Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani sits up, Ranveer smiles at her. She stands up scolding him that he did this all deliberately. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says his valentine’s has fulfilled and sits on bed. She says did he take out to valetntines day, gave her balloon or candle light dinner. Ranveer says today’s lunch is done. She asks what he will tell the family. He says she must think about it, and turns to head back. He turns back to her, hugs her and kiss her on speech.
Lakshm was talking to her husband on phone, Amba watches Sharman passing and says to Lakshmi that she feels bad about Sharman. Watching Ritika’s intimacy to RV she thinks she loves him, on the other hand she loves Sharman too. She is still confused either to marry her friend or fiancé. She at once notices Sharman,

Sharman leaves. Lakshmi and Amba cheer. Baa had heard it all, she thinks she will have to make them well too.
Ishaani comes to Baa and says she was going to shopping with Ritika, and will do the dinner tomorrow. Baa stops Ishaani and says she wants to talk to her about Sharman and Ritika. Ritika comes home, Amba asks her to for shopping. Ritika says she has to meet Sharman. Amba insists on her going with her and buy a gift for herself.
Baa tells Amba not everything is fine between Ritika and Sharman. She must talk to them. Ishaani says she will talk to Ritika. Baa says if we all go together for dinner, Sharman will be fine.
Amba days Sharman isn’t home, Ishaani comes and asks Ritika if she is ready for dinner. Ritika doesn’t get it in the first place, then understands and says yes Sharman called her but may be he wanted to give surprise. Amba comes and scolds Ishaani why she doesn’t let her do anything. Ishaani tells her not to interfere, Ritika is her sister in law to be. Ranveer comes there and says to Amba that she won’t do any drama in front of Ritika at least, he takes her inside.
Ishaani takes Ritika out promising to tell her everything.
Amba resists, RV says if that Ishaani wants to take Ritika along her, she may let her. He says it is Ishaani’s game plan. She wants to be with him, that is why she always wanders around Ritika. He says she always wants to quarrel with him, so that he kills her and she makes a domestic violence case. Baa is always involved with him. He says if their case is weak she may even ask them for house. Amba gets worried.

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Ishaani goes with Baa and Ritika, she texts Ranveer that they must cancel their dinner.
Ranveer tells Amba she is going to make an official call. Ishaani asks what Pratee, Ranveer says Baa is here. Ishaani says she was taking Ritika to boutique, Baa and Ritika are with her. Ranveer says he will celebrate his valentine’s for sure with her and says he will come to the restaurant. She says he won’t be able to do. He asks is it challenge. She says he may take it as. He says it is accepted, he will hold her hand and Amba will ask him to do it herself.
In the hotel, Sharman was still waiting when Ishaani and Baa arrive. Baa says she was so bored, she thought about eating outside. Ritika also comes there and says Hi to him. She asks how he is and hugs him. He doesn’t hug back she notices this, then looks at him quizzically. Baa asks them to go inside, they all come in.
At the dinner table Baa notices the silence. Baa tells Sharman that she brought Ritika her because she wants them to sort things out and asks what is going on. Ritika says all is well, they are waiting for wedding. Ishaani asks Sharman to speak, and solve the misunderstanding clearing all his doubts. His silence would effect the relation Baa has joined for them, two families are not joined with this doubt. She asks him to listen to Ritika for once. Sharman still sat quiet, Ritika stands up and comes to Sharman. She says she wants to talk to him alone. Ishaani asks Sharman to go, Baa also sends him with her. He goes with Ritika. Ishaani gets a text message from Ranveer saying wait for me. She is worried if he is really coming.
Ritika comes to Sharman, he was angry and frustrated. She asks if he doubts her taking RV, she asks come on Sharman stop it now. He has made this so big, he doesn’t want to see how much he helps Ishaani and RV to get their patch up. She says if something was there in her mind why would she do it for her. She says for some times she didn’t share what was in her mind. It is her life and she needs space. She holds his face saying if he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t he even see love in her eyes. She asks him to stop staring, talk to her and think about her family. He was still silent. She says they have wedding after seven days, if he doesn’t trust her she will tell everyone she isn’t going to marry. She can’t take this much stress in life.
Amba asks will they do on dinner with the Parekhs, she suspects if he wants to spend time with Ishaani. Ranveer says she just told her that Ishaani can make a complaint in court. Amba says they already have so many proofs against her. Ranveer says how will they be proved good, if he behaves well with Ishaani. People well then think he is a good man, and they might not even need to give a single penny that way. Parul says that she will make the video of Ranveer’s drama and some pictures, and will upload them on social media. Everyone go to get ready. Ranveer thinks that now he will celebrate his valentine’s day with her, in front of the whole family.

