Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani’s hands are tied behind her back, head covered in black sac.
There RV’s car pulls up and he rushed into the police station. Ishaani’s feet are tied. The lady inspector watches the time and gives a signal after which the rope is pulled. RV insists to meet his wife, the inspector inquires about it on phone and tells RV that the death penalty was given at 5.05 and it is 5.08 now. Tears flow from RV’s face, he loses control and fell on the ground crying hard. The staff of station gather around him, he shouts Ishaani’s name as he cries. The body is removed, Ishaani looks at it in astonishment and asks the lady inspector what it is. The lady inspector says it is the state of elation when an innocent has got justice. She has got justice and will never get death penalty now,

she is free and can go home now; she can meet them now. Ishaani says she had to die, if she gets free RV will be caught. She asks who stopped her hanging, the lady inspector takes her to minister who agrees that he got all her penalties removed from her. Ishaani is angry at him, she asks why he did this when he himself had warned her to get her hanging preponed. The minister says she appears innocent at first look, and they are public servants. Ishaani gets enraged that it is very important for her to die.
The inspector consoles RV nothing can be done now. He must go home.
The minister tells Ishaani that he has even given in press that she hasn’t been hanged. Ishaani asks will her photo also be given, he says no there is just a statement that an innocent girl has been stopped from hanging. This will gain him even more votes from party. The minister leaves, Ishaani says to the lady inspector that if she is freed then RV will be caught.
RV asks the police staff that he wants his wife’s body. They say there is a VIP personality inside, he can’t go. They watch minister leave then.
The lady inspector tells Ishaani that Chiraag’s murder case has been closed permanently, no one will be charged for it anymore. She is happy listening to it and asks for reconfirmation again. The lady inspector smiles.
RV asks why he can’t get his wife’s dead body but the jail authorities ask him to leave from here, else they will take strong action against him. RV walks away.
Ishaani is happy that she can go to Ranveer now, she wonders what she will tell him and how will he react watching her. The lady inspector asks her to go to her home, she has been given a new life and she must live each moment of it to its full. Ishaani leaves after hugging the lady inspector.
Devastated, RV walks on the road, crying, thinking himself and Ishaani.
Ishaani waits happily in jail, the lady inspector gets her clothes back to her. She watches her bangles, her jewellery. The lady inspector also gives her the money that she earned, and sends her to get ready. Ishaani changes happily, wears all her jewellery also. She ties the bullet necklace in her saree pallu.
RV passes by the last rituals of someone being performed in the way, he thinks he couldn’t get his love nor perform her last rituals and today she has left his life forever.
Ishaani leaves the jail finally, after bidding a warm farewell to the lady inspector. She walks happily.
Shekhar tells the judge that Ishaani is a free person now, he boasts that nothing compares him. He asks him to fulfil his promise now, and give permission to his daughter to date him. The judge asks how he did this, Shekhar asks him not to ask his secrects, he will find them in a while.
Ishaani stops by an electronics shop where people were glued to see Ranveer’s award ceremony’s telecast. She happily watches Ranveer receive the award. He was announcing that this has been possible only because of his wife. Ishaani smiles at what he said about her. She is shocked to see Ranveer move down the stairs to bring someone from the audience, but turns away and doesn’t see who that wife actually is. She comes out of the store shattered.

PRECAP: Shekhar was at beach dinner when he watches Ishaani walking deeper into sea. He stands up in shock.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. arora

    today episode good…… Tmrow onwards the show is going interesting shekhar will take care of ishaani, ishaani accept him as a friend….. Finnaly shekhar find out the truth of chiraag death, and proved to rv…. Rlthika real face will come out…. Be watch it

  2. kavi

    oh ya arora correct ah soniga……. Your Bad time is started rithika…… But intha gap la rithika neraya drama ranveer munadi create panuva….. Ranveer ishaani ya veruka aaramichirvan… Later rithika voda true face rv ku therinja piragu,,,,,,,, omg….. Rithika ku aapu irku…… I am soooo happy

  3. pinky

    so happy for that…… Ranveer was so pity…. Hey ranveer your ishaani is not killed…… But ranveer dont hate ishaani…. She didnt love chiraag….. She only love you and you only……

