Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa wakes Ishaani for Karwachot. Ishaani wakes Milan but he says he doesn’t want to do Sargi and will eat when he will wake up.
In the kitchen, Amba and Baa prepared for Ishaani’s Sargi. Amba says to Ishaani that she had kept fasts for Ranveer before as well, but Sargi apart she had never blessed her even. Ishaani feels dizzy, Baa is concerned. She tells her she hasn’t eaten anything since wedding. Amba tells her not to fast if she can’t, but Ishaani says a wife never thinks about her own self.
The men tells Ranveer that they haven’t seen anyone luckier than him, someone must be praying for his long life. Ranveer utters Ishaani weakly.
Chaitali had prepared the aarti thaal for Krisha. Disha comes there and asks to prepare her thaal as well, she has kept a fast

as well. Mala brings tea, Ritesh takes the tea before anyone. Manas denies saying he will also fast with Disha. Chaitali scolds Ritesh, but he says he will fast later and not now. Ishaani comes downstairs, Milan also comes there. Ishaani tells him she has kept a fast for him. Everyone tells Milan that she was not well, still she kept a fast. Milan gets a samosa and insists on Ishaani to eat it. Ishaani jerks his hand saying she believes in this fast a lot. Milan says Baa just say she is unwell, if she will fast her condition might worsen. He says he will also fast for her, and they will both eat in the evening. Milan leaves, Ishaani asks Baa if Ranveer doesn’t return in time can she go to office to break the fast.
Manas comes to the room and finds Parul playing with Krish. He says to Parul that he asked her already to let Disha take care of Krish, else how will she learn about it. Parul says Disha is a mother, no one needs to teach a mother how to take care of a child. She can’t let Krish suffer because of her. Lakshmi hears this, she thinks Disha was right that she must marry Parul.
Ishaani was driving the car, she thinks that Ranveer kept a fast for her and she will now surprise him by going to office. She watches Milan eating Barapao on a stall, she leaves the car with the thaal, but before she could cross the road Milan leaves. Ishaani thinks she has left the car and mobile in the car, and stops an auto. A taxi stops by, the lady asks Ishaani if she can help. Ishaani explains, the lady asks her to get in else her husband’s car will disappear. Ishaani introduces herself, the lady says she is Shiwania. Ishaani tells the lady about her situation. Shiwania asks if she believes in this fasting and all. Ishaani says yes, she does and she thinks if she fulfils all the rituals they will remain together for the seven ages. Ishaani repeats that someone alone’s love is enough for any two people. Ishaani spots the car and gets out of the cab, Shiwania finds her pot of sindoor and follows Ishaani. Ishaani is shocked seeing cards being played there. Ishaani thanks Shiwani, they spot a snake at once. The boys head to kill it, Shiwani says no one will kill it. She says that the snake isn’t harming anyone, he is just finding its pair. She says that after hundred years, a snake reborns as a human and if someone kills its love, it takes revenge from the killer. For a snake, nothing is more important for him than his love. The men go to get a snakeman. Ishaani stops Shiwani, and asks if she knows this much about snake. Shiwani says she has read it somewhere. Ishaani asks if she believes in love. Shiwani says not really, but maybe she starts to. She prays for Ishaani’s Karwachot to be the best and gets in her cab again.
Ishaani turns and feels dizzy at once, she watches Ranveer’s car there.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ranveer what he is doing here in godown. Ranveer says he has to tell her a lot. Ishaani faints, he helps her drink water. She gets a bit stable, Ishaani asks what he was about to tell her. Ranveer spots Milan outside pointing gun at Ishaani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. end Milan track plz… ranveer love u

    1. End Milan track soon..

      1. The only best part is the precap.. waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

  2. I hope tru love never gets failure. I thought ishani rv together scence soon. Precape is nice. Atleast ishani sees real ranveer

  3. Ishaani kept fast to husband rv not milan so she gets ritual from rv its so nice.precape is good.

  4. bad twist……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..stop…….this nonscence atleast……expose milan infront of ishaniii.plz writers dont dont spoil the show….end milan…..track…..not intresting…..twist…..plz reunite ishveer….plz consider huge audience of matsh…love you ishveer….HI FRIENDS GD NI8

  5. waiting for tomorrows episode…

  6. precap is intresting and happiest moment but also bad and irretating…..that….evil …wild milan…….BUT SHAKTHI YOUR ACTING IS FANTASTIC …I LOVE YOU ….ALSO….OUR PETTY RADHIKA….

  7. Not bad

  8. අද කතාව නම් සුපිරි… හෙට කතාව ඊටත් වඩා සුපිරි… Today story is good, and hoping tomorrow will be better…

  9. precape is good ……..

  10. nice precap

  11. Superb precap! Waiting tomoro wats gonna happen… ranveer, ishaani, milan all three in same place! …whether today’s scenes are the promo for the new show naagin?? Anyway its good…

  12. Loved mouni Roy bit and ishani you looked nice.shakti love you a lot.feeling sorry for parul.hate disha

    1. Guys I am new here thank you

  13. I any v A WARMED WELCOME TO YOU FOR OUR MATSH .HOW ARE YOU? where is your place.hi friends All of you have a nice day .GD MRNG

    1. Thank you jasa Kerala

  14. Bad bad bad
    No Millan anymore
    Change otherwise I won’t watch..

  15. Remove Millan
    Bad bad bad
    If you don’t remove Millan I won’t watch this show again

  16. after tomorrow I hope the Milan track will end..very irrritttatingggg. ..

  17. Hello any v tell me about urself and matsh precp is awesome i am waiting ishani u r so cute yaar and my cutipie ranveer feel sad for u luv u ishveer i can’t live without ishveer they are my life.

    1. Radhika I love in Delhi and I moved here recently so yeah thank you so much for asking

      1. Sorry that was mistake it’s live

  18. Plz end Milan track sooon
    Mai ye show sirf ishveer ke liye dekhti ho so plz unhe jaldi milado
    Love you ishveer

  19. the best part is precap

  20. Guys dailymotion mein fake news rahti hai kya



  22. ishaani looking beautiful. ..she has cute look and charming face..don’t spoil her character plz..I like ishaani

  23. Yaa guys she is beautiful don’t say faty ok i like her eye

  24. ranveer milan ishani i love u a lot want to romance with me

  25. yaa ishani is soooooooo beautiful .:):):):D:D:D:D:) I love her alot

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