Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV tells everyone that Ishaani has always given him what he has asked for. He comes to Ritika and says he has decided to marry Ritika. RV says that they want the divorce to happen today and he has made preparations for it as well. He calls the lawyer inside who comes with the papers. RV tells Ritika that this is his lawyer, last time there was a lot of drama taking divorce she he got new papers made to avoid any confusion. Ishaani was lost. RV says one sign and all the relations would end. He hands the pen to Ishaani, she looks at Ranveer then takes the pen and signs the papers. During the signatures she remembers the time when Ranveer was angry at her and took anti-circles with her for their marriage. Ishaani signs the papers. Ritika watches this in shock. Lakshmi says to Amba that she

was changing her decision taking Ishaani and here Ranveer changed his decision. Ritika poses to have a stomach pain, Amba comes to her. Ritika says she is having stomach pain may be due to operation and goes to rest. Ranveer tells the lawyer to submit the papers in the court to fulfil all the formalities. Ishaani heads inside, Baa asks where is she going. Ishaani says lost that she is going to pick her luggage, when she has no relation with Ranveer she must take it all.
Ritika comes to the room, shuts the door and dances in the room, jumping and shouting. She puts on earphones in her ears and dances on music. She watches Ranveer’s photo on the bed and says no one can separate him from her now, she has got a licence to be with him with the signatures of Ishaani. She tells herself to relax.
Ishaani enters her room, remembers her times with Ranveer-the valentines celebrations, their hugs and confessions. She cries thinking about all her memories. She packs her clothes in a bag, brings out a green dress and remembers the memories linked to it. She cries hugging it, then packs it in the bag. She brings another black dress and remember that Amba had gifted it to her. She takes her jewellery, watches her bangles and turns to see mangal sooter in her neck recalling the time of her marriage. She cries at Ranveer’s word that if she keeps her divorce papers with her, she must live as his widow. She takes the mangal sooter off, remembers the dive of Ranveer and her shout. The mangal sooter fell off her hand, she picks it up immediately. She remembers when Ranveer had fallen into the water, she also jumped behind him and swimmed looking for him in water. She saw his body and went to help him. He had struggled against her help, she took him out of the water anyway. On the river back, Ishaani pumps Ranveer’s chest calling his name. She pushes his chest, takes off his shoes and socks and rubs his feet. She shouts his name and tries to wake him up crying as he doesn’t wake up. Her hair touches his and he opens his eyes to find Ishaani over him. Ishaani asks if he is alright, she says he needs a divorce she will give him a divorce. She cries and asks him not to attempt this suicide again, he has done a lot for her and she won’t let him die like this. She tells him not to do this, she loves him a lot. She says she promises she will never come between his life, but he must not do this again. She tells him to come with her, she will give her divorce just now. Ranveer sits up, Ishaani tries to move on but he holds her hand back and make her sit. He says he will give her divorce papers, she must sign them. Ishaani says she has the papers, she lied to him and hid the papers, she will just sign them. Ranveer says he will get her the papers which she should sign, he can no more trust her. Ishaani agrees to sign whatever papers he asks her to.

PRECAP: Ishaani says this mangal sooter remains with you until you have a relation with your husband, so she is returning this to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Itna wait kiya h so thoda sabar aur uske baad rv n shikhar kise choose karegi ish

  2. draaaaaging.nowadays boring.plz change the serial title

  3. Guys here’s the trp rating list of this week:-
    I heard on SBS that,,,
    Colors beat the no.1 channel starplus this week…
    1. Kumkum bhagya on zee tv.
    2. Sasural simar ka on colours.
    3. Sath nibhana saathiya on starplus.
    4. Swaragini on colours.
    5. Meri aashiqui tumse hi on colours.

  4. gyz what about shikhar

  5. stop dragging the story ekta…… fans are waiting for the twist in matsh…..

  6. Dear Ranveer how many times r u goin
    g to marry.?????
    its an example of poly marriage

  7. ekta plzzzzzz dont drag d story………

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