Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika says to Ishani that you don’t want anyone to see you .Ishani says but if Ranveer sees me Ritika says no he will not see you now come with me .Ranveer was sitting in front of Falugni from where Ishani entres and started crying .Ritika put her hands on Ranveers shoulder saying that if you want to do your Falugni mom’s antim sanskar then you have to help the other. You have to do all the work from your hand saying that Ritika takes Ranveer out of the room. Ishani run towards her mother as soon as Ranveer leaves the room .She cries to her that why did you left me .Ranveer helps the other outside. Sheikher sees Ishani with a sympathetic view. Ishani cries a lot on Falguni’s shoulder Sheikher runs to see what is happening outside. Shekher and Ritika goes back inside to Ishani .Sheikher

says to Ishani that we have to leave but she refuses Sheikher puts thesari on Ishani’s face .Ranveer and Ritika comes in , Sheikher asks RV that has all preparation been done . RV asks Sheikher who is that women who is crying that much for Falugni , Sheikher says rhat Falugni has helped her a lot that is why she is upset and crying that much.Rv goes near to Ishani and tells her that can understand your problem but we have to take her.Ranveer burn’s the body
As he light the body Ishani arrives and watches from a distance and cries. Later she sits down at the terrace and remembers with her mother. She looks at the locket and promises to keep it with her for forever. She then stands up and goes near the edge, turning around she finds a screw on the floor and goes to checks it on the railing and it matches and concludes that someone wanted to kill mother. She wonders why someone would want to kill her.
She sits down all confused when Sheikar comes and she asks if there was any work going on here before they came. He replies saying No and asks why she is asking this, Ishani explains her reason and says that someone wanted to kill her mom. Sheikar is surprised and asks why as there were only family members here.
Ishani says that the more confusing thing was that she came while the engagement was going and if she was coming to find me than I was not home. Ishani says that this all could not be a coincidence and Sheikar agrees with her and says that I will do an investigation of this.
He tells her to collect the remains of her mother as the pandith said that daughter or son is needed and you want to do this. He tells her to leave and says that I will be waiting for you and Ishani thanks him. She further says that after doing this I would be able to bring peace to my mother’s soul. Sheikar takes the screw from her hand.

Next Episode on MONDAY: Ranveer finds a paval somewhere in the corner and says that she must have came here.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. pinky

    Ranveer and Ishani together to do the
    “Asthi Visarjan” of Falguni in Meri
    Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
    Gear Up for the High Voltage Drama in
    upcoming episodes of Bajali Telefilms
    popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi…
    As per the current track, Shikhar comes
    take Ishaani back home and tells her
    the passing away of Falguni. Meanwhile,
    Ranveer meets Falguni’s former lover.
    scenario at Parekh house is very sad as
    each member of the family misses
    Elsewhere, Ishaani wants to go for the
    rites of her mother, but is also in double
    mind to not go. .
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ishani in
    shocked state will get hold on Falguni’s
    Shikhar will help Ishani to see Falguni.
    will recall all the memories which she had
    with Falguni,.
    Further, Ranveer will cremate Falguni’s
    body and he will feel sorry for her.
    will go to the terrace and will find out
    Falguni’ death was not an accident.
    will call the cops for the investigation.
    Here Ranveer will go to cemetery place
    (Shamshan) to collect Asthi (consisting of
    bones) but he will be informed that
    has already collected it. Ishani will be
    the Asthi Visarjan (disposal of mortal
    remains) and Ranveer will also join her.
    Ranveer will tell Ishani that how much he
    misses her.
    Later, Ranveer will get a call from Police
    saying that Shikhar has suspected the
    play of Falguni’ death. Ranveer will go to
    Shikhar’ house to get to know more

    • arora

      wow, finally ishveer meet each other on 29th episode. And its really pinky, thank u for the good news,

  2. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. heart touching.. even had tears in my eyes.. OMG … cant able to see ishaani crying.. As expected ranveer didn’t recognise it is ishaani.. waiting for ishaani ranveer meet face to face.. Thank god shekhar is at least there to console ishaani. Rithika is irritating to the core.. throw her out.. promo seems to be interesting. Waiting for a good episode.

