Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba tells Ishaani to go away as Ranveer has been looking for her like crazy people. She takes Ishaani saying she will drop her to airport herself. The cab driver tells Ranveer that the lady was with him between 3 and 3.30, she paid him 500 and didn’t take her money back. Shekhar tells Ranveer she wasn’t there at the house even. Ranveer asks who is telling this to him, a lover or a lawyer as being a lawyer Shekhar did a drama being a beggar in front of judge. He asks why is she hiding if she was so close to Falguni, and he won’t believe him even if he brings a taxi union to him. RV gets into the car and leaves. Shekhar thinks he has gone crazy, Ishaani has to be taken away from him else he will get her into police and court matters.
At home, Lakshmi tells Ranveer Amba has been

missing from morning. Ranveer asks where she has gone. Ritika hears this; RV asks which driver went with her. Lakshman says she went with the new driver. RV calls the driver; the driver tells him Amba is at a travel agent’s office with one of her friends. The driver says it is some Nirupa madam, she is in the travel agency office and Amba is also in the office. RV asks Lakshman not to let them leave that place at any cost, he will be there in fifteen minutes. He tells the ladies he has to go and leave the house.
RV arrives at the travel agency office, pulls up his car. The driver watches him there and tells him that she left that way. RV runs to that side of the road and spots Ishaani going with the ticket in hand. He calls her Nirupa from behind, Ishaani covers herself up and begin to run. He finally gets her keeping hand on her shoulder and says she has hidden her face enough, she won’t be able to do it anymore. He holds her by arm and takes her behind a tree. Some men come and question Ranveer about teasing a girl, crowd had gathered there. Ranveer says no one will speak in between but the people ask him to come to police station. Ranveer turns around, while Ishaani leaves the place while the crowd beat Ranveer. Ishaani turns and shouts at them to leave him, Ranveer loses his senses to see Ishaani and is being beaten badly by the men there. RV fights back and runs towards Ishaani when a car hits him and he flies to fall down on the other side of the road and is hit on head. Ishaani cries Ranveer in agony!
RV fell unconscious on the road, the crowd gathered around him. Ishaani runs towards him and watched him lie there for a while. Ranveer moves his lids to focus Ishaani before shutting his eyes.
In the hospital, the doctor asks Ishaani to stay outside and takes Ranveer in. RV holds Ishaani’s hand and doesn’t leave it to go inside. The doctor asks him to leave her hand but he doesn’t listen to him. The doctor says they have to operate on him and she can’t come in. RV still doesn’t leave Ishaani’s hand, they finally allow her to come inside with him. In the OT, Ranveer keeps on holding Ishaani’s hand and looking at her. Ishaani cries looking at him, the nurses put an oxygen mask on his face, tears fell off RV’s eyes. Ishaani looks at his grip on her hand, and holds his hand with her others. The surgeon come prepared for operation.
Ishaani’s words echo in Ranveer’s mind that she doesn’t love him. Ranveer’s words echo in Ishaani’s mind that except for her he only has a place for heart beat so that he can stay alive and say to her for a lifetime and Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi. Ranveer thinks that me, Ranveer Vaghela, a poor person borne in a small family was made a big man only by his love which I had when I first saw her. Each moment of life, since I met her, is attached to Ishaani. She is in each of his thought and every breath. Their times together from the past, flashes in front of his eyes. He thinks about the intimacy they shared.
The doctor says to Ishaani that his heart beat has been decreasing, they have to operate on his soon. Ishaani gets rid of her hand but his grip was really tight.
RV thinks that like his heart beat no one knows what his next turn in life will be, he only knows that this heart beat has only one reason and that is Ishaani. He goes unconscious, losing the grip on her hand. Ishaani looks at his hand dropped down, the doctor asks her to hurry and go out. She cries outside the operation theatre, the doctor come to ask her consent from her. She asks him to start the surgery, she will fulfil the formalities later. The surgeon asks who is she to him, she was about to say she is his wife… then stops. The doctor says if she isn’t his relative, they can’t begin the operation. She says no, she is his wife and signs the papers. She asks the doctor to save him, she will also die if something happens to him. Doctor asks her to call his family as the situation is critical. Ishaani goes to reception and makes a call. Ritika picks up the phone and is shocked to hear from Ishaani. Amba take the phone from her hand as Ishaani wants to talk to her, Amba scolds her why she called them. Ritika says she is crying, may be it is something important and asks Ishaani why is she crying. Ishaani tells Ritika that RV had an accident. Ritika is shocked.

