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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV looks at Mausa ji suspectedly as he passes them away. Ishaani says he is so broadminded. RV says he isn’t broad minded, he is sleep walking. Mausa ji turns around and heads back. RV and Ishaani run the other way. RV comes close to Ishaani in the kitchen, Mausa ji again opens the door. He heads towards RV and Ishaani but Ishaani notices he had come to fridge. She opens the fridge door, RV hands him a banana, he takes it and leave to the kitchen.
Amba and Baa arrive together; Amba says to Lakshmi that she did what she had said. Baa says at this house, Thakkur ji is hers, Amba has once again done work for her, and she must now prepare the Poshak well to be draped on Thakur ji. Parul and Pratik cheer that it seems their plan was successful.
Ishaani and RV watch Mausa ji lying

on the bed in room. He gets Ishaani by shoulders and says the night hasn’t passed by and the valentines day hasn’t ended. They were about to kiss, Ishaani is worried that both Baa and Amba have come. She hurries into her room and shuts to door behind. RV comes to his room where Mausa ji lied, he says here his family has been his enemy.
Girish stood covered face and watched Shanaila. The wardboy comes and asks him not to come here, if he is caught he will lose his job. Girish bribes him, and asks how is her sister showing such improvement. The ward boy says that man is a God, who comes to take care of his sister daily. He is spending a lot of money on her, and has called doctor from foreign to treat her. Girish is confused who to believe, Chiraag or what he can see.
Ritika comes to Sharman’s room saying Good Morning, but Sharman wasn’t there. Sharman comes home, Baa notices him worried and drunk. She asks, he says Ritika doesn’t love her and she and Ranveer are caught into something. Baa tells him not to be dubious on her loyalty, she also thinks she loves him and she and Ranveer are only friends. Had she not in love with him, she must not have come to meet him on Valentine’s Day. She asks Sharman to jerk any false feelings, and go get fresh promising to talk to Ritika. Amba and Lakshmi hears this. Lakshmi says to Amba that Sharman’s doubt is really firm, they must now make a proposal for Ranveer and Ishaani. Amba says soon RV and Ishaani are divorced, the soon there will be the wedding of Ranveer and Ishaani.
Chaitali weighs herself in front of mirror and cheers that she is getting thin. She says she will disappears this way. Ritesh comes calling her and asks her to get ready as they have been called by Mr. Javeri. He has brought sweet for her, she forbids him to eat it else he is getting fat. She goes to take saree from Ishaani, as she is the youngest diamond company owner.
Ishaani sprays fragrance in her room. She says she now feels fresh and goes to mirror to get ready. Ranveer comes and hugs her. She asks how she didn’t know, he says he has removed the wind chime. That always spoilt his surprise. She tells him to go away, he says he has not forgotten to shut the door, catches her and asks her for valentine’s kiss. He lay her on the bed, when someone knocks at the door calling Ishaani. It was Chaitali, Ishaani was worried, afraid and asks him to hide under the bed. She takes him to go out of window, he says he will fell down. She panics and takes him to cupboard, he says he is suffocating but she forces him inside.
Ishaani goes to open the door, Chaitali says she got so much time. Ishaani says she was changing saree. Chaitali says she wants to borrow her saree, Ishaani was taken aback. Ishaani smiles, Chaitali asks her to show her her cupboard. Ishaani stops her and says she will send sarees to her as cupboard isn’t managed. Chaitali says she will even manage her cupboard.
Ishaani asks why would she do her work. Chaitali says she is helping her that is why. Chaitali removes her from the way. RV hides himself watching Chaitali. Ishaani was speechless as Chaitali chose for the saree. Ishaani said at each saree to take it, but Chaitali was taking time to select. Ishaani says she can’t give her saree, Chaitali asks why can’t she wear the saree. Ishaani says this is Sharman’s Lagan patrika, she must wear new saree, not the older one. She says she must not worry about money but buy a new one for herself. She gives Chaitali money to get saree for herself, and says bye to her. Ishaani shuts the door, and comes to open the cupboard. Ranveer stood there faint, and fells on the floor. Ishaani was worried, and rubs his hand. She thinks she must give him air to breath. He hugs her in that position tight, she gets up at once.

PRECAP: Ranveer says her candle light is fixed tonight. Ishaani says it isn’t easy, what will they say at home. Ranveer holds her hand, kisses her on cheek and says I love you and your reply is awaited. He smiles at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Please Fast!!

  2. OMG…..!!!! Dragging a lot to show their romance…….!!!!!!

  3. There will be six months leap in the show in which ishveer is going to part ways with their different partners…so the romance dharma will end soon …

  4. Why are these people behaving like teenage romance. Not at all watchable. It is silly and stupid. Ishani is the worst character in the serial. Even Baa and Amba are better.

  5. nt bd rv lv u i want a boy lyk uuuuu

  6. I can’t see RV loosing his love again. Come on director have pity on Ranveer, Shakti with his power packed performance will bring tears in my eyes. Ishaani pahle se ek budhu hai!!! Can’t see the sea of love in Ranveers eyes. Today’s episode was good, love is a crazy thing it doesn’t see age

  7. shut ur mouths everyone

  8. U shut ur gutter @ AJ

  9. relieved to know tat this stupid track ending , better ritika marry rv because she is the one deserve him, (remember when she first came to know that rv loves ishanni, she is the one who taught rv to live with pain and told rv tat she had 8 bf’s but none of them is in her life now) interested to see whats gonna happen?

  10. A person who had 8 BF can’t teach another who in his whole life loved one single person how to live with pain. Person who had 8BF 9 th pain is nothing. You can go search Gabriel Marques Garciaas ” love in the time of cholera”as a reference ,it shows how a person change by loosing love. Have a look

  11. I don’t know why people blame characters in any soap or show. As much as I hate the foolish Act of taking forever to get intimacy as husband and wife does, the fault is the producers and the directors. The cast will only do what they been told to do. We can only blame cast if it was not well acted and make it real. The producer&the director has done a great job. Having said that they fail in this area of making it practical &real. No man or woman legally married would no have broken every barrier to be together to have that moment at the slightest opportunity when those 2 witches were away. They need to work on this. End of

  12. May another new face will make an entry

  13. Today’s episode is good..Day by day Ranveer Ishaani Romance increasing..eventhough Ishveer are crazy.. it’s nice to watch than fighting.. Chaitali changed.. anyway it doesn’t matter..Want Girish to know the truth about Chiraag and want Girish to hurt him badly and also suffer a lot for all his misdeeds..waiting for a good episode..

  14. i just meant that may be she was serious in all of relationships longing for a true love but none of them fitting in, and when she find rv also who is madly longing for ishaani’s love as she was with her past relationships, she can feel the same loneliness so she may worried for him and want him to be happy as she finally found a man who loves with pure heart and not her own happiness that’s why she did so much for rv all along, for me she is full of +ve positive energy and thoughts rather than this dumb ishaani or that fool sherman.

    that’s why i told she deserves rv.

  15. I agree Ishani is dumb & Sharmen is a fool , but RV will be happy only with his Ishani that is where his heart & soul belongs. She is his passion and everything without her he will be in pain . That is why I feel bad for the character Shakti’s eye are very expressive he is going to make many to shed tears. I hope there is some thing positive. I don’t mind the romance because they were child hood friends. I didn’t mean to offend anyone

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