Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The doctors tell Ishaani that this is a miracle that Ranveer has survived. Ishaani says she is really worried about his family. She wants to give a photo on him in the newspaper. Ranveer thinks that today, finally Ishaani will see him. Ishaani goes to light the candle in temple, the doctor says that he will remove the bandages till then. Milan passes from behind her into the house. Ishaani prays for Ranveer that he gets well soon, so that when he gets his relatives they can talk to him. Milan had gone upstairs till then. Ishaani also goes upstairs. Milan walks through the corridor, he thinks that is Ranveer who was trying to reach Ishaani last night; otherwise the one who had no power to move hand was crawling on the floor. He thinks about his eyes and thinks he must do something about

him. He comes to the room to see doctors remove Ranveer’s bandage. He views the face of Ranveer half exposed, he thinks that doctors would scream as soon as they watch him. And everyone would know he is not Ranveer, he can’t let this happen.
Manas comes to the room asking Disha why she called him so urgently. Disha says it is because of that man, he is the designer whom Ranveer sent for Manas’s wedding costume. The man tells Disha about a dress, but she gets maniac. Manas let the designer leave.
Milan watches Ishaani come through the corridor. He complain Ishaani that she doesn’t care for him but the patient only. He says that he is hungry and hasn’t eaten anything since morning. He says that he would take the Prasad to the patient, no one is home so she must get him something to eat.
The doctor asks nurse for ointment, she says she forgot to bring an ointment. The doctor puts on the bandage again to prevent it from drying, so he bandages it again. He tells the nurse to inform Ishaani, the bandage will removed in the evening. Milan thinks the way he would end Ranveer, he says Ranveer must die right now.
Sharman checks on the files and is worried why Ranveer is taking such business decisions. Milan’s men were spying Sharman. Sharman gets into his car, he gets a call from Old Home about Shweta Mehta, Nimisha’s mom. He promise to come, the men also follow.
Disha watches Milan walking to Ranveer’s room, she follows him. Milan shuts Ranveer’s door, he comes to Ranveer and says he must be feeling to cry when he watches his duplicate in his place. But Ranveer can’t do anything, Milan is freeing him from all the pain and problem.
Ishaani comes to kitchen to make some sandwiches for Milan. Ranveer is worried that Milan is giving him poison. Milan tells Ranveer this poison will effect in his body as soon as it gets in, it will give him a silent dead. Milan says he never wanted his end like this, but this is public demand. His love story will now end. He injects the poison in Ranveer’s drip. Disha reaches the door and peeks through it, as Milan inserted the poison in drip. He says that this poison will make him fell in fast sleep, his breathes would stop and his game ended. Disha prevents her scream, hits the door in panic at which Milan turns around. She runs calling Ishaani, Milan follows her. Ishaani is worried at Disha’s voice and comes out of the kitchen, Milan comes running behind Disha. Disha tells Ishaani that RV… upstairs… she herself… Disha tells Ishaani that RV game poison to that person.
Ranveer’s hand trembled as he watches the drip coming down.
Ishaani and Manas ask Disha what she is saying. Disha says she saw this from her own eyes, Ranveer gave poison to that man and wants to send Manas to jail. Milan comes and says that Disha is falsely accusing him, she is doing this only so that Parul and Manas can’t marry. Disha hides behind Ishaani and tells ishaani to trust her, he is lying. Milan says that Disha is lying, if Ishaani doesn’t trust him. Disha wants to stop Manas’s wedding. Ishaani says to Milan he doesn’t need say anything, she knows he can’t do this. She looks into his eyes, Milan is happy and relieved. Disha asks Ishaani if she didn’t trust him. Ishaani says she trusts Ranveer more than herself. Milan stares Ishaani.
Ranveer finally shuts his eyes.

PRECAP: ishaani says to Disha that she will put this saline in her body, then Disha would believe Ranveer. Both Ranveer and Milan are worried as Ishaani points the drip towards her arm.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG.. what is happening in this show.. raj dekiye they are showing but not shown till now.. dragging is enough.. end Milan track soon and unite Ishveer.. waiting for a long time..

    1. how r u commenting daily??r u a big fan of MATSH?

      1. Yes shalini.. 🙂 what abt u..

      2. of course……a very big fan…..

    2. still matsh is there i didnt watch matsh for 2 weeks and when i read this update i become more happy still milan drama is there and trp is also same(poor)……i was so much busy in my studies that i didnt read updates but i m happy that i didnt becoz it is still upseting…but suga i really appriciate u dear u r still watch matsh daily ……..u have a great stemina dear……….

      1. actually I’m a big fan of MATSH….I wil watch it ever even if they drag it badly…

      2. hads of to u than dear shalini………..u bear matsh …….

      3. hey……… I’m not bearing it….. just I love it……….

      4. S marry.. since our favorite show how to miss.. even if they drag

  2. Thnx for update sona you are updating ek tha raja and ek thi rani and meri aashiqui. tum se hi fast

  3. dragging….repeat boring episode milan track soon.

