Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar gets up from the bed at the knock on door. It was Dewarsh, Dewarsh asks Shekhar what is happening. There is no ritual in the family then why can’t Ishaani attend his wedding and Ishaani’s number is going off as well. Shekhar says he and Ishaani aren’t marrying. Dewarsh asks is he decided this today, his will also effect his own wedding. Shekhar says he and Ishaani don’t want any hurdle in his wedding, so he will tell everyone until Dewarsh’s wedding. Krisha comes to call him down for turmeric. Shekhar smiles at Krisha and tells Dewarsh to fulfil all rituals and not to see Krishaa. He takes Dewarsh at a side and tells him not to inform anyone about it.
Ritika was driving in heavy rain, Varma told her on phone that they are searching. Ritika says she wants to see the

body before sitting on mandap else she will turn them all into dead bodies.
Shekhar’s turmeric ritual is performed. Krisha plays with him while putting on turmeric on his body. Kanchal asks him to take a bath now. Kanchal gives the turmeric to Mr. Mehra and asks him to give it to Ishaani’s baa. Shekhar offers to Mr. Mehra that he will give the turmeric to Ishaani in hotel. They all laugh, Krisha says he just wants to meet Ishaani. Buas also mocks him, Kanchal says Mr. Mehra s going but Shekhar turns to say he will only go there no matter what they think about. He says she can’t see him but he can, he goes to take shower with a smiling face. On the stairs, he is heart-broken and turns to look at his family happy and enjoying.
Ritesh tells Baa Ishaani’s phone is switched off. Baa wonders she is neither in hotel not came home, then where is she. Ritesh says may be Ishaani wants to stay alone for a while. Baa says Ishaani is responsible, she must have called them. She says she knows where Ishaani is, she takes her purse and leaves.
Ritika arrive at the venue, Varma runs to her. Ritika slaps him and says she asked him thatshe didn’t want any tension today. Varma says he is looking for it, Ritika says she has arrived here and they couldn’t find a body. She goes to see he car, ishaani ran from the other side. She watches Ritika and Varma standing at he corner of the road and tries to cross the road behind them. Ishaani hides behind the car, opens the car door but the keys weren’t inside. She opens the diggi of the car and climbs into it. Ritika says neither her dead body nor her phone is found, this means she is alive and knows he truth now. She needs to hurry home and marry Ranveer. Ritika gets into the car and drives it.
Shekhar calls Ishaani in the hotel room, looking for her with weepy eyes. He touches her beddings there looking somewhere for her existence. He touches the mirror. He sits at the corner of the room and cries saying he doesn’t know how much he loves her, he only wanted a small portion of her love but neither he got her love nor… He cries hard, then looks at a broken mug lying on the floor. Near to it was a note written in Ishaani’s handwriting. He goes to pick it up, it read He gave her time to think, go away from him and change her decision, but she can’t do so because a lot of people’s hopes are connected to them. She has even promised him to be friends with him and marry him. Shekhar wonders this letter isn’t even completed, and what happened here. He regrets why he didn’t come here before, he hopes she is fine. The waiter comes there, he tells Shekhar on query that police took a girl from here. Shekhar wonders why police took her from back door and why she didn’t call him.
Baa arrives at RV’s house, she asks him about Ishaani. She says he must know only because in childhood whenever Ishaani was missing, he only found her. RV says those days have spent, and now Shekhar must know this. Baa says Shekhar doesn’t know about her, she was in hotel but is now missing. She asks him to do something.
Ritika stops the car in the way and opens the back of the car, smiling at Ishaani. Ishaani comes out of it. Ritika says some people only play hide and seek in childhood only. She tells her she had seen Ishaani coming out of woods and climbing into her car. She talks to baby that Ishaani is here, now he must sleep. Ishaani says she now knows all her secrets and will bring her true face to people.

PRECAP: Ritika stabs Ishaani, laughs and throws the knife into woods. Ishaani fell on the floor.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. cant able to see Heart broken shikhar.. 🙁 missing his smiling face much.. shikhar you are a genius lawyer.. anyway you will help Ishaani..
    RITHIKA is no.1 kd.. hope her
    Chapter is going to get over.. waiting for it..precap is shocking.. but we know shikhar will help ishaani.. and she will be alive. Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Suga

    Latest Spoiler:

    Shikhar to halt RV-Ritika’s marriage and provide emotional support to Ishani

    RV misses Ishani dearly even though he himself has brought the divorce matter into picture. Ritika fears her marriage with RV could face problems from Ishani and thus contracted someone to harm her. Ritika’s plan worked and Ishani gets attacked and is taken to the hospital with Shikhar on her side. Shikhar feels pain to see Ishani in injured condition, and starts to cry and pray for Ishani’s life. Ishani gets treated and reveals to Shikhar on how her attack took place and blames Ritika for her condition. She wants to run to stop RV and Ritika’s marriage. But have earlier served a notice from police on RV’s behest asking her to stay away from his marriage and even not staying in the same city until the wedding gets completed.

