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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the hotel room, Ishaani was thinking about what Shekhar had said to her. She gets Baa’s call who asks her to get ready so that they may go to Shekhar’s home as they have to do some rituals. Ishaani says alright, she must come soon as she wants to say something to Baa as well. Baa says she is just coming. Ishaani makes some notes on a notepad. Soon there is a knock at the door, Ishaani thinks Baa has come so soon. She opens the door to find police standing outside, they tells Ishaani that they are here to arrest her, Mr. RV reported a complaint against her that she can be a problem in his wedding, she must not be in the city until he gets married. Ishaani says she will call RV and he will tell him that he has no problem with her. A female police officer takes her phone and says she

can’t call anyone, Ishaani resists that she has to call her family or lawyer but they put handcuff on her hand.
Ritika gets a message, she says Ishaani must be kidnapped till now. She thinks about calling Ishaani, then says they must give her sometime to get settled.
Ishaani resists but the inspectors ask her to cooperate, he will inform her family and there would be someone to bail her out. They take her.
RV was restless in his room, mala brings dress for her and asks him to get ready as the tailor is coming for his dress’ fitting. RV looks at the dress, then throws it away saying his mind is still thinking about Ishaani.
The police take Ishaani on mobile, the inspector talks to Ritika says she is with them, they will go out of city in a while. Ritika asks if someone saw them. Inspector says everything went well. Ritika tells the inspector that she is a special friend they must take her to a special place with great care. Inspector says they will do it till the given time. Ishaani asks to talk to their boss, Ritika doesn’t talk to her but is happy to hear her painful voice. The makeup artist arrives at Ritika’s room.
Ishaani notices the diversion in the road and asks where they are taking her. The policemen tell her she is a special culprit, she has to be taken to somewhere special. Ishaani is worried that Baa and Shekhar must have come to hotel and she didn’t tell anyone she is here.
Baa arrives at the hotel but Ishaani doesn’t open the door. Shekhar also arrives there and then. Baa is worried what happened to Ishaani and goes inside. She calls Shekhar from inside saying Ishaani isn’t here. Shekhar gets upset, he goes inside and tells Baa he had asked Ishaani to leave as she was apparently not happy with the marriage. He tells Baa he loves Ishaani a lot. Baa says he will get all the happiness in the world and a loving life partner. Shekhar says that he is happy that Ishaani heard after her heart, he wants her to be happy always. He takes a leave saying he has to tell his family and do something that this decision doesn’t effect Dewarsh and Krishaa. He asks Baa not to tell about it until their wedding take place. Baa thinks Ishaani must have wanted to talk to her about this, but where she went.
Ishaani asks the inspectors to make a call to their boss. She remembers the place was where Chiraag had died. The inspector says they will tell her the truth, they aren’t real policemen. The female says she will reach the safe place. Ishaani asks who they are then if they aren’t real police, who sent them. The inspector says her real friend, Ritika madam, Ishaani is the biggest hurdle in her marriage. Ishaani recalls it was Ritika who knew all about Chiraag’s murder’s case and whatever had happened at the murder venue. Ishaani thinks why this all didn’t come to her mind before. The inspector gives her a voice message of Ritika, Ritika says she had owed her by taking the accusation of Chiraag’s murder but she is of no use to her, she bids her bye. Soon the men in the mobile roll down the mobile while Ishaani watches herself go into the woods.

PRECAP: Ishaani’s car crashes, the inspector informs Ishaani has reached her sweet special place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. 1st…. jolieee jolyyy

  2. Today’s episode was good. As baa said Really Bada dil chayiye shikhar..
    Hope shikhar will help ishaani.. waiting for shadi episode. Especially Rithika expose.. and Amba reaction.. Rithika become very worse.. phycho evil devil.. get out from Ishveer’s life forever.. atlast Ishaani came to know about Rithika… she is responsible for all. Precap seems to be interesting. Ww know that Ishaani will be alive. Waiting for a good episode.

    1. BAD NEWS FOR Us….

      Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
      Ishaani-Shikhar Seriously Injured On Sets!

      Not all is well on sets of Ranveer-Ishaani’sMeri Aashiqui Tum Se! The show’s current track is doing wonders, where the evil woman Ritika is all set to kill Ishaani.

      ALSO READ: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Is Not Dead! Ritika To Go Behind Bars

      Fans were waiting since a month to see the current track where Ishaani will finally expose Ritika. But here’s a bad news for Ishaani and Shikhar fans. Apparently the duo got seriously injured while shooting recently.

      During the shoot both Ishaani and Shikhar fell and got injured. The scene is that Shikhar is carrying an unconscious Ishani and running to save her life.

      During the scene Shikhar accidently fell down, though he tried to save Radhika from getting hurt, she suffered minor injuries. About the accident, Arjun told a leading daily,  “It was raining heavily and I had to carry Radhika and run on the road. While I fell as I got hurt by the stone, I made sure that Radhika did not get hurt and tried to break the fall with my knees.”

      Arjun now has swollen knees and is finding it difficult to walk, but being a thorough professional he is back on shoot as he knows the sequence ahead is very crucial.

      We wish a speedy recovery for both Arjun and Radhika !



    Ishani gets attacked by Ritika and recovers at hospital quickly due to Shikhar’s help. She goes ahead to expose Ritika infront of RV, Amba and others and tries to stall the marriage by saying it cannot happen. She reminds about RV that their divorce haven’t realized, and also their love. RV speaks of his pain and suffering and suggests she played game with lives. Shikhar brings the twist by bringing RV and Ritika’s marriage to a halt. He accomplishes it by informing RV that he cannot marry Ritika, and brings the incomplete divorce papers and proceeding to forefront.

