Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home Mala tells everyone that Ranveer and Ishaani left together. Amba wonders where they could go.
At the site of river, the lady police officer informs that there are two dead bodies of around 25 years age. They were holding hands together, it seems it is a matter of love. An inspector brings a wallet, the inspector informs Kailash Vaghela that they have found two dead bodies near the river, they suspect them to be of Ranveer and Ishaani. At home, Kailash gets on his seat hearing the phone call and tells them about it. He stands again and says it is just a suspect, may be the bodies of someone else. There Ranveer isn’t that weak, Baa says her Ishaani isn’t that weak as she has learned to fight with life always. Amba and Kailash leave for the site, leaving Ritika behind with

Lakshmi. Baa also leaves with them. Ritika thinks RV can’t die else she will get defeated.
In the car, Baa tells Amba to keep courage, it must be someone else not Ranveer. Amba cries that they took Ishaani’s name as well. Baa says that Kailash has gone to police station and will bring some good news. At the site, there were two bodies. People there discussed that someone saw that the boy dived before the girl, it must be a case of love. They haven’t died, they will get their loves in the life to come.
Amba and Baa comes forward, the inspector asks them if they are ready for identification. It were Ranveer and Ishaani. Baa and Amba both cry hard getting on the bodies. Both Ranveer and Ishaani held hands tightly.
Both the ladies are shocked when they come out of day dreaming, those were some other people. The inspector apologizes Amba that they found a wallet that caused this misconception. He hands RV’s wallet to her. Amba and Baa comes to car, Amba says she did so wrong with Ranveer. She never let him live happily with his love of childhood. She knew Ranveer will not be able to live without Ishaani, she was crazy to think that Ishaani’s love will ruin RV’s life. She knows today that keeping Ranveer away from Ishaani will end their lives. She could only see her own hate, she says they aren’t mistake but only loves each other so much. She wonders where they have gone and when they will return. Baa says a few things worth is only realized late, she recognized Ishaani’s love late but then she sided Ishaani. Today, Amba also needs to bless her child to live happily with each other. Baa prays they both come back together. Amba suggests about going home.
At home, Ritika says that she already knew it can’t be RV. RV can never do so, it is good they people went there. Amba and Kailash sat worried while Baa nods at Amba not to worry. Amba says once Ranveer comes home, she will accept all his decisions. She prays for Ranveer’s return.
Ranveer and ishaani come home shattered, mud faced but hands in hands. Chaitali says God listened to them, they are here. Amba goes to Ranveer and asks where he had gone. Ishaani comes to Baa who cried and scolds Ishaani if she will make her cry by going this far away. Couldn’t she tell her where she is going? Kailash tells them that police called and told them they found dead bodies of a boy and a girl who suicide. RV and Ishaani were silent. Kailash asks Ranveer where he had gone. RV says sorry he went out of the house without telling them, he says he wouldn’t have returned home if Ishaani wasn’t there. Ritika wonders what happened in one night that Ranveer is appreciating Ishaani today.
Amba says that now they have returned is enough for them all. She says they will all accept any of his decision, he may marry anyone he wants to. He might live with anyone he wants to live, he must not leave this house ever. Ritika is curt that Amba has changed as well. Ishaani and Ranveer look at each other. Baa asks them why they are looking at each other, what she could know is that Ranveer jumped and Ishaani followed to save him. Now what decision they have taken. Ranveer comes to Ishaani, holds her hand and both look at each other.

PRECAP: Ranveer comes to Ritika with Ishaani and says I am sorry Ritika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shakti risky performance by standing at top of a narrow bridge railing and eventually jumped was awesome… and dialogue delivery also commentable…

    Today’s episode was unexpected… I have a doubt suddenly from where baa came.. where was she till yesterday… ????? Anyway Amba Baa patch up happen.. as the news passed to family members… Rithika felt for losing the challenge
    .. but not for Ranveer…. what a vamp character…. worth watching Rithika’s reaction while Ishveer holding hands… ha ha
    … precap is also interesting… waiting for the twist… hoping for a best episode..

    1. wow finally ishaveer unite i watch on desitvbox…………………….truth reveal………………….. r u happy now veiwers??????????? finally cv,s listen us………………………. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 <3 <3 😀 😀 so happy i m feeling awsome…………………………………….. watch the serial regularly ……………. now on………. !!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂 🙂

  2. Todays episode was good. Hope this time everything would be good. Ritika should be exposed now, ishani and ranveer should be together.?

  3. Lovely…
    Didn’t comment for a while…
    But i couldn’t stop myself today…
    Ranveer n ishani looked

  4. wow…I hope soon ritika will b xposed

    1. Hiiii r u megha srivastav…..plz let me know… Don’t mind.

  5. lovely…………………………..

