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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer leaves Ishaani, she is irritated and asks if he feels like laughing. He smiles, she says he must see what she will do now. Ranveer snatches her white robe, she covers herself with arms as she was wearing red dress. Ranveer comes towards her, she asks what he is doing, and asks him to return her robe. He throws the robe on the bed, Ishaani tries to hide herself with her arms, RV makes fun of her. She bends and splashes water from the tub of his face, and laughs. Ranveer makes face as she makes fun of him. She says she wants to drown him in water, he asks in such little water and mocks at her by calling someone save him. He splashes back on her. They play with each other, Ishaani spills the tub on floor and gets on the bed. Ranveer fells down, Ishaani makes fun of him and

wears her robe as Ranveer keeps on slipping on the floor. There is a bell on the door, Ishaani is worried that they have returned. Ranveer says pizza boy must have come. Ishaani runs to get it, while Ranveer runs behind her to stop her, saying he will see her this way. Ishaani runs to the door, and opens it. Ranveer and Ishaani are shocked to see who is at the door.
Ritika comes back to table and is worried to see Sharman drunk. He stands up, holds her by arms and says he wants to ask her something. He asks if she loves him, she was speechless. He drowns in her shoulder.
There were some guests at home. Ranveer hides Ishaani behind him, and sends her away. He says to his mausa ji that he should have told him to bring him from station. Mausa ji says it is fine, he is here on his own. Mausa ji asks if he recognizes the other people with him, Ranveer says no. Mausa ji introduces them as his relatives Hasmukh bhai. He says the lady is his sister in law and my wife, they all asks what. Mausa ji excuses him and says my sister in law and his wife, Pinky. Ranveer understands and asks them to come inside.
Ranveer smiles and asks how they came so suddenly. His mausa ji says he has brought here for treatment. Ranveer asks what has happened to them, Mausa ji says they have an illness that which can’t be told, but can’t be hidden as well. Ranveer asks what has happened. Mausa ji says Hansmukh bhai has peels, Ranveer asks Piles? Mausa ji agrees, and Pinky has gastric problem. He says he has brought them here so that he may get them treated. Ranveer says sure, they will get the treatment. He says he knows a specialist doctor; he must get them admitted right away.

