Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV asks Shekhar had he got so many proofs in court, he would have proved that person a murderer in seconds, then why not look Nirupa with that eye. Shekhar says she can’t do so. RV asks why then she doesn’t show her face, and don’t talk to anyone, why was she crying that day of death and why were her hand shivering when at the time of Asthia Visarjan. Shekhar says she can’t even think about doing so. RV asks how is he so sure. Shekhar says impulsively, because… then stops and says she can’t do so. RV says he knows this girl is a murderer, she could only hide her face but not the proof. He asks Shekhar to call her here, else he will call the police. Shekhar says she can’t do so with anyone, and specially Falguni aunty. RV asks what relation she has then with Falguni maa. Shekhar

says he will make her meet RV but RV won’t call the police, and goes inside.
In the room, Shekhar says to Ishaani that RV wants to meet her. Ishaani is shocked and asks why. He says because he thinks she pushed Falguni down. Shekhar asks her to come downstairs now and tell him she is the daughter of Falguni. She doesn’t want to tell it to anyone, but she must tell this to RV because he is accusing her. He drags Ishaani from hand, Ishaani says she can’t meet him. Shekhar asks why is she doing this all, she doesn’t want to go to her family but what is the problem with RV. Why is she hiding it from him that Falguni was her mother. Ishaani moves away and says he is close to her family, he will tell her family if he knows about her. Shekhar says he will go to police, Ishaani says let him do what he want but she won’t meet him. Shekhar says both of you will make him mad. He says if she won’t, he will tell her. Ishaani says if he does so, there will be another accident. She will go away from his home, and she means it; she takes Shekhar’s promise.
RV was waiting outside, Shekhar comes out. RV asks where is she. Shekhar says she doesn’t want to meet him, he says he tried to make her understand but she isn’t ready. RV asks if he still thinks she is innocent. She is being accused of a murder and she doesn’t want to come to anyone’s front; one only does so when one has done wrong. Shekhar says she is crying there, and it was Nirupa who said Falguni was murdered and it wasn’t an accident. Shekhar holds RV’s hand that he will talk to her, but RV pushes Shekhar away and says he will now talk to her himself. Shekhar runs behind RV who enter’s Ishaani’s room. Shekhar also comes into the room, Ishaani was hiding behind the curtain in a corner. RV asks if he made her run away, he didn’t say it in front of his family but he knows why he is saving her. His love is blind, but now he will not leave her. She was hiding for so many days, but now he will get her. RV asks Shekhar he will tell him, why was she in jail, where is her family and why she didn’t go home. Shekhar says he doesn’t know about anything, he got a bonified case where he had to save her. He doesn’t know anything about her. RV says this makes his belief more strong that she is the murderer. RV says this time she won’t be able to be saved, because this time he is against her. Shekhar says he is doing wrong. RV says she is a murderer and he will get her punished, though he will have to fight from the whole world for this. RV leaves. Shekhar thinks he was never this helpless, where has she got him. He can’t tell RV that a daughter can never kill her mother.
The inspector tells the family that Falguni was murdered. Ritesh asks who can murder her. The inspector says RV is suspecting on Nirupa, do they know anything about it. Ritesh says they don’t know, Baa says she knows about Nirupa she can’t do this. Baa asks why a daughter will kill her mother, Nirupa is Falguni’s daughter. Ritesh asks what is she saying. Baa says Nirupa is Ishaani. Ritesh asks how is this possible. Dewarsh says Baa is right, Ishaani is alive. Baa asks how he knows and when he met her, why he didn’t tell them. Dewarsh says for the same reason she hid it from them. Baa was silent.
Kanchal says to Shekhar she now know why Falguni was restless to meet Ishaani. Shekhar says Ishaani doesn’t want him to tell this to RV. Kanchal says RV wants to send her to jail again. Shekhar asks how he must tell RV that Ishaani wasn’t home when Falguni fell off. Shekhar gets it that if he traces the cab driver, he can tell RV that she wasn’t home then.
RV was in his room enraged, that she hid it from him now he will bring her truth to anyone. Ritika hears this. He says she stayed at Shekhar’s house for so long. Ritika thinks she should have told RV. RV calls the police that he wants that girl arrested soon. Ritika comes inside, RV says that Nirupa killed Falguni and her friend Shekhar is siding her. He leaves to search for Nirupa. Ritika says he is still calling her Nirupa, it means he doesn’t know she is Ishaani. Amba hears this and asks why she didn’t tell her. Ritika says she herself got to know just two days ago that Nirupa is Ishaani and is living at Shekhar’s house for so long. She says RV wants to find her because he thinks she murdered Falguni. Amba is worried that RV wants to search Ishaani.
Ishaani walks on the road thinking everyone is getting to know about her. Before Ranveer comes to know about her, she must move away as her living away from them is better for everyone. A car pulls up in front of her and Amba comes out. She says that she has returned finally.
Shekhar shows Ishaani’s photo to cab-driver. He recognizes her and says he didn’t do anything wrong to her. Shekhar tells her not to worry, someone accused her of murder, he must help her. Shekhar says he must tell him that he will have to tell the accuser that she was in his cab between 3 and 3.30. The driver agree. Shekhar thinks RV must now accept Ishaani innocent.
Amba says Ishaani in Nirupa’s avatar. She says she wants to come back to Ranveer’s life through Shekhar. Everyone she was loved from died, first her father Harshid Parekh. Then Chiraag loved her. Now Falguni. She says it was her who stood between her son and her. Now she is telling her again to stay away from her son’s life, he is happy with his wife and are expecting a child. She wants Ishaani not to come near her, and if she tries to… Ishaani shouts at her to stop it, she didn’t come to return to Ranveer’s life, if she intended so she would have come to her house straight. She changed her name to stay away from everyone. She knows RV is happy with Ritika, and she knows for his happiness she must stay away from him. Ishaani says she won’t come in front of him. Amba says wow, she doesn’t believe this. She says let’s her help Ishaani in this. When she went to jail, she left her passport and some luggage at her house, she hands it to Ishaani. She says she will book her ticket, she must pick it at airport way; if she wants to go away from Ranveer’s life leave this country.

