Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar cheers Ishaani and offers her a seat into the car.
Ritika comes to her room and says rubbish, will she tell RV everything. She tells herself to calm down, why to behave like a tv serial heroine. Why pour someone else’s anger on herself. She says come on mama take a deep breathe. She watches her mobile and says its battery was dead, someone must not have called her for so long, she thinks RV must have called him again.
RV comes home asking about Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she came home just now, and tells him to go to room where she must be waiting. Ritika calls Varma asking if he got the photograph, she says tomorrow in her wedding she doesn’t want any problem in her wedding by this lady. The man says he knows he needs to go to Hotel Grand City where she is staying. Ritika

says she is a literate girl, he must tell her well and wants to send her at a really safe place. Varma assures it would be done. RV comes there and asks whom she was talking to. Ritika asks if he remembers her friend called her, she is a good friend of hers; she was really worried so she went there. RV says she should have told someone, she told Amba she went to jeweller but he called the jeweller and she wasn’t there. Ritika tells him her friend has so many problems in her married life, She has a cramp. She tells RV the baby kicked and talks to baby it is his papa. RV is moved. Ritika thanks him for helping them so much, she realized today how much he has cared for them. RV tells her not to cry. Ritika shows her henna colour, she says when it is dark it means your husband loves you. She says she knows he couldn’t forget Ishaani but she knows he will be hers one day.
Ishaani was making preparations while Krishaa waited her henna to get dark. The henna designer asks if they have to write the full name of just SK. Baa looks at Ishaani, bua says both means the same thing. Shekhar asks them not to get his name written. Ishaani stands with him as everyone questions him why he is saying so. Shekhar tells them all not to be over dramatic, he says he doesn’t like such names. It spoils the designs and is so old fashioned. Bua tells him not to make such style, it is custom. SHekhar asks what is the used of such love that goes up with henna and gets removed with it too. He says love is like an eternal colour which is never removed from heart. Mr. Mehra appreciates his dialogues, he says his irresponsible son has gone poet from lawyer
Amba explains to Lakshmi that she has put curtain so that both can’t see each other before wedding. Lakshmi says they will find a way anyway and suggests to stay in between them. They begin the ritual. RV thinks about Ishaani’s words in the police station asking him not to interfere in her family matters, then what she had said to his lawyer at the time of divorce discussion. All their past goes through his memory, he thinks a lot has happened but nothing looks true. It feels as if Ishaani will come to him just now, he hears Ishaani laughing sitting on the side sofa. She asks what, he looks like a monkey. He crosses the curtain and asks if he looks like a monkey. He moves to her, she says not her face please. He says it makes one beautiful, and says she will be his bride once for sure. He goes putting on turmeric on her, they have a moment together. Ishaani boasts she has already won, she must see from his vision. RV comes to realization that he has been day dreaming. Lakshmi goes to put Ritika’s turmeric to RV, but Amba says there is no such ritual. RV looks at Ritika sitting at the other side of the curtain smiling. RV stands up and tells Lakshmi he is going to take a bath. Lakshmi says he is really shy. She goes to RItika and tells her that she must be ready tomorrow in time.

PRECAP: The police comes to Ishaani telling her that RV has filed a complaint against her, she may create problem in his wedding. She can’t stay in the city until his wedding takes place.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Thanks for the express update.Today’s episode was good. Rithika has become a real psycho..
    Shikhar is impressive day by day..
    Ishveer scene was too good Wow… song played also good.. Ranveer love will never fade.. precap seems to be interesting. Waiting for a good episode.

    • Suga

      New Spoiler….


      Ishaani reaches hospital in an injured condition. Shikhar holds her hand before she is taken to the OT. Shikhar couldn’t stop crying and prays for Ishaani’s life. Ishaani says Ritika did her accident and she gets injured. She gains consciousness and talks to Shikhar. She rushes to stop Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage.