PRECAP: In hospital, RV asks Ishaani why she didn’t come to him after her release from jail. Ishaani asks him not to ask any questions, she doesn’t want to give him any shocks now as he had fresh surgery. He asks what, she says he will not be able to hear the truths.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Sathyasree venkat

    hii guys, omg omg finally ishaanyum ranveer rum meet pannitanga, I am so happy, Aashiqui 2 song play pannathu semmaiya irrunthichi, today episode is awesome, precap promo is very interesting , ranveer speaks to ishaani, waiting for tomorrow episode

    • priya

      Finally ishani and ranveer meet i love background song badlapur is awesome flow of emotion in ranveer eyes

  2. suga

    Today’s episode was too good. OMG thanks a lot.. Atlast most expected scene shown today. Both Ishaani and Ranveer performed well.I hate this Amba to the core.. Now want Rithika to getout from Ishveer life.Doesn’t know how shikhar will react when he comes to know Ishaani is Ranveer’s wife.Feeling very sorry for him.Waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode.

  3. Yes. Ishveer paathukitanga. But accident. Anyways i m happy. Judaai song um ishveer acting um heart touching ah irundhuchu. Very very happy. Pls unite them earlier. Flashback semaya irundhudu….thirupi first la irundhu ishveer scenes paatha madhiri irunduchu…. waiting for tomorow’s episode… hope ranveer understood ishani’s situation….

    Love u ISHVEER

  4. Rv i cant see u like dis sitution……rV opeN uR eYez……..ham tere bin ab rah nahi sakte tere bina kya va jod meraa………me 22 w8!g for 2morow…….atlastt they meet feeling both hap and sad…..hap bcz of meet and sad bcz of rvs sitution………..rv aankoo khoolonaa…plZzzzzzzzz

  5. wow nice epi… Rannu open ur eyes.. Love u a lott.. Pls ritika go to hell pls.. Shekhar pls dnt turn into a negatve charctr pls….. Vry happy fr ishveer.. :*

  6. anu

    gr8 episode 4 which I was waiting eagerly😍😍😍 but I’m sad 4 rv😞😞😞

    • DD

      This episode was really interesting.Hope every thing between them will be all you ishveer.This amba is behaving stupid

  7. Sathyasree venkat

    Shekhar dhan pavam ishaani ya romba love pannunan, so sad.inneme enna aaguma aana semma interest ta irruku

    • bhuvana

      Hey guys… Enna thaan dub pannalum .. Original thaan epavum best …enaku therinji ithuvaraikum entha Hindi serial ku ithana tamil fans pathathu illa…dub panathuku aprm fans aanatha pathiruken… But original version ku ipa thaan pakren…

  8. abs

    Hey they met
    I think amba realises there love
    And let her enter into rv life with some conditions of taking revenge on parekh’s

  9. Shâžñā

    Gud epi…both RV n Ishani’s actin juz superb♥♥♥ aftr a long tym title track playd..♥♥tat scene juz awsm♥♥

    Ishveer fans don xpect too much…anythin can happen in nxt track…Dfntly thy gonna drag sme me dyz..maker ll add sme more twists n al…aftr al ekta’s shw 🙂 🙂

