Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The rules of Antakshari are set, that only romantic songs will be played. The first song is Mere haath mein. Next turn of Aftab ‘nazar ke samne… jigar k paar’. Ranveer comes ‘jo b qasmen khai thin humne… kya tumhe yaad hai’. His eyes directed towards Ishaani only. Ishaani sings ‘ik adhoori si hamari kahani rahi’. She remembers her times with Ranveer. Ranveer comes in between, he says this song has always been her favorite, right? Everyone notices them. Maa asks Ranveer how he knows about it. Ranveer says girls like such songs. Both get to their seats. Amba sings ‘single akeli hun me… oo boy’. The boys come to dance with her. Ranveer stands besides Ishaani, he says these days’ girls use boys as toys, play with them for a while then breaks them. He smiles at her curtly.

Kya Cool Hain Hum team take advantage and run away. Pratik asks them continue with the Sangeet. Aarti comes to dance on Angrezi beat. Ranveer notices Ishaani. After that Pratik comes between pointing his song at Ishaani. Both Ranveer and Pratik along with Nurbhay stare at Ishaani. Pratik asks Ranveer to go and take Ishaani for dance, Ranveer comes to her, holds her hand and brings her to centre, dancing with her in couple. Naina was upset. Ritika was shocked, watching their intimacy. Ishaani had hugged Ranveer, keeping her head on his chest. Pratik shouts at them to for some disco music now. He gets everyone to the floor. Ranveer only smiles, Ishaani feels awkward. Ranveer hits his shoulder on Ishaani’s and takes her aside. Naina looks for Ranveer.
Ranveer takes Ishaani to a room, he takes her on the wall, holds her face and gets closer to her. He asks Ishaani that she didn’t tell him how she felt. Ishaani asks what? Ranveer asks how she feels that he is marrying someone else. Ishaani says she feels bad, because he is ruining someone’s life. Ranveer asks what when she married Nurbhay? Ishaani says he will ruin Naina’s life. Ranveer says she married Nurbhay in front of him, he will marry Naina in front of her now. He holds Ishaani’s face, joins his face with hers and asks if she isn’t effected when he marries someone else? Naina watched them together. Ranveer says he won’t go away without an answer today. Ishaani says she isn’t effected but she will feel bad if he married Naina. Ranveer says now he will marry Naina for sure. Ishaani stands at the door thinking about Ranveer, he said if she confessed her love he will break his marriage, about Nurbhay. She says this is it, she must do something as she can’t let this wedding happen. She wonders what she must do to bring the truth to Nurbhay. She thinks about the car, and says there is now a single way that she must adopt.

PRECAP: Nurbay drives the jeep, Ishaani drove the car and hits it on a tree. Nurbhay shouts Pooja and goes to faint Ishaani. He considers Ishaani as Pooja. Naina shouts behind watching the scene in another car.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Thanks sona,wow now a days matsh back,i’m so happy,oh ishaani atleast confess her possesiveness towards ranvi its great,now its ranvi time,i think he l take steps to reveal the truth,hope ishveer unite soon,its a lovely platform so pps wtiters keep the way and dnt drag anymore,we want matsh forever

  2. ishani sung my fav HAMARI ADHURI KAHINI… i really stunned to saw ishveer’s face together …i feel very happy..long day after our ishveer’s romnc had guyzz enjoy the cute romnc btwn ishveer…and the precap was awsom

  3. and guyzz any one watch u2 awsom….but one sad hindi this scenes b.g one f my fav song (jeena jeena)….but in tamil imy ever hated ‘I’ FILM SONG …very very bad song..cha jeena jeena vey irundha superb aa irukum….

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      best off luck for ur exams ishurv ………….my exams r also next week but i cant leave matsh……………

  4. Keerthi

    Definitely trp will increase wat a chemistry between both of them….I have a question when ll that auction scene where naina ll be hosting and asking ishaani to kiss nirbhay and the scene when ranveer will enter into nirbhay s house as a servant will come

  5. Keerthi

    Ishaani please tell ranveer as to wat happened and y nirbhay and rithika are torturing u ….ranveer ll save u

  6. swana

    Wowwww…awesome superb epi .plzz writers this is crt time don’t drag to much and unite them soon…plzz ..loved today ‘s epi and loved shadika’s acting

  7. ishveer

    Superb superb superb…..i don’t have any word to express my feeling for today epi…it was wounderful….i like it so much….

