or SHADHIKA in the heart of our just……they amazing going to miss it badly pls pls….don’t end it………

  107. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    I think we should get a hacker who can hack all the trp of other show and make it less then 1.7 trp…..I’m not telling to make MATSH trp high by cheating but want to make less of other non sense show…..

  108. sneha

    Guyzz .. jst calm nothing cn be happen…..even radhika has also posted abt the closuure of matsh confirmedd on hr fb page…

    • marry

      i m seeing ishveer 1st suhaag raat episode so much changed our ishveer they werethe best jodi yaar…………………

  109. arham

    Guyzz get the fytng tym..we all r fytng for our no one don’t loose hope..plzz guyzz stop crying..and watch retelecast also..all tru fans of ishveer ki ek kaam hey..plzz guyzz ur frnds, family mmbrs,neighbors,cousins,nana,nani,dada,dadi,..who have colors channel na..then u tell all of them to watch pllzz guyzz..thisvis our last chanc…if any one agree wid me.the starting our yudh..this is a mahayudh for our matsh ki vaapas koo..plzz guyzz who r agree wid me then rise ur hands

  110. arham

    And the loosers..who have a bad news againts matsh..then plzz we don,t want ur commnt..plzz stopbur bakwas..if i hurted anyone sry….y i am say lyk this na..if i am seeing a negative commnt..then i will automatically depressed,angered,irritated, so gutzz plzz don,t post neg commnts..this is matsh loyal fans kindely request..

  111. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Guyzz..sathya,ranaji,marry,ishurv,dhruva,praveena sana,suga,keerthi,payal,vyshu,hema,and all othr dhf of our tym guyzz…all thngs r now in our plzz depressed guyzz..once we will depressed na..then how will we tell othr pepole to watch matsh na yaar…

  112. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Sry guyzz..i will mistak in befor commnt..that is,””””’SO PLZZZ DON’T DEPRESSED””’i written in befor commnt is plzz depressed guyzz sry forvthe mistak

  113. marry

    guyz if trp bcome 3.0 this weeek then what happen???????? already promo is aired,,,,,,,,,then only colors gonna change matsh slot time,,,,,,,,,

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      Ya then colors…don’t wanna tak go off air na guyzz..and plzz don’t tak tym chngng too..bcoz 10clok is the tym really suit for matsh..and tat tym is only for 1st episod to till now…

  114. marry

    i m seeing ishveer 1st suhaag raat episode so much changed our ishveer they werethe best jodi yaar…………………

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      No vyshu dr..don’t loose hope na yaar..our matsh never end na yaar..and plzz tak car of ur health

  115. nirbhay . acting nd his behaviour , nd his voice ….. iam totaly …. FED up !

    nirbhay go to hell….. ?????????

    nirbhay is die then matsh definetly up to 4.3 trp….

    Love birds united then definetly 5.5 trp……
    nd naagin become down

  116. raji

    Guys i am not see the new promo of kasam but some one wrote on forum yes eve promo is related to janam. And the bcl2 promo is also related to it .bez in that promo mouni roy said bat well. Shakthi asked why ?? She said its not punarjanam .its cricket …like this write ..there is link betwn kasam promo &bcl2 … guys plssee the promo carefully & writw the commands …bez i have no colors tv….

  117. arohi sharma

    Are bhai itna kyu overacting kr rahe hu
    Ek serial hi tu off air ja raha h
    Bacho ki tarah kr rahe hu bilkul hi
    Bhai bohot se aache serials aa rahe h TV pe

    Jase tashen e ishq
    Kumkum bhagya, yhm etc etc
    Matsh se tu ache hi h
    Thank god ye serial band ho raha h
    Bohot hi bekar kr diya tha serial ko inhone
    Bar bar separation
    Bar bar Milan
    And RV jasa bafkof mene kabhi dekha hi nahi usse smj m ni aata kya
    Ishani kbi money ke piche thi hi nahi
    Vo sirf usse pyr karti thi
    This show is totally nonsense
    And yeh ishani bi itne sundr ni h jo bi dekho isko like karne lagta h
    Kabhi Chirac,rv, vo lawyer kya naam tha uska I forget his name ,milan and after some days this nurbay will also fall in love with her iam sure,
    I have little sympathy with the lover of matsh that u r watching and saving this useless show

    M bi tumhe dekthi hu iss show ko kase bacha pate hu,, show will gona off air soon
    And I have challenged all the lovers of this show “bacha sako tu bacha lo”

    • marry

      matsh bachay na bachay per shadikha ko kisi or serial mai jaldi dobara onscreen couple to hum fanssss bna hi dein gay………its my challenge to u………….matsh is in poor condition but shadikha is popular couple…………..??????????

