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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina says to Ranveer that this is a game. Ranveer says what is that she wants him to propose her in front of everyone. Naina says he asked for her help, she is doing this all for a show off. If Ishaani is pretending to be a wife of Nurbhay she won’t do it. She is just pretending to marrying him, else Nurbhay won’t allow him in the house and he won’t be able to come close to Ishaani. Ranveer thanks Naina for thinking about him. Naina says she is doing this all to take him away from Ishaani for always.
Ishaani was alone in the corridor, Vikram comes behind her and wonders when she will say no to him? He gets a call of a goon Sanjay who asks for his money now, he says that now Vikram must return him his amount with fifty percent interest. Vikram thinks that the money he will

get in charity will have to be given as such.
Ranveer takes Pratik aside and says they must do something before this auction and charity ends. He tells Pratik that he has talked to Naina, they must find out why Ishaani is staying here, he has spotted Ritika as well. He must find out what connection Ritika has with Nurbhay, if she works here or lives here. Pratik says he must search the whole house to get a clue. Pratik says Ishaani is his sister, her eyes show disturbance and she hesitates talking to Nurbhay. She only loves Ranveer and is hiding something. Ranveer says he knows about it, and tells Pratik to go and search all the rooms.
Nurbhay comes to Naina in the room. He says he agrees to everything she does, he says he won’t allow her play this truth and dare. Naina says this is just a game. Nurbhay says neither he will allow her smooch Ranveer, nor he will do it. Maa comes there, she tells Nurbhay why he is making an issue of a small matter. If Naina enjoys this she must do this. Maa sends Naina downstairs, she tells Nurbhay that they have to show Ishaani that Ranveer belongs to Naina now, and that Ishaani is his wife. Nurbhay says he will watch out.
Pratik comes to Nurbhay’s room and with photos he judge that this is Nurbhay’s room. He watches some files on the couch and says there is nothing about Ritika here. He goes to another room. Pratik was peeking inside a room where servants worked. Nurbhay comes from behind, Pratik was shocked at once. He stammers that he was looking for washroom. Nurbhay says had he asked someone he would know it is downstairs. They hear Naina had begun the game downstairs. Ritika watched this from upstairs. Naina tells everyone about the rules of the game. The first person the bottle stops at is Ranveer. Naina asks him to pick up a slip, everyone gives suggestions about color. Naina asks him to pick pink. Ranveer reads the slip that he has to propose a girl for marriage.
Aarti asks Ranveer to do it now and takes them to stage. Ishaani stares at Ranveer. Everyone bucks him up. Ranveer constantly stares Ishaani, then kneels down in front of Naina. He says that since he has seen her he can’t see anything but her face, looks at Ishaani, then continues that he has no other dream but being with her. He wants to make that dream his life, wants to spend his whole life with her. He looks at Ishaani again, then asks Naina if she wants to spend her whole life with him, and marry him?

PRECAP: Nurbhay was about to kiss Ishaani, he trembles. Ranveer couldn’t see this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. IKRS is having less Trp than Our MATSH but that show is not going off air…why our show 🙁

  2. Dear Mr raj nayak, miss Ekta kapoor, and the officals of colors tv, it is very well established fact that ur shows MATSH is one of the most popular tv show currently in indian tv industry and has entertained the masses since last one year nd 6 months dearly in this journey the show saw varrious ups nd downs nd not to wonder since it was obvious . Every story has its ups nd downs so had MATSH no forget in the entire while we have been the slot leader at the 10.00 pm slot leader, isnt it ?

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    Twist reminds me, the show has had many twists. many pleasants nd many unpleasant.

    The current scenario came as un pleasant twist but the things after wards began improve nd trust me, the slight bit of promotions would have done wounders for the show even at this bleak stage. There are other shows that have had proper promotions despite their low ratings bcouz u, the channel guys, want to keep them going. why hold such a crude against MATSH only? can u still give us just one satisfying reason for which u are ending our show? if there is a reason apart from us stubborness nd arrogant over_ confidence that this show would not work at all any more kindly let us.

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    we the fans had aspired to see the married life of ISHVEER , were highly disappointed after hearing the rumors of MATSH going Off air This is show i started 1 st epi to till now show for us so, please dont give up on MATSH

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    Despite tremendous promotion why do u think shutting MATSH down in a wise choice ?
    coming to the choice, the show still has it essence infact which to our own suprise is an astouding thing. The show is above love, loosely based off Emily brontes wruthering heights nd the meaning of love has been well justified a part from the essence of the story

    u have terrific pairing in form SHAKTI AORA nd RADHIKA MADAN these two actors have put their heart nd soul is bringing this story to life.

    How “professional” is it to really ruin the object ur profession? we , The MATSH fans, hold absolutely no grudge against ur bothers us in MATSH still has a scope which if utilized well, shall do wonders already that shows the love nd passion that the fans have convicing

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    A die hard fan nd a viewer

    we are fans had aspired to see

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    And I agree with you in jan1st epi in tellyupdates there is 1600 and above comments In that we written only to unite ishveer pls check it

  4. Vyshu which spoiler did yu saw

  5. vyshu tumne un logonko yeh e-mail kiya hain?

  6. vyshu tumne un logonko yeh e-mail kiya hain??????

  7. vyshu tumne un logonko yeh e-mail kiya hain?????????????

  8. that spolier in fb yaar….

  9. Plz guys tell me any good news abt matsh show.

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