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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurbhay asks Vikram why he broke the rule of the house and spoke to Ishaani. He asks Vikram why he was speaking to her, he will now get punished. Ishaani comes downstairs and says he hasn’t broken any rule, he wasn’t talking to her but she was. He had told her he didn’t want to talk to her. Nurbhay asks if she is telling the truth. Vikram says yes. Nurbhay says be it a man or a wife, she will get punished. She will now have to clean all the windows of the house from outside, if he watches a single stain he will get them cleaned again. Vikram goes inside, everyone head to work.
Vikram says to Aarti in the room what kind of punishment is this, this has been done deliberately so that she fell off them. Aarti asks why he is thinking this much. Vikram says Ishaani did so to save

him. Aarti says he didn’t ask her to take her name. Vikram says he can do it at least now. Aarti asks what he will do and what he can do. He knows that Nurbhay is just like that, he must not mingle with him and relax. Vikram says this is so wrong, till when they will remain like this. Aarti says he must see his bank balance and cheques first, Nurbhay signs them for him.
Ishaani cleaned the windows, struggling on the corner of walls to stand up. She peeks through the window of the locked door, she thinks it is the same room and Nurbhay must have locked that person inside. Nurbhay looks for Ishaani, he unlocks the room but the key didn’t work, wondering if she has gone inside this room. Ishaani knocked at the window from outside.
Naina was there on wheelchair, she struggles and gets down the wheelchair. Aarti watches her and shouts her name, Nurbhay runs to hold her up again. Everyone come running, Ishaani also come there. Nurbhay asks how this happened, where everyone was. Naina was panting. Ishaani says may be there wasn’t anyone’s mistake, may be Naina herself wanted to get up. Nurbhay shouts who asked her? No one interferes when he speaks and tells her to go and clean the windows. He tells his maa to take Naina outside. Aarti offers to push the wheelchair and goes outside.
Ranveer was listening to the music, he watches the ladies there. Naina coughed, her maa says she forgot to bring her water and geos to get it leaving Naina on the wheelchair. He turns away. A dog runs towards Naina who gets afraid and shivers in fear. Ranveer comes between and saves Naina from the dog’s attack. He throws food at it to indulge him into eating. He tells Naina not to get afraid, humans must be afraid of humans, dogs are loyal to humans. It is strange that humans that are meant to be friends isnt loyal. He says if she is really afraid of dogs, he can tell her a secret. He hands her the biscuit and says she must give these biscuits to dogs, they will become loyal to her. He leaves. Naina keep watching her. Maa brings water for Naina and notices Naina was lost. Aarti tells maa that she got the call, they must leave. Naina goes inside with the dog’s biscuits clutched.
Ranveer comes to sit with the dog and dog’s man, he says sometimes one has to do something wrong to get something right. The man say it was a big risk for him, he could have bitten him. Ranveer hands him money to feed the dog and goes to prepare for exhibition.
Aarti comes down ready and asks how she looks. Her husband appreciates her, they go hand in hand with each other. Vikram comes excited about the exhibition. Ishaani hears this all, thinking they are going on exhibition and no one will be here at home. It is the right time to make that lady run away. But how would she do that, door has been locked and she must enter from the window. Vikram makes fun of Nurbhay saying if he watches them he would also insist to go, and he has no sense of art. Nurbhay stood at the door and asks who is the hitler. Aarti says there is Uttam’s friend, Hitler Singh Oberoi. Nurbhay asks him to invite him sometime, and asks where they are going. Aarti says they are going to art exhibition. Nurbhay asks without him. Vikram says what he will do there. Nurbhay asks why they didn’t ask him. He asks if they must go now. Uttam asks if he has an interest in the art. Nurbhay says they have invited him for ribbon cutting ceremony.

PRECAP: Ishaani is shocked to see the painting being exhibited. Ranveer notices her expressions.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Cant wait for precap epi….

    ishveer face to face meet


  2. Precape interesting. I hope ishani clear the all doubt to ranvi or atleast ranvi find out the truth. Will be happen.

  3. Wow after so many boring episodes feeling like tomorrow episode will be interesting hope ishveer unite tomorrow episode

  4. Just now i read about matsh that is rv has made fake love on naina throught he wants to go nibhray house bcoz he thinks ishani betrayed him and he believs ishani is nibhray wife. So he choose this way to entering nibhray and take revenge on ishani.

  5. Just now i read about matsh that is rv has create a fake love on naina throught he wants to go nibhray house bcoz he thinks ishani betrayed him and also he believs ishani is nibhray wife. So he choose this way to entering nibhray house and take revenge on ishani.

  6. Pls update fast

  7. Sona actually mujhe tumse ek request karni thi ki agar possible ho to tum please Jo kabhi kabhi songs bajate hain voh update mein likha karo. kabhi kabhi YouTube pe epi dekhate huye vo songs mute ho jate hain so please voh tum likha karo. you can write them in bracket . And ya I agree with you Radhika . Shakti is the best and he deserves te award .

  8. Havent experience such a stupid dram

  9. how beautyful the precap was!!!!!!! i hope ishveer will reunite soon
    waiting for the upconming episodes

  10. Guys. I have a doubt that milan was really death. But police could not find out the milan body. I think he must be alive and he charector comes in matsh for future. And also i thought he did that nibhray’s wife deed. And nibhray has assumes that rv be murderer. Bcoz milan alread killed nimisha, sharman.

