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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani tries to leave but still has to hold the wall. Ranveer turns to Sharman and asks if he was accusing him of being a part of Ritika’s lie, now his own family isn’t siding him. If he has a little respect he must leave the house. Ritika looks wickedly. Ranveer goes behind Ishaani. Ritika thinks she had changed the report before they were announced.
In the room, Ishaani was worried what she will do now. Ranveer comes concerned, he asks what is she doing, she has head ache and dizzy eyes and she didn’t even take her medicines. He gets her medicines and gives them to her, he asks why she shouted this much. She had a big accident and is injured, he was handling this all. Ishaani asks Ranveer why he solves all the problems of everyone, she says there job was to bring the truth

to everyone and they did it. Why he is fighting for Ritika’s fight, it is her personal matter and if he keeps helping her she will keep dependent on him. Ranveer says that a friend will always help her like that. Ishaani says Ritika isn’t worth his friendship. RV is shocked. Ishaani says that Ritika has started to think of him more than just a friend, and if he doesn’t let go of her right now she will not be able to move forward in life. Ranveer asks if she is left with any humanity. Ishaani says alright, then she will speak as she must. She says he always care for Ritika more than his wife, she is his wife not Ritika still whenever a needle pricks Ritika he always feel more pain. She says everyone says she had a memory loss, but no one tells her what she has forgotten. She asks if he has stopped loving him? What has happened that she doesn’t know, tell me the truth. Ranveer observes Ishaani then looks away. She says there must be something that has happened in her absence. She says she is trying to remember what she has forgotten, she is trying to make her married life again. She always tells him that she loves him, but he doesn’t say this. He has changed a lot, she says this is our room still there is no photograph of them here. Ranveer sits on the bed, Ishaani sits besides him and says he has no answer to anything. Ranveer says there was painting at home so all the photographs must have been put down. She asks where they kept them. He asks what does this mean, and looks about the cupboard. She goes to get them down and climbs a stool though Ranveer stops her. She slips from over the stool while Ranveer holds her in his arms. Baa comes calling Ishaani so Ranveer helps her stand up, he asks what was she doing what if she was hurt. Ishaani says she could have but she didn’t. She comes to the door and watches Ritika going to her room, Ishaani shouts that she is leaving the room and he must not follow. Ranveer shouts back that why she doesn’t go then, he needs to sleep. Ishaani asks him to go sleep then, why is he standing here. Ritika is happy they are both fighting.
Ishaani comes to Baa who was in the corridor. She asks how she is, Ishaani says she just has pain in head. Baa tells her that she told all the truth to Sharman. Shekhar was with Sharman and Pratik and had told him Ritika killed Falguni. Sharman asks why Ishaani with Ranveer is. Ishaani comes there and says she had no option to expose Ritika instead of this way. She tells Sharman that she will make Ritika so afraid that she will accept all her sins. She looks at Pratik, Shekhar says Pratik heard everything and is with them. Ishaani says that Ritika is really cunning, there is no way but to make her fearful. Sharman says they have done everything together, they will do this together as well. Pratik comes to hug Ishaani and Sharman together. Shekhar says he is sure they will win this case now. Ishaani says she is lucky to have this family.
At night, Ranveer wakes up in his study, then lay on the couch, watches time and thinks that Ishaani wasn’t well and he must go to see her. Ishaani wasn’t in the room, he tries her number thinking she is angry at her. The phone rings in the room, Ranveer goes to look for Ishaani. Baa was doing pooja, she asks Pratik to take him to pooja and hushes Pratik not to make noise as they leave. Ranveer was coming to their room, Baa asks if everything is alright. Ranveer asks if Ishaani came to sleep here. Pratik says Ishaani didn’t come here, she was unwell and took the medicine then she went to sleep. Ranveer asks did Baa come to meet her. Baa says she met her but she went to sleep then. Ranveer says she is nowhere in the hall or garden. Baa asks him to check in the kitchen, he asks Mala in the hall but Mala says she didn’t come to kitchen. Amba also come there and asks Ranveer why he is so worried. Ranveer says Ishaani is nowhere in the house. Amba says Ishaani always teases him. Ranveer says she had an argument with him yester night, but she left and is nowhere to be found. Ritika is happy that she left herself. Amba tells Ranveer that her family is here and they will find her. Amba calls Ritika for tea as well, Pratik announces that Ishaani is also here. Ranveer asks Ishaani where was she, does she know how much he cared about her, why didn’t she tell anyone. Ishaani looks at his concern and stares at him. Ishaani says I am sorry but I promise I won’t do so again. She says she saw he was asleep in study, she thought she will return soon. Ranveer asks where she went? Ishaani says she went to meet someone. Ranveer asks whom she wanted to meet. Ishaani says she wouldn’t have come here, he knows how reserved is she and a lot of her memories are associated to this house. Ritesh asks where she went, did she go to meet Disha. Ishaani says no, not Disha but her mother. Ritika stands up in shock.

