Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV tells everyone that Ishaani has always given him what he has asked for. He comes to Ritika and says he has decided to marry Ritika. RV says that they want the divorce to happen today and he has made preparations for it as well. He calls the lawyer inside who comes with the papers. RV tells Ritika that this is his lawyer, last time there was a lot of drama taking divorce she he got new papers made to avoid any confusion. Ishaani was lost. RV says one sign and all the relations would end. He hands the pen to Ishaani, she looks at Ranveer then takes the pen and signs the papers. During the signatures she remembers the time when Ranveer was angry at her and took anti-circles with her for their marriage. Ishaani signs the papers. Ritika watches this in shock. Lakshmi says to Amba that she

was changing her decision taking Ishaani and here Ranveer changed his decision. Ritika poses to have a stomach pain, Amba comes to her. Ritika says she is having stomach pain may be due to operation and goes to rest. Ranveer tells the lawyer to submit the papers in the court to fulfil all the formalities. Ishaani heads inside, Baa asks where is she going. Ishaani says lost that she is going to pick her luggage, when she has no relation with Ranveer she must take it all.
Ritika comes to the room, shuts the door and dances in the room, jumping and shouting. She puts on earphones in her ears and dances on music. She watches Ranveer’s photo on the bed and says no one can separate him from her now, she has got a licence to be with him with the signatures of Ishaani. She tells herself to relax.
Ishaani enters her room, remembers her times with Ranveer-the valentines celebrations, their hugs and confessions. She cries thinking about all her memories. She packs her clothes in a bag, brings out a green dress and remembers the memories linked to it. She cries hugging it, then packs it in the bag. She brings another black dress and remember that Amba had gifted it to her. She takes her jewellery, watches her bangles and turns to see mangal sooter in her neck recalling the time of her marriage. She cries at Ranveer’s word that if she keeps her divorce papers with her, she must live as his widow. She takes the mangal sooter off, remembers the dive of Ranveer and her shout. The mangal sooter fell off her hand, she picks it up immediately. She remembers when Ranveer had fallen into the water, she also jumped behind him and swimmed looking for him in water. She saw his body and went to help him. He had struggled against her help, she took him out of the water anyway. On the river back, Ishaani pumps Ranveer’s chest calling his name. She pushes his chest, takes off his shoes and socks and rubs his feet. She shouts his name and tries to wake him up crying as he doesn’t wake up. Her hair touches his and he opens his eyes to find Ishaani over him. Ishaani asks if he is alright, she says he needs a divorce she will give him a divorce. She cries and asks him not to attempt this suicide again, he has done a lot for her and she won’t let him die like this. She tells him not to do this, she loves him a lot. She says she promises she will never come between his life, but he must not do this again. She tells him to come with her, she will give her divorce just now. Ranveer sits up, Ishaani tries to move on but he holds her hand back and make her sit. He says he will give her divorce papers, she must sign them. Ishaani says she has the papers, she lied to him and hid the papers, she will just sign them. Ranveer says he will get her the papers which she should sign, he can no more trust her. Ishaani agrees to sign whatever papers he asks her to.

PRECAP: Ishaani says this mangal sooter remains with you until you have a relation with your husband, so she is returning this to him.

Update Credit to: Sona


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  2. suga

    Today’s episode was as expected.. which I don’t want to happen.. I had tears in my eyes while watching… doesn’t know when Rithika will get exposed… lost my last hope also… don’t know whether Ishveer will unite again or not… atlast evil won.. but.., when RV came to know Rithika’s truth.. his heart pain more than before for Ishaani.. waiting for that… precap is paining… waiting for a happy episode..

    • neha

      Don’t worry sugar, I heard on SBS, that finally ishveer reunion will happen…. Sources tells that rv realised his mistake to trust on ritika and during rv and ritika’s marriage preparation rv get to know that whatever ishani did, its for his benefit only….whereas ishani and her family leaves rv house and the city also….rv ran away from the mandap to stop ishani…and they both confessed their love and hugged….. So, happy happy happy days are here again…..
      Woowww…..I am so excited…. Can’t wait for that episode now…

      • sree

        frm ver u got dis info?vat rv s brainless r vat?or his brain wrks slow?he cnt understand dat ishaani doing everything fr his happiness?arey tired of stupid hero character…ofcourse heroin also brain less…its very clear…bt it doesnt matter if heroin character s stupid…bt hero shld have brain yr…i ll tell u…serial means it shld b like…”iss pyaar ko kya naam dooin -season 1” vich was acted by barun sobti n sanaya….watch it…hw hero shld b…

      • swasan rock

        U r wrong Neha as this news is wrong because Ishani promised shikhar that she will marry him so how can be she going to go out of the coty ? I am having lots of confusion plz help me by telling how rv find ri truth

  3. Anonymous

    I dnt understand y dnt ppl boycott these silly daily soaps…..
    They r meant for entertainment but they suck!?

  4. Shahlo

    Omg, they r just dragging….Devil ritika…rv is blind, ishani saved his life, but rv didnt change his mind about divorce…How he couldnt see ishani’s true love in her eyes? So sad for ishveer, i thought they joined in order to expose ritika, but it seems it wasnt like that at all…they really decide to divorce…I wanna cry…….