  4. Precape really intersting. Both milan and ranvi were worried for her. I thought milan tried to stop this ishani. Ranvi wake up pa. I eagerly waiting for u and ishani reunite epi. Today milan told to ranvi breath goes to end now. I know nothing will happen. Bcoz ishani saves ranvi aashiqui forever.

  5. abhay mohanty

    When love is strong nothing will happen…MILAN WILL SOON SHOOT HIMSELF… AND INJURE RANVEER…SOON.,THERE WILL BE……………

  6. end milan track soon….NAMASTHE FRIENDS…GD NI8….PLZ DONT REPEAT RITHIKA CHARACTER..WHY MATSH ALL WAYS PROMOTE VILLIANS AND PRIBLEMS ..PLS STOP this type trach plz consider audience view also.pls end isha renvee r life probkems and show ishvw

  7. Waiting for sunday blockbuster episode,pls dnt drag anymore,end milan track soon

  8. abhay mohanty

    A new twist is coming soon….another big test for ISHVEER……..

  9. end milan track soon….NAMASTHE FRIENDS…GD NI8….PLZ DONT REPEAT RITHIKA CHARACTER..WHY MATSH ALL WAYS PROMOTE VILLIANS AND PRIBLEMS ..PLS STOP this type trach plz consider audience view also.pls end isha renvee r life probkems and show ishveer union and happy life

  10. Ranvi wake up. Ranvi wake up. Ranvi wake up. Ranvi wake up. Lot of fans waiting for u. Plz fight with that stupid milan. And also beats him. Ishanv &ranvi rokz

  11. its better to keep milan in the villan track when compared to rithika …anyways shakthi’s acting in both the roles are reallyy…good ..awesome ..i think milan will stop ishaani from injecting herself ..wat ever the track comes pls don’t drag too much..and we r all fed up of ishveer seperation atleast for some days show them together..always ther r only problems between them ..though milan is not good feeling sad for milan because he too loves ishaani a lottt…..but longing for ishveer reunion

  12. I’m not watching this show since Milan track was started but if its come to an end then definitely I’m gioing to watch it….I request to the makers of this show that I’m irritated with ishveer’s separation all the time, why always create a problem for ishveer there are other characters to focus on…and plz stop love triangle twist in this show ..if I’m not wrong this is 4th time when they saw love triangle between rv, ishani & Milan….I’m fed up of his triangle twist to the core….so, ekta don’t drag the show unnecessarily if you don’t have some interesting twist or else end this show…if you had no other options.

    By the way, I’m enjoying naagin, arjun, mouni & adah khan has doing a great job……like their performances….like the story, concept as well…fabulous show….one of my favourites show..NAAGIN.

    1. see ur comment on matsh so long …………but u r damm rite ekta mam have to end the show if she didnt have any solid story for matsh… very few shows have cutest couple like ishani and ranveer but they they have solid based story so i think just becoz of ishani and ranveer cute couple v dont have to waste our time to b upset …………..nagin is awsome………

  13. End milan track immediately.

  14. they are really making fool of us…..dragging dragging dragging and only dragging
    i bet both ishani and ranveer unite only after ekta kapoor or i dead…

  15. Ranveer come back!!!!!! Jab tak ranveer nhi ata mai yeh serial nahi dekhungi!!!! Milan ki sachai jaldi samne lao in 3 day!!!!!!!FAST!!!!!

  16. If milan track ends then they will show ishani’s twin sister mishani ??

    1. Ya i agree with you reema. If that is happening I will be happy. Milan is doing this because of his pain na… So I want Milan also to be happy ?

      1. lolxxxx

    2. ha ha ha..

  17. ranveer………wake up soon my dear….I think that ritika’s track is for better when compared to milan….waiting fr that track bcoz ranveer wil be there…….

  18. guys..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how to watch MATSH in dailymotion?video is not coming…

  19. Rads if u are here then pls reply me…….. I need ur help

    1. What happened minnie actually my sis is using my id. What u want to say..

  20. Crap….bluidy hell with this show?????…realy really fadeup with it…gth CVS..

  21. Please show that Milan is also a nice guy…I know he has suffered a lot and what he is doing is justified enough but now yhis is more than enough when all problems come upon Ishaani…..waiting for a good episode…and thnx. to Sona for written updates…☺☺☺☺☺

  22. i am big fan of ishveer plzz unite them

  23. upcoming maha episode news
    sharman to know truth milan milan kill sharman
    nd Rv will arrest

  24. hate u ekthaaaaaaaaaa …….. u are the worst writer please show ishveer together scenes


  25. so bad guys

  26. yes shalini my favorite aerial show how to miss even if they drag

  27. yes shalini my favorite serial show how to miss even if they drag

  28. Oh!no whats going on yaar milan killed sharman but every one blamed my cutu ranvi bt ishu ne interview me bola tha ki blockbustes epi me milan ka truth jaajaigi to kaisi ranvi ko blame karenge yaar. U know guysmatsh is my fvrt show to mai pareshan hun yaar kisi ke pass latest news please tell me

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