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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
ishaani comes to ranvir’s room and they both compose themselves. she leaves. ishaani asks ranmvir if he got a scolding, and he complies. ishaani starts teasing him about his impending marriage. After they have a hearty banter, ishaani says that she found a good way to escape her marriage, by going abroad for higher education, and then chirag would have found someone else by then. ranvir gets emotional. ishaani asks whats the matter, and asks him to get harshad to agree for her going to america. he complies.

Ranvir tries to insist harshad into sending ishaani for higher education abroad. Harshad is tensed. romil thinks that they too shall settle in america, while devarsh too tries to talk his father to send him to america,

and bear the expenses. Baa comes and reprimands that noone shall go to america and that only they would go back to their house. Baa asks gauri’s husband to inform his family that they shall come to talk. He leaves. gauri and ishaani stand tensed. Baa tells gauri that if she knows that they got to know that gauri ran away with her lover, pranav, one day before her marriage and hence she got thrown out, she wouldnt leave ishaani. ishaani and gauri are tensed. Baa leaves and both the girls are tensed.

Harshad outside, tells baa that she doesnt need to go, as there are males and he and ketan shall go and not her. Baa asks them to take the ladies too, to let them know that the entire family stands beside gauri.

Scene 2:
Location: Gauri’s inlaws’ place
Harshad arrives with his entire family, and as they enter in their house, chetali is evry excited that baa trusted her to find out if they know about gauri’s past. Her husband is terribly tensed that she might do something stupid.

Inside, harshad expresses displeasure at the fact that romil has been thrown out of the house. meanwhile, pranav’s call comes on gauri’s phone, and she cancels it wondering why is he calling her. A lady comes and serves snackls, and chetali is doubtful that they have met before. romil’s brother clarifies that the property had been separated long back, and that romil’s part was used in his education, while he used what he got, and turned into a big empire, and hence he cant do anything about whats already done, and that there’s no point talking about it now.

Meanwhile, pranav’s call continuously keeps coming, and she gets tensed. all others are tensed too. Romil asks gauri who is calling her again and again, and if its important she should pick up. she denies. Romil asks tejal, his brother what does he want now. tejal asks why are they talking again. harshad reminds him that now gauri too is attached to them. Meanwhile, chetali continues ranting when the lady turns out to be her dietician, and catches her lies of having lost 10 kgs. harshad gets angry at her, and falguni to control her. Falguni nudges her to keep quiet. harshad asks pramod to speak up. gauri gets pranav’s call again and shows it to ishaani. She nudges and takes gauri aside. Finally, when chetali gets overexuberant in her display of nonsensical banter, harshad reprimands chetali and asks her to stay quiet.

Ishaani comes out and finds ranvir coming in. She tells him about pranav’s call. ranvir is tensed. He asks her to ignore him and not do anyhing about pranav saying thast with time, he would stop irritating gauri. ishaani remembers chirag talking to pranav, and then tells him about it, and vents out his frustration at him. ranvir asks her to stay neutral. ishaani asks why does he always take his side. Ranvir says that she shouldnt misjudge people like that. ishaani asks ranvir whats the matter, as these days whenever he talks with her, he says something and his eyes contradict it. He gets tensed. gauri comes and shows ishaani the phone, which has pranav’s pic, with her bedroom in the background, and is tensed. ranvir is in a rage and decides that she would teach him a lesson. ishaani stops him and says that they both shall handle this, and that its time to get rid of the fear and stop him. she says that baa is right, as love is a trap, as the person whom you love always ends bu betraying you.Ranvir is hurt to hear this. gauri too says that hiding wont help and they both go inside to find whats the matter.

Gauri and ishaani comes to the bedroom to find pranav, blabbering about how she must still be pining with him. he says that now he has come and they shall go somewhere far away. he takes her hand but she jerks it off. She reminds him that she is married now and they just have a past together and that she belongs to someone else. she asks him to go. he says that her deciding wont help, as else he would tell her husband everything and then she would be thrown out. she is shocked that she sacrfificed being with him, to keep him and happy and safe and he is reprimanding her of betrayal. he shuts her up, saying that struggle got her to shy from marrying him. He starts ranting about what a loser romil is that he couldnt manage to control his own wife. gauri says that she wont hear anything about her husband and that she is embarassed that she once loved him. she says that she is responsible for the fact that romil and she havent been together. she says that she thought that she wasnt ready for the marriage as she thought that she was still in love with him, but she was sadly mistaken. She says that she doesnt care if her marriage means anything to him, but for her it does, and that she wont ever leave her husband for him. He tries to impose himself, and when ishaani stops him, he throws her on the bed, and starts walking out of the door, with gauri’s hand in his. Romil, who is coming in, eyes them both together. Romil asks gauri if she loved him. She doesnt respond. pranav tells him everything and taunts him that she loves him still. Romil slaps him and asks him never to meet her again as her past doesnt make any difference to him. He takes her hand and says that she is his wife now and he wont bear anyone misbehaving with his wife. Gauri is overwhelmed to hear this. ishaani stands happy. the screen freezes on ishaani’s face.

Precap: Chirag finds ishaani at his house, late night and asks whats the matter, as he could have come if she wanted to talk to him. Before he can complete, she slaps him tight across his face, and he is stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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