  8. IShurv,vyshu search in google yaar inthat you hv an optiom as apnetv hindi that u hv so many channels u click there matsh,scroll down dr u hv episodes with date.pls dnt click that date(eg:22-january) below that there is meri aasiqui tumse hi pls click that,then onluly u hv to upload.if u click that date means its gonna to some other page..i’m also searching so long yaar then only i found out,that is why i explaines tis much,i know u r also try to downloadna esspecially vyshu..i saw in youtube they uploaded 18 19 Th episode so i think hereafter may be episodes are updated in youtube

  9. Suuperb ……… Dance performance……. by S.A nd R.M…. what a dance ……. agar tum sath ho….. i love ishveer scenes…..

  10. He holds….. ishani face…. joins….. his face with hers…. and asks i remember … feb _ 16 th epi…??????????????????????????

  11. durga

    may be from now ishani be happy and what a romance yeh

  12. sana

    Today loved ishveer scenes. wow I can’t express my feelings.veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.waiting for precap.

  13. sivagami

    I watched today episode in meri ashique tum sent hi. Ishveer starting their romance. But both keep reveal with love each other in coming up romance scenes as older episodes

  14. sivagami

    I watched yesterday pisode in meri ashique tum se hi. Ishveer starting their romance. But both keep reveal with love each other in coming up romance scenes as older episodes.

  15. The previous week Trp is 1.7 and this WEEK TRP IS 2.6.RISING the trp GUYS keep watching show continuously.I hope MATSH AGAIN GO TO TRACK and i want THE MATSH to reach NO 1 RANK posistion of TRP quickly.So writter don’t drag the story.Todays SAKTHI REACH FACEBOOK FANS FOLLOWER 2MILLIONS GUYS WISH THE SAKTHI FOR 20LAKH FANS IN FACEBOOK.ANY one from TAMILNADU.I from COIMBATORE i don’t watch any SERIAL or MOVIE but This serial i like very much.

    • Keerthi

      Hi arham how are u…
      Yeah I too have the same doubt how come trp is 2.6 someone wrote it was 1.6 anyway I am very happy when trp is increasing our matsh will get extra tym from 15minutes to 22 minutes like previous year …..

  16. swana

    Hi me to from Tamil Nadu I also don’t watch any serial except this meri asshiqui …this is my favourite serial

  17. No……, sathya….. apne tv video is not uploaded in You tube……

    Bcouz…….. these is Yodesi…. So ………. in You _ tube video quaility is Suuperb…… But sound ….. prblem is their…..

  18. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    OMG i love the episode osm episode i love it……flawless ishveer u mesmerized me last nite………….????????????????????

  19. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    o no i forget now matsh on monday ……………….no way…….i cant w8 till reunion………..?????

  20. Keerthi

    Ishaani please say the truth to rv soon I am really waiting for ur romance to bloom when u both were dancing for agar tum saath ho wow wat a chemistry the perfect Jodi like shahrukh and kajol I felt I saw love in both shakthi and radhika’s eyes wat u say fans

  21. Hi arham vyshu ishurv praveena marry dhuruva ranaji keerthi payal suga jesa and all matsh fans where are u guys today saturday so pls try toreach atleast 500 comments yaar…I’m waiting for monday epsiode,2 days no matsh telecastna,

  22. Dhruva

    Is anybody is here ???? Arham,vyshu,ishuRV,praveena,marry,ranaji,keerthi,Payal, and all others where are you all ishveerians ????

  23. Keerthi

    Sathya and dhruva
    I am here yaar…… from morning was only watching Ishveer scenes again and again the episode was uploaded in Facebook na was seeing that only and waiting for ranveer entry into nirbhay house as a servant and confronting ishaani…..and the auction scene I pray that ishaani will not kiss nirbhay?wat u think fans

  24. our ishveer ki kuch nahi hoga…they take a cute romance in nowadays…plzz sonali write some romances btwn ishveer…we miss our ishveer’s cuty pie hoty scenes..

  25. sathya, dhruva,marry,praveena,vyshu,ishurv,sana,keerthi,payal,roockers,ranaji,..and all matsh tru fans plzzz comment karenge yaar

  26. i dont know this news is true or not but in india forums they have posted that matsh is going off air
    here is the link

    some of the comments from that website
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    Posted on: 1/17/2016 7:32:15 AMnidhialapati
    Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is d only show I watch on Indian Television. After I started watching MATSH i have tried other shows on Colors but couldn’t stick to any of them for more than a week. MATSH has a beautiful story line, best Star cast, best dialogue writer, n I just love d lead pair Shakti Arora n Radhika Madan.. their chemistry is amazing.. they put life into Ranveer n Ishaani with their brilliant acting skills. They r amazing actors n d best lead pairs on TV.