PRECAP: Ranveer tells Amba that he will take Ishaani to dinner at night. Ishaani asks if there is an occasion. Ranveer comes to her, holds her hand and says a husband doesn’t need an occasion to go to a restaurant with his wife. Shekhar and Ritika both disliked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Just dragging.

  2. Today’s episode was good… Now Sharman Pratik also know truth .Ranveer started to love Ishaani again.. please dont drag further…. Doesnt know when this track is going to get over… waiting for Falguni ma ghost… precap is interesting…

  3. Wt new twist in the storyline? Hw can she meet deceased mother .. Yaar end this soon bring up some interesting fun filled episodes fed up of seeing dragging epi

  4. Nice epi… bt wt wil hapen whn rv hears the truth frm shekar… i thnk agn they wil b dragging the story..

  5. Pls don’t separate ranveer and ishaani… True lovers should always be together

  6. Pls don’t drag it still …. Allow the pair to get united ….. Ritika should be exposed soon plsss

  7. Ritika is an elephant or what? How long is she going to be pregnant????
    She is one hell of a devil!! Horrible horrible devil!!!
    They’re draggingggggg the serial like chewing gum!!!!
    Yawwnnnn!!! ??????

    1. Hahah. Iknow it feels as though she has been pregnant for too long.

    2. its ekta’s serial…remember rachna from kumkum bhagya???? exactly d same way…pregnant for years!!!! all of ekta’s heroines turn elephant during pregnancy course!!!! ha ha ha

      1. Ur absolutely right still rachna in kumkum bhagya has not delivered the child now…….she’s still pregnant…. Don’t know when will she give birth to her child…… Ha ha ha ha….

      2. Yeh…u r rit
        I too felt the same….ha ha ha

  8. Its not real love story…its only joking of love……..just time pass only…..!!! Fully irritating episods at current…!!!

  9. Loved Ranveer’s caring nature for Ishani… But that Ritika… If Ritika wouldn’t have killed Chirag, ISHVEER hadn’t to separate…

  10. Kya bakwaaas

  11. It’s a balaji show, so anything unexpected things can happen in this show…… We can’t predict anything…… I don’t know when will this track come to an end……I just hope that ritika’s evil side revealed soon….and our ishveer come together forever and ever…….. And plz writer’s let shikhar’s character remains positive….
    I request to writer’s plz it’s enough now… see love triangle twists since 1yr…..1st triangle was ranveer, ishani and chirag…… 2nd triangle was ranveer, ishani and ritika….. 3rd is ranveer, ishani and shikhar……. Really fed up of this love triangle episodes…….. Hadh hi ho gayi……ab toh much naya dikhao viewers ko……

  12. Ranveer still I. Love with Ishani, so please u its them soon and don’t make Ishani being heartbreaker to Ranveer all the time and end up being hated by him, . Do t drag too much about Ritika let the truth come out, and till when is she going to be pregnant

  13. Lovely episode.

  14. Matsh is going too slowly…They dragged it too much! I m fed up with it …Will this stupid story finish whenever? Why they’re creating new twists all the time? I agree with neha! We r so tired of seeing love triangle twists! That’s enough!!! …plz, matsh makers!!! Finish this story! It’s already time to finish it! Stop separate ishveer again n again…else ur serial will be so different from the real life…

  15. Highlight and only fresh point of dis serial is ishveer love for each other….there r many other wsys to unite lead pair beside turning shikhar into negative person… nuksaan aisa karne ke….pehla ishani will b prvd duffer again as she again failed to understand a person and doosra shikhar will b lknown as a weak character person jo yeh nahi samaj payega ki forcefully ishano will nvr b his….plz writers thoda practical ho jao aur woh dikhao jo reality ke aas paas ho…..

  16. Meri asiqui ishveer se hi

    Really bu*****t episode plz writers dont drag

    Comment edited

  17. sooooo sad to see tu nowadays….wat happened guys??? nobody is commenting…I think that u all have started hating MATSH…Is ther any true lover of MATSH???

