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Disha insists on Ishaani to go and see that patient, he is dying because of Ranveer. Milan says that God forbid, if that person dies it would be because of his own condition. Disha insists it would be because of Ranveer. Disha asks Ishaani to come with her and see the person. Milan stops her, but Disha says if he is innocent why he is stopping her. Ishaani and Manas go with Disha. Milan follows, worried.
Sharman asks Mrs. Mehta why she called him here. Milan’s men also heard the conversation. Mrs. Mehta says she must have told him before, but she was afraid. But now, she thinks she is putting a lot of lives in danger, especially Ishaani’s. She tells Sharman that Nimisha thought that there exist a duplicate of RV in the world. Nimisha suspected this all. Sharman thinks about

all the odd events. Mrs. Mehta says that she got a lot of courage while living with so many people here. Sharman says he must find out soon, and leaves. Milan’s men think they must tell about it to Milan.
Disha brings Ishaani and Manas to Ranveer. She tells Ishaani to remove his saline, they would know if there is poison or not. Ishaani says alright, she removes the saline and says she will put it in her own self. Then Disha would know Ranveer didn’t give him any poison. Ranveer thinks No, Ishaani as this isn’t a real Ranveer but his enemy. Manas stops Ishaani saying it isn’t important to taste poison for checking it. Ishaani says she wants to prove Disha that her Ranveer can’t do anything she is accusing him of. Ranveer tries to stop Ishaani by jumping off the bed. They all pick him up, Ishaani says there is movement in his body and this means he will soon be fine. She tells him not to worry, he will get worry. Milan thinks that Ranveer was saved once more, his love doesn’t let him die. And Ishaani’s love gives him courage. He gets his men’s call,
The men tell him Sharman went to Nimisha’s mother. The aunty is saying what Nimisha said, that there are two Ranveer. She told Sharman everything. Milan is angry that what is happening to him. His phone rings again, he answers as if to his men. It was Sharman. Sharman thinks he must be normal today and must not let him know he knows about the reality. He tells Milan that he is at the wedding venue of Parul, there is some problem and asks him to meet him alone. Milan thinks he knows why Sharman wants to meet him alone, he wants to figure out his reality. He is Milan-the villain and can’t accept any defeat.
Ishaani comes from behind, she asks Milan if he has seen her mobile. She says the patient is so restless, she thinks about calling doctor. She calls from his mobile and tells doctor that the patient is really restless and wants his bandage removed. Ishaani says to Milan that this is because of him that the patient is so well, she has thought that she would give his photo in newspaper when his bandage is removed. He must be restless to meet his family. Milan gets emotional, he says that not everyone gets the love of family. Ishaani asks why he is saying so. Milan says before he met her, there was no one who loved her. Ishaani says his family was there, her father and his Mota Bapuji was also there. Milan says they were there, still he was lonely. Ishaani tells Milan that she is here, she isn’t going anywhere. Milan looks at her, thinking that maybe he is leaving and saying good bye before leaving. Manas comes to call Ishaani that his condition is worsening. Milan holds her hand, they keep on looking at each other. Ishaani asks what happened. Milan leaves her hand, says nothing and Ishaani goes inside. Milan thinks that Ranveer has everything, his love, family, money and house. But Milan, he came empty handed, and will leave empty handed too. But he will make his life a fire here.
Sharman thinks that even if he expose that duplicate, court would want a proof from him. He thinks he must record all his activity that would work as proof. He hides a camera under her shirt. He thinks this is alright, now whatever he says will get recorded. Sharman was determined to expose the duplicate.
Ishaani, Manas and Disha stood with Ranveer who tried to move, his eyes wide open. Disha was afraid. Ishaani tells him to calm down, not move much as he must be in pain. Disha says he is in pain, she has seen Ranveer give him poison, he is dying. Manas tells Disha to shut up, instead of doing something she is continuously accusing Ranveer. He asks Disha to go out. Ishaani tells Ranveer to relax, she sits besides him and asks what he wants to say to her. Ranveer was struggling. Ishaani tells Manas to call doctor when he is coming, and ask if they can give patient something until he arrives. She tells him to calm down.
Milan drives the car. He thinks that Ranveer is home. He says Ranveer wouldn’t get anything, he says Ranveer got everything, money, love family and Ishaani. His reason to live is Ishaani, if Milan couldn’t get Ishaani, he will snatch it from Ranveer as well.

PRECAP: Ranveer finally calls Ishaani. Ishaani turns around and is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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