      • Hello arohi shrama…..

        Excuse me … This is not any other site for u to comment…. plz learn to respect everyone. All of us cant have same taste, you may not like this serial but other do love it, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT BETTER NOT COMMENT NOBODY WILL CRY THAT UR COMMENTS ARE MISSING INFACT PEOPLE WILL BE HAPPY THAT U ARE NOT DEGRADING OTHERS

        plz dont irritate us nd spoil our mood….

      • Hello arohi shrama…..

        Excuse me … This is not any other site for u to comment…. plz learn to respect everyone. All of us cant have same taste, you may not like this serial but other do love it, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT BETTER NOT COMMENT NOBODY WILL CRY THAT UR COMMENTS ARE MISSING INFACT PEOPLE WILL BE HAPPY THAT U ARE NOT DEGRADING OTHERS

        plz dont irritate us nd spoil our mood….

      • arohi sharma

        Challenge accepted Ms. Marry
        U r not the head of ekta ( jo vo tumhari baat manegi) agr marsh me itne hi fans hote tu ye off air na jata
        Hehe .
        I will wait for 2 months
        After that meet me here only in this episode only marry
        And 1 more thing if u became the winner , I will give a big party to my friends and u r also invited as that is only bcoz of u
        But it will not going to happen
        So sorry???????????

    • Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

      Excuse me Ms arohi don’t show attitude to us…we’re loyal fans of MATSH and ishveer and also shadhika pls pls by your one comment many ishveer fans may be hurted… don’t comment negative….
      Aur rahi bat challenge ki to fir hame MATSH she jyada shadhika pasand hai so don’t show your crocodiles tear for us cause by our force ekta will definitely make shadhika as lead pair……
      So keep your advice to leave the show with you only its our decision which show may we should watch or not !!!!!!!!
      I mean to say keep mum don’t say anything about ishveer…..MATSH or even shadhika.

      • arohi sharma

        Excuse me Mr. Dhurva first of all I don’t cry 4 stupid person like u
        And secondly I am not a crocodile ( so my eyes se vo vale tears nahi aaenge)
        And my advice are 4 those who will agree 4 my comment not 4 one like u
        And one more thing, I am not showing any attitude to anyone
        Agr kisiko mere comments pasand ni h tu vo uss comment ko ignore bi kr Skta h
        And vese mene iss show ko bola ur loyalship and all…. ??

      • arohi sharma

        Excuse me Mr. Dhurva first of all I don’t cry 4 stupid person like u
        And secondly I am not a crocodile ( so my eyes se vo vale tears nahi aaenge)
        And my advice are 4 those who will agree 4 my comment not 4 one like u
        And one more thing, I am not showing any attitude to anyone
        Agr kisiko mere comments pasand ni h tu vo uss comment ko ignore bi kr Skta h
        And vese mene iss show ko bola not
        ur loyalship and all…. ??

      • Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

        BTW I just ignored your comment and sorry for that comment me and my sis love this serial today my phone was with her so I didn’t knew about it I’m sorry…….by side of my sis…….

