Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar asks Ishaani to go and discard the Asthiya, he would also go with her but it is better he stays here to investigate this matter of screw and railing. Ishaani goes inside, Shekhar watches the screw. He makes a call and says that he wants him to investigate the accident at his house personally.
RV comes to take Asthiya of Falguni Parekh, but the incharge there tells him someone took them already. RV asks who it was, the incharge says it was a girl who said she was near to her. RV thinks it must be Nirupa, who was crying. He asks the incharge if it was from her family, the incharge says no, it wasn’t.
In the way, RV gets Ritika’s call. RV says he is worried about Falguni, no one came for her Asthiya visarjan, neither Dewarsh, nor Sharman or Baa came for her last rituals.

Ritika says may be they don’t have money for that. RV says he gave them money each month, even more than they would need. He says now he would do her last rituals. Ritika hangs up and wishes she could tell him Ishaani is alive.
Pandit ji do the pooja as Ishaani performs the asthiya visarjan of Falguni. A car pulls up there, Ishaani watches RV coming out of it. She hides her face and is worried. Pandit ji says that if one has no son, a daughter can do Asthiya visarjan. RV hears this. Pandit ji asks Ishaani if she is married and came with her husband. Ishaani denies moving her head only. RV calls her from behind and asks if he can do it with her. Pandit ji asks if he is her husband. RV says no he isn’t, but the husband of the deceased daughter. He says he isn’t stopping her from doing this, but if she want, they both can do this together.
Pandit ji says if there is no one from family then they both can do this. RV comes forward. Ishaani makes a veil at his side. He steps into the water, Ishaani follows. Both do the rituals together. RV pushes the pot away, Ishaani cries. RV says Falguni maa left him, but he is missing Ishaani; he cries. He says he loved each of the person whom Ishaani loved, but one by one each of them left his life; first mota bapuji, then Ishaani and then Falguni maa. He says why this happens to him, those he loves leaves him alone. He says he doesn’t know why he is telling all this to her, but he wants that with this Asthiya each of Ishaani’s memory also go sinks. Falguni maa will get her daughter back now, he is sad that his owns have left him but is happy they will meet each other now. The relations and family which broke here will be one again. Ishaani cries, and was about to keeps hand on his shoulder. RV looks at her hand, she removes it abruptly bringing her veil on and turns to leave upstairs again. He looks at her from behind in astonishment. He also leaves.
RV’s phone rings. It was the police inspector and says he wanted to tell him something about the lady as she was his relative. He tells RV that Shekhar is suspecting it to be an accident but a planned murder. The inspector says he has sent his investigation team at Shekhar’s house. RV says he will get sometime, but will come there and will get the murderer, if any, punished. RV wonders what wrong Falguni did to anyone.
Manas was talking on phone to someone in office, the baby cried badly. He says he will call her back again and holds the baby in his arms. Parul comes there and watching Manas busy with phone as well as caressing baby comes and takes the baby from him. Manas thanks her for help. He calls Ankush and asks anything about Disha, he asks him to inform Disha he is fine and taking care of baby; he must tell her that her mother is no more in the world. Parul was there and asks Manas to have courage, not for him but for the baby. Manas says he can take care of himself, but what did this innocent do. If Disha didn’t have to life with him, atleast she should have kept this baby with her. This baby is so unlucky that first his mother left him and now such a lover left the world. He cries that he can give him everything but not his mother.
Ishaani hears the police asking servants who came upstairs. Shekhar watches Ishaani on the door. Mr. Mehra tells the police that terrace always remain locked, it isn’t needed to locked. The inspector says they need finger prints of each guest to match them with the ones on railing. Mr. Mehra says it looks really odd to ask guests. The inspector says it is important. The inspector asks if she had some enemy. Ishaani leaves, Shekhar comes behind her into her room. Ishaani says what are they talking about, she wasn’t enemy with anyone; she was such a sweet person why would she have an enemy. Shekhar says police investigation is like these, and they all want to know about the truth.
RV comes home and asks Kanchal about Shekhar and police. She says they are all upstairs. The inspector says they could only know from Kanchal that Falguni went upstairs to meet Nirupa, after that everyone heard the scream.
Ishaani wonders when the investigation would end, only then the police would get a clue. Shekhar says police will get a clue for sure, and goes to see them.
The inspector says someone from the house do this, such a planning from an outsider isn’t possible. They leave waiting for forensic report. RV thinks no one from Parekh family loved Falguni but it doesn’t mean they would take her life. He finds an anklet in the drain nearby and thinks it was the one Shekhar had to gift Nirupa. He says Falguni maa went to meet Nirupa, this means she came upstairs here; what if she did this. He keeps the anklet in his hand. Kanchal tells Shekhar RV is upstairs, when he comes downstairs and shows the anklet to Shekhar. Shekhar says it is Nirupa’s, where he found it. RV says when he was talking to her, she was inside the room and not responding to him. He now know where she went. Shekhar tells him to relax, but RV isn’t ready. He asks Kanchal if she was a murderer, Shekhar says she was accused of murder only. RV says may be she wasn’t innocent, may be she is the one who killed Falguni; Shekhar asks him to shut up why would she do so. RV says she would tell this, because police said the grill was unscrewed and he found it there.

