Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishaani smiling and telling the naari niketan ladies that she will live happily with her in laws. Amba seconds her. The ladies warn the in laws that if ishaani is troubled again they would come with police. After they leave Amba warns the guards at the gate of dire consequences if he failed to stop such people from entering the house.
Ishaani tells Ritika that did she think she would leave RV and go away leaving him in company of Ritika ?? She warns Ritika to be careful as one never knew when the winds blew her out of vaghela house.
Amba was curt in her room that they were teaching her in her own house how to live, and that all because of that Ishaani. Baba tells her to calm down. Amba says they have left that Ishaani into their house now, to create

a drama every day. Baba tells Amba that now she can’t do anything, today servants have prepared to drink in balcony and wont cook anything. They must go out to eat something. Amba warns Baba that he won’t drink at all. Lakshmi comes to Amba and says Ranveer came home and went towards his room, there will be a big drama now.
Ranveer comes to the room, he holds Ishaani and says she has been doing all the drama since the day she came his home. Ishaani says she didn’t know how they got to know about it. Ranveer says if she wants to trust her she must divorce him. Ishaani says she won’t. Ranveer says she has no other option, he will get it in anyway. Ishaani says to Ranveer that she came to keep him away from Ritika, he doesn’t know about Ritika she killed Chiraag, Falguni and attempted to kill her. Ranveer says she didn’t come to him when she was released from jail. Ishaani says she was about to come to him but she watched him with Ritika and thought that he has married Ritika and is happy with her. She did it all for his happiness. Ranveer says there is nothing he will believe now, he wanted to hear this all but then she kept on running away from him. Now he is changed, he says that Ishaani didn’t come to him then because she thought what if he would refuse her after the accusation of Chiraag’s murder. She then got Shekhar who was also rich, and the day Shekhar stops trusting her her love for him will also be gone. He asks her what is her price to leave him. Ishaani shouts that she doesn’t need any price, she won’t go away without taking Ritika away from him. She tells him to trust her. Ranveer tells Ishaani to stop this all, she has broken her heart so much that he has stopped thinking from heart now. He thinks from mind. Ishaani tries to recall him their past, Ranveer tells her to stop this emotional blackmailing. He will no longer come into her tricks. He heads to leave, Ishaani holds him from behind. Both share an eye lock in which Ishaani was crying, both remembered their past times together.
Ranveer smiles, tear fell off his eyes. He asks what he should listen to, what is going on in her mind. She is trying to trap her again. He knows if he stays again at home she will trap him. He has another solution to separate from her, he already told her that his heart has stopped beating. If heart beat stops there is no question about staying alive. Ranveer leaves the room, Ishaani follows him.
Amba is worried what is going on between them, Lakshmi says there is a fight going on. Baba comes and hurries them all to go out for dinner as it is 11 o clock already. Amba takes Lakshmi and Ritika along as well.
Ishaani follows Ranveer outside. She drives behind him but is unable to find anyone. She stops at a bridge and spots Ranveer’s car there. Ranveer stood at the boundry of the bridge, Ishaani shouts his name and runs towards him. She stops him, but he calls on her to stop where she is standing. He turns and says he knew she would come here, he was waiting for her to say his last words before dying. She heads forward, Ranveer says if she doesn’t stop he will jump without saying anything. He says that since childhood he gave her opportunities, but when they grew up she only gave him dramas and excuses. He knows that even today if he will look into her eyes he will trust her. But if she gets someone else, she will cheat her again. Because though he became her husband but he will always remain her driver’s son. He says if his aashqui ends with his dead this will happen. He tells her that he has left everything on Ritika’s name, Ishaani must live with her divorce papers being his widow now. He shuts his eyes and thinks that his heart only beat when he first saw her and today when he is dying, his heart still beats for her. Ishaani runs towards him, her hand touches his but he slips behind into the river. Ishaani left shouting his name crying.

PRECAP: Amba asks Baba what is police saying? Baba says they have found two bodies near the river and it is thought Ranveer and Ishaani did suicide.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What kind of twist is this. Are the leads going to die.. How could this happen..