  10. For all RV haters;;;; – how you guys criticised RV but u saw that no one can take his love away for Ishani,, I couldn’t bear the scene when he held her hand ,, and the pain was so deep in his eyes,, he held her like he can’t let her go again from again,, he was so scared to leave her hand,,
    But bechara remembered what that idiot said that she doesn’t live him,,, but Ishani remembered how ranveer confessed his love for her once,,
    U can’t understand why Ishani doesn’t wanna give him the feeling if true love what she is getting from RV,,
    How many times is RV gonna die coz of Ishani,, and the love for her,,,?
    For loving Ishani from childhood how much pain he is receiving on return from her,.?
    For hurting RV’s feelings only she is suffering so much in life.,. Although she has a good heart,,
    She loves RV so much but she never values his feelings for her,,,
    Precap:: Lagta hain that Ishani is doing the hate dra again with RV,,, please god don’t make it happen like that,, please Ishani should confess the truth to RV and RV should get his love back,,

    • Yeah she did everything for him we could say , and almost she went to the extent of hanging for RV,,
      But what’s the use of hiding love,,? Ishani doesn’t show her love to Ranveer,, ,, what’s the point of sacrificing and doing all good by hurting her loved ones ?,, one main thing I hate her coz,,still she never gave a chance for herself to confess her love to RV,, rv always beleived that his love us only one sided and ishani never loved him,,even at the jail, last moment when she is going to die she didn’t have the heart to tell him that she loves him,,, atleast to give him that satisfaction that his love is not one sided , so that with that satisfaction he could live life long,, atleast for the sake he loved her 18 yrs she didn’t wanna tell him her love and make him happy,,atleast at the last moment she was to die,,
      She was so stubborn in her decision,,, I hate her for her stubbornness and foolishness

      • muskan

        Ya i agree with u matsh.. Ishani is really stubborn… See as it in the precap she will surely start her hating drama.. So disgusting yaar.. If she again start her hating drama I’m sure so many of them will stop watching this drama,..

  11. rig

    Wow heart melting episode. Love you ishveer .. Feeling pity on shikar sorry shikar ishaani belongs to ranveer forever… Pls don’t make shikar into a negative character.eagerly waiting for tom epdi…

  12. Yes awesome Episode waiting for tomorrow it was worth watching I can keep watching it and not get bored. ……………. but hope ishaani doesn’t pretend to hate him again plzz waitin for tmorows episode lookin forward to it ranveer and ishaani were great especially when they holded each other’s hands n the tears from both of their eyes expressed their feelings awwwww Tum hi ho nice to hear that song with both of them it was just amazing I totally loved it I am just so exited I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow seriously I can’t wait …….. I wish it came on twice in a day but anyway waitin for tomorrow’s episode hope that they both express their feelings to each other and ishani tells ranveer the actual truth of why she went to jail and I hope that ishani says I love you ?? to ranveer n I hope that rithika gets out of ranveer and ishaanis life but kinda feel sorry for shikar when he finds out abou ishani and ranveer…
    Waiting for ishveer scenes
    Ishveer are the best?????

  13. Today’s episod was very heart touching
    I feel lyk crying
    Plzz now ishani don’t evaa leave ranveer
    He truly loves u
    How can 1 do to such love once
    Abhi mat Jana yaar plzzz ranveer ko chod kar warna m gonna hate u ishani

  14. sree

    wow….really aftr long time….very good episode….finally…ishveer together….n director did fantastic job….acting by shakti…too good today….conveying feelings by eye expressions vitout dialogues s really good….shakti did very good job…n da moment lik doctr says he have to leave ishaani to go inside th OT…he ll nt leave her bcz of scare ver he ll loss her again….his expressions unbeatable….nice…

  15. anu

    just want ishani and rv together…. dey r the best couple….
    but ishani n shekhar also make a good couple

  16. sree

    but yr….seriously….once again if dis ishaani did hating drama….or she leave rv… telling….a personal letter ll b sent to the writter of the show and to ekta….aftr dat deir wish….

  17. shubham

    i think even after the meeting of ishaani & rv….ishaani will not tell the truth, as before telling the truth her 1st priority(thinking) is that rv is happy with ritika, but if she does so the episode will be drag …?

