Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV tells Shekhar when he was her driver he never thought about being a big man because he never wanted to go away from her. But when he separated from her he became a big man at once. It was for her whatever he was and whatever he became but when there is love, there is a your weakness as well. He tells Shekhar that Ishaani doesn’t love him at all and will ruin him as well. Shekhar says Ishaani isn’t like this, he knows Ishaani better than him. RV tells Shekhar that even Ishaani would laugh at him.
A lawyer arrives there, it was Mr. Dalmia. Shekhar introduces him with RV as their family lawyer. Mr. Dalmia says he had to come this late as Mr. Mehra wants it all to be done today. Mr. Dalmia was reluctant but Shekhar says he can do it in front of him. Mr. Dalmia says according to his

grand father’s will, half of Shekhar’s property will go to his wife, now he will have to put Ishaani’s name in it. RV says now he get it, its not about the heart but bills. Shekhar says now he knows about it, he must not ruin his first wedding ritual anymore, as she has fasted for him for the first time. He asks RV to concentrate on his own life, and find out why Ishaani didn’t come to him after getting released from jail.
Mr. Mehra and buas were excited about Jago. Baa and everyone arrive. Ishaani greets them. Kanchal asks Ishaani to start preparing the Prasad, she has kept the recipe on the fridge and also sms her the video link. She says Ishaani hasn’t eaten anything so she must send the Prasad to Shekhar, so that she can also break her fast. The family move out for the ritual of Jaago, singing. Ishaani was left alone at home. She comes with the Prasad to driver and tells him to call her as soon as he gets the box. She shuts the door behind when the door bell rings. Ishaani wonders who has come here in the morning, and thinks it is Shekhar. She opens the door to see RV standing out, he pulls her with her hand inside and jerks her. He says he knows she is marrying Shekhar because of money. Ishaani asks what? RV says she knew Shekhar’s grandfather left a will in which half of his property goes to her, that is why she is marrying him. Ishaani gets rid of her hand, RV holds her again and says she loves to break people’s heart. She didn’t value his heart, but he may take any amount she wants for Shekhar’s heart and leave him. He tells her that when she went to jail, he thought she saved him but when she caught Shekhar after her release, he knows about her tactic.
Ishaani thinks about Amba’s plea to Ishaani in hospital. She says yes, she didn’t love him and didn’t want to live with him but this is her life. She says she has moved on in her life and even if she is marrying Shekhar for money. They are shocked to see the family there. Baa asks RV what he is doing here. RV says Ishaani invited him. Bua’s murmur she is showing her colours even before wedding. RV smiles and comes to Shekhar, she isn’t affected with anything. She just said she is marrying him for money. RVV says he has brought her real face in front of everyone. Ritika comes there, she says they heard not what Ishaani said, but even what he had said. She says she got Ishaani’s call and she heard everything he said. She says she was in car Ishaani called her, and he reached here then, she heard all what he said. Ritika says it is clear now, he came here himself to talk to her. She says she texted Shekhar and got to know he is already coming here to eat Prasad. RV says there is nothing she is thinking. Ritika says this is all so clear. She cries that she is fed up of listening to his false vows, he said last night that Ishaani is dead for him then what he wants to prove now. RV says he just wants to prove that Ishaani is making fool of Shekhar. Ritika says his own face is coming to everyone, anyone can see that instead of his own wedding he cares more of others. He says he has killed his own wife Ritika, he must go to Ritika this way.
Ishaani asks RV to stop it, he must live happily with Ritika. Doesn’t he realize that she, Ishaani, isn’t interested in him. She says she feels nothing for him, so stop feeling for her. Before Shekhar, he must try to make his own life better and atleast try to keep Ritika happy.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was omg.. still no improvement.. anyway no shadi is going to happen in this show. Kindly change show name meri ashiqui nai meri nafrat or dushmani tum se hi..please some make Rv to use his brain. idiot he know Ishaani from childhood.. still he cant able to understand her.. doesnt know whether his love is true.. Many times ishaani blame herself for his welfare.. the only thing Rithika did good in today’s episode is coming on right time to prove ishaani a good character.. Rv came by himself.. any way it is for her selfish motive only.. pls bring out the truth soon.. Ishaani be little selfish if not 4 u.. atleast for the sake of audience sake.. 🙂 enough of dragging.. 🙁 precap annoying.. waiting for a good episode.. hope it happen soon..