    Shikhar comes to Ishani’s help and manages to take her to RV-Ritika’s marriage venue. Ishani goes on to expose Ritika infront of RV, Amba and others. She also reminds RV that they haven’t realized their divorce, and also brings forward the love. However, RV isn’t convinced about Ishani and her love and instead reminds her of his pain and also regards her playing game with people’s lives. With RV not heeding to Ishani’s arguments comes a twist with Shikhar coming forward to defend Ishani and also stopping RV’s marriage at the last moment. Shikhar brings the divorce papers which cleary states the divorce haven’t realized and this means in legal terms RV cannot marry Ritika. In this way, Shikhar’s efforts are the key in bringing a halt to RV and Ritika’s marriage.

    Later on, Ishani gets distraught with RV’s behavior and can go to the extent of getting drunk and not caring about herself. Shikhar again consolidates her and provides help in her distress time. He lifts her to provide emotional support and showers care. Shikhar has provided similar support to Ishani before when she walked aimlessly in waters and he saved her life. Therefore, Shikhar with his selfless love cares foremost for Ishani’s happiness but with RV’s rejection he doesn’t know how to pave the path for Ishani and RV reunion. Will RV realize his mistake on shunning Ishani and her love, and come to terms with Ritika’s truth ?

    • maya

      wow!!! this is superb…..i m really impressed with arjun bijlani (shikhar mehra)…. his performances are so gud…even standing ovation seems less…..i will simply say that i dont have words for his expressions—mind blowing @!! …. he is such sweetheart…..very gud friend and indeed one day will make ishveer patch up….
      feeling very sorry for him being heartbroken…..i cud sense the grief when he was crying for ishani’s life in hospital….that was gr888….simply want him to smile as radiantly as ever… u yaar ##!!
      this drama with ishani having partial amnesia and behaving oddly due to rv’s misbehaviour is not helping the show…..bring some positive notes plz…..this ritika is getting madder day by day…… watching matsh these days only for shikhar…

      • Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

        Shikhar is just sooo sweet he doesn’t care about his happiness he only cares about his loves happiness
        His happiness is his loves happiness
        Love u shikhar
        And love your acting arjun bijlanii u r just amazing nd so cute?????

  3. sruthi

    Feeling so sad for shikar… hope he saves ishani… waiting for the scenes wen ish acts like she lost memory. It ll be insteresting as ishveer gonna reunite…
    Ritika u r so bad … i dont like ur character. U were so sweet but now u r so bad….
    Waiting for shadi epi n ishveer….

  4. hash d gr8

    Omg… I just love this serial..always waiting for next episode.. now I have to wait till Monday?….Ranveer,ishani,ishani full matsh crew is awesome??Bechara shikar??how can he forget ishani…love u matsh?

  5. neha

    Hate this psycho ritika too much…. But anyways ishani will succeed to stop ritika n ranveer wedding…ranveer plz trust ur childhood love and be with her….ranveer, ishani is made for u only…just hope writer’s will make it happen soon.

  6. hehehe

    Everyday ul wait fr good episode and ul say todays episode was good. Is tat a regualar statement… sniff sniff

  7. sukanya

    everyone is waiting for ishveer patch up…..and it is simply dragging unnecessarily……but i simply cant forget shikhar….it was awesome when they played baariso ka paani yesterday and tune jo na kaha today….he will always support ishani as he deeply loves her but will be heartbroken to know about ishveer love….now his abilities as lawyer are getting light—u r smart **! i just hope he not bcums another villain..
    …nothing seems practical these days…..ritika is so evil—y everyone believes her each word……how these doctors did such operation so quickly and also ishani managed to come to ritveer shaadi venue…nyc// now there will be chuhe-billi ka khel in waghela’s mansion where ishani tries to find evidence against ritika and psycho ritika continues her dirty game….hope that they wind up the confusions soon..

  8. rosy

    My goodness!!!!! Ritz gv me a break…ur realy a pcysho u r laughing enjoyng nd tlng ur baby dat u killed ishani…oh god!! Bt i m realy sad to see shikhar in dat miserable situatn…how hard he was tryng to hide his pain….yes he is a grt lover selflessly lovng ishu…RV PLZ BELIEVE ISHANI…Bt wat abt da partial amnesia drama..??

  9. sruthi

    To my tu frnz..