  18. Aww that pain and expressions were soooooooooooo deep in Ranveer’s eyes,, !!!
    I can’t get my eyes off from that scene,, the hand helding scene was really awesome ,, especially for a man like Ranveer;;;)))) along with tum hi ho,,,,now the real essence of the show has come back with RVs emotions with tum hi ho,,,
    We all accused the director or writer for doing all these unnatural twists and bakwaas on the show,,,! But never knew the director would hit this special meeting episode with so much of love pain and emotions;;;; to the fans to die in tears,,,
    Hats off to the writer of this scene for thinking so creatively and to Shakthi for making this live in everybody’s heart,,,
    This was something similar to the gunshot and divorce signings scene,, touched my heart soooooooo much;:::

  19. aman

    I am totally agree with MATSH, Ishani does not deserved Rv’s love.
    Sometimes it seems like she does not love Rv.
    She always hurted Rv from the childhood.

    Sometimes I feel in compare to ishani, Ritika is good atleast she shows her love.

    I want Rv to hate this stupid, selfish girl Ishani.

      • Yeah Ishani is not selfish,, she is really innocent ., but she is really a stubborn girl,, she doesn’t listen to anyone and takes her own decisions , without analysing any problem fully,,
        Coz of her own decisions she hurt everyone around her ,, especially RV,, I can’t understand y she always doesn’t try to know anything fully before taking any decision,,

    • That’s what even sometimes my sister says that Ritika is better atleast she talks lovingly or friendly way with RV,, than Ishani only fights and misunderstands him,,

  20. Nazii :)

    Thisss is gettingg soo borrringg well loved the episde 2day finallyyy ranveer nd ishanii met!! But it was showing so much liessss RV didnt kno she was ishani from her back hair hands etc and now look ishani is going to tell RV a new story which could keep RV away from her as she wants RV to be happy without her!!!!! Nd she doesnt even kno Ranveer is not married niether the child is ranveers!!! gettiing borrrringggggg!!!!! watchin shashtri sisters instead !!

  21. Nazii :)

    Ishani is just been really silllyy!!! love the way she is but she shuld live her life they should of given it another twist NOw look ishani with her new storys!!!! Stoppp makin rv suffer!!!! he loves her but shes just selfish!! 1st thing she Killed Chirag thats what she said look common SENse!’ RV was a rich man he could of got homself out of this murder case!! but ishani decided to give up her life!! Then shes doin this for her love RV when RV is nothing without her and now when RAnveer was movin on Ishani is back!!!! Loved this drama but now borrrringgggggggggg full of lies that are silly!!!!! Btw RV is the best!! 🙂

  22. Nazii :)

    Ishani think she sacrifised!!! Nooooo way coz its silly RV is a rich man and she ruined his life hea dieing inside everyday!!! Either ishani comes back with RV or im leavin this Drama!! full of nonsense!!! Feel sorry for RV he’s just soo good ishani ne bht bura kiyaa and if ishani is makin somee new story she shuld 1st find out is ranveer happy or not!! NONSeNSE!!!!! gona start hatin ishani if she hates Rv in tmrws episde!!!

    • Ur true coz Ishani always hurts RV,, may be the gift she gives him coz he loved her so much since childhood,, lol coz I don’t find any progress in her character,, she hurts him more he deserves,, y can’t she find anything properly,, ? She is so stupid,,, for gods sake if the director had made her character a little clever;; lol
      And RV suffer so much coz of her stubbornness,,
      And she never give up her attitude for any1 even for RV,

      • Shâžñā

        Don juz lwayz ishani yaar…itz al bcz f writer lol…evn she luvs RV…RV’s character lost charm frm last few days as he ws lwayz bck f Ritika….bt nw RV s bck on track….♥♥♥ hpy fr tat ♥♥ @least nw he won’t be servant f Ritika….

