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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani denies that she isnt a servant. Nurbehr tells her to keep quiet. He asks everyone if they haven’t ever seen a fair servant, she must have eaten well in childhood but now she will serve them all. He tells them to keep Ishaani worse than servants as well, they can even beat her if she argues. He orders the servants to leave and turns to go upstairs. He asks his family why they are wearing such simple clothes. He calls for the jewelry he had brought for everyone. He hands all his family gifts. He says he wants them all to wear the jewelry for celebrations at home, they all wear it. He says now it seems as Nurbehr Singh Alawat’s family. He announces that party will begin at 8 o clock, they all must go and take rest. He stops Ishaani and tells her to get ready as well. Ishaani

asks why she should get ready. Nurbehr says she will get ready because she is the wife of Burbehr Singh Alawat. Ishaani says she isnt his wife, he drags her inside forcefully to the terrace. Ishaani says he can do anything, she won’t marry him ever. She only loves Ranveer, she will only marry him. Nurbehr says she had said in a party in Mumbai six months ago that she is Mrs. Nurbehr Singh Alawat. Ishaani says she said so only because Ritika asked her to. Nurbehr Singh says he only wanted to know if she still loves Ranveer or not, that is why he spent two days with her in jail and he doesn’t want to listen what he already knows. Ishaani says she didn’t deal with him about marriage. Nurbehr tells Ishaani that if he can give Ranveer the injections due to which he get treated, he can get is stopped as well. He will be ruined then. He asks Ishaani what she wants to be now, his wife or a widow of Ranveer. Ishaani cries thinking about Ranveer. He hadn’t gone inside when Ishaani says Wife! Nurbehr calls Ritika who comes out with Ishaani’s dress. Nurbehr throws a dress at her and says she will wear this dress and do what a wife does. Ishaani asks why he is doing this all? He says she must not ask why he is doing this, she must ask what he can do. She is getting punished for Ranveer’s sin. Ishaani asks which sin? He says she will get to know it in time and tells Ritika to teach Ishaani how to speak, else she will be in problem. He goes inside. Riitka asks Ishaani why she is crying, she must be happy how many times she will marry in one life. She tells Ishaani to see Ritika couldn’t marry once. She tells Ishaani she must do what Nurbehr asked her to, there are no options in her life now else he can do anything with Ranveer. If Nurbehr says they will live apart, they have to and if he says she will be his wife, she has to be. She tells Ishaani that today was a good day in Ranveer’s life, he has got his face back and a huge contract as well. She shows her Ranveer’s photo, which Ishaani watches intently. Ritika says that Amba and Kailash have kept a huge party in celebrations. She says to Ishaani that they will party here. She asks Ishaani it is time to show how really her Aashqui is with Ranveer.
There, Amba prepares for Ranveer’s celebration party. Ranveer comes home. Amba and Kailash run to him, Amba hugs him happily saying his face looks too good. Kailash says he has now got an attitude now, Amba says it suits him. They tell Ranveer about their arrangements, and there were some business papers for him ready to announce his new business. Amba and Kailash tell him to take rest. Ranveer says he now doesn’t have to take rest. He has to do a lot. He says he now has to set a sugar factory. Kailash says Ranveer knows well about stock market as well as diamond. Ranveer says his new plant is in Hariana, and his new life goal is there.
Nurbehr comes downstairs, his mother takes him aside and asks what this all, who that girl is is? Firstly he said she is a servant, then said she is his wife. His man comes to tell him she is here. Ritika tells Nurbehr she has brought his wife, like he wanted. He comes to Ishaani and holds her hand, though she resists. He tells her not to show an attitude, else he will drag her around. He tells Ritika and his mother to enjoy the party, he will introduce Ishaani to the guests. He tells Ishaani to keep her gaze down, else it can cost her Ranveer a lot.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches the chandelier move and about to fell over Nurbehr’s sister, Naina. She calls her and goes to save her. Nurbehr shouts Naina!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It’s really becoming unbearable now i ts enough I quit matsh and new entries are worst

  2. Feeling bad 4 ishani.

  3. ishani ur act is superb …when rv going to knows ishani true love . plz writter do some happyness.. day by day its boaring to watch ….in Tamil ethu sammaya pothu….jolly iruku Hindi LA paka pothu romba kadupethrainga my load this story is not fine .kojam change panna nalla iruku rv ishani together ra irukanum .next make any different twist .ippa comments kuda low vakitu pothu .so make story beautyfull .when we watch or read this serial .we want to think or say today episode is very super or this twist also super ….but now no one like this type story every one want to see ishveer together.
    so I want to see more comments

  4. I want to see more ckme

  5. I like this serial so much .but this serial moving slowly and ishani &rv spreated for long time. cha……frnds any one know wht going to happen in upcoming shows..