PRECAP: In the restaurant, Amba asks Ranveer to sit with Ishaani, she may keep his hand on her shoulder so that people know how much he loves his wife.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys MATSH is again going to take a 6months leap
    our lead ISHVEER is going to live a life with different patners.OMG

  2. I hope this serial should get over today itself. nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dont know y they are dragging the story line too much. Moreover so many twists, boring romantic scenes and last but least Ishaani stupid behaviour were soo much irritating& her characterisation in this show was not at all good. Ishaani doesn’t deserve RV at all. RV you are the only one who is attracting viewers with your action to watch this show.

  4. I think it’s their plan to show the family that only Ranveer and Isaani are perfect for each other. This is my thoughts. They will live with different partners to show that the partner is not a good fit for them and hence in the end families will accept IshVeer pair realizing their mistake. So let it be… enjoy current track… I’m loving it. IshVeer/ShaDhika is the BEST… And Shakti is an awesome actor…

  5. Ashrutha what do u mean by saying Ishveer is going to lead different life with different partners?

  6. I enjoy Shakti Arora’s acting I can watch the show for that, don’t be too harsh on the characters after all Ishaani fought very hard to get her RV back. Her role is like that if not who can bear a woman like baa who always hated her. Radhika also improved a lot . Good work Shakti & rest I like this one serial only. Rritika’s decision is correct Sharmen doesn’t deserve her.

  7. Rv is very smart and I love him

  8. Wat rubbish. Till now dey r dragging the divorce scene,which made viewers boring and in coming ep dey would be shown separated about 6months with their respective partners.this would really irritate viewrs.bullshit

  9. Today’s episode was good but,doesn’t like the dragging way.. Shakti was excellent in his acting..This show runs only for him..Don’t want any leap… please change some track in the show like Girish knowing Truth about Chiraag and hurt him badly for all his misdeeds.. Doesn’t know about Sharman Rithika track.. Misunderstanding growing day by day..uff.. waiting for a good episode..

  10. for first time ritika spoke out her mind, good. waiting for upcoming episodes…

  11. r u crazy ”nn” do u knw how much hittt this show is…

  12. how much u love ishveer???

  13. I’ve got Chirag I mean Ravjeet’s phn number…I’ve sent also him a msg…

  14. Krissan Please give me ravjeet’ s phn no.

  15. R u crazy ishra? A least don’t say it rubbish

  16. Really!!! Aksara I thought that no one won’t believe me… but u r different…I think that we are a little bit similar ”Crazy Fans” of every character of MATSH

  17. Don’t miss 2days episode of MATSH…Got it…does anyone of u like serial “Udaan”anyone???

  18. Pls yaar give me ravjeet’s no
    my love his acting in paanch
    pls pls give his phone no

  19. How…coz here everyone will get it…nd i don’t want 2 disturb RJ…

  20. Yaar this only making me to doubt u anyway sorrrrrryyyy.
    then y u said that u r having RJ’s no
    U make me crazy all over

  21. Can u send me through Gmail
    did he (RJ) reply to ur message

  22. U r right krissan I m a great fan of meri ashiqui

  23. Why? Is there something special in meri ashiqui??

  24. look i’m not sure that this is Rj’s no…i’ve collected this from an episode….i had sent him only 1 msg…nd y will he reply 2 an unknown persons msg…i’ve never called him…coz i don’t have the courage 2 call him…so don’t doubt me…coz “truth is truth nd sometimes it doesn’t have any proof” i hope i’m right…

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