  2. arora

    today episode nice, ishkar scene look so cute, day by day this story is going so much of dragging and chewing, each and every one hate ishaani, first rv hate ishaani, deversh,chaitali,rithika,amba all are hate ishaani, but in upcoming episode shekhar also hate ishaani, what is this……., this is aashiqui serial, no this is nafrath serial…

  3. arora

    but guys dont worry soon all the truth will come out………., bcoz i read it on spoiler alert,

  4. arora

    Lots of drama is going on in the Colors’
    show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Balaji
    The viewers are soon going to witness a
    romantic rain sequence between Ishani
    (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora)
    A source shared, Ranveer will soon get to
    know about the truth that Ishani did not
    steal the jewelry. And this will create a soft
    corner in Ranveer’s heart for
    misunderstanding her. The duo will meet
    outside and will share a romantic moment
    together, but their cute moment will be
    interrupted by Shikhar’s (Arjun Bijlani)
    entry, where he will come and hug Ishani.
    Upon seeing them in such an intimate
    position, a heartbroken Ranveer will feel
    jealous and will start his wedding
    preparations with Ritika (Smriti Khanna).
    But, there is no need to feel bad, IshVeer
    fans, as we are providing you with a reason
    to rejoice.
    Our source further revealed, “During the
    Sangeet ceremony Ishani will accidentally
    come to know about Ritika’s true intentions
    and Ritika being responsible for her
    mother’s death. She will call off her
    marriage with Shikhar and will decide to
    reunite with Ranveer claiming back her
    rights as Ranveer’s first wife.”
    Aha, isn’t that a good news for all IshVeer
    Though Ranveer will be torn between two
    wives, initially he will be reluctant in
    believing Ishani. It will be interesting to
    watch how will Ranveer react when Ishani
    will come back to him.
    We tried reaching Arjun Bijlani for a
    confirmation but he remained unavailable.

  5. arora

    read it guys………, happy news,,,,,,,,, soon ishveer will be back…….., i am very very happy,,,,,,,,,,

  6. maya

    new spoiler: Before Ishani going to get accused of theft by RV, comes some moments of romance between her and Shikhar. On the other hand, RV finds Ishani on the road and thinks a guy is teasing her and is mistaken that he is actually helping her by putting the dupatta back. Without thinking, RV goes ahead to thrash the guy and meets Ishani’s anger soon after. Shikhar and Ishani’s romance takes place on the road in the midst of rain, and RV finds the duo and feels jealous with blend of some outpouring love.

    omg, dont make a joke of pure love…what are they showing now??? spoilt the whole show….if u cant make ishveer back, at least dont mix spices in pure sentiments… i heard after the rv’s accusation &ishani going out, there will be few steps to make story come into track…..shame on u shikhar—u r not a lawyer, totally brainless……rv is way too disturbed and ishani is left with nothing…this show is crap now…
    in the upcoming track after ishani knowing ritika’s involvement in falguni’s death will make her claim her rights as rv’s first wife…..rv will be torn between his ex- wife and would-be-wife….so much drama

    • Yeah that’s Ishani,, she will return to RV only wen she wants,, coz to her Ritika and her happiness is important than Rv’s happiness,,,
      In what rights is she going to save RV from Ritika . If she doesn’t want to accept RV now,, of how shiker’s reacts now wil RV RV react later,,

