Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani’s watches the mobile heading towards the wood, it turns down and crashes badly deep into the woods. The kidnappers watches the mobile, laugh and says they have done their job.
There, RV gets ready but didn’t feel well. He had a needle prick, Lakshmi comes there to him. He tells her he is a bit restless. Lakshmi says a girl is restless not the boys. The windchime chirps at once, he goes to touch it, then has pain in his heart. Lakshmi asks RV what happened to him, smile suits his face not the worry. When he will go to Ritika smiling, she will also get peace. RV smiles forcibly.
Ritika was getting ready when her phone rings, she asks the makeup artists to excuse her. The team tells Ritika telling her that the work has been done and Ishaani has reached her special place.

Ritika laughs and says thanks a lot, she is so happy today. She asks them to sent a photo of Ishaani to them, she wants to see her dead. It would be the greatest proof of her death. Varma says they have thrown the car, can someone be saved by falling from such a height. Ritika asks if he hasn’t seen Hindi movies, there are miracles as well, so he must sent a photo soon to get the whole payment. Varma takes the team down to take photo. Ritika says she won’t like to see the photo of her wedding as much as she would like to see the dead Ishaani. She calls the makeup artist to get her ready.
Shekhar comes home watching his family enjoying the wedding preparations. Kanchal and Mr. Mehra were excited. Kanchal says it was great Shekhar loved Ishaani and reduced their tension. Kanchal comes to Shekhar and asks where is Ishaani. Shekhar says Ishaani won’t come. Kanchal asks what, what does he means. Kanchal says it is her turmeric. Shekhar smiles and takes Kanchal inside, he says Ishaani is Gujrati, and in their families there is a tradition that a bride doesn’t go to groom’s house before wedding. Bua asks won’t she even come at Dewarsh and Krisha’s wedding that is just one hour before her wedding. Shekhar says she won’t come. Mr. Mehra says he will talk to her family, but Shekhar says we must respect their traditions. Dewarsh hears this all, and wonders why is Shekhar lying, is there any problem between Ishaani and Shekhar’s wedding.
The team looks for Ishaani’s body but couldn’t find it in the mobile. It had started to rain hard. They get Ritika’s call who asks for the photo, a team member comes from behind shouting there is no body. Ritika is shocked and asks what is she listening. Varma says they will find the body, Ritika asks what if they don’t find it. Varma says he will find it. Ritika says she is coming there. She opens the door but Lakshmi comes inside asking why isn’t she ready yet. The team couldn’t find the body.
There Ishaani was going up, badly injured. She tries to make a call but her phone was off. She wonders what she should do and creeps upwards while the team was searching for her.
Lakshmi says that Ritika is looking really very pretty, Ranveer won’t be able to marry her. Ritika is shocked. Lakshmi qualifies he won’t be able to look away from her. She asks Ritika why is she worried, was she looking for the makeup artists. She asks Ritika to get ready and come down. Ritika says she was coming to say this to her, she is really tired and wants to rest. She will do the final touchups later. Lakshmi says alright she can, but she must take care of this makeup. Ritika asks her to make sure no one disturbs her. Ritika closes the door, she thinks she has to go to the woods as her wedding now depends upon her dead body.
Ishaani was hiding and thinks she must go from here, but how will she go.
Ritika takes a shawl and thinks the whole family is busy, she calls for the car. As she comes out of the room, she hears Lakshmi appreciating Ranveer. She tells him Ritika has gone to sleep as she is tired. Ritika leaves.
Shekhar was upset in his room thinking about Ishaani. He takes her photo from his table and hugs it. He lay on bed, thinking about his option for her.

PRECAP: Varma shows the car to Ritika. Ishaani comes up on the road from behind and tries to escape.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona please update fast…

  2. Today’s episode was good. Feeling sorry for shikhar and Ishaani.. Shikhar bechara heart broken… song was nice in background with scenes.
    OMG.. how cruel this evil Psycho Rithika.. her game is going to get over.. waiting for it.. precap good . waiting for a happy episode.



    2. Shikhar’s expressions and feeling was awesome… wow… what an acting… nobody can replace his role.. perfect…

  3. What happened to ishani update fast

  4. Fast…..

  5. Hello all..

    “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” is gearing up for an interesting twist.

    According to a Tellychakkar report, Ishani (Radhika Madan) will lose her memory to keep Ranveer (Shakti Arora) away from Ritika (Smriti Khanna).

    Word has it, since she doesn’t have much proof against Ritika, Ishani will be seen playing the ‘partial amnesia’ card to collect evidence.

    “…While on the other hand, Ritika will also be aware of Ishani’s health, but won’t be able to reveal it as she will also run out of substantial proof against Ishani,” a source told the leading daily.

    Another twist in the tale is Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) and his connection with the big plan. Reportedly, Ishani convinces him about the impending danger in Ranveer’s life, which makes him let go of her.

    Smriti, on the other hand, didn’t reveal much about the upcoming episodes. “There will be lots of interesting twists and turns in the show for audience, but I can’t reveal that. I would love the audience to see and enjoy,” she said.

    In other news, Shakti reportedly said Ishani and Ranveer would soon get a breather. Does this mean, the two are set to patch-up and the Ritika’s wedding plans with him are not to see the light of day? Only time will tell.