PRECAP: RV finds Ishaani going through a public place, he follows her calling her name but she races. He finally keeps a hand on her shoulder and asks her to stop.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh ma gog just missedd againnnnnn

  2. Today’s episode was good..OMG today also ranveer didn’t know it is ishaani.. like the way shekhar said shutup when he blame nirupa. Ranveer meet ishaani soon. Manas for god sake forget disha.. she doesn’t deserve you. Waiting for a good episode.

  3. Wth. Seriously???

  4. Ishaani come back to rv life….wat about shikar…episode was ok…waiting for wednesday episode..i think tmrw episode also same precap may be….ishaani celebrates happy time with her family…its cake cutting celebration..shikar and ishaani off screen masti superrrbbb…

  5. Im w8!ng only 4 dat moment…….

  6. 2daYz suNrAha hai naTuuuuu……really touChed me….awesomee songg…… reLyy matche 2 scene………me 222 feel sadddd

  7. I think parul should marry manas as she is taking care of baby

  8. Ishani to be back in RV’s life in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se HiHere’s some good news for all ‘IshVeer’ fans!Those of you who cried hoarse when Ishani (RadhikaMadan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) parted ways in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Balaji Telefilms) on Colors, rejoice! As the couple is going to be united soon!The current track is focusing on Falguni’s (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani) death, where RV and Ishani will come together for Falguni’s final rights. But the duo will not meet each other as Ishani would hide her face with a veil.

    On the other hand, both Ishani and RV would try to investigate into Falguni’s death and will figure out that her death was not a mere accident, but murder!A source shared, “While investigating into her mother’s death, Ishani would realize that Ritika (Smriti Khanna) is responsible for everything, who has been hiding her true intention. Angered by this, Ishani would decide to reveal the truth and re-enter RV’s life. Ishani would soon claim her rights as a wife.”This sure will be an interesting turn on the show…we are dying to know RV’s reaction when Ishani comes back. With RV stuck between two wives, we will haveto wait and watch which one he would choose and how the story would move further.

    Smriti Khanna said, “I don’t know much about the upcoming track so can’t comment on anything.”

    1. Wait in one of the spoilers shekhar marries ishaani. So weird also some are saying ritika will marry shekhar! 🙂

  9. Btw nyc epi…parul takin care f Disha’s baby…itz nyc…i thnk parul n manas ll b a gud couple 🙂

  10. On Wednesday ranveer will finally meet ishaani every1 watch it

  11. OMG what a fool is RV ,, knowing this girl since he was nine yrs old and still can’t figure out her from behind,, nor her fingers, her legs and most importantly her touch,, doesn’t RV feel that it’s Ishani’s hand and touch when they did the asthi together,,,?
    In the precap he runs behind calling Nirupa identifying her from her backside,, if he can identify Nirupa whom he knows only for a short while its so funny why can’t he identify Ishani knowing her from childhood,,,!??? Lol how foolish and stupid is the writer,, may be he thought the viewers are fools,,, but still it’s true that we are fool enough to watch this knowing its a lie,, coz we are addicted to this;;;;;
    But there’s a happy news for all MATSH fans that happy days are back in MATSH again!!!! RV and Ishani will soon meet may be tomorrow’s episode but he will face an accident as soon as he sees Ishani,, Ishani will take him to the hospital and RV will search for her as soon he opens eyes,, he will witness Ishani with shiker and tell Ritika that Ishani is his past,,, and I hate RV if he change his love coz he needs to service Ritika,,,
    I know the makers already killed the awesome and exemplary character Ranveer and now just dragging the plot with supernatural unbelievable twists and making all of us a fool,,,

    1. Hi which one u read tat upcoming track.. tell rithika ishaani his past???

  12. who did u know…..all the things….can u share ……more…..