    Today(27 june) is my best frnd’s birthday….
    Happy birthday yaar

    I wished my frnd…
    I want u all to wish my frnd for happy n long life … thank u

  10. sneha

    luv u shikhar…wonderful when he came to rescue ishani and took her to hosp…..also nice entry in ritveer shaadi where he tells rv that marring ritika may land him to jail as ishani is still his legal wife,……….want to punish that evil lady ritika—-such a murderous laughter…..being a pregnant and always killing people….. i hate it whenever she talks to the baby about the things and smiles….i guess dewarsh and krisha marriage will also not happen…. i heard rv wont be believing ishani this time…has he lost his brains— if not for ishani, at least he must know how ishani got injured…..
    plz jaldi karo yaar….aap patience test kar rahe ho kya?? ishveer ko mila do..

  11. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    Ishani and shikhar are gonna act that ishani has lost her memory so that she can stop the wedding
    Shikhar is so sweet he is going to help ishani stop rv and ritikas marriage
    Waiting for this episode ???
    Poor shikhar feel so sorry for him

  12. Meri aashiqui tumse hi

    Hey aysha im sana and yes i realllllllllyyyy love ishveeer a lot i want them to be together
    I want us to get 100 comments just for ishveer …….this will prove how much we all love them

  13. Aysha

    Hello there sana I ❤️Ishveer a lot they are just da best couple ever i ❤️?? them soooo soooo soooo much and i really cannot wait 4 them to get together
    Nd a think thats a good idea 2 get 100 comments just 4 them

  14. Maya

    After todays episode i feel like rithika is such a bich i cant believe it she stabbed ishani she is such a cow what will ishani do now does that mean ranveer and rithika will get married if that happens then i will never watch this serial again

    • Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

      No maya dont worry
      Ishani will stop the wedding
      And rithika and ranveer will no get married and also shikar will take ishani to hospital
      Ishani will tell shikhar everything about rithika and to stop the wedding ishani will pretend to lose her memory and shikhar will support ishani nd help her in tryin to make ranveer and rithikas marriage not take place
      And shikhar is just soooo sweet
      I love him so much ???????

  15. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    It will prove our love for ishveer
    We can atleast post 100 comments for them
    For being the best couple ❤️?
    The most adorable couple ❤️??
    And for entertaining us with their sweeet ❤️?? and cute love for each other
    Im jus sayin if u love ishveer so much then we can prove it with 100 comment
    For ishveer the best couple ever ❤️??????❤️???????❤️??????????????????❤️??????????????? ♥️

  16. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    Love ishveer so much ❤️?????♥️????☺️??????❤️?????????????♥️??????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️?????❤️???????❤️❤️??????????????????☺️Best couple ever ??♥️??♥️??♥️??♥️?

  17. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    Wooooooooow 70 commments woooooooo hooooooo nearly ?? comments yessssss im so happpy

  18. shabbu

    I wish I could slap ritika… Idiot…
    Spoiler seems to be interesting… Hope rv believes ishaani soon and realize ishaani’s love…

  19. kowsi

    Episode was really too gud…but im xcited to c shadi episode….and thn ishveer moments…shikar u r a great yaar..

  20. Isha Rawat

    Arjun u r so sweet…u don’t care about u. U only cares about ishani bocoz u love her sooooo much….I have no words to for yr acting……it was mind blowing….
    Ishani u r doing so gud…love u both

  21. Divya

    Plss put the repeat of meri aashiqui tumse hi at 4.30 pm in the evening instead of 6.00. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  22. annah?(anu)

    Wat was this?????? My gosh!?! I cud not think anything for 2 mins after I read d update!!_ ritika;_ u r a crazy dumbo…. Hugh…I feel lyk stabbing u lyk u stabbed my sweet ishani n ranveer(indirectly by taking his love away from him)

    N how can sum1 do so many works being pregnant?? I think only ritika has this capability……!

    Anyways waiting for ishveer to reunite

  23. sneha

    true appreciation for shikhar…..soon ishveer to patch up but it will take ttttyymmmmmmmmm…….ritika sud be punished in such a way that she will be afraid even of her own shadow….the evil lady—-want to kill you ritika…….luv u shikhar……
    hey its more than 100 comments…..hurrah!!

  24. Todays latest update

    Ishaani and ranveer are marrying again

    Well dewarsh marriage is happening. Ishaani look gorgeous and ranveer too. They both arrive there panditji ask them to sit for pooja then there ranveer is making ishaani pallu to put up on her head then keeping kumkum on her head and wearing mangalsustra. Then after seeing this all evil ritika went out. Shikar was seeing this all with a cute smile on his face.

