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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa and Lakshmi were shocked to hear this but Ishaani tells Ranveer that she met her after such a long time, they talked to each other a lot and didn’t realize the time. Ritika thinks she had killed the mother then how can she meet her. Ishaani says that he must also have met her, she asked her to meet him but she was reluctant. RV was about to tell Ishaani that he himself did her last rituals… but Ritesh shakes his head to tell RV not to disclose this to her. Ritika leaves, Ritesh says to Ishaani that she must be tired and she must take rest. Ishaani goes inside. RV asks why he stopped her, but Ritesh says that Ishaani has forgotten everything between her releases from jail till now, she doesn’t know that Falguni is dead and they must not tell her. Lakshmi is fearful if Ishaani has

seen some ghost. In the room, Ritika says that how is it possible, she herself killed Falguni. Amba comes to the room, and says to Ritika that she must not worry about what Ishaani is saying, an expecting mother must not think about dead people. Ritika asks Amba if Ishaani is right, Amba says Ishaani is creating a drama only to keep RV closer to her. Ritika says this RV will get closer to her. Amba says she herself is fearful what if Ranveer gets closer to Ishaani and remembers his love again. Ritika murmurs that if she doesn’t know what to do why she doesn’t leave her. Amba leaves the room telling her not to worry. Ritika wonders what is going on in Ishaani’s mind, if she really is acting why she doesn’t tell everything to Ranveer.
The doctor observes Ishaani’s report and tells Ishaani she is normal, why she is taking any stress. Ishaani says she isn’t stressed but her husband is. The doctor tells her to wait outside as he has to talk to Ranveer. He tells Ranveer that Ishaani is a patient of Partial Amnesia, she is also stressed due to which she has started to see dead people around her. There is a gap in her memory which he can only fill with love, he must not deny any presence which she approves of. He also instructs him to recreate past good scenes of their life in front of her, so that she may recall her memory again. Ranveer says he will try to keep her as happy as she is. As RV comes out Ishaani was restless and asks what the doctor said, Ranveer smiles and says he was just tell him how to take care of her. Ishaani says doesn’t he know how much her sweet husband cares for her. Ranveer smiles and takes her with his arms on her shoulders. Shekhar appears from behind them, he gets Baa’s call who asks if everything is alright here. Shekhar says RV and Ishaani have left and the doctor told him what they wanted to, he says today for the first time Ranveer believed that Ishaani has lost her memory and for the first time he was concerned for Ishaani. Baa was in the corridor when she hears Chaitali telling them that she also saw Falguni like Ishaani did, she qualifies that Falguni is back. She was afraid that Falguni has come in the form of a ghost, Krisha says that there is nothing like ghost. Chaitali tells her that she heard those who dies timelessly always wanders around and it is possible her ghost has been wandering in the house. Ritesh tells Chaitali that Ishaani has lost her memory and may be imagining her. Chaitali was afraid and shouted as baa enters the room, Baa scolds her for being insane. She recalls Chaitali that she has been a mother in law of Krisha, Krisha needs to go her parent’s home and she must prepare for her. She tells Chaitali to pack the sweet she has called for Krisha to take along. Chaitali goes inside, Baa tells Krisha not to worry about Chaitali as she is like that.
Amba serves food on table when she notices Ritika still disturbed. Amba tells her to eat something as she hasn’t taken anything since morning. Ritesh comes to ask Mala for the sweet boxes, Mala says they are in the kitchen. Ranveer and Ishaani come home, Ritesh goes to ask what the doctor said. RV says there is nothing to worry about, everything is fine. Ishaani says she already said she is fine, Ranveer got so many tests of her; infact he needed to be tested why is he so worried. Ritesh asks her to eat something but Ishaani says she just want to take some rest.
Amba asks Ranveer to do breakfast but Ranveer says he wants to spend sometime with Ishaani. He tells Amba not to prepare dinner for them as he is taking Ishaani for dinner tonight. Ishaani asks if there is an occasion. Ranveer comes to hold Ishaani’s hand and says a husband doesn’t need an occasion to take a wife to dinner. Shekhar comes home then and hears this as well, Ritika and Krisha were also worried. Ishaani smiles, then notices Shekhar there. Ranveer says he will take her to her favorite restaurant today; remember they had celebrated their valentine’s there. Ishaani asks if he remembers they celebrated their valentine’s there, she is really happy to hear this. She looks at Shekhar, RV also watches him there then leaves Ishaani’s hand. Everyone turns to Shekhar who comes inside and wishes everyone, he says this is good it is dinner plan tonight. He says he came to pick Krisha, Chaitali says we have been waiting for him. He asks Krisha to pack her bags for going.
Ishaani was getting ready in the room happily, Baa comes there and says she looks beautiful. She asks Ishaani not to be as happy that she gets her own bad eye. She says she is happy after a long time today, it seems good. Baa says that when someone is in love, she looks pretty like this. Ishaani’s smile vanishes. Baa asks if she has said something wrong, those in love have their smile decorated on their faces. Ishaani drops her ear ring.