      • XYZ

        Will all this happen within a span of 2 hrs?? Anhoni ko honi kar rahe hai yeh writers!! They have completely destroyed ths show. And are making a fool of us

  2. arora

    ranveer dream sequence is amazing, but it is already shown in arnav kushi haldi cermony, but like it, becoz athu arshi ithu ishveer, rendume romantic than…….,

  3. arora

    no this is not rv, its all are rithika plan, she kidnapped ishaani….., then she will expose her truth to ishaani……, ishveer ku marriage aaguma????

  4. arora

    but youtube la oru link parthn, ranveer ishaani ki anoki suhaag raat nu, athula poi paarungalan doubt’a irku, marriage aaguma aagatha nu ???

  5. susmitha

    Rv u r superb today ur chemistry with ishaani wow I love it I love them
    rv nee kili kili kili nu kiluchuta da uma a. ….

  6. kowsi

    Rithika u r a pshyco…i saw in sbs segment rithika kill ishaani aftr tat shikar will reach tat place and shikar admits ishaani in hospital…shikar crying this scene he cant see ishaani critical condition..while ishaani in op …

  7. Before oru spoiler la ishaani bride dress la vandhu rv marry panikuvanu sonnanga.. bt nw it has been changed.. indha week promo yaratchum solungaley…

    • kowsi

      Rithika true color xposes in front of ishaani..thn rithika killed ishaani….today new promo @ colors tv…

      • chinnu

        Actually it was a murder attempt and ishani gets consious and come to place where rv n rithika are getting married with an injury and wxpose rithika’s true color in front of them …..

  8. Ashiqui

    I Think ishanni will stop the marriage by telling we didn’t get divorce so this marriage has to stop .

  9. sukanya

    MATSH new spoiler:

    Ishaani reaches hospital in an injured condition. Shikhar holds her hand before she is taken to the OT. Shikhar couldn’t stop crying and prays for Ishaani’s life. Ishaani says Ritika did her accident and she gets injured. She gains consciousness and talks to Shikhar. She rushes to stop Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage.

    So finally the story is putting back the missing parts back together…shikhar comes to know ishani loves rv and ishani to soon reveal the truth of ritika in front of everyone……..waiting eagerly for ishveer reunion….

  10. sneha

    the precap is actually the work of ritika and not rv……it is unnecessarily dragging so much…..but yes, the patience will pay good results as ishveer soon to be back 🙂
    happy that shikhar saves ishani well in time…. waiting eagerly for ishveer reunion…

  11. Ashiqui

    Oh my god their is limit she didn’t get any pain ….but before she used to get pain suddenly…but I like the scene when rv take his hand out her belly (papa nagi)

  12. shalini

    today MATSH is celebrating 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy…congrats MATSH team…

  13. shalini

    OMG!Want to see haldi dream sequence many times…SOOOO ADORABLE….And the tum hi ho bgm when ishani starts laughing…..omg….can’t express in words…watching ishveer with tum hi ho bgm after a very long time makes me something….plz directors reunite ishveer.make it fast….HATE THIS DISGUTING RITIKA completely.

  14. neha

    I love ishveer dreams moments especially bgm tujh sang bair lagaya aisa… Luv this song and ishveer cozy moments. Can’t wait for ishveer reunion… Like all the episodes of MATH.

  15. maya

    During the ritveer marriage, ishani comes and halts it accusing ritika of the wrongdoings. She says to transfer ritika’s things out of rv’s room and keep her things there as it is hers and rv’s room. She asks rv to accept her as he also loves her and wants to spend the life with her but rv says ishani to get out of his life as she is the reason of his sufferings. He also told that she also plays with others life but this time he won’t let her do it. Here comes the twist:: shikhar says that ishani’s signature is not in the divorce paper so still legally ishani is the wife of rv. He warns rv that if he marries ritika, he may have to go jail.

    So friends, enjoy the new masala of MATSH where now rv will play puppet between ishani and ritika. GOOD NEWS: soon ishani will expose ritika’s real intentions in front of all with the help of shikhar and ishveer will patch up 🙂 🙂

  16. angel

    I feal rly bad for shekar. ….what’s his mistake. …v know that is ishani still loves RV….then y is she marring shekar. ….am sure after sum epi ishveer will patch up. …then shekar ka halath kyaa hogaa. …

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