  3. pyar

    What song was playing in the back ground when ranveer performing last rituals of falguni ma? Can anybody say please?

  4. pyar

    What song was playing in the back ground when ranveer performing last rituals of falguni ma?. Can anyone say please..

    • salma

      Hi as it is Balaji telefilms right the playback song is from Andhra that is Telugu rituals that everybody had it at their last rites u can watch same playback music when great leader rajsekhar reddy cm of andhrapradesh dead body on TV live program

    • darpan mehandiratta

      yes i m too thinking that ritika wants to murder ishani by calling her on terrace and doing her plan and all stuff then falguni maa reaches terrace and fell off instead of ishani , i hope ranveer does not says that nerupa is the murderer.hope to see ishveer together!!!!

  5. arora

    today episode, its too intresting, shekhar will find out all the truth, omg i am waiting for that, rithika your bad time will start, unaku sangu than…….., i am very very happy,,,,

  6. Shâžñā

    Sad epi…bt last 2 epi’s Ishani’s actin juz superb♥♥ RV as lwayz awsm♥♥ Ritika nw itz ua turn…ua bad tym gonna strt nw 🙂 🙂

  7. kavi

    hey guys see the first comment its very intresting, this is one of the spoiler of our matsh, thank u pinky…….,

  8. why don’t this stupid shekhar realise tat ishaani n ranveer have relation with each other…even wen ranveer is performing the rituals

  9. pyar

    What song was playing in the back ground when ranveer performing last rituals of falguni ma? Can anybody say please..

  10. Broken heart

    nice episode missing falguni maa.ishaani bs krdo ab wapas lout ao RV k paas nd shekhar hope k ap falguni k qatil yani ugly ritika tak pohnch jao.rithika hate u very much from d day u got married to RV nd RV how can it be possible k ap apni lover apni life ishaani ko nahi pehchan parahay ho very bad.aj ishaani ro rahi ti tou dil kiya k rithika ko jan se mar du but kya karu drama h.

  11. Ruma

    Its rly good dat ishveer vl b together…bt d thng z dat…wat vl hppn to Shekhar…nnnnooooo…n I think ritika killed Falguni ma…bcz ritika knew dat Falguni knew abt ishaani

  12. Feeling really sorry for Ishani,,, finally she is alone and got no one around her,,
    Falguni is probably the most prominent character in MATSH,, I felt really sorry when she died.. Pehle what a beautiful life she lived with harshad in the parekh house, and she lived her life only for Ishani ,, she always believed to give her daughter in marriage to the richest bachelor in town and chose Chirag, later she understood love is also important in a marriage after knowing Chirag is of bad character;;;so she gave her daughter in marraige to RV,,her daughter got both love and money in her marraige life from RV, but that stupid daughter didn’t know to live that beautiful life properly,,,,! Her daughter lost that good life;;;Amidst how much hardships she gave Ishani in marriage to RV,, coz she wanted her daughter to live a good life,, but finally she died with the feeling that ‘both her daughters cheated her,, ,,

  13. How stupid is the director lol for bringing supernatural twists in the plot,,, lol,, how foolish and unpractical story sense ,,

  14. OMG shakthi is in NB7 and they have shoot with a different guy,, did u guyz notice during the scenes of showing RV’s back ,, most of the scenes are shot alone,, with RV and another strengthless and thin guy shown behind for RV scenes,,, lol

  15. gaya

    mad ranveerku innuma ishaaniya identify panna mudiyalaaa… intha director looseaaa illa namma looseaaaaaa ….. ennagada story idthu……mudiyala…………..