    1. I agree with ur comments .k.praveena


    CHALO SHUKAR HAI INHO NE KCH TOH ACHA KIYA……………………………………………………….

  13. Couldnt get wats rv is planning….regarding naina…bt plz rv undrstnd ishani is undr blackmailing…undrstnd her situatn n conditn dont feel dat she betrayd u again…

  14. thnx for written update!! nice epi n good precap!!

  15. Nice
    Waiting to see truth

  16. Don’t show our rv like a fool.Let him understand the truth.

  17. Good can’t wait for the next episode

  18. I hate naina she loves ranvi,ranveer is only for ishani,we want ishveer scenes but always show ishani with nirbhay,i am not tolerare ranvi with any other girl other than ishaani,so pls end tis track soon,nothing ll happen in next episode

  19. Just now I got the news about matsh that is jb ishaani rv ki bnayi hui painting dekhe gi usse realise hoga that rv uske aas-pass h n woh usse madly search krna shuru ho jaaye gi.
    N nurbhay can’t see this n woh aur ritika ek evil plan bnayenge jisse ishaani ek jungle mein chale jaayegi n baad mein ek chain se ishaani k legs ko baand denge n wha pe ek lion ki awaaz aayegi ishaani n ishaani help k liye chilaayegi n jungle mein surprisingly rv hota hai Jo ishaani ki awaaz sunkar usse bachaa ne aayega.
    Jb tk woh aayega tb tk ishaani behosh ki haalat mein leti hoti h n lion jaise hi ishaani par attack krne lgega ussi waqt ranveer aayega n lion se ishaani ko rescue krega issi beech rv ko kuch injuries bhi hongi
    N rv wha se chla jaayega jb ishaani ko hosh aayega n woh apni jb eyes open krege tb nurbhay uske saamne hoga.

  20. Kaash jb ishaani apni eyes open krti toh kaash rv uske saamne hota atleast ishaani ko pta toh chlta that rv ne hi usse rescue kiya h.
    Ishveer k reunion k baad ekta mam ko sabse pehle ritika ki phaansi dikhani chahi ye
    Shikhar ne bohot bari galti ki h Jo isse phaansi nhi dilaayi pehle agar aaj yeh zinda naa hoti toh humare ishveer saath hote

  21. I can’t think why jb bhi kuch interesting hone wala hota hai iss episode mein tbhi woh cheez precap mein daal dete h.
    I think jb ekta mam born hui hogi aur unke parents ne puch hua hoga that kya hua h beta ya beti tb doctors ne kha hoga jaan ne k liya dekhe agla episode

  22. I can’t think why jb bhi kuch interesting hone wala hota hai iss serial mein tbhi woh cheez precap mein daal dete h.
    I think jb ekta mam born hui hogi aur unke parents ne puch hua hoga that kya hua h beta ya beti tb doctors ne kha hoga jaan ne k liya dekhe agla episode

  23. Nice episode and good precap ..but I know that rv ‘ fails to see ishaani’s expression…and he leaves the exhibition in angry mood but ishaani searches for rv every where…then Nirbhay will leave ishaani in the jungle where rv comes and saves her …..rv always rokzzz…i think rv came to save ishaani not to take revenge…but he is just saying that she betrayed him…later on he will understand ishaani…but plsss…writers don’t drag the serial

  24. Can’t wait for ishveer to come back?

    1. Same here ?

  25. Thank u so much praveena for our news
    Any ways cant wait to watch today epi….

  26. Such a bullshit episode. Evry tym ishveer unite and der goes again smtng wrong and der wil be lack of trust..again same betrayel things hppen. Writes pls unite ishveer like forever and end d drama..its hightime..

  27. As reported, Ranveer will save naina frm freak accident nd will aslo make cute painting for her in order to impress her He will aslo enter Nainas house secretly at late night. an save her frm falling

    soon we will see nirbhay will decide a major punishment for ishani by throwing her in a jungle at night. He will aslo tie to her to tree with chains.

    In a jungle lion will try to attack ishani but Ranveer will come in nick of times nd save her, but ishani will not be able to see his face

    will Ranveer ale to enter ishani life?

    will ishani able to see Ranveer?

  28. on the other hand, Ranveer will get to know of ishani being married to nirbhay at an art exhibition where the entire ahlawat family will be present. certain hints will points out Ranveer presence at exhibition nd ishani will go mad looking for him. This will anger nirhay all the more

  29. Matsh will now that ishani will get lost in a jungle at night nd she will aslo be in danger of getting attacked by lion

    ishani screams for help nd Ranveer rushes to save ishani seeing the lion ishani gets unconscious but Ranveer fights bravely with lion nd ends up getting injured

    As Ranveer fights the lion, ishani fears that his life is in danger ish starts praying to god to save Ranveers life nd suddenly the lion goes away from there

    However ishani does not know that Ranveer has saved her since she does not see his face

    nirhay comes there nd ishani goes away without seeing Ranveer

    1. Wow ! Its amazing that Rv saves Ishani but it would be awesome if Ishani could see him. Hope they reunite soon……

  30. i love ishani and ranveer more more more i love this serial a lot lot lot

  31. What does Ranveer wants to plan????

  32. He only sent the dog to naina and he only saved her…

  33. Stupid he wants to impress her to get a entry Nirbhay’s house

  34. don’t call him stupid Meera . After all he is a hero of my ishani and my heart.

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