        Bt Ishani dono wt shez gonna do nw….bt i read in fb tat she finds tat Ritika s behind Falguni’s murder n decides to cme bck in RV’s life 🙂

  23. harry

    stop making fol of people. how come RV does does not recognize Ishani who has been so close to him since childhood. moreover unconscious person,s grip can’t be so tight as shown here. story writer should end the drama now and be practical

  24. kim

    ???? this drama makes me feel like an idiot when watching but still I don’t wanna miss any episode and when the show is over i can’t help myself blaming and criticizing the writer and director.
    But in fairness i liked the progress of today’s episode?

  25. Rosh

    Was the episode that good , I stopped watching it few days back . My first Hindi serial , I will watch it on line later.
    But Ishani can’t go back right now, as she thinks RV is happily married with Ritika and wife is pregnant . He himself told it many times.
    If Isahani knows the truth they are not married then may be she might go back . I am happy RV got his sense back hope he won’t become Ritika’s crying baby again and sleep on her lap again.!!!!

  26. anita

    finally the day has come…
    soo happy…
    I think again this fool ishani will leave ranveer alone

  27. ipsita

    Epi to mast tha…nd avi v rv pyr krta hai isani ko but…ye pgl ldki ko sbkch spoil krne me jyada late nae lgega…sacrifice krne ka sok jo hai usko

  28. ats

    wooow atlast they met.ishaani vl re enter in ranveers lif guys.ishaani comes to know tht ritika killed her mom nd decides to enter into ranveers life so dnt wry all matsh fans a super duper episodes awaiting. dont miss it.

  29. VV

    Todays episode Ishani will insult Ranveer by calling him as a drivers son and that she does not love him as she remembers about Rithika and her child and Shikhar comes running to Ranveer and asks him to stop hurting Nirupa. He would tell him that is Ishani and that he is his wife and will tell Ishani that he now hates her and do not love her forever

  30. rosy

    Jst ne1 realize she wana hide her nd bring da jailor she is da only 1 who knws da full truth aftr ishani nd let rv knw evrythng ishani did for him…plz plz plz bring da JAILOR…

  31. nirupa

    Guyz………I got a bad news ….Shekhar to marry Isshani as Baa said her to .,….and issani to say that she hate him and does not love him…….and Isshani to find out that ritika killed her mom and fight to take her ri8

  32. Yeah yesterday’s episode was just a glimpse for the viewers to be happy,,, after long time,, but from today onwards they will drag the plot more and more;;; coz Ishani will give up RV for Ritika and her kid and do her hate drama,,,without knowing anything fully that wether Ritika is married to ranveer or not or its not Rv’s baby;;lol
    kaash if she atleast tells shiker about her love for RV,,
    But after she go true her phone and she will find out that her mom was called to terrace and this murder was a trap to her and not for falguni,,,
    So after that she will decide to re-enter Rv’s life,, finally will RV get his love,,,,? Fingers crossed

    • Yesterday episode is mixture of sad and hap……wen rv close his eyess….ufffff……..atlaasssssst they meett feelinggg ssooooooooooooooo happppp…………….ishani plzzz show ur reall love to rv….plzz ishaniii plzzzz plzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. Yeah yesterday’s episode was just a glimpse for the viewers to be happy,,, after long time,, but from today onwards they will drag the plot more and more;;; coz Ishani will give up RV for Ritika and her kid and do her hate drama,,,without knowing anything
    fully that wether Ritika is married to ranveer or not or its not Rv’s baby;;lol

    kaash if she atleast tells shiker about her love for RV,,
    But after she go trough her phone and she will find out that her mom was called to terrace and this murder was a trap to her and not for falguni,,,
    So after that she will decide to re-enter Rv’s life,, finally will RV get his love,,,,? Fingers crossed

  34. Precap make me hap bcz rv is still alive……i think dat like rahul jaykar in aashiqui2 ,rv also die…w8!g 4 upcomg episode……..yeh sab hone kke bhaat bhi rv lop ishanii….wat A lop stry yaarr….really lop dis serial,and rv…………love makes life live

  35. I think yeh sab rithika ka plan hai…….stupid idiot…..hate u…..plz goo away from ishveers life……rv holding ishanis hand woohhhh wat a scene yaarr…..lop it……

  36. sri

    Achoooooooo!!!!!!! Sema Episode… was waiting for this moment… Finally RV met ishaani … Awwwesome episode.. Background song, their emotions, Specially RV holding ishani’s hand tat was really superb.. Yesterday’s episode was great.. really feeling impressed by this series after a long time.. Expecting more aashiqui 🙂 🙂

  37. anita

    please cvs don make ishani marry shikar….
    then this drama’s charm will go down…
    we watch this soap only to see rv’s true love
    if ishani marries shikar then ishani’s love will become an extra marial affair….