    • maya

      why are they doing it all?? ishani has romance moments with everyone..??? its so yuck… nowadays i dont see episodes but read wu……is the girl so***** that she will go near any man to hurt own love…….rv does some mistakes but still he can justify but ishani will not be able to speak anything after all dat…..of course there are many sacrifices c did but any girl cant be behaving like the way ishani is doing now…..ohho, y r they complicating it so much??? yes, i too have that question: how will c directly jump into rv’s life after doing that all?? does ishani expect rv to welcum her whole-heartedly—cant be…..ritika will get her benefits bcoz c was with rv when he needed a frend…..totally unrealistic—kabhi bhi kuch bhi!!! cant bear this drama……really dont know how they will solve it all….
      i love this show bcoz of shakti arora bcoz he indeed is a star in his acting skills…..plz come back those moments of sweet ranveer….waiting eagerly..

    • anita

      romance between ishani and shikar…
      waack…what nonsense is this….
      really disgusting…..
      I thought that ishani still loves ranveer….

  7. rosy

    Bt it wl stl show ishani 2 b a doubtful character….nd hw wl shikar nd hs family react to ths…ders so many loopholes in da current track..ishani is shwn to b oscilatng b/w two men…nd shikar’s heart wl b brken nd i dont thnk he wl help ishani in da matter further.,more ovr rv wnt b believng it…ritika wud do sumthng drastic,amba wl make a hell out of it…bt i hpe rv wnt marry ritika as rv’s 1st wife is nt divorcd nd it wud b illegal if ishani returns.

  8. XYZ

    What is happening to RVs and Ishaani’s character? If they have truly loved each other, then how can they accept and romance with others so soon? Very cheap!!

  9. Hey u didn’t wrote that after all this shekhar n ishaani danced too romanticly and seeing this ranveer cried.

    U should write everything.

  10. XYZ

    Ishani had signed on the divorce papers before going to jail, rt? that is what I remember. Now on what grounds can she come back? after insulting her love and in turn herself? And RV… If u really love her, go and find out the truth.

  11. Ishani is really a characterless woman although she loves RV,, coz if she wants RV to move onn with Ritika it doesn’t mean that she needs to romance with shiker,,
    I think it’s only RV running behind her everytime,, coz she is already so happy with her wedding preparations and she doesn’t even remember any moment of RV,. She even dared to remove the five ring,,
    I can’t understand what’s the use of her sacrifice of she is easily accepted shiker in her life,,this is how she was with RV post marriage until she comes to know about Rv’s reality, then she fell in love,, now she is same like that with shiker may be she will love shiker too in future after marraige,, how many men are matched with her,, she really jumps from one man to other. Like prerna in kzkk,, I hate that brainless character ,, Ishani is only good at hurting RV,,
    I felt really sad wen RV saw her breaking fast with shiker,,
    He is trying to move onn but it’s too hard for him but Ishani just easily moved onn,,
    I always saw the difference between Rv’s and Ishani’s aashiqui,,,
    This show is completely unethical

    • maya

      no girl is like this….they are just making it disgusting……how can ishani romance with shikhar if c truly loves rv??? so chhiii…..even i was hurt when c was taking that dove ring out of her hand….is it so easy or wat?? rv plz use ur brain bcoz if we leave it at ishani, c will just spoil it more…….for all that rv has done, he truly deserves some happiness….cant u understand this ishani—- putting salt on fresh wounds!! if cant give happiness then at least not put more grief….enuf of ur silent aashiqui which is only making him die every moment—-either speak it or let it go……unbearabe for me to see sweetu ranveer crying like that….

    • Exactly girls,, I can’t imagine will any girl go to this extent to hurt their love ,,???? If she valued that dive rung she will not remove it for shiker,, she is just so disgusting,,, if she goes back to ranveer and if he accepts her after seeing all these,, the biggest fool on earth is RV,,,
      I watch this show from day 1 only for Rv’s love,, even now I only see RV emotions but he is such fool to love this woman who never understands the depth of his love and only knows to hurt him,,
      I can’t understand how easily. She can consider others happiness and make RV cry ,, from before she only consider others happiness not Rv’s,, I will say she loves RV so much but she never values his feelings,,,
      But RV is die heartlessly dedicated to her ,,

  12. pearl

    How can ritika ask rv to marry her as he is nt the father of her child…….n y rv is trying to explain ritika??? As ishani is his wife he has right to stop her marriage cant he say this to that stupid ritika……chi hate this ritika…..n this dumb ishani always hurts rv with her words…..