  25. John Kennedy Alangaram

    Ranveer too look so pretty. The story is so interesting.i ♥ the story and the cast.

  26. buttterflyyyy

    Ishveer you guys just look awesome together. Please come together soon. awesome cast awesome story …
    I just love to watch Matsh °_°
    can’t wait till Monday to watch next episode

  27. amrutha KARITHIK

    shekar ur so nice ur amazing men… love u yar. ishani and shekar Jodi be acha lagata yeh but ishani loveing Rv…ritika ur acting also good I think ur great full job… ekata MADEM plz gethor to do no milavo naa jalide se. it’s better to audience. shekar really ur good actor… keeping rocking show….

  28. colors

    Always nice people have to secrifice love in shastri sisters veer loved anu but rajat took her and in matsh shekhar love her and trust her but rv is taking her

  29. colors

    I think they should let isani and shekhar merry so rv learn his lesson and be with evil ritika

  30. niDhZii

    hey GuYss plZz … tell Me :/ -_-
    whAt WiLl HappEn nexT
    rv will ForgiVe ishani or Not ??? plZz I’m dyinG to KnW diSss <3 :*

  31. niDhZii

    omGgg !!!
    WhAtt An EpiSoDe :O :O
    iMm DAmn #eXciteD_for_UpComInG_epi <3 :*

    lovEe uHhh iShAni <3 rAnVeer

  32. maya

    dont get excited: rv and ishani getting married on the venue of dewarsh-krisha marriage was just a short moment where there as actually a demand of the couple where both the girl and the boy should not have eaten anything…..luckily, they got rv and ishani and there rv put sindoor on ishani’s head and also the mangalsutra scene…. watching the closeness of ishveer, ritika got irritated and walked out of there……later shikhar also came out….

    actually the matter is yet not solved…..though rv performed such rituals there but is still angry on ishani….after this, i guess the partial amnesia wala drama starts and ishani tries to find proofs against ritika with the help of shikhar……hope very soon ishveer patch up…..its already so much dragging now…waiting for that episode…

  33. aditya

    when will be the delivery of ritika??? the baby will remain forever there or what??? the time has already passed—9months or still waiting??? how long will ekta madam take to reunite them??? plz drama band karo….ya to ishveer ko mila do ya peacefully ishkhar aur ritveer ki shaadi karwa ke show band kar do…

  34. Anu Rajpoot

    i jus hate this da typical ‘partial amnesia’ wala drama..ekta does it in every possible serial.. Thoda to practical karo storyline ko.

  35. shabbu

    where r u frm [email protected] n aish

    • shabbu

      i watch all the serial in colors except ashok, balika vadu and code red….

      n in star plus sns,tmh,dabh…

      its fasting time na so unable to watch live show.. just reading updates…

      wat abt u??

    • shabbu

      s ofcourse,…

      u r a grl or boy ?.. coz ur name bit [email protected]

  36. shabbu

    i watch only starplus n colors nishir.. but used to comments over there.. in tat too they are uniting the main cast i think..

    • shabbu

      is manmarziya good??? if so i will read the updates!!

      sometimes i use to watch it on bur really confused by the names.. i know only radika in tat!!

  37. Kalai

    I like arjun in matsh. Arjun is more handsome guy than Sakthi arora. His acting is too good. He is simply superb in all moments feeling for ishaani

  38. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    Rv is best ??♥️?????
    Yipeeee 218 comments ?????

  39. Rosh

    I can’t wait for their reunion…..I hope Ishveer will be together for some time. I like Shikher too , pity him

    • aditya

      but you need to wait more….. the wedding scene is there but it does not mean everything became normal between ishani and rv……rv does not believe ishani and she has to work hard to find proofs against ritika to reveal the truth…….there will be few romantic scenes in the middle but the final reunion is a bit more far….shikhar will help ishani in getting back rv…..we have to be patient bcoz ekta madam is on a mission to test it……hope ishveer patch up soon!!!! do u have any idea when will be ritika’s delivery??

  40. sonali

    arjun bijlani is indeed a superb actor with mind blowing expressions but we have more supporters for shakti arora because he is the lead here….. anyways that is not important….the story should be nice and actors should be able to carry it nicely otherwise there is no life in any show…..i love the whole team of MATSH…

    • Rosh

      Yap, AB doing a fantastic work…….it will be nice to see him supporting but I feel very sad to see him crying and heart broken

  41. hey guys..plz stop these nonsnc talkngzz…thiz not a socul media..its too irritatng..plz discz about this sad serial

  42. muskan

    Pls don’t say this 🙁 utnabhi bakwas nahi hai!! Sorry if u r hurt!! U shared ur opinion n I shared mine!!


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