    1. how this serious accident was treated within 2 hours,, uff ye serial ka drama……ishani will tell everything to rv but he wont believe and instead tells ishani to go away from his life……..waiting for the expressions of everyone esp rv and amba…this ritika is such a smart psycho killer who always plays her game safe but it wont be long since ishani will not spare her now……as ishani says -“mera pati sirf mera h”……feeling very for shikhar—he is such a sweetheart ….with the help of shikhar, ishani will expose ritika in front of all but yes it will take time as i already told…

  4. Good epi.. waiting eagerly to see shaadi epi and rv’s reaction..

  5. i am first today

  6. waiting 4 ishveer pachhup

  7. love shikhar character too much…
    love u shikhar….

  8. It’s good but can’t wait for shadi episode when ritika is exposed in front of everyone especially rv…eagerly waiting for amba, reaction n her sister laxmi………haye hate moti Ben … a days meri aashiqui rocks…good going…………….just hope ishveer reunion happens as soon as possible..

  9. It’s good but can’t wait for shadi episode when ritika is exposed in front of everyone especially rv…eagerly waiting for amba, reaction n her sister laxmi………haye haye moti Ben … a days meri aashiqui rocks…good going…………….just hope ishveer reunion happens as soon as possible..

  10. love you shikhar..writers please don’t break shikhar’s heart.. he is such a person says to his love to choose somebody else over himself..rv will trust ishani if he truly loves her otherwise i will suggest ishani to marry shikhar:-)

  11. Ishani maat karo aisa firse…shikhlo aur dekhlo ki haad se zyada kuch v thk nahi hota….tum rv ko bachane k liye buri ban gayi…itni v acchaiyain thk nahi hai…it hav disadvantages as being good for u is nt having a brain to thnk…god ne itni kast se brain ko banaya tum ekbar toh woh arrest warrant dekh sakti thi…
    N my god ritz u r a 1st degree criminal nd u wud hav got 400 yrs of jail if u wer in US or UK…

    1. R u carzy!!! 400 yrs of jail…lolzzz…..400 yrs of age is more than enough one would also loved to die….yrrr cntrl yr emotions its just a serial…nothing else…drama is to be made for our entertainment and to make people foolss…… N we also sit infront of idiot box watching it without brainss…lol

      1. No im nt being emotional as this type of punishments do occur in US nd in UK…im jst siting example dat for ritika lyk criminals who do really exist in those get such punishments nd even if such criminals exists in india de get a mere lyf imprisnment….nd dat sumtymes doesnt mean lyf imprisnment..criminals get realeasd aftr 20 yrs of jail…ders a channel named ID of discovery netwrk where crimes of developd countries r shmw nd such punishments r given..

  12. Ritika is really irritating character… How she has fooled everybody by acting sweet…. Waiting for the ritikas defeat.

  13. Lovely episode.

  14. Awesome episode……waiting for ishveer scenes

  15. guys don’t be too excited ishani will lost her memory……irritating serial dragging………..

    1. y she lost her memory?

    2. Wt happened to these directors yar…. Ok… 1st u will make her memory looser… Then kill her… Then re- entry…. Then reunion….. Kya karna chahte o aap????? It’s better to end this serial than loose her memory…..

  16. O my god ishaani got hurt this is not good
    : (

  17. I never seen such a dragging serial…. Since 1 month I am waiting for rithika’s expose in front of every1…. BT they r still dragging…. Eager to watch shadi epi…

  18. Nw so many serials in diff channels r goin wid same plot…if our ishu loses her memory it wud b lyk QHAI….bt if writers hav brain de wud bring ishu to weddng venue to reveal ritz plottng to kil ishu n oders..oderwise FED UP WID DA SAME GHISI-PITY storylne…it wud b bettr not to watch da copied plot…

    1. what is QHAI??? but ishani is not going to lose memory rather she will go to expose ritika….this time rv wont be believing her but our super lady will soon reveal ritika’s true intentions in front of all with the help of shikhar…. we need to wait patiently as after revelation rv himself will make ritika arrested… and ishveer will patch up……excited to see how amba reacts…!!!

    2. LOL really true, these kinds of stories are only existing in Indian channels. It’s where u can see that some1 can go to bed with make-ups and wearing jewelries. It’s where u can count numbers of role characters from starting of the show then they’ll just disappear from the story as simple as that. It’s where you can view a series that it takes years with a circling story… and more.
      Peace to you directors and writers.

  19. hey guys!wait fr sometime fr ishveer’s reunion.else,quit watching.need not to blame it.

  20. awesome…..

  21. congrats to the team of MATSH to have completed one year. superb performances by all—arjun, radhikha, shakti and also to the psycho ritika (smriti). hope that the truth revelation is soon to come. ishveer is arriving shortly.
    NEWS: ishani not to lose memory….

  22. I am so happy because yesterday matsh completed one year my best wishes

  23. I am so happy because yesterday matsh completed one year my best wishes for matsh

  24. Ishsni lost her memory !!!!!luv u ishkar shikhar is the correct match for ishani not ranveer

  25. Ishsni lost her memory !!!!!luv u ishkar shikhar is the correct match for ishani

  26. It is absolutely that ish suffers frm memory loss.I saw in saas bahu that ishani ll. stop the wedding with help of shikar.

  27. Update fast ppl

  28. Update karo jaldi

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