  16. abs

    Rv & family ni drunamga avamanincharu
    Anduku appudu harshad
    Ippudu falguni
    Tharvata musalamma povali

  17. abs

    Rv ki panileda
    Thanani kadu ana ammayi kosam enni chesadu
    Kani a ammayi ala cheydam emi baledu
    Eppudiki minchinadi emi ledu
    Go to ur rv
    Play a game with parekh’s whom they’ve used u for wealth
    Start hating them
    Eni jarigaka kuda nuvvu kallu thervaka pothe inka ni jeevitani naasnam chestaru

  18. leetu

    hi friends all are telling that ritika is behind all this but in the promo i have seen the eyes which is not of ritiki that is the eye of shikar mom so i think shikar mom is all behind of these because i think there is some reason behind it , i think she is taking revenge of his first husband death from all of these .when falguni asked about ishani only shikar mom know it thats why she go behind her and i think she is all behin it.

    • Manisha

      Shikhars mom is behind all these?i don’t promo they have seen ritikas lips and side face and smile also,Ritika is already behind them.still they have not cleared her role to viewers.shikhar wanted to meet Nirupa to Ritika and Ranveer they why he hide her when Ranveer and Ritika came there?cvs are not using there mind.they are just dragging the episode whatever comes in their mind they just show but they don’t use logic.viewers are not fool we understand everything.there is no base in this drama.we are waiting for 29april but God knows they will show us Ranveer Ishani face off or not or just giving us false hope.

  19. ishvi

    I really doubt rv’s love…he can’t even recognise her from back…He met her many times though not face to face…he can still doubt her behaviour na…writers plus Don make us fool anymore..

  20. kavi

    iritating writters, ena story eluduringa, ranveer falguni ku seiya vendiya kadamaya seiran, apdina shakhar yosika venam, ranveer kum ishaani family kum ena samadam nu, apd yosicha ranveer kum ishaani kum ena relation nu find pana venam, lusu mari story eluduringa,

  21. kavi

    ranveerku back side lendu kuda ishaani ya find out pana mudilaya, china vayasu lendu ishaani ya love panran, ithu kuda theriyama irkuma, writters ku mulaye kidayatha, iritating ya…,

  22. kavi

    and precap la anda kolusa pathutu nirupa nu slran, nirupa mela doubt vara marai kaaturanga, ena ithu, omg fool story

  23. kavi

    shekhar rithika ta nirupa falguni ya meet pananumnu slran, apdina rithika ku elam therijirkume shekhar ku ishaani family ya pathi elam therium nu,

  24. kavi

    and kandipa intha story la rithika than villian, bcoz rithika than ishaani ku msg pani terrace vara sonathu, rithika voda msg ah pathathu falguni, ishaani ya kola pana vara solirka, but falguni vandu maatikita, apdina rithika yosichirkanum nama ishaani ya vara sonom, aana falguni vandu kela vilundu sethuta, falguni kum ishaani ya pathi therinjathu nala than vandurkanu,

  25. Manisha

    I have one question. How can Shikhar be so dumb as to not ask RV why is he doing Falguni’s antim sanskaar…Moreover, he also saw tears in RV’s eyes. Being a lawyer, shouldn’t he be asking RV the reason his closeness to Falguni ?

  26. Nirupa

    Hy guys….my name is Nirupa and from the day the ishhani’s name has changed its sounds odd to hear my name…..any how coming to the point I am 100 percent sure that ritika is back of all this…she basically wanted to kill Isshani…as she want RV to only love her and not his ex (ishhani)so only I think I middle of the dance she went somewhere….maybe terrace to remove the screws….and even I in the promo it is ritika’s voice while laughing…and while burning ritika’s PIC in the background its comes the ‘Badla’……and I did not still understand why was she burning shekhar,Ranvi and ishaani’s mom pics…(I think she wants to take revenge from only ishaani)…plz we want ishveer back…..

  27. rubyvelonica

    rithika is doing all and pls ishveer back . shekar not fit for ishani only ranveer , ishani best

  28. Nirupa

    I hate negative characters …..I think rithika came out thinking its ishhani who screamed…..