    1. MATSH: post death,ranveer ishani join hands to expose ritika upcoming twist
      MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI : ranveer and ishani jumps into the water and death, ishani and ranveer with new avatar to avenge ritika
      the upcoming episode of meri aashiqui tumse hi will show that ishani and ranveer will be seen death and their family members mourning over them.
      ranveer who wanted to get rid of ishani as he thought she always tells lie and cheat him and decided to divorce ishani.
      ranveer will threaten ishani sayiny he kill himself if she denies signing divorce paper which make ishani scared and she will sign the divorce paper

      Ishani mange to believe ranveer about ritika,s evil intention and their join hands will soon expose ritika.

      but here is a big shock waiting to take place when ranveer and ishaniwill soon jumping into water from a brighe and die.

      after post death, ishani and ranveer soon be seen come back with their bold deference avatar.

      it seems that something susceptive between ishani and ranveer,

      ishani mange to believe ranveer about ritika,s evil face and it is just there plan to expose ritika,s evil did infront of all……

      so plzzzzzzzz guyz give ur comments here on this shocking newz……..!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

      1. If Is it true,,,then I am going watch this show again, but after post dead episode…..
        I hope marry, whatever u said will be true……if you’re saying about this twist thn I am believing you but u have any confirmation of this twist…. Becoz I don’t believe ekta she can change any story , anytime….
        But anyways, if is it going to happen next thn, I am definitely going watch this show…

      2. i get this news from radikha madan facebook…………..

      3. Oh waiting for something good to happen

      4. Link please for this news

  2. Today’s episode was paining me a lot… feeling very sorry for Ishaani and Ranveer.. because of this evil vamp Rithika they are suffering… OMG.. doesn’t know what is going to happen.. Every wording Ranveer said is true… I accept but at the same time feeling for their relationship… OMG please unite them asap…. Etta ji please do the needful.. precap shocking… hope it will be a trap for Rithika… waiting for best episode..

  3. Wrost episode of whole serial. … can ishani n rv die.. …

  4. I think the writer doesn’t have any idea what he/she should write .

  5. Hey nees time to understand ??????

  6. Good, fantastic episode…. I enjoyed to see both committed suicide finally…. Since past 1 year they both fight, predict for hating to each other and taking revenge….. This ones good ,,,if they both won’t live together, but atleast they both died together…..
    They both will come again in all new avatar,,, let’s see what’s the cvs
    Stored next for viewers in this show…..
    Now, I wanna see ritika’s face,her intentions,,,,how she’ll react on this twist,,,what’ll she(ritika) do now??

  7. Superb but they should alive and love each other

  8. So emotional and painfull episode there is another news that Ishveer are not going to die but will survive and ishanni will think that she actually gave ranveer pain and will agree ro sign divorce papers but the news did not say that she has signed them…………
    This news is on………….
    (i don’t read the replys so if you want to read it than go to colors written updates and click on link scrall down and it should be there)

  9. Finally the leads of the serial are dead. It was high time this happened. The story line anyways made no sense. Leads dead, villian Ritika alive end of story, end of this bakwaas serial pheww

  10. Rv and ritika marriage preparation is going to happen next may be there is some twist in that but they are fooling us rv and ishanni won’t die that is just for promo..don’t take tension guys .., I saw some video ritika requesting ishanni leave the house after her wedding..

  11. just love the episode soooooooooooo much it is toooooooooooo much lovely intersting fabulous feelable and there is an improvement in the story line i like this writting so much they finally write that finally happens in real life………… ishani and ranveer both too good ……………… after sooo many days i watch the episode vd full attention other wise i dont read updates fully…………now i m gonna watch matsh properly……………!!!!!!!!!!!! it is sad but every scene of ishaveer attracts me………..and i see properly………….it is good and i want ishani and ranveer together just waiting 4 that episode in which ……….truth reveal just hate one dailogue of ranveer in whole episode…….that he has left everything on ritika,s name………….there is again something good 4 evil ritika…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 anyways love able episode…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 but sad…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. I think dat ranvir knws ritika’s truth!!!! Ishveer r planning to expose ritika!!!