  13. Cnt wait for Wednesday episode

  14. waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing…

    just waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing…

    1. OMG…. It’s really very interesting i thought that ritika will be murderer of falguni and all the problems came in ishani and ranveer’s life just because of ritika

  15. spoiler alert……guys must read it, today episode story
    While Ishani is happy and celebrate with her
    family, about herbrother’s marriage getting
    fixed, Shikhar stays with her being her big
    support. Ranvir feels Ishani’s presence
    around him and sees her on the road. He is
    stunned seeing her and runs to stop her.
    Ishani sees Ranvir following her and hides
    her face. Ranvir catches her, and holds her
    hand. The men on the road beat Ranvir for
    teasing a woman, and Ishani runs by taking
    advantage of the situation. Ranvir thinks
    why is Ishani hiding from her. Ishani gets
    far and can’t bear the sight to see her love
    Ranvir getting beaten up for eve teasing.
    How will their Aashiqui take a new stand
    once they get together and against Ritika?

  16. waiting for ishveer ….
    omg.. rv ala ishani a antha transparent a irunta pallu kulla paka mudiyala yama,,,,
    ithu romba over pa….

  17. OMG…. It’s really very interesting i thought that ritika will be murderer of falguni and all the problems came in ishani and ranveer’s life just becausevof ritika….

  18. OMG!¡!¡!¡
    twist twist and twist…

  19. Guys if u go to telly bollywood na u can watch upcoming episodes details as video For all the dramas..

  20. U can also watch thro youtube…

  21. Cvs have spoiled ranveers role he looks and behaved so foolish .i don’t understand why cvs have spoiled the serial like this.they could have easily made it good but I think they don’t care.there is no logic in the story.they could have showed better story for reunion of Ranveer Ishani but they are just dragging episodes and still they are not showing ritikas true colours to us .she still behaves and speaks as if she is very innocent and care for everyone.they don’t want to clear anything to us .just giving us latest promo and we just think what will happen in this story but in serial they are showing nothing much.just wait and watch what they are going to show.even if Ishani and Ranveer will meet but they will show us misunderstandings ,accidents etc etc .we are waiting for a long for reunion but it’s so sad that they don’t want to show us good scenes.i think they have also psycho.problems.

  22. Everyone of her family ll accept ish..n she ll come to tat ritika s behind her mom’s death…upcoming episodes s full of twists..n most importantly chiraag s gonna re-enter again…

  23. Bec of Ishani s hide and seek drama her mother got murdered and now Ranveer will meet with an accident so stupid Ishani.she took Blame on her self and went to Jail and so they both were apart.we can say whatever happened in this serial bec of ishanis foolishness.she doesn’t take right decision in any situation.she can just put everyone in trouble.her character is very poor.cvs just show her as if she is Mahaan but she should use her brain also.

    1. Ur absolutely right,, this is my true opinion about Ishani,,,she is a dumb fool

  24. Gud but rv she’s ishani
    Don’t he finds☹

  25. Hey
    When will parek’s downfall starts?
    The old lady is the actual villain
    Falguni gone next who?
    Stop that marriage and save sekar’s sister
    It’s not true love
    Love only for wealth

    Unite ishveer first
    Then see the end of ritika
    Then make rv mother realise there love
    Remarry them
    Using ishani make her take revenge on the old lady and her family

    Let the story show happy moments of Ishveer from sometime

    Make re entry of ritika and sekar in there lives
    Now u can proceed ur drama as ur own

    But I want see the revenge of rv’s mother on that old lady and her family

  26. ishani and ranveer meet soon . ranveer wife is a ishaini not rithika

  27. Wow wow so many beautiful twists on today’s episode to come,, check out colors tv MATSH,,, spoilers Alert pictures are exposed,, on RV meeting Ishani,,, can’t wait till RV gets his love back,, even if he doesn’t his stupid Ishani back but he should know that his love is not one sided,,,

  28. I think ritika is murdered chirag and ritika children not sharman the children is belong to chirag.plaza someone tells am I correct or wrong

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