    1. yes nice game from ishani…..hats off to shikhar for his support and the love….soon the drama will end end and ishveer will patch up…..what will the expressions of all all when ritika’s true face will come out??? too much excited…….

    2. ishani not actually loses her memory but it is only a game to keep rv away from ritika….but it will work well and the lovebirds will come close again……impressed with u shikhar….standing ovation for the performances and the support……ishveer rocks…..

  6. Rithika ur sooo cruel………

  7. gd episode.
    for the patch up.

  8. Aww luv u rnveerrr nd cnt wait till ishveer unite

  9. Happy anniversary… MATSH

  10. Happy anniversary to MATSH…..feeling sad for shikhar and ishani coz she got injured… Hope ishveer reunite soon… I hate psycho ritika… But luv all the cast of meri aashiqui….. Done great job….luv shakti, radhika, arjun,smriti….

  11. shekhar u r really an emotional hero…u r unreplacable and its really a treat to watch u..luv u sooo much

  12. Ye indian drame itne lambe kio hote hein, pakistani dramas ko deko 25 episode maxim ,,,Agree???????????????????????????

    1. Yeah true…da shows of pakistan dnt run shw da reality as most of dem r based on novels which hav meanings…bt indian dramas r most based on writer’s mood swings,,,!!!! viewers request,,current affairs nd wat not!!!!
      Lyk pakistani dramas dnt shw ppl sleepng wid make up,,heavy jewellery nd a certain dress code 4 characters(lyk ishani never changes her blouse style neither da type of her sari)…evn most characters here r very rich…LOL LOL LOL

      1. Mr. khan n rosy who asked u to watch Indian serials???
        just watch ur pakistani 25 episodes
        you guys seems to be Carping type of people…

    2. agreed wit u twinkle

      1. Thanks charu…

  13. Nice episode.

  14. happy annivers….for all d team.. meri aashiqui tum se hi i love dis serial very much… love u Rv . shekar ur really relly nice acting ur very suche yeh good lover.. all d best shekar in ur bright future love u yar.

  15. awesome ranveer! feeling sooooooo much fr ish.The moment was nice when u touched the wind chime and ur heart.But cant see ranveer in vain.waiting fr ishveer reunion.

  16. Hai friends. Yesterday I saw a video in that ishanni amd ranveer suhaagrat. Ishanni locked the rooms and has a key with her. She went to bed and lied on it. Ranveer goes out of the room with help of windoe and ishaani is running back behind her.

  17. Feeling sad for shikar. Very good xpresions by shikar. Sorry for ishani. Hope soon ishveer will unite.

  18. Super episode,,,bt what an acting shikarr ,, hatsoff to ur actng..,

  19. Feeling bad for shekar….expressions was very nice….nobady can do better than you…I love u…..and I hate ritika

  20. Very sad to see shikhar…. Ishani has to tell all the truth initially…. Waiting for happy epis….. Ishani’s saree WS beautiful….. Acting WS too good….

  21. I just wish ishveer will patch up soon…

    But pls director let someone notices ritika’s true face..

    I just wish tat someone should slap ritika so hard tat her mouth starts bleeding… Lol..

    Idiot ritika because of her ishaani is injured… I want the directors to injure ritika as well…

  22. Show is getting worse day by day !

  23. AnonyMous GiRL!!

    I hope everything should come on the right track soon. We have been waiting for Ishveer moments so long!!

  24. I feel we r free to appreciate nd critise da plot/storyline nd evn da way de r portrayd…so evn if we site an example of reality nd mention da appropriateness of certain things happening in indian television,,no one can judge dat mindset rather no 1 hav the rit to judge wat typ of ppl we r….if u wana appreciate wats being shown u r free to do 1 tl u abt ur nature or character…we r here to discuss abt indian dramas nd nt havng ne personal disgust…so it wud b bettr if ppl cncentrate on da mattr for wats ths page is n nt waste der tym in judging wat we prefer or nt…i thnk we r nt running ne political party here wich always favour themselves evn if there r faults….

    1. fact time!!!
      Rosie was the 1st transgenic cow producing human alpha-lactabumin rick milk °_*
      lol( lots of love)

    2. I’m an Indian serials lover they show what a public wants…
      These serials go on n on bcz we love to watch them going on with lots of twists n drama…
      n their dressing style show latest trends.
      n if u don’t to watch please don’t watch. you got no right to criticise them…*_*

  25. Today rithika gonna hurt ishani by knife that’s gonna hapn…?

  26. Hey whose teaching bio

  27. Yeah we hav right to critisize nd appreciate too.its nt dat im only critising i do appreciate der acting nd sumtymes da intensity of emotions shown dat exist in wat doesnt exist in reality i cn object dat….twinkle u r no 1 to tl wat typ of rights we hav…dat wud b decided by da law nd da broadcastng agency…wen de say to report any cmplaint against cntent of da shw if viewers hav ne,,,who r u to tl wat rights we hav….u might b thnking y im talkng abt pakistani serials,,,i cn say abt american,,english serials too…da matter is only how certain thngs r portrayd nd nt who r portrayng….
    N u might nt b sleepng wid ur makeup on nd might nt b gettng wid lipstick,kajal,jhumkas on ur face!!!!!

  28. Moreover im a regular viewer of MATSH…so i watch it…nd many more indian dramas only…n sumtym american nd pakistani(recently broadcastd in india)

  29. Isveer pls unite soon

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