  38. muskan

    Ishani remembers about Ritika’s child and tells Ranvir that she does not love him.

    Ishani insults Ranvir by calling him as a driver’s son and is useless.

    Ranvir gets angry and heart broken by Ishani’s behavior.

    Meanwhile, Shikhar stops Ranvir to hurt Ishani and Ranvir tells him that he is Ishani’s husband.

    Ranvir tells Ishani that she made a joke of his love and now she is out from his mind and heart forever.

    Ishani feels sad to hurt Ranvir but do all this for Ranvir’s happy life.


    awesum episode of yersterday RV Ishani finally met each other the best moments wen Rv didn’t leave her hand dispite of his injury he was continously looking at Ishani… I wish now Ishani shld really speak up stop doing favours for others now Ishani… Its time for ou to think of u n R V..

  40. Rosh

    Don’t cross fingers first because Ektaa won’t let them meet that easy any way. Even Shakti says they are Kadpthlis in ektha Mdms hands. He told in interview Shakthi is a gifted actor I started to watch this serial because of him.
    Ishani is helpless now if she go back to RV now it shows she is very selfish. It look like she only care about her love. In her eyes he is happily married and expecting his first baby excitedly . See guy true love is selfless , forgiving and not demanding . Very few people on earth can really have that kind of love.
    I see they are going to show another cycle of love and hate.ishani has nothing now her love is married in her eyes , her mom died her so called family abandon her. Her mother in law want her out of the country so RV will be peace full.
    I don’t understand why people are so angry with her. I feel pity for her and Ranveer now. RV has at least a loving family she has no one other than Shiker now . Some one wrote Ritika will at least listen to him . I agree she will listen and cup his face every time , and can even sleep with him without marriage where as Ishani didn’t go near him even after marriage. I agree Ishani is stubborn and dump but that is the character I love most. I still stand by her side not RV s side . He has a pregnant so called wife & Amba maid , infront of world Ritika is his wife.
    I am Ishani going to hurt even more today may be calling servant or drivers son thinking that will make him hate her. That hatred towards her will take him ahead with Ritika .
    It is norm in our society that females will be always blamed . It is a practice where as another country Ishani caharater wouldn’t be blamed like this. It isa mistake even in a drama for a female to have a strong will and pride. They will be chopped as stubborn
    The best thing other females will first to blame !!!!
    The hate drama going to be contined but at heart they are one , no force in this world can separate that bond of love and friendship . They childhood friends they few up together .
    Don’t blame any of them , they are suffering because of the intense love they have for each other. Both lost their brain and commonsense in between .
    I have to start back watching again happy Shakti quit NB for Aashiqui

  41. Rosh

    I am worried the love they have for each other is going to destroy them ultimately . I read in many books and I hope this won’t turn out to be the first serial where the lead pair will never have a happy ending . OMG I don’t want that , it is nice to see Ishweer innocent love.
    Common writes let them be together!!!!!!!