    1. i want ranveer to marry ritika and than all truth come out………….. or otherwise i think this is ishaveer,s plan……… reveal ritika……………what will happen next v dont know………. any ways there is now watchable episodes and these r intersting…………much better and i miss shikher……………..where he is………….?????????? i want shikher olso when ishaveer comes home together………… u ishaveer and shikher………… 🙂 🙂 :* ;* 🙂 😀 😀

  6. So as usual, there’s no good twist for us(viewers)……it was just a dream of amba…..I think rv decide to get marry with ritika,, in spoilers also shows that ritika stops ishani when she was to leave the house,,,ritika tells amba to grind henna leaves for her and she’ll apply that mehendi on her hands,, to make jealous ishani….
    Again I don’t like this twist…. Its all bullshit….don’t watch this show anymore just reading updates only……bakwas story.?

  7. Any one pls tell after falling wat happens pls koi batao

  8. Don’t keep so mch hope guys…. Its Ekta Kapoor show “Remember”??? So anything can happen anytime. She may ruin all of our happiness in jst a glimpse of a second and continue wid her dragging and stupidity which she is famous for…….!!!!!!!!

  9. I think it’s again going 2 b a drama….
    Wat else can v expect from ekta kapoor serials?

  10. razia sultan plsss upload plllllsssss

  11. Today episode was good and amba realies the ranveer love,that’s why I am so happy. Today I like amba so much….but ranveer and ishani divorced very soon….ranveer get marry to dvil rithika.i am so sad as well as so disgusting this story line…this show not come to the ending…. full of dragggggggggggg……..

  12. WHat An EPISODE!!!!!!!
    Didn’t expect a twist like this..
    But I am doubting about the ending
    What does ‘I am sorry rithika’ mean????
    Is rv going2 to accept ri or ish?
    Hope ish to be……

  13. now its tim to reveal ritika’s untold truth…

  14. D epi ws ok !!!
    Pls xpose Ritika truth as soon as possible ??

  15. I think rv is acting to fool ishani to get the divorce n marry rithika or he’s trying to instigate rithika to take revenge on ishani

  16. Or shikar has convinced the killer and chirags mom to tell the truth to ishveer

  17. wow , today’s episode was nice . i hope ishani and ranveer join together . i just cant believe that amba has changed her mind.

    1. S so can’t I believe but it’s true wat can we do I mean dats very gud ??

  18. ammu karithik

    ya nice episode ….today. I think Rv acting on dis time… becoz Ranveer is relised his love ishani is innocent…ishani ki pas prof nahe hey rithik ki ko expose karenko…. he do something against rithik…. he knws rithik is murder….now track going very interesting…. Love u ishveer…. miss u sheker

  19. Guys what about shikar? My prayers not 2 be dream.
    What is ur wishes guys?

  20. I know, after jumping from the bridge ishani saves him and accepts to divorce him. They’re going to separate forever. This will happen.

  21. Finally something gonna be interesting. Waiting for rithika’s truth reveal. Love ishveer…. <3 <3

  22. new spoiler….. i don”t know whats going gonna…. but they are dragging…………………..

    Ranveer and Ritika’s marriage preparations have started with mehendi function. Ishani decides to leave the house after getting insulted and divorced by Ranveer. She couldn’t see his marriage functions anymore. Ritika asks Ishani to stay during her functions to make her feel jealous. Ritika started her drama with Amba. She asks Amba to grind the mehendi leaves, so that mehendi will get dark on her hands. Ritika tries to win Ranveer’s heart by making him eat the food made by her. They don’t ask Ishani to have food. Ishani has become single again and Ranveer is on the verge of marrying Ritika. Ishani leaves the house with her baggage while Ranveer looks on angrily. She looks at him with teary eyed.

  23. Wow my dream come true…….i hope the same happens in swaragini also……..

  24. Hey guys there’s a good news for matsh fans:
    Rv and ishani reunion happens ……I heard this news on SBS that during marriage preparations of ritika and rv,,,,rv soon realises that whatever ishani did, its for his benefit only and he also realise that ritika was cheated him,,,he observes ritika’s changed behaviour,,, he felt that ishani was correct……. Rv ran away from the mandap to stop ishani, who is leaving the city with her family….. On railway station rv search ishani to stop her,,,,,and he hugged ishani,,ishani and rv both confessed their love….??❤

    I am glad to heard this news……. Now I am not sure this is also a dream sequence or not,,,,but I really hope that this is going to happen… Its true not dream….fingers crossed…
    Let’s see,,,,,,just wait n watch….

    1. Yep i heard that too the news is correct finally ranveer will realise ishaanis love for him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And will find out about rithikas true intentions
      I cant wait for this episode im so happy ❤️??

  25. ishveer and swsan forever

    Hope what u said hapeens neha. I HV stopped watching this show but now I will watch each and every episode.

  26. Pls let this ishaani,RV whatever come to an end, it’s becoming so boring & irritating

  27. anjali vishwakarma

    Pata nahi yeh ritika ka drama kab khatam hoga. Ab toh bore ho gaye dhakh dhakh k

  28. nice episode. but not satisfied cozz i think ishani has accepted to divorce ranveer. late realization by amba if she had done this before, this much problems would have not come. any way atleast nw she has changed.

  29. Where is today’s episode? Did it not telecast today?

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