  18. Wat to do….itne acche wale romantic serial ki aisi taisi kar diiiii….ishani ki wardrobe mein saree aur same pattern ke blouse aur hairstyle heee rah gaye hain
    rithika is more nicly dressed up NT like ishani always behnji types ….plz ishveer ko unite karo aur Kutch different track start karo jahan woh saath hon aur romance karte rahein….actually ishveer’s chemistry is rocking aur isiliye sab dekhte hain aur wahi missing hone par no mazaa only sazaa left

  19. Now after ths dinner all will change. In the dinner night ranveer will gift a saree to ishaani and they both will dance and rithika and shekhar will look this and gets upset. In this shekhar will drink a lot and while on the wau ranveer and ishaani will have a discussion about their relationship. Then shekhar will dunk more and came before ranveer car and ranveer will help him then shekhar will confess all the truth to ranveer. Ranveer will be shocked

  20. shikar tells ranveer that he loves ishani and feels more and while he was about to tell about ishani’s memory loss drama shikar changes the topic…on the other side ranveer thinks that shikar loves ishani a lot than him…And ranveer and ishani wil have a discussion about their relationship while ranveer wil say smething which shocks ishani….whether ranveer divorce ishani or wil they reunite???

  21. yesterday’s episode was very nice….tum hi ho bgm was awesome….after a long time seeing ravveer with his love…..just can’t wait for rain romantic sequence….

  22. Realy ishani s a fool. She made al d problmz.she trys to bcm a sacrifiser by involving unwanded prblms and make risk to ranveer.1st she hrslf thought that rv killed chirag. And try to sacrifiz fr rv. She nvr askd any thng abt that to rv.nd break up.thn aftr cmng frm jail, othr missundrstnding and sacrifizing to rithika and hr baby and says al these r fr ranveer.she nvr asked ranveer abt also she thought hrslf nd did as she lik. And insulted rv infrnd f every1 wth hlp of shikar.nd break rv s hrt sad of u ranveer. Now she returns to rv and gv lv to hm. Aftr sucess f hr mission,its sure she wl again break the hrt f rv. So sad f u rv. Ur lv s true ranveer.ishani s ur lv fr ever. Bt ishanis lv s dfrnd, 1ns she lvd chirag, thn rv,nw cmtmnt to shikar., why ishani hv no cmmitmnt to rv? Ishani,s nt sincear to rv till nw, thn why to shikar?

  23. i hav one doubt..where is ishani’s fathers.he has not seen nowadays is his chapter is over…can any one explain me about this

  24. Its boring plz dont drag the story line

  25. Ah, yes wr s he? No idea

  26. Yes it’s boring some times.they are just dragging .we want to see reality in ishveers love but here both are just pretending.ranveer must come to know the real face of Ritika and Ishani must not promise to shikhar to marry him after revealing Ritika.and want to see intelligent Ranveer who finds out everything about Ritika.his role is not strong now a days.he is the hero of the show.make him smart after all he is the business tycoon of Dalal street .he just looks confused and sad .and shikhar must know that Ishani also loves Ranveer.she can not marry him.and one thing is very simple they are just making complicated.they both are already married and they want to send Ritika in jail so how can Ishani marry to shikhar?and why?but ishani just playing with Ranveer and shikhars feelings .i know she is not doing intentionally but Ranveer will get hurt after knowing all these.she should think about ranveers feelings also he has loved her a lot.

    1. agree wid u manisha…I hate the last week romantic scenes…it was just pretending….still I love the valentines words to say about those episodes…but now not like that….fully pretending..I can see love only in ranveer’s eyes…plz ekta mam ,first unite ishveer and then show romance ya..

  27. Why ranveer introduced rithika as hs wif infrnd f d wrld?if he wnt to protect rithika, then why nt as a sister? Is t posibl n real lif? Which wif wl alw al ths? Sari log fools he kya?

  28. Nice epi.don’t drag the serial. Reunit rv and ishanni.

  29. I want to be all of your friend
    I am new here

  30. When that blo*dy ritikas truth will expose?? ??

    Plz make it fast

    Waiting for that

    Plzzz don’t take ishani away from ranveer ??


  31. Ya don’t drag it I want to ishveer tgthr

  32. And one more thing Ranveer has never tried to explain Sherman to take responsibility of Ritika.and he got ready to take her responsibilities.thats totally a friend if he supports her that’s ok but why marriage?he can get better than Ritika why ritika who is pregnant with someone else child?no need to become Mahaan.ishani also wants to be mahan .they ignore each other like this.

  33. Sharman and partik came to know the truth of ritika ?

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