  13. fahad

    Hi why they they playing this stuff don’t It’s not interesting any more plzzz bring is ishani in ranbir life again ……….

  14. vivian

    Matsh you should not insult ishani like dat didn’t you see when rv called her characterless, theif , illegitimate child .all this while she never said anything because she love rv so much for how long will she take it , even rv is the most charaterless person till date living with that stupid ritika in the same bedroom addressing each other as man and wife while the are not married and that evil amba didn’t say anything so What gives rv and his mother the right to call ishani charaterless at list ishani is trying to move on with her life because she deserves to be happy for one’s in her life.

    • XYZ

      Hadnt she insulted him calling him driver? Now, she doesn’t deserve any mercy. She has only hurt him, nothing else.

    • rudra

      Both RV and Ishaani being humiliated equally, saddest part is they both did it against each other, its not wise to find fault in the behaviour of characters but the idiots who characterise them, who spoil them lik how they did with RV’ noble innocent character, he can be angry but showing lik stooping very low to prove Ishaani characterless is not the very nature of Ranveer. she also respected and cared him wen they wer friends(wen Baa insults Ranveer)they wer there for each other, stood together wen one got troubled, Dono how these writers who created beautiful characters can themselves ruin them cos these characters hav made such an impact in viewers mind, cant take it!

    • kashish

      actually this is not ryt…..c needs happiness does not mean c will close in with shikhar….of course rv has done some mistakes but he can never resist himself from going towards ishani which shows about his eternal love…..amba is stupid — i wont comment on her……though rv and ritika r not married but rv ha ritika as mrs. rv for the society so he behaves like this…..ishani sud not romance with shikhar in case, its so chhhiiii…..y cant c maintain distance and make it respected relationship…..y is c so hell bent to hurt rv—c always hurts rv….at least for the love(if c loves rv), y cant c speak out…… least for once let rv also feel that ishani too loved him otherwise he will die coz of her hate-drama ….feeling pity 4 rv…

      • I agree with u totally,,, it’s so hard for anybody who loves to see their love romancing with another man,, yuck,,,
        That’s RV still,, he wanted to move onn but he can’t coz his love is so eternal,, but Ishani is so happy with her new marraige only thing in her corner of the heart she has RV,,

      • rudra

        Then RV shouldnt hav accepted ritika as wife, y not adopt her as sister n secure her life, in dat way he also hurt Ishaani deadly wen she came back frm jail..

    • It’s true that she is illegitimate, charge termed jumping from one man to other having RV in heart, and of ourse thief once coz she stole 25000 from office,,,

  15. Anu Rajpoot

    plzz no more…i beg …. cnt see ranveer always crying… i too always get in tears seeing ranveer crying
    … ishaani …i hate u… romance with shikhar??? not justified in any way….

  16. Manisha

    I couldn’t see Ranveer crying.i felt his pain.ishani looks so happy with Shekhar we know she is pretending but it’s hurting Ranveer.

  17. Priya

    i dono what rv and ishaani trying to prove each other……..whether they love or hate more than the other…..plz put full spot to tis hating drama ……

  18. maya

    shikhar, u r such a brainless character, nonsense—hate u!!! as long as ishani only had friendship bond with shikhar, it was somehow manageable to bear this show and respect ishani of her sacrifices, but now if they show romance scenes between ishani and shikhar, it is just disgusting…..loving rv and wanting him to move on does not mean romancing with other guy…..did u accept him so easily—–didnt expect this from u……ishkhar sounds so irritating these days….. i cant bear rv crying like that more……plz ishani dont do this, i cant c him like this……stop this drama—none gives u right to jump into rv’s life wenever u want… only if the real ranveer returns back. the show will rejoice—-no hopes from ishani…….

