Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with shaani arriving at a temple at an isolated place in a taxi , she prays
At shikhar’s house Kanchan cries and tells shikhar that falguni had brought a gift for Nirupa and she had sent her to nirupa’s room. She does not know how she reaChed the terrace
Shikhar tries to calm down Kanchan
Shikhat comes to ishaani after locating her with great difficulty
He convinces her to get back home She is reluctant but he insists that there had been an accident so she better get back home
Ishaani asks what accident. Shikhar than reveals falguni was no more

Ishaani slaps Shikhar and refuses to believe him , she shouts at him for this poor joke
She is in disbelief and weeps uncontrollably
She shocks shikhar by telling

him that falguni was her mother
Ishaani pleads shikhar to admit he was lying just to make her return but shikhar remain silent as ishaani weeps and howls
She is heart broken as she was unable to meet her for the last time

RV is seen requesting Nitin to do the last rites as he was her husband
But Nitin declines as he could not do it, as he had lost the rights to perform last rites
He had ditched her unlike Harshad and RV who had supported her
He had never had any rishtaa with her
He did not want any one to raise queries on their rishtaa. She should be known as the wife of harshad parikh only , the respectable wife of a respectable person

Nitin persuades RV to perform the last rites of falguni as he was the closest to her after Harshad and ishaani
Nitin requests RV to do the last rites of falguni on behalf of Nitin, ishaani and harshad
Also harshad had handed over the care of his family to RV so he was like their son so by that rite he was authorised to do last rites
RV announces this to every one

Next scene shows Falguni’s last rites are being performed , she is lying on the floor with cotton stuffed into her nostrils
Naa is in tears as RV gets ready to perform last rites of Falguni , bit amba is unhappy about it. Ritika makes strange expressions
Ishaani arrives with shikhar and she pleads Him to let her meet her mother for the last time
Shikar shares with ritika how to make Nirupa take one last look at falguni as she knew her But nirupa was feeling shy. He asks ritika to help the heart broken nirupa

Ritika comes to ishaani and talks to her , shares her grief as she too had gone thru the same loss when she lost her father 7 months ago
Ishaani tells her that she wanted to meet her mother but wanted to hide herself from her family

Precap shows Ishaani in ghunghat crying over the body of falguni
Shikhar stands close to her
, he alerts ishaani by taking RV’s name RV is surprised to see shikhar’s GF Nirupa weeping over falguni

Update Credit to: Sutapasima


  1. Manisha

    Is Ritika negative character or not?why she always shows concern to everyone?in promo they have shown that Nirupa is weeping over falgunis death.and Rv is coming there but still he won’t recognise her.shikhar wants to hide Ishani from her family only and he wanted to introduce Nirupa with Rv and Ritika then why he is hiding her from them?just waiting for ishveer reunion.tired of hide and seek between them.hope cvs won’t drag this nonsense drama for long time.its really very nice serial but after leap they have spoiled serial but still watching this drama.

  2. Manisha

    It’s very sad that Falguni maa couldn’t meet Ishani before death.actually they should replace falgunis character because Gauri wanted to quit.her character was nice only but she was not satisfied with her role.we could have seen ishanis parents reunion also.and why Ranveer will do death rituals ?baa knows that Ishani is alive atleast she should told at this time that Ishani is alive and she will give her agnidaah.ishani also should come forward for that.its really disgusting that she still wish to hide her self.why she is afraid that all will scold her.she should just think abt her mother only no other person is as important as her mother for her.

  3. shikhar bhaiya you are so loving and caring .please take care of ishaani di like this . and i request the director to show some more close scenes of ishkar

  4. S5

    Hey guys pata nahi sona ko kya hogaya isliye meine kal ka update ko doonda or mujhe woh india forums mein mila or meine woh link kal ka update mein share kar liya toh telly update valom ne woh copy paste kiya. COOL

  5. k.vasanthi

    yepo rv ishaaniya pakka pora yepo theriyum evanuku she is nt dead…. she is alive nu really its very irritating to watch s serial day by day…. pls change it n do smethng… meri aasiqui serial name ana wt s gng on pls ishveer dha pairah irukanu

  6. k.vasanthi

    vera vera pakka pidikala ishaani paavum….. Pls writter do smnthng n brng happiness to her life….. Rv eva kudadha irukanu pls….. Rithika ah pathi avanku theriyum.

  7. k.vasanthi

    rv and ishaani pair super ah irukum avangalukagadha endha serial naa pakuran pls…, really both of them made for each other…..

  8. Stylish

    ishaani ab tou apni family walon k samnay ajao khair wo tou apki family h b nai they all are selfish nd happy in their life but RV k paas wapas ajao wohi tumhein khush rakh sakta h ya phir Shekhar se shadi kar lo.
    i will miss u Falguni maa(gauri) in d show.ishaani ki life tou ab khtm hogae h kyun k us k mom nd dad falguni maa nd loving nd caring harshad dono usay chor k chaly gaey.writers itni jaldi bi kya ti falguni maa ko ishaani se milne k baad maar daitay na maa beti ko milne b nai diya aur mar diya falguni ko.nd baa ab bht khush hongi waise b wo falguni nd ishaani ko pasand nai krti ti.rithika hr epi k bd mujhe tumse aur b nafrat hoti.