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The guests go inside and call for food. Ranveer says he has sent all the workers of leave, who will give them food. He is frustrated that now he must celebrate the valentine’s day.
Derwash says to Pratik and Parul sadly he had invites for so many valentine’s parties, he could go for all the girls. Pratik says he has dreams of so many girls, but can’t do anything. Parul also smiles at this, Pratik says today they will be happy at their successful plan and will celebrate valentine’s day belated. The three of them cheer.
Mausa ji, and guests eat pizza while RV sit watching them. Hansmukh bhai says he didn’t know in cities they eat by putting vegetables put on roti. Mausa ji says whatever way it is, it has to go in stomach, it is tasty. Pinky asks do lights go off in cities, as he has lit candle. Ranveer smiles wryly and leaves the table. Ishaani appears from behind the wall and switch the lights on. The guests announce that the light has come. Ranveer is shocked seeing Ishaani, goes to the table and blows all the candles. Ranveer says their light has come now. Ishaani acts to him that she is really hungry, and watches pizza water-mouthed. Ranveer goes back to sit on the table, holding his head.
Mausa ji asks Ranveer if he wants to eat, he says he isn’t hungry. Mausa ji says alright, Ishaani regrets and asks him to bring one slice for her. He points at her to go from the other side. Mausa ji asks if he has muscular strain in neck, Ranveer agrees. Ishaani doesn’t get what he was saying. Ishaani comes to the other side of the wall, Ranveer points at her to go there. She moves to the door.
Ranveer smiles, and says he thought about eating some pizza. They all offer him, he takes a plate and and two pieces of pizza. Mausa ji stops him and says where he is taking it inside. They will like if he eats with them. Ranveer says he will bring the sauce for it. Pinky stands up listening to Saas, he clarifies he is talking about sweet chatni. Pinky understands him, and sits back. Mausa ji asks Ranveer to bring sauce for him too. Ranveer says he will bring the sauce here.
In the kitchen, Ishaani takes the place from Ranveer and goes eating pizza herself. He comes to her and asks how she can be so selfish. He came here so that they can feed each other with their own hands. Ishaani says had he done something good to her, she must have fed her. She tells him that he doesn’t need to be so romantic. He says she can’t show romance but some manners atleast. He takes the plate off her hand, she comes to take it back and asks why for. He says today is valentine’s day, she says it was valentine’s day, now it is family day. So he must go out and celebrate the happy family day. He asks why she is blaming him for everything. He sent the whole family out. She asks any benefits, his mausa ji has come with another family. He asks if this is also his mistake, she says yes. He has organized the valentine’s day, so he should have taken care of such emergencies. Now that he has mistaken, he must stay hungry. He asks why should he stay hungry, he will eat. She says pizza came for her, he says he ordered it.
There were there when Mausa ji, Pinky and Hansmukh bhai come in the kitchen. They ask there is something wrong with the girl. Ranveer says he will see to her, they must go and sleep. Ishaani says why, the pizza was ordered for her and a hungry cat is like a lion. She goes out to dining table,takes the coke and leaves. Pinky says she not only shows anger, but teeth and nail as well, she is such a witch. Ranveer asks them to go and sleep and his maa and masi had gone for pizza. Mausa ji asks him to take care of her, he can’t take risk on her. Ishaani peeks at Ranveer and makes fun of him as Mausa ji held him by arm. Mausa ji tells Pinky that she must sleep with Ishaani so that she can’t come near him. Hansmukh asks where he must sleep, Mausa ji asks him to go to guest room.
Mausa ji take Ishaani inside.
Ritika takes Sharman to her room, he was drunk and asks do you love me or not. She asks him to come to the bed, he lie down there. He asks she loves him or not. She asks him to get up, he comes to her shoulder, she takes his coat off. He lay down, she removes his coat, takes his shoes off. He says Ritika, I love you, calling her. She comes to sit besides him. He asks her not to leave him. She says she knows he doesn’t drink this much, but what is in his mind that made him drink so much. He holds her on himself and asks if she loves him or not. She didn’t speak.
Mausa ji was snoring, while Ranveer curses him for getting him rid of his sleep. Ranveer says he had dreamed of valentines, now he will only have to dream about Ishaani. Mausa ji turns to come near Ranveer, and puts his arm around his neck. He removes his hand off, Mausa ji speaks in sleep. He was talking to Lakshmi in sleep, while Ranveer was worried and leaves the bed.
There Ishaani was awake due to snoring of Pinky.
Ranveer calls her, and asks was she asleep. She asks how she can sleep, she was so missing him. He asks how the sounds behind her is, has her AC gone dysfunctional. Pinky farts. Ishaani tells Ranveer there has been bomabardment here. He doesn’t understand, and then says this gastric problem will cause her gastric tragedy. Ishaani says she is going out and runs out of the room.
Ranveer and Ishaani open the door together. She runs to him and asks him to take him away. He was also worried, and hides his face. Both comes to realize their confessions, gets an idea, smiles and run.
In the corridor, both come running. Ranveer takes Ishaani to the wall, he says his valentine’s won’t end till he doesn’t get his valentine’s kiss. He gets closer to her, when both see Mausa ji approaching.

PRECAP: Ishaani calls Ranveer as he lied faint on the floor. She tries to get his breath back by pushing air in his mouth. He encircles her in his arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plz update the episode early…

  2. Ishaani s a dumboooo

  3. Plz Update fast sona…serial timing is 10.00pm to 10.30pm…now time 11.24pm ….pls update fast sona…

  4. Jaldi karo sona em waitin fr it

  5. Y is ishaani acting soo much……y didn’t she spend good tym wid RV …..she’s surely a dumbooo……..its all ishaani’s fault for the failure of valentine of theirs….come to think of it she once wore a blue western dress for double date ….then y is she shying now in red dress…’s same as the blue one…..n now theres no one else than rv …..n b4 she went to the hotel in blue dress…….total bullshit

  6. Anyone knw abt latest promo or news abt meri Aashiqui ???

  7. SharMan is guD lukin evn ritika disha chiraag re too guD

  8. @sneha I asked generally

  9. Baa and amba kidnapped…
    Chirag plan to kill rv….while rv and ishaani gng to date dinner and theatre…chirag take advantage of theatre darkness..

