Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika cries and says that she knew one day she will have to answer the question one day, she didn’t know that Ishaani who is her friend will ask about it one day. She says that today, Ishaani is here as Sharman’s sister and will listen to Sharman. She says she may ask her whatever she has to, but she won’t accept her defeat. She was pregnant with Sharman, he broke the relation with her; she went to jail due to Chirag’s murder and then her papa also expired, her world turned down in a day. RV helped her then, She wanted to live with Sharman but he refused to marry her. Ritika says that Ishaani didn’t give time to discuss this with her. Ishaani tells Ritika she was coming to RV when in the way she watched them both on TV together, she thought RV has moved on in life. She met Amba

then who also told her not to come between you two, she moved away from their life. She says that she has loved Ranveer so much, she wouldn’t have done this drama to him. She would have never hated him so much that he would go away from her. Ritika says that she knows that she didn’t kill Chiraag and took the blame on her, she removed all the proofs from crime scene, but what she should do, she loves RV now. She asks Ishaani to understand her love too, stay away from RV as she went away from him, because now Ritika’s aashqui is with RV.
At home, RV looks for Ritika, a maid tells them she has gone out. Amba tells RV that she has gone to change some jewellery design. RV tells Amba that he was looking for a file which Riika kept. RV makes a call to jeweller and knows Ritika didn’t come here. Baba tells RV that RItika has gone behind Bank road to meet a friend.
Ishaani says to Ritika that she will leave, but before she wants to know the truth. She trusts RV as much as she does Sharman and knows Sharman won’t be unjust to any girl. Ishaani says to Ritika that they must go to meet Sharman. Ritika asks her not to involve Sharman else there will be a huge insult in society now. She says she will now get the DNA test done, which will show the reality but before that she must not talk to Sharman about it. Ishaani says to Ritika that RV is heart-broken and won’t be able to love anyone again. She wants to apologize RV and tell him all the truth. Ritika says alright, but she wants to tell RV the truth first and she needs some time for that. Shekhar comes there, they were both shocked. Shekhar says he is jealoused with their friendship, he has no time to talk to his wife to be and here they are both meeting so that they can’t get disturbed. He says to Ishaani he doesn’t want to stop her, but whenever Ishaani meets someone from RV’s family she gets into a problem. He says to Ritika he isn’t blaming her, but he doesn’t want to see Ishaani in any problem now. If she ever has any problem in life, she must contact him but not involve Ishaani in this. He asks Ishaani to go, everyone is waiting for her. Ishaani says to Ritika that if this child is Sharman’s he will have to take the responsibilities.
When they have gone, Ritika says if she will have to get the DNA test, no. Will she tell RV truth, a big no. She thinks what she should do now, there was no use of preponing the wedding.
RV comes to the venue and watches Ritika’s car. He goes to see her. Ritika comes to her car and wonders if Ishaani called him here. No, he must have come here by himself. She wonders what such thing is present in Ishaani that all the boys are always glued to her. She gets into the car and leaves.
In the car Ishaani was worried who to accept. Sharman asks why is she worried, it is on her face that she is confused. If she is confused taking the marriage. Ishaani says no, she isn’t. SHekhar says that they have such trust that they can share things, but why it seems she went to RItika to talk about RV. He come down, opens her side door of the car and asks her to come out. He says I am sorry Ishaani, I shouldn’t have asked you where she was, where she gets happy going to. He is happy, but he is observing that she is doing everything that makes her and his family happy. But her own smile is a fade one, she has sadness in eyes. He says he will not do anything which makes her ashamed of herself.
Shekhar tells Ishaani not to worry, he can handle everything. If she has second thoughts in her mind taking wedding, or she wants to rethink about her decision she must tell him. He says he will not dislike it, he will like that she will share her feeling with him. He has learnt from her that if your love is yours, it will come to you. He wants to marry her with this very thinking. His phone rings, he says it is call from home for mehndi. She must stay at night in a hotel as after mehndi a groom and bride can’t see each other, she must take the decision calmly. She must think that saying no will break his heart, he gives her an option. If she smiles opening the door in morning, he will know she is ready to marry but he she doesn’t open the door or anything, he will know her answer is no.

PRECAP: Ishaani resists the ubtan from RV, while he insists saying it is said this increases beauty.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. sruthi

    Ritika u r so bad. How can u tell that ur aashiqui is ranveer when u want him only to name the child. Its so disgusting yaar… ri do u know that ishaani’s aahiqui is ranveer and ranveer’s aashiqui is ishaani…i m longing here for ishveer moments … pls dont drag too much. IF ri take dna test also she will prove thar the baby is sharmans…i want ishveer back . But wat ll happen to shikar. He is loving ishaani soo much . he gives her so much freedom love care n everything…. waiting for shaadi episode ….hope ut happens soon..

    • Sigma

      Why are you writing it here as if Ritika or the writer of MATSH is going to read this? You and Pradishma get over emotional regarding this drama. Its only a DRAMA. Not based on real life events. Such a crap drama that drags on like every other indian drama with the same storyline where you can guess what happens next.