  5. niki

    I cnt understand the story line of this show . When ever it seems like ritika will be exposed again , there is dragging in the story . ;> . I hate dat EKTA KAPOOR . ;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@;>:@

  6. shujhu

    Too much painful…. Psycho ekta it’s really too much. …..really too much stop tearing…. Use mind to audience happiness

  7. shujhu

    May be now the ranveer turn start…. He marry with ritika it’s a drama for exposing…may be… Ranveer try to expose ritika to play this marriage drama

  8. Roma

    I bet, that was not divorce papers but some fake papers. Now Ranveer will start playing with Ishaani. I hope RV and Ishaani expose Ritika together.

  9. neha

    Don’t worry guys, have patience,,, coz I heard that finally ishveer reunion going to happen soon…..I already mentioned about this twist on yesterday episodes comments and today also.
    So just chill……just wait n watch….?❤

  10. sree

    guys…fr reading itself it s horrible…hw u ppl watched it?in dis serial…writter decided to made it as sad story…dan vat else u ppl vant to knw?hoping on dis serial s really a foolish thing…thank god i didnt watched it…let the writter n remaining troop enjoy their own sad sucking stry…pity on actors…who r doing soo much fr dis stupid serial..

  11. nk

    today I hav seen in one of d news channel ……dat ishani is sitting in d train, ranveer came n tell her not to go….later shown dat both r hugging wid each other outside.

    • sree

      if it becum real scene…dan ok…bt seriously…dis serial made me to remember my past…by reading dis serial update..i just remember my hardest days ven my bf got married by ditching me bcz of ppl…it happened already 5 yrs bk…im trying to forget,,,n dis stupid writter made me emotional fr dis drama…vat da hell…

  12. MIRZA Mahtaab

    This is so dragging now and ritika needs to be exposed in order for the drama to go ahead. It’s going backwards and forwards and Ranveer just seems hopeless with what is going on. The story line needs to be entertaining again, because shikhar will want ishaani,

    Hope the story has much more entertainment rather than tears,, as for the spoiler it will be a long time till that happens. At least another 2 weeks

  13. i cried today but still hoping for ishani n Ranveer to unite no matter how much they need to suffer true love wins at last they can fgt any storm either together to or separately

  14. marry

    lovely week than last and next going to b rocking……………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😛 matsh trp also increse than last week and will b on 1st in next weekssssssssssss bcoz ishaveer unite……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope now shikher didnt create any problem…………..!!!!!!!!!

  15. megha

    m sure papers mein hi koi dikkat hogi…papers divorce wale ni honge kuch aur hi hoga kuch to gadhbadh hai daya

  16. kowsi

    “Ishaani will return her ‘ kangan ’ to Amba and will remember her lovely marital past with Ranveer as she would step out of the house. She will be really upset as Ranveer will announce his wedding with Ritika, just as Ishaani would be heading out.”
    The episodes to come will see Ishaani going to the railway station to leave for another city,
    wherein she will want to start a life afresh. While
    at the station, Mitesh will call Ishani asking her
    to come home soon. However, he will sense
    trouble as he will hear the train’s sound in the
    vicinity while talking to her.

  17. Rufina

    Neha thank u for ur update.l am curious to know what is going to happen.guys anybody saw the add of maths? I saw it yesterday. Yesterday s episode was better than today s episode.

  18. dreamer

    This much pain is enough for ishani. Ranveer plz let her wherever she wants to go. She deserves some peace after all this pain. Ranveer gave her so much pain from when she released from jail to till today. But he never regret for his mistakes. He give a lot of pain to her and simply say a sorry then reunite. This is not fair. Ekta always shows hero as a god. He doesn’t deserve ishani’s love as well as her friendship anymore.

  19. dreamer

    I always wanted ishveer reunion. But this time I can’t accept this type of reunion. Ranveer must regret whatever he did to ishani and must longing for her love and friendship. according to me when he untrust ishni once his childhood unconditional love came to an end. But she never untrust him after she started to love him. Anyway this story is about their aashiqui but ekta please give equal importance to both characters. Don’t show anyone as god.

  20. thanu

    Guys can any one tell which movie song is played while ishani picks her luggage and recalling her past

  21. thanu

    Pls expose the ritika truth. Rv ussay vaisa maarna ki unay oo sapne may be sochnahi sakthi aur amba ussay dhakke maarko nikal theyna yehe tho my chahatihoon

  22. geets

    I m just waiting when rv and ishani will unite BT I don’t see the day to cm.whnevr I fl today is da day but against that cruel ritika wins . y is it so stretched??

  23. zen

    i also thnk that thr should b somethng with d papr tat ish signd coz rv insistd she shd sign on papr wich he wanted to.let’s hope tere’ll b a twist by tat papr. yeah it’s too dragng but afterall it’s all about to strng the audnce alng tat’s wt serials do.but if serial goes as by d news it’ll b 2 dramatic.d reunion of ishvr shldn’t happen in d middle of melodrama.

  24. I think rv has a sort of plan behind this. Did u haven’t seen d promos.n him face when ishaani signed dt papers…:(:(so chill;);)

  25. neha

    Guys here’s the trp rating list of this week:-
    I heard on SBS that,,,
    Colors beat the no.1 channel starplus this week…
    1. Kumkum bhagya on zee tv.
    2. Sasural simar ka on colours.
    3. Sath nibhana saathiya on starplus.
    4. Swaragini on colours.
    5. Meri aashiqui tumse hi on colours.

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