  29. Rosh

    Guys ,
    Some or other how I am also not convinced that Ritika is behind all this . It can be Shikers mom or any one else also . If it is Ritika then there is no suspense in the story . I think the producers purposely leaked earlier video so that every one will blame Ritika.
    Radika I was really impressed by your perfomance how you reacted to the Ishani moms death was mind blowing . I didn’t watch the other two episode it irritate me when I see RaRi scene .
    I see many blaming Ishani for every thing but she is suppose to be dumb in this story.RV was only her driver earlier but how openly she considered him as a friend . Her heart was pure she never mixed friend ship with love. It was Ranveer who loved her secretly and taught Chirag
    how to get her. By the time he realized it was too late . Rest of the Parekh family including Falguni is selfish. To tell the truth if a driver loves masters daughter reaction can be worse.
    Ishani could have told the truth but it is the way her character is painted.I wonder why they destroyed RV’s character !!!!!!!!!!
    Falguni cried very little for Ishani’s death , didn’t even went to the jail to collect her daugher’s things , but Ishani loved her mom more than her mom loved her. She just simply told I have only one daughter Disha . She washed her hands off very fast.
    I hope Ishani will stop crying now too much of crying already . I really want to see who is behind all this.!!!!!!!!

  30. Ishveer pleaassse get back together .. n this ranveer how come he didn’t recognise ishaani .. wen she was crying. MY GOD RITIKA please get out from ishveer’s life ..

  31. Cmon guys..its ritika only who is doing this all..first she killed chirag n she stayed mum when ishani was geting punished..n nw too she wanted to kill ishani bt falguni went to tarace n when ritika saw her thn she thought that falguni knows about ishani being alive n also knows that ritika knws abt ishani n she ll tell she finished falguni’s chaptr.bcz if rv gets to knw that ishani is incnt thn he ll investigate chirags murdr..thaz why

  32. sindhu

    First I too thought it is rithika behind all this
    Hey I have seen the promo n the promo has 5 photos
    Ishaani, ranveer, shekhar, falguni, n the 5th pic I think it is rithika
    So everyone once again go through the promo
    I just want to confirm wheather the pic is of rithika or not

  33. QueenBee


    I am so in love with MATSH…

    Falguni died for Ishani… still weeping…

    I think she has paid for not believing and not understanding her innocent daughter… so sad…

  34. naima

    I am sure its not shekars mom behind it ……but……if it is rithika wats the need of burning her own pic

  35. Im sure that rithika is behind falugins deathh..bcz she mesaged 2 ishni lets meet at terce thats y falguni reached there…..agar faluguni nt reached der….shahid ishani will be died……itss all rithika ke vajah se huaa…ritikaa hate uuu……..plzz go away from ishverr life….w8!g 4 awesome episode wednesday,RV LoP U Daaa…..mISs U Daaa……..

  36. Yaa its r8 todays episode der is no Rv……some ones bak is dat….hahahhaahha where is rvs handsome body……… is dat acted insted of my Rv…………

  37. Now i am sooooooo haappppp RV quIt nach baliye and noW bak 2 meri aashiquiii loopp u Rv.. ur decion is realy corect……lop u RV……………..

  38. sri

    But guys I think tat new promo its ishaani’s dream to meet RV.. coz this foolish creators will change the scenes anyhow.. 😛

  39. mala

    please reunite rv and ishani, i left watching the show, because they have separated, again i want to see the show please reunite them.

  40. naima

    the up coming show of MATSH is going to bring a shocking twist for Ranveer,Ishani and Shekar.
    it I seen that falguni dies falling off terrace during Dewarsh and Krishas engagement.
    while it is portrayed as an axident,ishani finds it to be a murder not an accident.
    ishani informs shekar who calls police or investigation.
    later ishani is joined by ranveer for asthi visarjan were ran veer talks about missing ishani.
    in the up coming track shikar will inform ran veer about the police enquiry.
    ranveer will rush to shekars place were he will spot niruas anklet on the terrace.
    ran veer will immideatly doubt nirupa/ishaani as murderer.
    on the other side shear will be seen supporting and defend in nirupa

  41. In the upcoming episode ranveer gna see ishani n den hav an accident then ishani will cal, up waghela family n tell them that rv had accident then ishaani gna be waitin in waitin room for rv n rv looking for ishani n he sees ishaani n shikhar walkin together then rv says to rithika that ishaani is his past???

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