  13. I don’t understand…. Whats going on in the writer’s mind. ..

  14. Unbelievable.

  15. They died…end of the story!!! Ritika won in her every evil ways!

  16. Well I think its just a plan to expose ritiika. … I guess dis is all planeed btwn ishani rv n shekar. .. may b nw ritika will b happy to gt the property n every thng… so later on she will get fedup wid rvs famly n throw them out of the house. .. aftr dt rvs famly will come to knw abt ritikas hidden face… n dey wil realise all da facts abt rithika wt ishani said … soo onnn hope fr da bst… bt if dey r gonna show dt dey r again goin to rebirth so its going to flow the show

  17. vanditapandey

    yr baht mst a rh h serial….bs serial mai achhe achhe twist dalo taki hme dekhne mai achaa lge

  18. I think they both won’t per spoilers Ishani will save Ranveer and she will sign divorce papers and leave ranveers house.and ranveer will decide to marry Ritika .i think now it will be more interesting to watch.ranveer has signed property papers on ritikas name .now they will suffer by Ritika.and they deserve it.

  19. I tjink it was just a day dream.. Nothing happened. Just a thought in mind

  20. Uff Rv Ka Lassssst woRds reaLly touch It….yeh sab ishanika vajah ho raha hai………ishani is a drama queen….she didnt know the value of true love …….if she really loves rv.,then y she doing all the dramas…..bcz of her drama yeh sab ho raha hai………she loves rv then y she is sympathy to shekar……she gives more value for shikar’sove tan rv’s love……………….
    Anyway dis Serial name should change to MERI DRAMAAS SIRF TUMSE HI

  21. Now ishani give the divorce to rv and then rv marriage with ritika starts……its tooo much boaring story adding by ekta…,,how can people see this stupid serial ekta have spoil this drama

  22. Now even reading the updates are stressful. Serials are supposed to be meant for entertainment. So that after a days hard work people can relax. But with Ekta Kapoor being a serial maker around, no one can ever get peace of mind or soul. If possible she would snatch away every good things remaining in this world. Don’t know why people watch such crap…

  23. And its good RV and Ishani are dead. Fed up of seeing their hatred and dramas. No love at all. But stupidity is to the full. Ritika devil won, (Ekta being a devil herself this was expected). So now end the show. And let everyone know that evil always wins. Thats why we still Ekta Kapoor’s shows. ?

  24. ***Thats why we still watch Ekta Kapoor’s shows.

  25. we are from T.N ,in thrichy .we dont know hindi.but 100 famies are watching this meri……ranveer and ishani are very good partener.ranveer dont too much hurt.pls change your concept.

  26. Ishani stops Ranveer committing suicide and brings him back to home safely.Ishani realizes that Ranveer is much hurt due to her and sign on the divorce paper.Ishani returns the gift to Ranveer’s family that she got during her and Ranveer’s marriage.Ishani is ready to leave Ranveer’s house but Ritika stops Ishani and hugs her.
    Ritika tells Ishani not to leave house and prepare for her (Ritika) and Ranveer’s marriage. Ishani is helpless to do anything and finally stay back to Ranveer’s house. On the other hand, Ritika starts to impress Ranveer by serving him food and try to become an ideal wife. Ranveer believes that he hates Ishani but the truth is that he cannot throw Ishani from his life because he is alive for Ishani.

    1. But what abt their mourning??? Dont understand….

  27. Marne se phle ritika ka sach to bta dte

  28. Hi guys I m not new but wanna make friends !! ???

    Pls Can any1 xplain d new twist ???☺️

  29. Ranveer…….nooo pls

  30. Rithika ka such to dikhaho…..

  31. Its really interesting

  32. This episode made me cry… So sad they both commited suicide..

  33. This time they must shw some big twist.otherwise it wil get boring
    The usual ranveer doesnt belive ishani & ishani make silent sacrifices wala drama ab to band karo.

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