    If a show like this is going off air then it’s a shame to Ekta, her CV’s n TRP greedy channel Colors Raj Nayak.
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    3 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    Mcnaught, ShaktiLuvsRadhu, swtbaby

    Posted on: 1/17/2016 5:10:15 AMEchofades
    I hope this show does end. Its a complete crapfest that I can’t believe I liked this show once upon a time. Ranveer gunshot track and his first hate track was nice but now things are getting too lame with the same storyline repeating.
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    Posted on: 1/17/2016 4:20:14 AMZeba-VDian
    I already stop watching when they entered Milne character. This serial shud off air, Bcoz in tat nothing remain interesting.all the time same boring track to separate ranveer ishani
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    Posted on: 1/17/2016 3:35:11 AMAkashChaudhari
    Please Don’t Go To Off Air this Show. It’s The One N Only Best Show On Indian Television.. My Favorite One N Only Show.. this 1.
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    2 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    ShaktiLuvsRadhu, swtbaby

    Posted on: 1/16/2016 11:12:51 PMcrystaltwirl
    Not coming off as a shock really. It was such a good show, I stopped watching it cuz they are repeating the same track where Ranveer hates ishani, and she is again sacrificing for him. It’s becoming too repetitive.
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    Posted on: 1/16/2016 12:13:10 PMjyothi_rao
    Just commenting for Asha Negi.. Missing you on TV screen, please comeback sooon…
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    Posted on: 1/16/2016 11:58:41 AMsspoorthy
    Thank god
    It is not bad news
    Actually it is a good news
    I seriously tired of watching ranveer loves ishani
    Ishani loves ranveer
    Ranveer leaves ishani
    Ranveer ishani loves each other
    Ishani leaves ranveer
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    Zeba-VDian, Deb07
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    Posted on: 1/16/2016 9:51:01 AMBloomfield
    If you are too keen in disliking the comments, thanks but no thanks, people. Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan are rocking as IshVeer which is way better than so many on-screen couples of tellydom. It can end, but not this way, definitely. When crap shows are still running successfully, you can expect still more from a show which has still not deviated from its original storyline.Recreating Wuthering Heights, one cannot expect them to be normal and lead a normal life. HF and Catherine led a terrible life, till the end. So you can only expect such twists in the show too as it is the recreation of WH. I agree, a few are OTT in the show but not more than what the other soaps show. Well, you cannot expect TRPs for an off-time slot show during winters. The channel needs to promote the channel.The leads have given so much of hardwork to master that *chemistry*. Don’t make it a waste. This show shouldn’t end on such a note. Barely a year and half old, it deserves to be in the TRP chart for another year.

    Those who want to purposely hit on the dislike button, you are not welcome here. We are not asking you to like. But don’t dislike. It is not like that we are being irked. It is that we too have our own sentiments.Like this show’s track may not be good now. But we have fallen for the OLD ISHVEER. We are now not willing to leave it. They(The leads) are our babies and we’ll take care of them as well as our show.
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    Mcnaught, ShaktiLuvsRadhu, mas123, Mahi_ve, nidhialapati

    Posted on: 1/16/2016 9:50:38 AMShaina_b
    The story has been long over as it is!!!!

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    Posted on: 1/15/2016 8:36:03 PMgomathi2
    let wait n see what happen , but shakti arora , u great talent actor , u have a great future n long way to go in ur life , keep rocking

  27. Oh so many of them posted gud comments in india forum thanks for that comments really shakthi and radhika are most tallented guys no one deserve ishveer charecter other than shadhika..but y the people posting meg comments,u dnt like meams just keep quite and dnt watch that show pls dnt posting oppose to matsh,pls u people go to hell,shit true fans never hate ishveer,there are lot of fans like me are all dieheart fans for ishveer,y the people posting such a idiotic comments in india forum go to hell

    • yeah even me also felt bad ishveer and shadika rocks because of ekta kapoor shadika’s pair is getting damaged i want reuion of ishveer they rocksssssssssssss

      ishveer and shadika rocksssssssss

  28. One of them posted that “its gud news that matsh go off air”,how dare he or she posted like tis,its all social media so they posted like tis na it is also a great drawback for matsh,y they r not understand tis,we r all (true ishveerians) already fl so much of pain becoz of tis off air rumour,i hate those who r oppose to my matsh

    • Dhruva

      Sorry guys tomorrow in morning I’ve test in my tutions so couldn’t comment today I’ll help to make 500 tomorrow…..SORRY YAAR BUT STUDIES COME SECOND FOR ME MATSH IS FIRST….!!!!!!