    • True maya totally agreed,, from day 1 of the show I know Ishani is hopeless,, the show is meant only for Rv’s love,,, we r for RV as always,, HIFI

      • maya

        hifi…..i am still attached to this show only bcoz of rv…..ishani, c is crossing boundaries….even i dont feel sorry for her now….missing my sweet ranveer…want u back….now i dont care about ishani…. i just want the same smile back on ur face…

  19. Manisha

    Shikhar parents know that Ishani is divorced and ranveers first wife?why they are not asking anything to Shekhar?

  20. AN

    Can anyone please tell me what happened in March and April? I missed it for 2 months. Who killed Chirag? What happened to Falguni? Where is Ishani’s real father? Whose child is Ritika carrying? Where is Ishani’s brother with whom Ritika was supposed to tie the knot?

  21. rosy

    Friends its true dat rv in da first place commitd sumthng wrong..wen ishu retrnd frm jail she wantd to b wid rv thnkng he was waitng 4 rv he declard hmself married nd wud b dad of dat vamp ritika’s baby…wen ishu saw it see was heart broken wen she was abt to jump in da ocean shikhar helpd her nd she tld dat jisse pyar kiya woh abhi kisi aur k sath khush jai…moreovr amba blckmaild her…nd its true rv was nevr ishani’s to dat xtent he was to amba…nd ritika tuk da advantage…if he had da spinal cord then he wud hav nt treatd ritika as wife evn falsely..he cud hav actd as her local guardian nd confidant!!! Nw i feel evn thou ishani humiliatd,,insultd rv she wudnt hav done it in da first place as rv did…

    • malvika

      it all started when ishani without clarifying anything put up her decision to go jail….at that she even did not ask y her brother sharman called off the wedding…rv never investigated about ishani’s past jail days…..rv gave ritika name bcoz of the society….yes of course it was disgusting to see them sharing bed but still there were limits…after the hate speech all boundaries were crossed from both sides….rv kissing rit forehead and ishani saying yes to shikhar….sometimes i feel if we cud kick amba out, the story wud have been better…anyways,y dont they both analyse for each other??? both r stupids in their own way……they dont find the truth and just believe wat they r shown…

  22. vivian

    Hi Guys have you all forgotten that rv was the first person to romance ritika kissing her and even going on romantic dates with that ritika so were is his aashiqui now because if he truely love ishani he should be happy for her and not try to that she characterless and even accused her of theft.he should let her be happy for once because if ishani really want money like he think she will have will have fooled him and got 50% of diamond company even his house.

    • maya

      y is c to romance wid shikhar??? spoiling the meaning of pure aashiqui….from her side she sud not done this…..y not c make it a respected relationship by maintaining only friendship……ishkhar—so disgusting…i just want ranveer back…wat do u think rv to be a god or wat that he will always keep faith on her blindly??? it is c who is pushing him 2 do such things….. give me at least one instance where ishani kept faith on rv and protected from that??? she never clarifies and shows her sacrifices….. i m angry on her for her closeness towards shikhar….yuck…… has c ever given such moments to rv that he truly deserved…. now i m not liking this.. wat next c will jump into rv’s life and claim back her rights…??? anything c likes ..???

      • Love ur comments maya,, I feel the same as always,,
        It’s Ishani who pushed him to this extent with Ritika,,
        But before that they had all limits with only respect he treated Ritika,,
        He is not a god to fing in Ishani’s eyes,, can’t fool Ishani understand after marraige RV and she never had intimacy , he was so decent with her although in one room but can’t she trust him how can he become the father of Ritika child ASAP she went to jail,, after all he waited 18 years for her will he marry or have intimacy with another woman only in 6 months,,

    • rudra

      I agree vivian, stil i pity both.. all this manipulation has started with Ranveer who helped chirag in getting Ishaani’ love. Poor guy lost it n now Ishaani suffers with same pain.. all that to be blamed are situation, people, evil minds not these scapegoat soulmates?