  2. Suga

    Today’s episode was good. Day by day interesting but dragging much.. shikhar is impressive.. veru understanding..
    OMG Devil rithika is irritating much.. psycho angry bird…
    Waiting for shadi episode eagerly that too amba reaction… ha ha..
    Hope Rithika will make a plan and it will flop and Ishveer patchup. Waiting for a good episode.

    • Suga

       The mixture of turmeric-gram flour and herbs is combined with water used in beauty treatment.

    • sruthi

      Arora neenga en frnd aache nu inform pannen. Nethu ss page la periya prob. Nan tu kita complain pannen… so they took action. naa neenga fakers nu sollala inimel ungala yaaralaiyum fake panna mudiyathu nu sonnen…neenga ena marandu teengala? Naa summa color color ah nallaruku nu sonnen … sry if it hurts u…

      • arora

        hmm ok surthi…, sry for misunderstanding, ninga than complaint panigla, very gud, inimel yarum nama name’a misuse pana matanga….,

      • sruthi

        Aama arora. Tu kita fb laiyum mail laiyum complain pannen. Naa mattum illa neraya per complain pannanga. Naanga ellarum paasword option ku suggestion koduthom. But avanga diff ah panitaanga

  3. arora

    In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani
    (Radhika Madan) gets to know that both her
    brothers Dewarsh and Sharman are
    innocent. She bails out Dewarsh with the
    help of Sharman, while Sharman also reveals
    the fact that he is not the father of Ritika’s
    (Smriti Khanna) baby.
    On the other hand, the entire family is
    gearing up for Ranvir’s wedding to Ritika
    Zaveri (Smriti Khanna), Ishaani is trying to
    solve the mystery of her mother’s sudden
    death. In the course of solving the mystery,
    Ishaani will get herself in trouble.
    Ishaani, during her interaction with Ritika,
    will be shocked to know that it was Ritika
    who murdered Falguni. Inorder to keep her
    crime a secret, Ritika will then try stabbing
    Ishaani to death.
    Ritika requests Ishaani to stay away from
    RV. She says Ishaani that she love him a lot
    now and she has moved on in her life.
    Ishaani agrees to stay away from RV, but in
    turn she asks Ritika about the baby’s real
    Ritika confronts Ishaani and expressed her
    hatred for her. All of a sudden she takes out
    a knife and stabs Ishaani.However,
    She doesnot find ishani’s body and tries to
    search for it with some men.Ishani who
    gets conscious decides to expose ritika and
    she hides in ritika’s car without her
    Ritika then returns to her wedding venue to
    get hitched to Ranveer, thinking that
    Ishaani is dead.Shikar will be seen searching
    for ishani.
    A badly wounded Ishaani manages to reach
    the wedding spot.Ranveer gets shocked to
    look at Ishaani’s condition. Ishaani then
    informs him that Ritika is the mastermind
    behind all the wrong doings.
    Will RV believe ishani or will he continue his
    marriage with ritika?

  4. sruthi

    Hi friends . See in fb radhika madan as ishani sakthi arora as ranverr page. There u can see the pic of ishani after ritika stabbed here

  5. What the hell??? Y did Ishani accept to give up RV for somebody??? She knows well how much RV loves her and she too loves him in return so much , then y the hell she should give up her love for somebody’s request,,
    Can’t she give any love or lovable moments that RV deserves after all for what RV loves her for so many years,,, ???
    Y Ishani is thinking of Ritika’s happiness and not thinking of Rv’s happiness???
    Y is Ishani giving priority for Ritika but not for RV,?????
    I still feel bechara RV,, it’s so stupid that Ishani still is a fool without speaking up to RV,, and telling him all her sacrifices,, atleast she should think now to give him the happiness of the fact she loves him,,,!!!! I think the anniversary episode must go on well,, expecting high drama this whole weekkkk,,,

    • aryan

      not so soon…..july will bring some new hopes for ishveer fans but cant expect anything in this month….u already know ekta mam so nicely so wait patiently……ishani soon to confess her feeling to rv (no use)…….shakti arora has confirmed that ishveer will soon patch up…..
      make it faster plz……

  6. maya

    yes, after ritika stabs ishani, she goes back to the wedding venue to marry rv but ishani just comes in time of pheras and speaks all the truth…..stupid amba does not believe a word and ritika plays a safe game….rv was finding it hard to believe……
    in the new video it shows ishani telling rv not to marry ritika as she is the cause of their separation and on the other side ritika is acting innocent……rv will be a puppet now between ishani and ritika where one shows truth and the ritika plays her dirty games….
    the big question is whether rv called off the wedding??? what about ishkhar marriage—–did none try to find out where ishani suddenly disappeared?? the relief is that shikhar will come to know that ishani loves rv &will unite them :)……it will be rv who will put ritika behind bars 🙂 :)… also, what about that wedding night drama where ishveer were caught together by amba and ritika??