PRECAP: RV watches Ishaani going on a street and run behind her calling her name. He keeps hand on her shoulder and asks her to stop. She is worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shikar and ishaani pair awsme yaarr….and rithika and rv pair irritating …i knwn alrdy precap also same….dnt miss today episode guys…

  2. Don’t anyone wants to unite shekhar and ishani.

  3. I do because I love arjun bijlani. He is so handsome and so nice actor yaar.

  4. And guys ishani and shekhar looks better together than ishani and ranveer.

  5. ranveer&ishaani is going to meet in hospital.

  6. so irritating of rv…….saw that shikhar took ishani to meet ranvir after he met the accident…i dont know how much long the show will be dragged…….its really very boring these days but still i have hope…….shikhar looks so good but he will soon have a heart-break……so much promises, mystery, drama and a lot of hide n seek………waiting for nice one…

  7. it maybe whatever but I didn’t expect ritika as negative and I also don’t believe that rv is the father to her unborn baby. she is nothing but a shit 😡

  8. nonsense now i saw a spoilers alert claiming that RV will be in Coma until he return from NB7…some claim that RV wills Ishani when he is in a little unconcious and ho;d her hand not to leave him soon as he opens the eyes he will serach for Ishani,, Ishani will be speaking to shiker and They claim that RV will say Ritika that Ishani was his past,,/
    i dont know how far this is gonna drag,, but cant wait for today’s episode.. wow he will see Ishani

    1. I heard tat shakthi lready quitted d shw bcz f personal reason n lso bcz f rival channels conditions n he hs choosen MATHS n al…he shooted oly first epi n al….is tat true….?

      Bt i watched fst epi f NB ws juz awsm…bt d judges nt mch good compared to previous yrs….Shakti’s performed well…radhika lso came to cheer up shakti….♥Shakti such a handsome hunk♥♥♥ bt his Gf nt a bst match fr shakthi 🙁 ofcos beauty doesn’t matters in luv 🙂 🙂

      1. Yeah that’s what I too felt when I saw who was neha saxena at first,, coz shakthi is damn cool,, true what u say beauty is not a matter in love.. Love is something that is between two hearts,, u can check in youtube there are lot of videos of neha and shakthi,, they are so cute and funny together,,, but Ishani matches him well,, lol

  9. omg…u knw there are so many twist r thr…u can see latest updates..rv will get accident and ishani knw dat ritika who is the person msg to cum to terrecs and so many twist r thr omg..

  10. @pragna…i saw in tat cake cutting scene dear…at the end of tat video ish warns him…to confirm it i saw tat video so many times…it s chiraag ly da….you too see tat video dear…

    1. Hi ishvi sent that video link

  11. Can’t copy tat link dear…you can see it in YouTube…also search in aajtak…

  12. Hmmm ok ishvi thankyou

  13. Nw it is irretating.. RV and Ishani are childhood friends… they were understand with each other. And RV knw about Ishani’s character very well. So he try to know why Ishani doing like that.. but he also hates Ishani… its not accepted. wn ishani and RV join..

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