Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Gauri is poverwhelmed to see romil standing by her, as he throws prnav out. when he leaves, romil turns to gauri, while ishaani is pleased but turns away to give them some privacy. she leaves from there, closing the door behind them. she comes out and expresses her insistent wish to go to chirag’s right now and doesnt listen to anything that ranvir tries to make her understnd. in the car, she calls chirag that she is coming rightaway to talk to him. ranvis is tensed as she arrives and storms inside.

Scene 2:
Location: Chirag’s residence
Chirag finds ishaani at his house, late night and asks whats the matter, as he could have come if she wanted to talk to him. Before he can complete, she slaps him tight

across his face, and he is stunned. She starts reprimanding him that she knew everything, and that he planned to spoil gauri’s life, by mkixing with pranav, and accusing him of letting his male ego be bruised by the fact that she rejected him, and hence played such a evil prank of spoiling her sister’s marital life to pain her. ranvir comes and hears that chirag did talk to pranav. She starts insulting for being egoist, selfish, emotionless. She finds ranvir and reprimands him too for suggeting chirag’s name in marriage for her. She tells chirag and says that he never wants to see her ever again, and after having thoroughly insulted him saying that he doesnt deserve anyone’s love. a voice calls out saying that this isnt true. It turns out to be pranav, who clarifies that he infact told him about gauri’s marital life, and sent him to her place, not just for revenge, and that he still loves her to the very end, but its important that she hates him, so that she can start being happy with romil, and that this advise was given to him by chirag. Ishaani remembers gauri doing the same for him when she was getting married. She gets emotional, seeing pranav so pained in his life. Chirag composes him. She feels guilty as she eyes chirag, who reaches out to pranav. Pranav leaves. ranvir is tensed. He comes to her, as chirag goes inside. He reprimands her for accusing chirag and insulting so badly, and says that looks can be deceiving, and sometimes things are to be felt by the heart and not by the sight. He asks her to go and apologise to chirag, as she hesitates to do so. ranvir leaves. She comes to chirag, who welcomes her. she apologises, while he asks her to chill and forget. ranvir is tensed to see all this from the balcony. She apologises for every harsh word that she said, and says that she doesnt feel ready to be married to her. He says that she is entitled to her opinion. Chirag tells her that one thing he knows for sure, that her likes her and if he marries ever, it would be with her. she eyes him awkwardly. ranvir is drawn to tears hearing this, unable to see her with someone else. He starts to cheer her by humouring, and that she can always say no to him, even after one month and he wont spoil her sister’s life for that. She leaves, while asking ranvir to come along. But he excuses himself, to compose himself for sometime. Chirag comes and thanks him, for suggeting this idea to be able to win over ishaani’s heart, as sending pranav to gauri’s place was his idea but he made it sound like chirag’s to impress ishaani. He controls his tears, when chirag comments that he knows her so well, that he feels that he loves her. He dismisses it away. He leaves, while chirag thanks him again. He sits in the car and turns on the ignition.

Scene 3:
Location: In the car
While ishaani gushes that chirag isnt a bad person after all, ranvir gets emotional thinking about their past times, spent together. He thinks that he turned ishaani to chirag, and himself stayed away as his love story is one sided, as the person in her life, would be very lucky and better than her, but his passion is just for her.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
While romil is getting ready, gauri gives him his stuff, while he cares that she doesnt get hurt, when she is careless. ishaani comes and sees them like that, shying away like new found lovebirds, and is pleased. they have a mini conversation, while ishaani smiles. She points it out to ranvir, saying that she was very tensed for both of them, but is finally relieved. Ishaani comments that when two people who are meant to be together, are united, there is no other better feeling that that. ranvir gets emotional. ishaani discusses their case with him, and says that they shall fall in love, and all of this is due to chirag, who handled such a sensitive relation with such care, and that shows that he is very sentimental. he teases her for liking chirag and actually praising him. He presents her the idea of taking Gmat coaching from Chirag, to be able to go abroad, while harshad is under the impression that she is spending time with chirag. He manages to convince her, while she is lost in thoughts. He eyes her emotionally. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Baa intentionally hurts Ranvir’s mother’s hands, saying that she should concentrate on her work, and not try to eavesdrop on the conversations in this house. She tells her that servants here just have hands and feet, and not have ears and eyes to the doings in this house. ranvir’s mother is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg i hate chirag if only ishaani hears chirag laughin bwt ranveer sayin da he shuldn hve helped him n dey shuld also make it day chirag knws bwt da love for ishaan rashani rock not chirani

  2. Ths serial is so boring…wen he cnt get married to her then y does he love her…looser kahinka…

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