  118. pls …. arohi sharma…. pls dont pst any negtve cmments…

    i know always leave Ranveer for other reason

    But i belive that without pain never happiness come to our life…. 🙁

    • arohi sharma

      Hey Mr. First u respect how to talk to others and if u don’t know that this is not ur homemade website
      Who are u to tell me what to comment and what not to…
      Just go to ur room, and cry as much as u can maybe u r a kid that don’t know that people cry 4 stupid small things or not
      Maybe u all have a habit of crying
      And also my each comment is equally valuable like urs ( so that people who started seeing matsh from now, also know
      How pakao and bakwas show it is)
      And ur no one to me to tell me what to do and what not to please get lost
      And mind ur business and came here only 4 reading serial not to talk to someone like this
      I also know how to give answers to the person like u

  119. When these track nirbhay they introduced….. so many fans stop for these nirbhay…..track ….

    pls end nirbhay track …… fastly….. He is the main reason MATSH going off air…..

    nir go to hell, i hate him so much …..

    when Love birds unite then definetly trp increases ….. up to 5.5 becouz fans want love birds romance ….. ? ? ? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????

    nd sonali jaffer …..u.. pls end these physco , stupid, ediot nirbhay track end karo……

    u dont end nir track …. then i will go to inside tv nd kill that nirbhay …..?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  120. raji

    Guys pls watch the kasam promo & bclseason2 promo (shakthi & mouniroy )something is related to matsh 2 …. i have one doubt y shadhika is quite …in twitter also some people write like this….
    Pls watch the promos guys….

  121. Vyshu take care of ur health dr,nothing happened to matsh still i hv a hope,pps anybody who read other show written updates means pls req other show fans for watching matsh,ranaji u know other serial fansna pls advice them to watch our matsh becoz tis wk trp should inc then only there is second chance for us

    • Dear r u see kasam promo is there also two kids like ishveer’s matsh promo? But one good thing happen after 25th january colors have uploaded some episodic highlight matsh in facebook i dont know y colors are doing like this nobody wants new serial kasam to replace matsh which veiwers r use to this kasam. pls guys if they replaced matsh pls unsubscribe colors channel

      • Ranaji

        Sure yaar I have subscribed only matsh,tpk,ssk,and IKRS If they stop matsh I will unsubscribe all shows

    • Download from google play store frd and did u see kasam promo in that a man was signing a song two children was heared that song after hearing two children goes to that man and ask about the meaning of the song and he says those who r loves each other they will unite definitely at anyother brith of them. after seeing i thinks some crazy thinks i thinked that ishveer get died in this birth and they get promised to each other that is they will get unite at any of their birth of them and this story kasam was matsh part 2 but i dont who was the lead of this show hope for the best and if they let matsh really to go off air then i will unsubcribe the channel u to na frd. And in sas bahu aur sazish ishani doing agnipariksha for proving herself Infront of nirbhay’s family

  122. marry

    guyzzzzzzz what r u talking punarjanam kasam matsh???????????? i m pzzled i saw both promos and kasam look like matsh but whats meant by punarjanm??????????rv didnt have any punar janam????????? is matsh gonna have season 2 as kasam ??????????? so confusing……….hope shadikha become lead in new show……….

  123. marry

    shakti arora and radikha madaan bcome the main lead cast of kasam????????????????what is this rumour now?????????????

  124. sana

    Vyshu dr take care about ur health.we have to fight for our matsh and why u commenting like this arohi Sharma and well said marry.I like it.

  125. No hema i didnt saw new show promo dr,becoz i hate that serial,but now there is new rumourna,is that shadhika paly lead role in kasam? If it so i’m the happiest person in the world.y still shadhika not opened their mouth goys

  126. Hai hema…. i dwnload colorstv app but i cant downloaded
    Matsh videos….

    How can i download matsh videos in that application ?

    tell me detail dr ….. ps

    dr i want matsh videos download ….

    How i download videos ?

    • Downloads are available in othersites like vidmate and we can go to offline in utube also v can able to save the show but the major issue is due to copyright infringement songs are get mutted also in between that songs some dialogues r said they also get mutted but in between songs ishveer always use to say some minding blowing dialogues esspceially in first half dialogues get mutted in utube only way to see matsh is the colors tv app frd dnt worry in that app vedio can be played with minimum amout of data speed also so u can enjoy it at anytime frd

  127. IshuRV

    hema I don’t understand how to download episodes I have downloaded that app one month ago. please tell me in detail

    • We never able to download in that app frd when we download from another sites song and some of the dialogues are get cutted due to copyright infringement in colors tv app v can able to see episodes in minium data speed also in that app only dialogues and songs r not get cutted

  128. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    If shadhika will be the lead then I’m the happiest and luckiest person……

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.