  29. Keerthi

    Arham I am fine dr
    Sathya let them comment wat ever they want to but do not worry remember ranveer’s dialogue wat he tells chirag jab haathi chale bazaar tho kuthey mokey hazaar remember him saying dogs always bark but won’t bite

  30. what the hell…. who r posting _ve cmments in india forums… i am die heart fan of ishveer …. Even i will die for them… pls…. dnt any negtve cmments…

    u india forum…. Guys…. u dont hate my matsh….. u hate sonail… ektha…. nd .. cvs…. not matsh …

    Matsh have a good storty…. i love ishveer pair…. nd shadika pair…. All time favourite… couple for me…. Ever green couple…

    Love uuuuuuuuu so much….???????????????????????

  31. Manisha

    I have just read the rank of serials in forum.matsh got 11 rank with 1.6 trp but our show is better than other shows but still trp is low and rank is 11.shakti Arora and Radhaka are amazing actors and their chemistry is mind blowing.i hope we get more trp and our show comes first.shakti Arora has magical eyes.his expressions and his voice is other actor on tellywood has capacity to act like Shakti.amazing actor.

    • Ya ……, tottaly .. agree with u dr.. manisha…… shakthi voice … is so sweet… i love his voice… shakthi is vry talented actor… no one can beat him…

    • hai vyshu
      my fav serial
      1.IKRS(ishq ka rang safed ) yuo can find me daily in this website
      3.TPK (thapki pyaar ki)
      5.i will watch balika vadhu and ashoka samrat sometimes

      mainly i watch these serial in colors
      some in other channels what about u which is ur fav serial

  32. ranaji

    guys tmr ssk show 9.00pm pls watch guys sucha evil show ssk trp is above 3.6 always but matsh has come down i will cry pls watch it guys tmr see guys ssk will touch to 4.0 and above becoz people watch for rosid scenes becoz there is a chance in every epi but here there is no chance here

  33. kirthi

    First im nt ready to accept this line’ orutharoda kaathale rendu perukum pothum ‘ bt when I watched this serial then only I strongly agree this line. This is my first hindhi serial. Bez I don’t know hindhi language bt I watch match only for my ishveer in colors

