Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani drops her earring when she hears Baa saying that it is her love for Ranveer that has made her look pretty. She says there is nothing like that but Baa says they all know she is pretending, but nothing can hide her love for Ranveer. Ranveer comes to the room and finds the earring on the floor. RV makes Ishaani wear her earrings and they share a moment together. RV offers her arm and they both heads outside arm in arm. Downstairs Ritika is irked to see them together, RV asks Ishaani to go and get into the car, he will follow her. He comes to Ritika and tells her not to worry, Ishaani will soon recover. The doctor told him to do this all and that is why he is doing this.
Outside Ishaani talks to Sharman to bring Ritika as there is no one home, she says she is sure Ritika will herself

ask him to take her along. Sharman hides as RV comes out. Inside the home Ritika was cursing Ishaani for taking Ranveer along. Sharman comes inside, he apologize saying he is really sorry, had there been no DNA test he would never recognize his child. He says he knows they came closer the night he was drunk. He asks Ritika to let him give a name to this child. He asks Ritika to go on a dinner date with him, Ritika thinks she is stuck on Ranveer and he wants her to go with him. She says she doesnt want to go anywhere. Pratik points at Sharman to stop her, Sharman stops her and asks her to go to Blue Orchade. Ritika thinks RV and Ishaani have gone to the same resturant and she must go there to keep an eye on Ishaani and Ranveer. Ritika agrees and says she has agreed for dinner only not marriage.
Krisha asks Shekhar why he is doing this all, she can not see him in more pain. Shekhar says he doesnt want to speak much about it, he loves Ishaani and this is enough for him. Krisha says Ishaani will break his heart one day. Shekhar says it will not be intentional, he says he has a dinner meeting with a client and wants to be alone for sometime to get ready. He gets Sharman’s call who tells him Ritika is ready. Ritika comes ready to go, Shraman changes the topic saying he must make sure all the arrangements are perfect for date. Shekhar calls a client asking him to meet at the Blue Orchade resturant. Shekhar hopes Ritika does some mistake today.
RV and Ishaani arrive at the resturant, Ishaani looks around the arrangement. Ranveer says it is the same resturant they always used to come for dinner, if she remembers this. Ishaani says not completely but a bit. Ranveer thinks he will make her remember each day spent together. The manager comes to welcome them, he says he is coming after a long time, they have made all the arrangements and offers them a seat. Ishaani looked around happily, while Ranveer smiles watching her and recalling their valentine’s celebration. Ishaani asks waht happened, he says nothing. The waiter comes to the table, they both stop at once. Ishaani asks why was he smiling, he says nothing. A waiter brings Ishaani a gift from ranveer, RV asks her to open it. It was a red dress. He asks if she remembers something. Ishaani thinks that something that makes him happy can never be forgotten by her. He tells her this is his favorite color, she says thankyou. Ranveer again remembers something from past, Ishaani gets his attention.
Ranveer asks Ishaani how much she remembers about him. He asks what he likes to eat, Ishaani instantly says Samosa. Both laugh remembering that Ishaani used to bring samosa for him with Sunny leone movie.
Sharman and Ritika arrive at the resturant, Sharman tells her that they will spend time on the terrace as he has made special arrangements for her. He blindfolds her, she thinks she will take an eye on Ishaani anyway.
Ishaani poses to be shocked when Ranveer tells her that they had a fight five days ago, still they came to celebrate valentine’s day because she dared him he can’t hold her hand in front of everyone here. Both remembers the moments seperately and smiles.

PRECAP: Ritika is shocked to see Falguni going through the corridor of hotel.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ritikaa should b xposed sooonnn,shekar shld not cum in btwn ishv if not imma kill him myself,doing as if hi dosnt c dht love in ish eyes..smh

    1. Ya right…I’ll join u…we can kill him..

  2. Oh wow nice episode. Can’t wait till tmrw. To knw what ritika will do by seeing falguni

  3. Nice episode..

  4. OMG!!!I just cant express in words about this episode….entha madhiri oru episodekaga yethana nal wait pani eruken…ranveerrrr….sema acting….super….I can feel ur luv fr ishani in my living room …..magical smile….it was like awe!!!Hats off to cv’s and ekta kapoor….MATSH never fails me…

  5. Wow.. today’s episode was good especially Ishveer scenes… precap is interesting.. waiting for a good episode.. shikhar going to turn negative as he cant able to digest Ishveer together.. dont want Shilhar to turn against..
    waiting for next..

