Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika says to Sharman that when there is no trust, there need not be a relation. She turns to leave, Sharman holds her hand.
Ishaani was worried, Baa says what must they both be talking about. She must see, what if it ruins. Ishaani stops Baa and says they need to talk alone.
Sharman says I am sorry, I knew I must not have think about what he was. This is the difference between men and women, women speaks everything while men keeps their thinkings in their mind. He asks will she marry him, forgiving him. She nods, kisses his hand and say if he ever brings anyone in between them again, she will go away from him. She says she will move away from him if he brings someone between them ever. She hugs him, Baa and Ishaani cheer looking at them smiling. Baa hugs them and says they

have to spend their life this way. Ishaani says she has already ordered soup for them both. Ritika says she will also take soup, as she has stomach disorder from yesterday. Ishaani gets a cough as she watches RV come to hotel. Baa asks if she ate spice, Ishaani says spice has just come here. They all notice Amba, and family there. The manager asks for a special table for them, but Ranveer says his wife has already arranged a special table for him. He exclaims what a pleasant surprise, have they come here for dinner. Baa says they are watching movie here. RV says he will do the dinner here. Ishaani whispers what he is doing, he says he doesn’t give up on challenge. RV tells his parents to take the table, they family will have dinner together. Baa asks Ishaani what is happening, but Ishaani says she doesn’t know. Ranveer and family take seats.
Ranveer smiles looking at Ishaani. The waiter says it is pleasure to have him here. RV says pleasure is his as he is here with his wife. But he couldn’t spend valentine’s with his wife, so he wants everything special tonight. He points at Amba to smile, Baba also says that RV only wanted her to make a drama. Parul asks her to go, she will click image. Amba stands up laughing, and says her daughter in law looks so beautiful. She comes to Ishaani, and asks Ranveer to come and give flowers to Ishaani. RV brings flower bundle for Ishaani. Baa wonders what is happening here. Ranveer smiles, as Ishaani takes the flowers. Parul says she can atleast smile if he doesn’t has to say thanks. Parul asks for photo, Amba makes RV sit with Ishaani. She then asks Ranveer to keep his hand around Ishaani’s shoulder. Baa is shocked, Amba says this way everyone would know how much he loves her wife. RV asks Ishaani to smile, it’s ok as he is her husband. RV gets another photo made of the two.
Baa stops Parul, she asks RV to leave her and go away from here. She makes Ranveer get away. Ranveer whispers at Ishaani to make her Baa ready as he did to his mother. Baa takes Ishaani inside to talk to her. She asks Ishaani that she understands the drama of that mother and son, but what about her. Ishaani says she knows what those mother and son want. She says they want to pose themselves good, so that they can prove we are the one’s wanting to get divorce and this way we won’t get a single penny. She says that Parul will take her photos and put them on social media, so that she can tell her brother loves his wife so much. Baa says she can act well, and goes calling Ranveer with beloved names. Ishaani smiles, Baa says if he has forgotten his Baa in valentine’s celebration. Baa asks them all to have a photo together. Ishaanin and Ranveer head to speak with each other. Ritika says to Sharman that they must help them make fool of everyone. Amba asks Ranveer if he would make them eat food. Baa says she will make Ranveer eat with her own hand. Amba says she will make Ishaani eat. Ranveer asks them for food, they all eat enjoying the meal. Ranveer holds Ishaani’s hand under the table. He asks her to eat with the other hand.
Baa asks Ishaani why is she eating with her left hand. Ranveer asks the same. Ishaani says her right hand is injured. Baa says she has the injury in left hand even. Ranveer asks if she has pain in her left hand, and holds her hand up. He whispers he told her to hold her hand in front of everyone.
Ishaani tells Ranveer not to take tension, she will put on balm at home. He makes her eat with his own hand. She touches him with her foot, he gets cough. She gives him water. He says it is really spicy, smiling at him. The manager says their band wants to play a special item for them, why don’t they join them. Ranveer asks for the dance floor, saying that is a great idea. He stands up and asks for Ishaani’s hand asking May I dance with the lady in red. Ishaani takes his hand and goes with him. They dance together. Ishaani watches the family and says everyone is watching. He says that was the challenge, that he will spend the Valentine’s in front of everyone. She says she is feeling awkward. He whispers not to worry, this Valentine’s won’t end until they are alone. He says she understands her well, she says she is his better half and knows he must have an idea about it too. He takes flowers from his pocket and kneels down to give them to her. Petals fell from the roof on her and he holds her up in his arms.

PRECAP: Ranveer holds Ishaani and says for their date alone, he wants to take her on a movie.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. omg!!!!!!!!
    what a episode

  2. The story’s just getting boring coz they keep on dragging it. OMG. They’re both gonna get new partners and show they can’t live wivout each other.

  3. drama depiction


  4. update fastly yar.. can’t wait

  5. What an episode my god n what a romantic dance with all in front of ur family guys. Ishani u r getting mischievous with RV? What a happy family wah valentine ho toh aisi

  6. iske aage ..update ni karogi kya ….

  7. good episode..:)

  8. heart healer karan

    Aur phir wahi boring chirag drama,
    I hate chirag
    omg he is going on my nerves

  9. hai guys where you saw the ishveer’s seperationspoiler?

    1. Toi (Times of India) entertainment and you tube in telly tweets….

  10. Wow …… Wow…… RV & Ishani rocks. Good to see them like this

  11. Hope they get together soon

  12. Wowww superb…but y take this show 6 month leap and live with different partners…Ranveer acting wow no words to say..face xpressions amazing…ishaani acting also nowadays very well…y ekta seperate the lead..we r al dissappointed ….

  13. Mind blowing epi…. Just loved that 🙂 <3

  14. what i think na ki ishani or ranveer ko jaldi se milva do kyunki jyada hi ho rha h kyunki ye ekta ka show h to ye toh hona hi h but phir bhi

  15. woww superb i luv Rv&ishaani

  16. whats up!!!7 up!!!soon ishveer’s romantic will be up!!!YYYYY???

  17. What a cute epi i jst lov it 😀 :-*

  18. Do u think guys that Radhika’s height is 5.7 inch…nd Shakti’s height is 5.11 inch…how?? I don’t think so…Do u???

  19. No krissan

  20. ishveer rocks……and i feel they are the cutest couple ever……njyd the epi thoroughly……

  21. I love you both and believe me you were filling my wounds.. Again wish you luck and where are you Anjali!!

  22. cn u tell d name of d song dy prfrmed upon

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