      • maya

        actually it is the fault of these stupid directors who have turned such a beautiful story into a crap…..both rv and ishani have unconditional love for each other but the situation and the irritating twists and tales have made this story a big flop!!! one has stupid mother amba and killer ritika while the other is so much engrossed into giving sacrifices that c doesnt realise for her own love….if rv-rit is bad, ishkar is equally bad too……plz both of u speak up….ur silence is taking life of the viewers….have pity!!!

    • XYZ

      How can RV believe Ishani who told that he murdered Chirag? She has been doing good and that’s what she thinks.. But the truth is she is the one who made RV to go to such an extent. Bc of her, RV became emotionally weak and supported ritika. He thought of helping his friend ritika after her fathers death and so to the public, he told that she is his wife. Even after IShani got to know that they are not married, did she go and talk to him?? NO! she should have thought why Amba is considering ritika as her DIL so easily. And she should have thought how ritika got pregnant if RV is not married to her. Diddnt she know that her brother was engaged to Ritika? Why doesn’t she doubt sharman even for a while? Why is she hell bent upon screwing RVs life? Too much of testing time for RV or should I say, we viewers!! PLeaseclose all these loopholes before further twisting it, u moron Writers

    • XYZ

      Why is Ishani hell bent upon screwing RVs life? EVen after she came to know that he is married to Ritkia, didt she doubt that she could be carrying her brothers child? Didn’t she doubt Ambas intentions? Is she such a dumb lady? And doesn’t she remember that she is the one who framed RV as CHirag’s murder? RV had to support Ritika after her fathers death since he considered her a friend and they were to be married somtime ago. But whats with Ishani? Even after seeing the love in RVs eyes, cant she think ‘I think my brother ditched ritika. so, he shoud marry her and I should live with RV’? She is screwing up RVs life and testing our patience level. Please u moron writers and directors, before digging another hole in this story, patch up the previous ones.

  23. maya

    ranveer for once at least speak up that ishani is still ur wife——-u have all the rights to make her back in ur life….the only thing which is spoiling ur character is ur muteness in front of ritika………for ishani i will tell its high time u sud confess ur love in front of ranveer if u want him gud and happy…….want a big drama on the truth revelation day whenever it is planned…… i know both have committed their mistakes but it is also a truth that they are soulmates…..whatever crap directors show these days and spoil all characters but at last ishveer is to unite……waiting for that…..the same smile and the pure love…
    the directors have left no stone unturned to degrade this show but i guess they will also try hard indeed to put back the same sense again…the moment when ishveer is to be together again must be so magical that all last complains vanish away..

    • rudra

      Well said! All that matters is ISHVEER union, desperately wishing to see them happily together, to bring back the magic on screen n set the show on fire..

  24. we are seeing this serial only ishani and rv. But you dont together those guides. Why rithika compul rv to get marry him. She is real murderer in this serial. Rv knows ishani child hood but he did not try to coming truth ishanis side. Please reveal the truth about ishani and one more request RV and Ishani ko alag math na kro. those are made for each other

  25. nagashree

    it’s really boring to watch this epi…. there is no improvement in this serial…. waiting for good epi & rithika’s truth & union of ishveer….

  26. malvika

    abey o shikhar, jab ishani rv ki nhi hui to teri kaisi hogi??? sabko pata h teri aur ishani ki shaadi to honi nhi h to tu kyu aise faltu dialogues dete rehta h??? jaa, thoda kaam kar…..tere hi kaam ayega–kuch client history pata kar…….aur sabse badi baat rv ko aashiqui mat sikha…..missing ishveer……..hey, waise jaha tak mujhe yaad h ritika wale promo mei to shikhar ko bhi barbaad karne ki baat thi to ye sab golmaal kya h?/

  27. Shéhérazade

    Me i dont understand why baa dont tell to ishani that the baby its sharman’s im so sadddd

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