  6. Don’t want to see Shikhar turning negative 🙁

  7. yaaa negative role would not suits on shekhar. please be the same shejhar donot change.

  8. Another news for matsh fans…….there is a 7 days challenge twists happen between ishani and ritika to get ranveer in their lives…….. Ritika challenged ishani that she will revealed her truth to rv that she’s absolutely fine… Ishani is not suffering from partial amnesia but pretending to be as memory loss patient……,…………………… Ishani has accepted her challenge and said that she too revealed ritika’s truth to ranveer that she’s a killer…..she killed chirag and her mom falguni….. She also tell to ranveer that she’s carrying Chirag’s child not sharman…. She will tell to ranveer that ritika is only the one who intentionally hurt me, she stabbed me and wants to killed me so that ritika would marry to ranveer……….
    Let see who win this 7days challenge……… I want ishani to win this challenge and ritika to be punished soon for her wrongdoings……. Give your opinion matsh fans…….❤

    1. wow!!!sooo interesting news neha….of course I want ishani to win….I HATE RITIKA TO THE CORE… And waiting fr seeing her panick due to falguni ghost….I thint that taday’s episode is going to be funny….

  9. Cmpletly drama no new story

  10. Eagerly waiting for 7 days challenge twists episode……..
    Saat din or rv in…… Plz writer’s don’t turn shikhar into a negative…… I like shikhar in positive role….it suits him….as there are many negative characters in this show, who don’t want to see ishveer together ….plz writer’s do justice with shikhar’s character
    Today’s episode was good, like it…..precap is also interesting…

  11. Koi bolo falguni is alive….?

  12. Nice episode ….. Ishveer rockzzzzz??

  13. don’t turn shikhar character into negative role….He’s best suited in his present role…& his neg. role shall not be like by anyone…

  14. Very nice episode.

  15. Episode was good .. Sakthi ur striking eyes acting so good in romantic scenes, very much eager to waiting some good episode like feb 2015 episodes..

  16. Writer first you teach how to write a story… Tumhara mind really me bhut ulta ghumta h ek wo stupid Rv usko bhi ritika per andha vishwas h or ishani ko bar bar sakk ki nazar se dekhta h… Or ishani ko expose krne ke liye kitni bar wine pi chuka kbhi ritika ko expose krne ki kosis ki… Kyu rkha serial ka name meri aashiqui tum….change it meri dushmani tum se hi….

  17. Really I can’t c ishani sufferings …no more sufferings for i shaani ishveer…
    If it happens always like that…WATS the role of heroin …Plz don’t seperate ranveer and ishaani.
    Ritika must die….

  18. Please make trustworthy bond betweeniishveer

  19. wow nice epi. plz expose the vampire first and send her out frm this serial.. hate her to the core.. and btwn fans i think ishveer wil not reunite so soon.

  20. Ishveer romantic scene was so good. ..I love u ishveer?? plz…….writers not sprate ishveer plz………..

  21. I am waiting for rain romantic scene between ishveer. …Plz reply does anyone agree wd me

  22. I’m agree wd u fahira

  23. valentina ningthoujam

    Yesterday episode was superb. I just love MATSE.I can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes???

  24. Pl guys. Let the betrayer ritika get finished. And don’t hurt ranveer and ishika more let them get their love back because u tortured both very badly. Pl let them join together. We feels very bad for them. Let them join soon pl. Don’t drag too much.

  25. Very nice! Ishveer scenes were gr8! So lovely! I luv u ishveer!

  26. Precap is very interesting, i wanna c ritikas face when she’ll c falgunis ghost…hope she ll be exposed soon…It’s very painful to c shikhar as a negative character, it’s not suitable for him…he’s the most positive role in matsh, i think….n he must not change…

  27. Hey guys! Who knows when will matsh end?

  28. Writers, plz, reveal ritika n punish her asap, dont change shekar, reunite ishveer…. Then dont create new twists…N finish this story!!! Of course, we wanna c happy-end! Do u agree with me, matsh viewers???

  29. wow nce epi

  30. Great episode, loved it …plz close this ritika’s chapter soon

  31. eppo marupidium paten….I’ve no way to improve only admiration…..ishani can never convince her love fr ranveer…

  32. ishveer today u was so romantic

  33. plz…someone kill to ritika..plz plz plzz

  34. plz…someone kill to ritika..plz plz plzz..n find another girl for shakher

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