    • R u sure maya???? Will RV accept Ishani??? And put Ritika behind bars??? But I just saw in the suhaagraat vid that RV is angry on Ishani!!!!!
      I can’t understand ,, I’m going mad thinking will RV be happy,, I juz want him to stay happy after he get his love back,, but I know it’s hard for any human to believe once and for all Ishani tells truth coz she showed so much hatred these days,,,

      • maya

        cant say whether rv called off the wedding or not but yes, he will accept ishani but it will take time as ishani presently has no proof for the truth she is speaking and also that ritika has maintained her character in front of all…it will be hard to believe but truth will come out soon…..dont forget this is telly drama where anything can happen and at last the lovers must unite…
        in the suhagraat video, rv is angry on ishani for being on ritika’s place but they have romantic nok-jhok and they getting intimate when suddenly amba and ritika see them together and disturb the moment……

  7. Y should Ishani force RV to live the life that he doesn’t want to??? Y is she pushing him to live with Ritika and be a family when she knows his real happiness is Ishani,,,??? Y does she decide everything on Rv’s life????

  8. aman

    selfish Ishani…….
    why this self centered ishani is trying tell the truth to RV. What she want from RV ? does she want to see him death. Every time when rv trying to move ahead she create intreptions in rv’ s life.

    I hate this selfish Ishani.

    I think ritika is much better in compare to ishani atleast she never hurted RV.

    RV please take care this bad omen Ishani is coming to destroy your married life. Rv please help ritika does not matter whether ritika is good or bad she always good for you.

    • lollyluv

      A man ure very funny y wil u say dat is rikita right by killing two people chirag nd fagunni rikita is desperate do u want ranvi to marry a killer ishanni can’t kill a fly so u prefer rikita a murderer lolz

    • anita

      you r right…..
      when ranveer comes closer to ishani…she moves away and says that she does’nt love him..
      and when ranveer moves away from her….ishani wants to come closer to him….
      this is happening again and again…..
      paavam ranveer….

  9. sruthi

    I m fine arora. Hw r u..

    Rudra hi how r u. Did u watch the videos wit sound?

    Sigma i like this serial very much and i luv ishveer … i was emotional…. i dont want ishveer being seperated…

    • rudra

      Am Super good sruthi n u?wow u stil remember i asked for the videos with sound, was vry long back.. but yeah sadly i got over the interest of watching oly n moreover colors had muted vidoes for copyright issues,they wont revoke them..:(

  10. shalini

    waiting fr cute haldi dream sequence.luv u ranveer.u r always thinking about ishani.This is how a love should be.

  11. sruthi

    In the upcoming episodes when RV comes to his bedroom he will find Ishaani decked as a bride sitting on his bed. Ishaani locks the room and keeps the keys with her. RV tries to figure out what Ishaani is up to and also decides to retrieve the keys from her.
    A cute cat and mouse game follows with Ishaani running to keep the key away from RV and RV trying to get hold of it. Eventually RV will catch hold of Ishaani and retrieve the keys from her but this will lead to an intimate moment between the two that will be witnessed by Amba (Utkarsha Naik) and Ritika (Smriti Khanna).
    The million dollar question is who did RV marry. We had already reported that RV and Ishaani remarry but if that is the scenario why was RV shocked to see Ishaani in his room? Or is simply because he never expected her to revert her ways and show the old Ishaani?

  12. shalini

    ya..i’m a tamilian sruthi…how did amba and ritika witness ishveer?it is locked only know!

  13. shalini

    Oh no…..many r loving ishkar marriage.but my choice is ishveer forever………………… don’t forget guys!shikar had cheated girls before.athukthan eppo avanuku punishment.AND RANVEER IS entirely different and a wonderful guy.SO ISHVEER IS THE BEST……….

    • sruthi

      He didnt cheat … he is their boyfriend.
      Bf um loverum onnu kidayathu… that girls are his girlfriends
      He only flirts but doesnt cheat…

  14. sruthi

    Frnz now i saw the promo.

    In rain ishani n rits are speaking. ishani says i ll not let u marry ranveer.. then rits sttabs her and she goes from there …. ishani is lying on road in heavy rain with blood ….

  15. chinni

    hi sona thanks for updating serial commentary. plz this serial dubbed in telugu language. basically I am teluguwali.

  16. maya

    after ritika stabs ishani, it is shikhar who saves ishani……he came to save blood-dripped ishani and ran holding her….in the reality too, arjun bijlani who is playing the role of shikhar was injured during this scene and radhika madan (ishani) had minor bruises……all because of heavy rains but the shooting is still on…..

  17. sukanya

    MATSH new spoiler:

    Ishaani reaches hospital in an injured condition. Shikhar holds her hand before she is taken to the OT. Shikhar couldn’t stop crying and prays for Ishaani’s life. Ishaani says Ritika did her accident and she gets injured. She gains consciousness and talks to Shikhar. She rushes to stop Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage.

    so finally the story is putting the missing parts back together……shikhar comes to know ishani loves rv and also ishani to reveal the truth of ritika in front of everyone soon….waiting eagerly for ishveer reunion….

  18. nilufer munshi

    I couldn’t c the episode Bt read the story RV pl go back to my ishaani . I LV u both

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