Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika says to Ishani that you don’t want anyone to see you .Ishani says but if Ranveer sees me Ritika says no he will not see you now come with me .Ranveer was sitting in front of Falugni from where Ishani entres and started crying .Ritika put her hands on Ranveers shoulder saying that if you want to do your Falugni mom’s antim sanskar then you have to help the other. You have to do all the work from your hand saying that Ritika takes Ranveer out of the room. Ishani run towards her mother as soon as Ranveer leaves the room .She cries to her that why did you left me .Ranveer helps the other outside. Sheikher sees Ishani with a sympathetic view. Ishani cries a lot on Falguni’s shoulder Sheikher runs to see what is happening outside. Shekher and Ritika goes back inside to Ishani .Sheikher

says to Ishani that we have to leave but she refuses Sheikher puts thesari on Ishani’s face .Ranveer and Ritika comes in , Sheikher asks RV that has all preparation been done . RV asks Sheikher who is that women who is crying that much for Falugni , Sheikher says rhat Falugni has helped her a lot that is why she is upset and crying that much.Rv goes near to Ishani and tells her that can understand your problem but we have to take her.Ranveer burn’s the body
As he light the body Ishani arrives and watches from a distance and cries. Later she sits down at the terrace and remembers with her mother. She looks at the locket and promises to keep it with her for forever. She then stands up and goes near the edge, turning around she finds a screw on the floor and goes to checks it on the railing and it matches and concludes that someone wanted to kill mother. She wonders why someone would want to kill her.
She sits down all confused when Sheikar comes and she asks if there was any work going on here before they came. He replies saying No and asks why she is asking this, Ishani explains her reason and says that someone wanted to kill her mom. Sheikar is surprised and asks why as there were only family members here.
Ishani says that the more confusing thing was that she came while the engagement was going and if she was coming to find me than I was not home. Ishani says that this all could not be a coincidence and Sheikar agrees with her and says that I will do an investigation of this.
He tells her to collect the remains of her mother as the pandith said that daughter or son is needed and you want to do this. He tells her to leave and says that I will be waiting for you and Ishani thanks him. She further says that after doing this I would be able to bring peace to my mother’s soul. Sheikar takes the screw from her hand.

Next Episode on MONDAY: Ranveer finds a paval somewhere in the corner and says that she must have came here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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