  42. What ever u guyz say,, Ishani’s character is flaunted in that way that she is so foolish but innocent,,
    This show is a one sided love story,, and the pratogonist is Ranveer,, his love can never be compared to any1 not even Ishani!!! Coz his love is endless for,,, he always say that his heart and love is only for Ishani,, but Ishani knows how much ranveer loves her but why don’t she wanna give the same feeling back to ranveer,, then how happy he would be,, RV is always in confuse that wether Ishani loves him or not,,,? Coz her eyes and emotions say that she loves him but her mouth always says that she doesn’t love him,, bechara RV is stuck in between her drama,,, I’m always angry with coz why don’t she give the security to RV that she loves him,,,,? Let she go away from him or start a new life but why should she hurt him so much,,,without telling her love,,,?
    It is not the society who put women down,, I’m not from Indian society and in my country the society is equal for man and woman,, but it’s our personal view on how she hurts his emotions and feelings,, she has selfless love fr RV but she is selfish,,,
    I don’t how can she hurt him so much by looking how he is getting hurt for everything she speaks,,,!!!!!

  43. RV should really get rid of her and move on in his life alone without marrying any1 but he should get to know that Ishani loved him for true and his love is not one sided,,

    • Rosh

      Even Ishani needs a break from his mom Amba, he also move on in life . I am happy if Ishani is happy. RV can see the love in her eyes , love doesn’t need announcement by mouth. See friend mouth can lie eyes can’t. He must find out why Ishani’s eyes love can’t feel in her voice !!!! Ishani realized later than Ranveer that she is in love , it will take long time for her to prove than RV where as he started to love her the moment he set eyes on her for the first time.
      In which way you say that she is selfish . She dosent mind loosing her love to Ritika , if RV is happy . She is thinking now she is very unlucky for him and he is happily married with his best friend Ri. He stood by all humiliation he threw on her during hate track never left her side.
      She is dump and brainless defenitly not a selfish woman .

  44. Friends.. plz tell me anyone …the song which played b4 the aashiqui song when both in OT…

    i knw that song was played so many times but i cant get that…

  45. mala

    plz dont separate ishani and rv once more, I it happens once again , i am sure no body will watch the soap, people want some positive thins happen

  46. anita

    yep, amba might be true….
    the moment ranveer met ishani he had an accident..
    hate u ishani…
    I feel pity in ranveer

  47. rubyvelonica

    wow super i love the yesterday episode i feel happy pls ishaini come back to ranveer . she will not marry shekar . ishaini love only rv . i love u ishveer . true love never end

  48. oh my god they finally met I have waiting for this moment I hated when ranveer got punched
    the background song I really love. the song always makes me cry because I lost someone like that’s. I wish that ranveer and ishani don’t separate. kinku tum hi ho meri ashiqe ab tum hi hoooo.

  49. ranveer is so fit I wonder why would someone hate him or hurt him . hes handsome. this drama is about 2 lovers who sepeates.

  50. who killed ishani mom. I heard lots of people saying that ritika killed her because she found out the truth. I wish this doesn’t be true,

    ranveer and ishani they look nice together,

    shaker doesn’t look nice with ishani.
    update fast. update fast update fast

  51. Yeah it was Ritika who killed falguni and yesterday’s accident on RV was Ritika,,, everything will come out from next week;;;

  52. ipsita

    Mujhe to rwna aa rha hai yr Rv ko dkh k..ase kyn kr rhi hai ishani,ky jarurt hai itna mahan bn ne ki
    Ji to kr rha hai 2thapad lagaun use khich k..pgl ldki
    Aur wo ritika ko to pakka marti samne avi dkhti agr

    Bechara rnvir kitna tklif pa rha hai…i love you Rnvir…tm bohot cute ho…bs tmhare heroine tmhare pyr k layek nae hai
    Aur ekta kapoor yr bnd kijiye itna drama mt kariye….rv ko uska pyr ishani wapas de dijiye……plllllzzzzzzzz get bck them 2geather okkkkkk plllllllllzzzzz

  53. rosy

    Oh my gosh wat da hell nw ishani shd tl da truth…ishani kya tum ranveer ko mara hua dekhne ke liye yeh sab kr rahi ho..stl u r rejectng him…rv dnt deserve ishani…she nw s doing too much…rv shd die den only dis bullsht ishani wl get nw also u r rejectng hurtng insultng hs LOVE..HOW dare u do dat..i hate u ishani..

  54. priya kumar

    ishani what’s is your problem please accept your love and pls give peace in ranveer heart plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.