  10. Plz update the episodes soon..
    it’s very much frustrating to wait sooo munch..

  11. @dolly……I know dear……even I replyed generally…..coz even I need the ans for ur que…….sorry…..if I did sum thing wrong…..

  12. @sneha Neva mind @kowsi Ty soo much

    1. Its ok my frnd dolly…

  13. Guys after this
    Its shown that rv is sleeping with mausa ji n mausi ji in his sleep tries to hug n kiss rv thinking that he is his wife lakshmi.(basically a comedy sequence)
    Other side its shown that ishaani is sleeping with lakshmi who is snoring n farting(suffering frm gas prob.)
    Then rv calls ishaani thinking she is also awake
    She picks up n tells her prob.
    She says i going out he also comes out of the room they both hug eachother

  14. 2day’s episod was funny
    Can wait to see next episodes

  15. After that tomorrow Ranveer gets his valentine gift from Ishanee that is kiss wow nice episode

  16. Love you !!

  17. Today’s episode was excellent and funny too… Day by day the show is going interesting… what an acting by both of them. Ishaani and Ranveer OMG amazing… Always there is a disturbance in Ishveer romance..Precap seems to be interesting.. Waiting for a good episode..

  18. poorer than yesterday, stretching unnecessarily, i think now they will show that ritika will carry sherman’s child and sherman don’t believe her and thinks that it’s rv’s and creating more drama like the old fashioned 90’s and 2000’s.

    i really felt pity for ritika for spoiling her character and from one of the good stories, it had become such a stupid and worst storyline and story telling also

  19. It is ok after all it is a serial , they have to stretch it at times. The actors are good I think some thing serious will soon come up. Any way I never liked another serial this level. At time I like some simple love stories than all those sass bahu dramas . I tried to watch a few serials earlier and stopped . This is an exception may it is because Shakti Arrora’s fantastic performance . Remember his confession episode he carried the whole episode on his shoulder and it was the best episode so far. I like this show .

  20. I hope ritika is not pregnant . It is not a must it can be a simple food poisoning also. If rritika pregnant then the whole story every female characters must have this problem it sounds ridiculous . Don’t insult females like that

    1. I also get same doubt about ritika in washroom she behaves like pregnant who is the reason for. Her. Pregnancy not rv know

  21. yeah me too watching it for shakthi arora only this man got serious talent and expressions..

  22. I read some thing that is disturbing , coming episode will take another leap of 6 months leap RV & Ishaani will live separate with diff patners.!!!!!!! May be one of them will have amnesia this is going to another typical serial . I should not waste my time on it. Every story some thing foolish must happen . I will stop watching then. Even for Shakti I can’t watch .

  23. I guys koi bolsakthy wats wrong with rithika

  24. So funny episode. Nice acting by both. I also watch this story for shaktii he is acting so nicely. And guys please don’t tell about upcoming episodes Just live the moment. Whatever happens shakti rockssds

  25. I knew from the begininng that Ishani is way too dumb…And unnecessary dragging of this stupid divorce drama. Am still not understanding this…Now they will spoil the character Ritika who alone was the loveable one of all idiots in this serial. This is a immature love story…where 2 growns ups are behaving like teenagers…and Ishani keeps her left hand stiff to hold the saree pallu like as if she got a fracture…LOL!! Stupid…I think am gonna quit even following this serial

    1. Lol…..same doubt for me…

  26. I had read that ranveer and ishani are going to be separated that to for about 6 months with their respective partners,is dat true guys.

    1. Which one u read matsh spoilers

    2. if that happens i will stop watching the show from now itself….
      if its true then where is the justification for the title of the show meri aashiqui tum se hi

  27. Waiting for next episode

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