  4. Rosh

    No hope on that Ranveer dikhara . Who will only cry do nothing. Ishani come out see him married one way it is good Amba & RV must know the truth.who knows they will just say it is ok. Ranveer will again hug her and cry . Oh Ritika u did that

  5. If chirag is alive then ritika ll definately meet give him news of ishani’s she dnt knw that ishani got saved

  6. Ritika is acting well in frnd of whole waghela family..she didnt tell nythng abt her crime or meeting with chirag neithr that the fathr of hr child is chirag..amba thinks that child is of rv’s thats why she kept ritika in her house n rv thinks that child is of sharmans n to save her respect hi maried her..when they ll cm to knw they ll throw her in jail fr this blunder

  7. nakshatra

    rv and ishaani should come together. shekar should find out truth and ritika must be punished though she is shekar’s frnd.

  8. suhani

    its so irritating with rv….always hugging ritka and crying…….shekhar is a nice guy….nice to look with ishani…he will find about chirag’s death and ritika’s truth…….maybe then rv will realise his mistake………..waiting for a nice episode..

  9. sree

    arey sri…..dnt tell dat ishaank n shikar nw….already dis serial got all stupid things frm starting….lik two marriages,frst pregnant by some one…n gets marry vit other one….dat boy ll b bakara….already ishaani loved stupid chiraag…dan got married vit RV….aftr dat she loves him…..with love only she gave damn pain to him….nw dnt tell one more love stry vit shikar….cnt see

  10. sree

    shikar better b lik frnd….otherwise der wont b meaning fr dis title yr….n already hero character gone down badly….lik listening to ritika everytime,n he couldnt even do anyting fr ishaani….totally proved lik brainless….n already we knw heroin character dnt have brain at all…..da only character who proved as smart s shikar…let him b free frm dis stupid ppl yr…dnt put him along vit any of dese brainless

  11. lovely

    Hey ppl please tell me everything about rithika real face…I don’t know anything…what did she do?? Who is the father of her child..please tell me all these..please please please..

  12. rig

    Hey friends don’t go mad on ranveer. He will came to know the truth soon. Ishanni totally pulled ranveer’s fans to her side.

  13. vivian

    Well we already know who is the father of rikita baby. But my question would be why?how many girls was Chirag playing around with at the time he attempt to rape Ishani ? So I see that Ishani kept the chain with the bullet that shot RV . As someone has notice before my post , thing are going to interested maybe Sherkhar will have change of heart and maybe ishani will have change od heart after she realize that RV has moved on with his life. Could you image what might happen, everyone is saying the Ritika real face valve will come out , and what RV parents when they hear that their daughter in law was behind RV/ Ishani murder situation . As a loyal fan I will continue to watch the show and find , from the beginning of the show how this one sided love will turn into two sided love show. Peace out

  14. Rosh

    Ishani’s acting is fabulous.When RV cry I get irritated. Run RV run ur Ritikafriend waiting , go hug her and cry. She cup ur face wipe ur tears “tumara bacha” bi uske pet mei hei.
    Whatever reason given RV living with her is too much.
    I want Sikher to save and give Ishani a better life. Since RV moved on what is the point of going back? He is married in front of society. Why can’t Ishani have life. Common girl rock the show let RV burn with jealousy.

  15. shruthi

    i thing serial going intrestingly now but wat abt ranvir he will only cry of ishani and doing nothing .everyone wil cry what is the specality of ranvir .i think rv and ishani together soonly with their purely hearted mind and soul

  16. leetu

    ap logo ne wow bala episode dekha hai jisme ritika aur sharman ek hotel mein dinner karrahe the aur ritika us samay bath room ja kar kisise bat kar rahi thi ki mein ye drama aur nehi kar sakti mujhe lagta hai wo chirag se hi baat kar rahi thi aur ye sab chirag aur ritika ka plan hai .chirag is not dead .

  17. Yeah xactly..its obvs chirag is nt dead n its ritika n chirags mastr plan to separate ishani ranveer..chirag must be punished with death penality..this is what he ritika ll relax n go to meet chirag cz she thinks that ishani is dead..she dnt knw that shikhar saved this miscncptn she ll go to meet chirag n spot by the bastard lyk chirag cant die so easily..m just waitin when amba ll cm to knw that ritika is prgnt with chirag’s child..n she used sharman n rv..what ll be her whn ishani was falsly accused fr prgnncy due to disha at that tym amba created too much issue..

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