  6. Bad bad except for ranveer I can feel how much he loves ishaani……? hope they meet soon and ranveer ll come to know the truth about ishaani and he ll save her from nirbhay and rithika

  7. please reunite ishveer . bar bar vahi sab dekhke pak gaye hain hum

  8. when Ranveer will see ishani !
    they always dragging….
    ishveer unite pls….
    when Ranveer know ishani truth iam waiting for that only

  9. Any body say in tamil which episodes are going ???

    1. In Tamil, It Is Ritika’s And Santosh’s Engagement Today…

  10. i feel like another triangular love story going to come.he will torture ishaani but seeing her good nature he may fall in love.definitely his wife killed by some family member.but blame ison ranveer.this is my own view only.what others thinking howvthey will take over story in upcoming weeks

  11. now this serial much more boaring.plase viewers if you think that when ritika goes to jail how she is return.for example when ishani and ranveer go to jail in courtroom saw in serial tv show and judge punchiment them.meri aashiuqe tumse hi viewers plase think it ritika is escape from proves that is is meaningless story. in other way new villan is entery it takes show intersting .plase all views i humble request read this comment.and do not watch this show because it greate bakbas serial .plase ekta mam change the trace .

  12. It’s really becoming unbearable now- don’t think I can sit to watch this again

  13. serial became too worst year, limits should be there for creating new things. Ranveer nd Ishaani never meet together I think , very boring and getting irritation

  14. The serial has completely lost its intent.i think the makers are thinking that audience are mad or Wat. … If ishveer are happy for 4 days then they make it worst for 4 months.sequence getting repeated even before is hand was in jail for chirag murder now again ththis.i don’t understand the logic, ishveer love eachother soo much but they won’t ask whether he or she committed a crime or not they themselves come to a conclusion that the other person might have don’t the mistake and take the blame on themselves. and for ranveer, it appears like Ishani is the one who truly loves him it’s been just once in the beginning of their marriage she doubted ranveer because of chirag After she realised his love she is too loyal and caring for ranveer but ranveer even after soo much of hard times with ishani still din’t understand her character.. is this Wat is called love from childhood.he never undersstands ishani and always puts hee to test.I think ishani deserves better person than ranveer

    1. Yes i agree with this point dat ishaani’s love for ranveer now is so truer than ranveer’s love..but dat doesnt mean ranveer’s love for ishaani is not true…the matter is all problems arise only because of ranveer and ishaani try to solve them but ranveer is too dumb to understand dat…he just blindly loves her and thinks dat he cant forget her , dats his problem…

  15. The serial has completely lost its content….this isnt aashiqui…this is all about distrust & sacrifice…i am sorry if i am harsh but i couldnt stop myself from saying that all the ekta shows give way too much importance to the female leads & treat men as dumbs who can only doubt their wives…at first they show men can do anything for the women of their life but once the women understand her love they show that only women can love & can go to any extent for their love…a wrong message is spreading by this…& about ranveer,this character was loved so much i think way too more than ishani…& this cvs can never tolerate that men get more importance than females…thats why they are adamant on making ishani mahaan & showing as if only she loves ranveer & on the other hand spoiling rv’z character by making him doubt on his love again & again…sorry for commenting too long but cant help it…fed up of this show…loved ranveer…still a big fan of shakti…

    1. I agree with u arshi and l am also a big fan of shakthi

  16. What is this yaar .people are not even dare to watch this show beacause this too much boaring .kya fun you will get out of this nonsense which audiance are not getting bored day ny day.director sub try to understand and make happy .what is the crime if show is going well .audiance are accepting only suspense and interest not

  17. hi nandhini and praveena… thanks for reply me… sry nandhini timing thappa solitan… u two member are where r u in tamilnadu… I am also waiting for ishveer valentine s day spl… waiting for ishveer join in Tamil… raviii semmaaaa cute, handsome, cute smile,rocking look… I lovvveeee uuu ranveer.. but Hindi so worst…

    1. I am frm chennai sathya….ranveer rocks! Always love ranveer!❤❤

  18. nallaave illa

  19. I am watching this serial only for rv …now a days it is very very boring …wen will rv see ishaani ..just make moments for ishveer…we r not asking u to unite ishveer forever because we know that u wonn’t do that at least make rv to understand ishaani .R u writers not aware that the serial is losing so many viewers in Tamil it is good but in Hindi it is boring…we know that rv didn’t kill anyone..just he got the blame on him…

  20. Really I hate watching diz track.plz stop diz track as soon as possible. Itz a request. I hate 2 c d new characters.romba kastama iruku. Ranveer n ishanni illama eruchala varuthu. ..really I feel pity 4 ranveer. Really tamil la ippa pora track superb. Waiting 4 d valentine scene

  21. I 2 agree with arshi yaar…

  22. ektha u go to mental hospital….
    nd take good treatment

  23. Priyadharshini

    Yup!!wats gng on in tis serial getting worst…ritika was good friend of rv and she has changed now and continuously ishani is geting much pains and loses her trust frm rv..wat is tis yaar!were is the true loce of rv and ishaani?

  24. ????????????

  25. I am totally agree wid u guys but mujhe lag raha hai ishveer ab 14 feb ko reunite hongen or mai show dekhti rahungi for ishveer/shadhika bcoz they r my fvrt i am bigest fan ishveer.

  26. Don’t miss guys telly award 27 dec 7 pm only on & tv

  27. Same here I lOve ishveer

  28. i am aslo big fan of my dearest ishveer

  29. radhika please tell me how do you know that ishveer will reunite on 14 Feb and ya I will also watch the show till it ends because I just love ishveer from the core of my heart

  30. Hi tamil guys…tamil la super ah iruku this serial

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