PRECAP: RV puts ear rings in ishaani’s ear, turns her to himself and says she looks really good.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. Ishaani Ranveer scenes were nice… bechara Shikhar cant able to digest Ishveer together.. so, soon he will turn as negative in seperating them I hope..
    Precap is wow… waiting for a good episode.

    1. Chaitali was really funny today… ha ha.. 🙂

    2. Yeah I too think shikar will become negative but no needz??

      1. Ya Ayesha.. but since Ishaani Ranveer is the Main lead so they are going to make Shikhar negative.. even we don’t want this.. 🙁

  2. Anybody pls tell me what’s the precap???

  3. Its k I came to know what’s the precap

  4. OMG:Shikar created problems in ishani and RV’s life
    Color’s Popular show Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi is making the audience glued to the show with it’s suspense filled tracks.
    As we have seen, RV(Shakti Arora) tries to bring ishani’s lost memory and he does everything he used to do when he got married to ishani. Ranveer is trying his best to dig out the truth.
    On the other hand, Ishani hatches a plan to make Ritika confess to her crimes. Ishani, along with her cousins, will try to trick Ritika bydressing up as Falguni. They will also play Falguni’s recorded voice.Shikar and Ishani (Radhika Madan) determined pulling out all the stops to expose Ritika’s (Smriti Khanna) big lie.
    While Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) is aware of Ishani’s memory loss drama,he will be disturbed to see RV and ishani’s closeness. Shikhar, in an inebriated state, reveals Ishani’s memory loss drama to RV.This will shock RV and he will be left confused.
    Next day he calls ishani and tells her that he wants to live in a separate room.Ishani will be shattered with Ranveer’s harsh words.This triggers another misunderstanding between ishani and RV.
    What happens between ishani and RV ?Will he able to know the truth of Ritika’s lie ?Will shikar realize what mistake he has done ?
    Keep reading this space for more updates of Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi.

    1. Oh noo ? so sad, that this Shikar idiot ll create misunderstanding between them ?

  5. But its awesome (precap)
    There’s a new twist that shikhar can’t see ishveer together and he will start supporting ritika and ishveer will b separated once again mostly I think so

  6. And rv will try to kill ish

    1. What do u mean by rv will try to kill Ishani plz. Reply
      By the way I am a new comer can I get frnds with u all. Plz……

    2. i never can imagine rv trying to kill ishani…..what do u mean by this???

  7. omg precap is really romantic, i am waiting for it, but two days wait pananum………, so sad. And their dinner date scene also too romantic, they will dance together, they lost their concious., we are waiting for that, after a long time ishveer romance will appeared..

