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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Milan’s men go to tell him that his medicine for unconsciousness has finished.
Milan comes closer to Ishaani on bed and smiles at her, she smiles back. His cell phone rings at once. He tells Ishaani that it is an important call, he must take it and leaves the room.
A neighbor asks Milan’s men why they are creating such chaos, they must let them sleep. The men say it is almost done. The man tells Milan that Ranveer is out of control, the medicine for unconsciousness has ended. They tell him he has become a crazy ox. Milan tells them to take care of hi,. The men say that he must come here by himself. Milan says he is coming. He comes to the room. Ishaani asks if everything is alright, he tells Ishaani that there is an emergency. It is an urgent work, her love is calling her.

She asks what? He says that her love will attract him here. Ishaani asks what about her? Milan asks if she needs a kiss. She says no, they have just got married. He says the more she waits, the beautiful this night will become. He takes Ishaani’s lipstick from the dressing table along with keys and leave. Ishaani hopes everything is right, why would Ranveer go to office at 2 am.
Ishaani waited in her room, thinking about the touch of hands with Milan at the wedding stage. She thinks about the vulgar song he had sung for her, the selfie he had taken. The way he showed excitement to the headphones and the songs, his chaotic dance with her. She wonders if this all is because of these medicines, why Ranveer is behaving so strange. She prays for the safety of her Ranveer.
In the godown, Ranveer still struggles trapped in chains. Milan arrive with his men. He opens Ranveer’s mouth and asks his men to hold him. He says to Ranveer that he is in good mood, he mustn’t spoil it. He tells the men to go out. Milan pities at the chains and asks Ranveer if they beat him badly. He tells him not to take tension about Ishaani, she takes good care of him. He shows Ranveer lip marks on his neck, he says there are some more as well, but he can’t show them to him. He laughs at Ranveer who was upset and says that she isn’t what she seems to be, she is really good at everything. Ranveer watches the lipstick in Milan’s pocket and laughs. He shows Milan the lipstick which he hides at once. Ranveer says that his Ishaani is so pure, he can’t even touch her. Had he touched her, she would have known he isn’t Ranveer and a stranger. Ranveer says that she recognizes him in thousands of people, she knows about him from his footsteps, he would touch her and she won’t know. He tells him to go, if she doesn’t know about him he will change his name. He says that Milan can take his face but not the way of his love, his voice but not his emotions. He challenges Milan to go and show him living his life. Milan moves behind, he turns and says Sanju Baba says that a man is a passenger, he comes and goes. Now, Milan-the villain has come. He will give him a bad news. Ranveer says he will wait for his confidence to shatter. He has faith on his God who will save his Ishaani from such a villain like him.
Manas comes across Parul in the corridor, he says sorry. Parul asks how he got up so early, it is just 3.30. Manas says Krish was crying, he is going to get milk for him. Parul says Krish only takes semi-hot milk. She tells him to bring new diapers of Krish and that also of good quality as his skin is really sensitive. Manas stops Parul, he says they will take care of Krish. And if she has to say something, she must tell Disha as Disha dislikes their talking to each other.
Milan comes to the room, Ishaani was asleep sitting near the bed. Ishaani asks what happened. He thinks about Ranveer’s words. Ishaani asks what is he staring at? Milan gets away from her thinking if he gets to know about the setting between them both, he can celebrate a night with her. He asks Ishaani how he used to love her before. She wonders why would Ranveer ask this question to her, doesn’t he remember. She says the way no one has ever done to anyone. Milan thinks she isn’t going to tell anything, she will know about him as soon as he touches her. She wonders why is Ranveer asking such a strange question, if he is feeling unwell again. She asks if he has a headache. He says no, he doesn’t have. She says she thought he has again started to forget things, he says he just wanted to know how much she remembers. He asks Ishaani to get to sleep, he is also sleepy. Ishaani feels strange. Milan thinks that he must know the chemistry between them first, their wedding night has just postpone.

PRECAP: Baa wakes Ishaani for Sargi for Karwachot. Ishaani wakes Milan for Sargi, he says rudely that he doesn’t have to do Sargi, he will eat when he wakes up at day time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was also not as expected.. Hope Ishaani find out soon about Milan.. I like Ranveer’s true love and trust for Ishaani.. wow..
    Precap also interesting.. hope Milan find hard to behave like Ranveer and run away..
    Waiting for a best episode.

  2. day by day its dragging… end millan track…ranveer is good today episode…

  3. Shakti has done done superb acting as Milan hats of to shakti

  4. I like rv high lever confidence aboutIshaani .and ishani find ur real ru. Else milan spoiled u n rv life. End milan track soon iam waiting for that.

  5. milan truth soon come out thankgot wedding nite postpone……….otherwise writer will totally mental……and ekta kapoor also…..

  6. what a dialogue Rv with milan super Rv words are awesome
    plz tell me anyone now episodes are in dailymotion

  7. rv words abouts ishaani is awesome

  8. End milan track immediately.

  9. Milan the villain get scared by one word from our hero….
    Love to see his confused face and rv’s confidence about ishani and her love.
    Love u ishveer……..

  10. this episode is a little interesting…..luv u RANVEER 😉

  11. ranveer super this ur wife..

  12. Ohhhhh…..!!! It’s mean meri aashiqui tum se he….. Ekta nhe ekta ki hamskak bna rhi h….. Ekta kapoor ko kidnape krke ye ulte sidhe drama bna ker ekta ka naam khrab kr rhi h.. ….oooohhhhhh gooooooodd

  13. Hahahahaha…. Ekta ye bakwas ideas tumhe aate kha se h….. Kin sa novel books read kiya tumne. …. You have a empty mind….. Hadd h aj tak ranveer ishani mio he nhe paye

  14. Stop the millon track ishu rv ke pass jaldi ekta ji

  15. Thank god milan exposed i am so happy

  16. renveer love and trust about ishani .i love rv.

  17. Serial ko lamba dikhane ke liye achi story h….kamal h ekta ji…… I like ishveer

  18. ran veer s dialogue was nice while speaking about ishaani. and sure Milan will never become as Rev. ishaani will find the difference b/w Milan and rv

  19. Ranveer’s dialogue are all awesome ,fabulous .hope ishani will find milan soon …….

  20. hi guys any one have idea about who is win the current hottest jody of colours tv.plz tell much duration for votting.

  21. which jody win.some one tell me voting time is end.?plz vote our ishveer.

  22. what is the present voting level

  23. plz end Milan track and show some other track. .it’s really boring to watch. .I hate milan taking place of rv…especially trying to get closer to ishaani. ..rv oly have rights on ishaani. .luv u ranveer. .hate milan verrryy much

  24. Sachchi yaar….ab khatm v Karo..aise boring tracks
    Kb ishveer 1 sath khushi se rhe ge WO log ka family badhega plzz stop this track..of Milan I just hope ab achcha kch dekhne ko mile

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