  9. Manisha

    When will Ishani and Ranveer meet face to face?i read that both will do asthivisarjan together .she will disguise herself or she will show her face to Ranveer.?just waiting for their face off.ishani shikhar scenes are good but don’t like to watch Ritika with Ranveer.i don’t understand Ranveer can not recognise her from back and when she was crying he couldn’t recognise her voice?how can it is possible?

  10. So sad episode…..ishaani acting awsm ….shikar u r really rocking man…radhika said ishaani and ranveer come to meet face to face its not reel its real…we r waiting for gud episode…this show gng to rubbish..chirag death now falguni dead…and thn ishaani father is nitin..writters pls focus on these characters…dnt dragging …

  11. Manisha

    Now Ranveer will do antimsanskar of Falguni so Shekhar should ask why he is doing and this way he can also come to know that Ishani is ranveers wife. And Falguni is ranveers sasuji but cvs don’t want to clear anything.

  12. crazy fan

    ritika ki acting bahut karaab gain, falguni faced death, what about nithin’s secret? , ….keep it aside,Don’t show that amba’s face again….plz take it as a request

  13. Sathyasree venkat

    Romba mokkaiya poguthu coz innum ishaani and ranveer pakala, yeppa meet pannuvanga,

  14. Sathyasree venkat

    Yaar written update pottathu, where is sona, indha written update la verum mistake ka irruku, paathi story ya kaanum, pls sona update pannuga

    • vj

      RV himself said that he is doing so bec ishani is NO MORE( he don’t know she is alive) and disha has gone some where so as a son i(RV) will perform the last rites…

  15. is rithika is nagitive character. we dont like it . Poor ishani she is very innocent at that same why she is came to Rv to relieve the truth. Please rv and ishani dont seperate them. Please meet them.


    Its really irritaing now.. episodes are being dragged so much the hide n seek theme is getting bored now.. If baa knws she is alive why she is still silent…N even after Ishanis mother death she wants to hide herself for what.. and as we all know rv loves Ishani from childhood and still he cant recognise Ishani her even from her hair style her dressing style she is crying even he cant recognise her voice too. what kind of love is this… Ist seems really boring at this stage… Shekhar is very well going in his role… but we are eagerly waiting for RV ISHANI to face each other…

  17. Manisha

    Ishani should perform the last rites of Falguni.thats really very bad that she still wants to hide her self from everyone.tjere is no logic in hiding.she has right to see her mom last time.she should be strong and bold woman.

  18. arora

    today episode so sad……., nala thana sad ah feeling ah poitu irnduchu, ipa ethuku rithika vandu periya iva mari aarudal sola vara, un aarudala yaravadu ketangla, ni yen theva ilama vandu muka nolakira, stupid, ishkar scene super,

  19. New promoooo…..wwoohhhhhhh…….cant w8 anymoreeeee……………..rv meeting isshaanniiii….ohhh maa goddd………..w8!ng 4 dat episodeee… u ishveerrrrrr……

  20. xyz viewer

    it would be so much better that ishani should come out to perform the last rituals of her mother leaving everyone in shock.

  21. pp

    Ritika was trying to kill ishaani ..thats y she called ishaani to teraace…she did not go there herself,but was waiting fr ishaani’s msg reply…falguni actually read ishani msg from her phn..thats y she went to teraace to meet ishaani…ritika did not knew this….she might have fallen by mistake only…

  22. Srsly ishaani will b on a bench cryingt with a mangalsutra nd ranvir sees her there. Nd they will have face-face look. Guyzz after so many days we will have our ishveer bck. ri8??

  23. pinky

    Ranveer and Ishani together to do the
    “Asthi Visarjan” of Falguni in Meri
    Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

    Gear Up for the High Voltage Drama in the
    upcoming episodes of Bajali Telefilms
    popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi…
    As per the current track, Shikhar comes to
    take Ishaani back home and tells her about
    the passing away of Falguni. Meanwhile,
    Ranveer meets Falguni’s former lover. The
    scenario at Parekh house is very sad as
    each member of the family misses Falguni.
    Elsewhere, Ishaani wants to go for the last
    rites of her mother, but is also in double
    mind to not go. .
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ishani in a
    shocked state will get hold on Falguni’s gift.
    Shikhar will help Ishani to see Falguni. Ishani
    will recall all the memories which she had
    with Falguni,.
    Further, Ranveer will cremate Falguni’s dead
    body and he will feel sorry for her. Ishani
    will go to the terrace and will find out that
    Falguni’ death was not an accident. Shikhar
    will call the cops for the investigation.
    Here Ranveer will go to cemetery place
    (Shamshan) to collect Asthi (consisting of
    bones) but he will be informed that Nirupa
    has already collected it. Ishani will be doing
    the Asthi Visarjan (disposal of mortal
    remains) and Ranveer will also join her.
    Ranveer will tell Ishani that how much he
    misses her.
    Later, Ranveer will get a call from Police
    saying that Shikhar has suspected the foul
    play of Falguni’ death. Ranveer will go to the
    Shikhar’ house to get to know more about

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