  8. today episode is gud, rv will take care ishaani, ishaani also very happy for that, but shekhar feels pain for looking ishveer…, so sad shekhar, but producers dont turn shekhar as nagative……, all are get angry.., and unga dragging naala matsh oda trb kamiya aairchu, plz reveal the truth soon, ishveer ah sethu vainga one year aaguthu serial aaramichu but inum ishveer serala, yen ipd panringa…..

  9. dnt want to c shikar turning into negtive..i luv him lot

  10. Waiting for watching Ritika’s face when she’ll see Falguni’s ghost. Precap is also good.

  11. Today’s episode was good, precap is also interesting….. Like ishveer cozy moments…… Writer’s plz don’t turn shikhar’s character into negative….. How ishani will revealed ritika’s evil side without any support and shikhar was the last hope of ishani’s…… Plz don’t do this with ishani……… Honestly writer’s playing with rv and ishani emotions…. They made for each others love, not made for separation all the time….. as we can see this since 1yr.?

  12. Ishveer looks best,not ishkhar

  13. Lovely episode.

  14. Hi there, I have been reading all the comments 4 a long time now…. But tonite wanted 2 say hi 2 all u guys out there

  15. Like all Ekta serials, this also has been dragged .. Don’t no 4 how long v the 2 c the crap of Ritika

  16. I dnt want shecker to turn negative

  17. Poor shekhar always showing pity faces…. How come ranveer even though staying close to ishaani now cant recognize the injury on her stomach even once?????

    1. Same question arises in my mind too… 😉 😀 lol

      1. Ohh! ?yea hi rufi!! Its really puzzling dat ranveer checks every details of ishaani’s health but stil didnt notice the bandage dressed around her waist… and even noone cares about dat… after getting so severely stabbed by ritika, ishaani can able to walk by herself on the same day…. is it some kind of medical miracle or what??? ?? and all ishaani does is acting wit ranveer wit her fake memory loss, then
        fainting and falling regularly!!! ….

  18. Nice epi.don’t make negative. After along time rvishani were happy.don’t drag serial

  19. Nice episode

  20. superb episode …i loved it

  21. Hi…guys. The precap is awsm. Plz down don’t drag the serial like this.
    I love ishveer tgthr ??

  22. I lost my patience. So plz don’t drag it more like chewing gum. Are kuchh to naya ishveer ke bare me.

  23. plz make rv happy and then drag the story a a a . . .

  24. Precap super…cant wait fr tat emotional dance…its not a pretending dance of ishveer…sooo happy..

  25. Hiii guys hw r u i don’t knw whats going on ekta mind i was waiting 3 4 month for some gd episode pls now i can’t wait pls shikhar understand rv ishani made for each other ishveer i really like u

    1. Rhadhika l am agree wd u and want to be your frnd.can i…. Plz reply

  26. What I want is Ranveer and Ishani should live happily by loving each other without any problem. And als this Ritika’s character should b revealed soon as possible…… I’m waiting fr dat

  27. Feeling pity for shekhar else every scene is good

  28. guys!!!in the upcoming episodes ishveer gonna live in separate rooms bcoz shikar wil reveal ishani’s memory loss drama to ranveer…ranveer decides this fr not only that ishani has cheated him but also fr he indirectly dont want to create problems in shikar’s love…I think tat he’s going to sacrifice her and be away from her by his own wish…

  29. eppolan shikara pathale irritating….what do u know about ishveer’s love man???so disgusting to see u…u too r a selfish guy…u know tat till now ishani is not in love wid u….then why r u expecting her to live with u?? ranveer rainla ishanikitta pesaradha pathale sada iruku…ethula unmaiya feel panradu ranveer mattumtan….ishani pathi enna solradune therila…..shikar feel panradu avaluku kashtama iruku but she never thinks about wat wil ranveer do after she has left him?? ishaniyoda target ritikava expose panradu mattumtan….enna character indha ishani…..

  30. can’t see ranveer in pain….now he is ready to leave her…he is always suffering himself only bcoz of ishani….Ishani plz I request u ,plz dont let ranveer to suffer…nobody can love u to such extent as ranveer does…dont feel fr shikar..he has helped u a lot..that doesn’t mean that u want to live with him…plz tell everything to ranveer starting from chirag’s murder and ask him wat to do…he won’t suffer….but without telling him the reason dont kill him by leaving….ranveer wil do anything fr u ishani…

  31. before I have never used watching serials….this is my first show which I’m watching daily and cant miss at any cost….I have started watching tis only bcoz of shakti who carries the whole show on his shoulder by his magical eyes with love fr ishani…ishani is his breath,soul and his everything….but ishani is a dumb who doesnt know to express it and knows only to suffer him..why tis directors are mad now?till february,they have showed a show which is incomparable to any of the shows…but now I do not know wat is going on in directirs mind? plz directors change the track…many have stopped watching MATSH after tis 6 months leap….even I do think the same now…plz do smething directors…

  32. is there anything left in this show or not????????????
    whats the use of showing romantic scenes of ishveer when in actual they only pretend but are not ready to accept their feelings…..???
    they should first concentrate on revealing ritika’s true face, then only we can expect misunderstandings to be cleared………..from the first only, i knew that shikhar wil turn negative later but cvs did it earlier and not with gud reason enuf!!!..if he sees ishveer are soulmates, y sud he expect ishani to cum back or try to create problem betn ishveer….((((((love is to let him/her free——if there is “sachi aashiqui”, he/she will definitely come back 2 u)))))….plus ishani sud never have promised shikhar of coming back……..
    if ishani is dumb enuf not to share any of her problems with ranveer,,, he also on the other side, is not smart either…… he can sense and understand each and everything but he never sees the mixture of love& guilt in ishani’s eye…. i will only say that the show will be gud only when ritika’s truth will cum out, not b4 that…………………

  33. Such an impractical show not at all near to reality husband n wife having feelings for each other, living under the same roof and assuming nothing will happen between them which fool is believing such a story and after having spent such time with loving hub mrs.ishaani has plans to go back to Shekhar??? Is this a joke??? Ghar ghar ka khel he kya!!!??

  34. Hi just wondering do you know if this drama will end in August as they are bringing in a new Drama at the same time MATSH normally airs???

    1. i didnt hear such news… which show are you referring?? this show Matsh will not end so soon but will take a longer time….

  35. Today ep was so good
    Ishaani is so cute

  36. tanya agarwal

    todays episode ishani looks soo pretty nd innoscent luv u……ishveer:)

  37. ‘The worst feeling in this world is that you know you both love each other but you just cant live together’…..this happens in ishani’s case now…so that only she was sad at the last part of the episode…

  38. I don’t know when will ekta mam will decide to reveal ritika’s truth.. Really now matsh is boring.. Har baar ritika bachti aarahi hai.. Pls cvs reveal ritika’s truth asap.. Pata hai ritika ka truth saamne aagaya toe u don’t have anything to drag.. Tats y u are dragging this track as much possible u can.. But viewers ki bhi ek hadh hoti hai, tats the reason y trp of matsh falled from second place to third.. By dragging this track more don’t place matsh on last position.

  39. Another news for matsh fans……there is a 7days challenge between ishani and ritika to get ranveer in their lives….. Ritika challenged ishani that in just 7 days she revealed ishani’s truth to rv….she’s just pretending to suffering from partial amnesia..,,she’s absolutely fine and have no memory loss……………. On the other hand, ishani accepted her challenge and said that in just 7days she revealed her evil side to ranveer, that she killed chirag and her mom falguni and she’s carrying Chirag’s child not sharman and ritika’s only a person who intentionally hurt her, she stabbed her,want to kill her…so that ritika would marry to ranveer.
    Let’s see who win this 7days challenge…….. Give your views matsh fans………… As usuall I want ishani to win this challenge and want ritika to be punished soon…?

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