  34. IshuRV

    Readers, BARC ratings for week 2 are here.
    Topping the chart, Colors retains its numero uno position with a gross collection of 762023. Removing Zee Anmol to the third position Star Plus secures the second place with 727809 followed by Zee Anmol with 682983.
    Colors 762023 (756549)
    STAR Plus 727809 (699211)
    Zee TV 636989 (681259)
    Life OK 425798 (421720)
    SAB TV 325509 (334235)
    Sony TV 323649 (328025)
    Coming to the shows Naagin is once again at the top of the TRP chart with a collection of 5.3 TRPs; followed by Sasural Simar Ka 3.9 with TRPs. Kumkum Bhagya and Saathiya jointly hold the third position 3.8 TRPs.
    Star Plus:
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3.8 (3.7)
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3.3 (3.6)
    Diya Aur Baati 2.9 (2.9)
    Suhani Si 2.2 (2.2)
    Yeh Rishta 2.1 (2.3)
    Siya Ke Ram 2.1 (2.2)
    Mere Angne Mein 1.2 (1.3)
    Silsila Pyaar Ka 1.2 (1.2)
    Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi 0.9 (1.1)
    Mohi 0.4 (0.5)
    Naagin 5.3 (5.9)
    Stardust Awards (Sun) 4.0
    Simar 3.9 (3.6)
    Swaragini 2.9 (3)
    Thapki Pyaar Ki 2.7 (2.8)
    Comedy Nights Bachao 2.4 (2.6)
    Balika Vadhu 2.4 (2.2)
    Ashok Samrat 2.4 (2.2)
    Udaan 2.4 (2.1)
    Bigg Boss Weekend 1.7(1.9)
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1.6 (1.8)
    Meri Aashiqui 1.6 (1.7)
    Bigg Boss 1.1 (1.2)
    Zee TV:
    Kumkum Bhagya 3.8 (3.8)
    Jamai Raja 2.5 (2.6)
    India’s Best Dramebaaz 2.4 (2.1)
    Tashan-e-Ishq 2.2 (2.3)
    Ek Tha Raja Ek Tha Rani 1.7 (2.1)
    Yeh Vaada Raha 1.4 (1.6)
    Neeli Chhatri 1.2 (1.1)
    Sarojini 1 (1.4)
    Kaala Teeka 1 (1.2)
    Qubool Hai 0.8 (0.8)
    Lajwanti 0.7 (0.7)
    Satrangi Sasural 0.7 (0.6)
    Janbaaz Sindbad 0.5 (0.8)
    Fear Files 0.4 (0.3)
    SAB TV:
    Taarak 2.7 (2.9)
    Baalveer 0.9 (0.9)
    Chidiya Ghar 0.9 (0.9)
    Badi Dur Se 0.7 (0.8)
    Sahib Biwi Aur Boss 0.4 (0.4)
    Yam Hai Hum 0.4 (0.4)
    Police Factory 0.3 (0.4)
    Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Let’s Go 0.3 (0.2)
    Life OK:
    Savdhan India 1.3 (1.4)
    Super Cops Vs Supervillains 0.8 (0.8)
    Kalash 0.8 (0.8)
    Dream Girl 0.6 (0.5)
    Piya Rangrezz 0.5 (0.7)
    Comedy Classes 0.5 (0.5)
    Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 0.3 (0.3)
    Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 0.2 (0.3)
    BhabiJi Ghar Par Hain 1.2 (1.3)
    Santoshi Maa 0.9 (0.9)
    Gangaa 0.6 (0.5)
    Begusarai 0.6 (0.5)
    Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 0.5 (0.5)
    Saubhaghyalakshmi 0.4 (0.4)
    Adhuri Kahani Hamari 0.3 (0.3)
    Agent Raghav 0.3 (0.3)
    Darr Sabko Lagta Hai 0.3 (0.3)

  35. hai fans…..

    Gud…. morng….

    ystrday i got sweet dream…

    ishani is pregnant…… !!!!!!

    ishveer is so happy in life….

    Really i got a fanastic dream….

    ? ????? ??? ???????????

  36. Arham i’m a girl dr..I hv faith on true love that is why i started to watch matsh and also i like radhika madan a lot,she has just 20 Yrs old but her actimg skill is soo matured,she is some what talented girlna,i admire with her a lot,she is very good girl as well as simple friendly and down to earth person,she is one of my role model

  37. sana

    Ànd guys I can’t help u in commenting .I have wedding in my am going there.pls forgive me guys.

  38. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    hii guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry for less commenting i was really busy in studies …………and sana enjoy yaaar……. hoping for ishveer also going to marry again i guess bcoz nainveer cant marry and ishu again bcome bride ………..??

  39. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    when thursday come????? new trp and friday episode bang on television really trp will b upto 2.5 hope so…………

  40. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    our ishveer is heartbeat of many fans………..go to hell those jealous people who post negative comments………….they r jeolous bt we fans know that ishveer again going to rule the trp charts and they bcome loved by the viewers very soon

  41. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i really want tum hi ho theme in matsh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i didnt heard for so long time ……theme just put life in ishveer eyelock………..

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      yes surely .,,,,,,,,,,,, and ranveer annnddd??? naina okayyyyyyy……………

      • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

        naina is is like ritika but really they never bcome l bcoz jodi is our ishveer onlyyyyyyyyy??????

  42. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    waitng for ishveer nok jhok………….and matsh is not going offair ………..matsh going to be in top 5 ????????????????again,,,,,,, really friday epi was just trailer of ishveer reunion it was super duper…………..

  43. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    when matsh trp upto 3.0 in coming weeks then those jeolous people really fail in there mission… make matsh ________,,,, but matsh is not going offair………..

  44. IshuRV

    guys mene abhi abhi dejka SBS mein vo kehe rahe the ki Ekta apne serial matsh ki trp vapas lane ke liye akhri koshish kar rahi hain . uska naya aur trp nahi ayi to last track hoga kala jadu yane ki black magic….

  45. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    ekta g k pass or koi track ni tha but ager ssk ka ad swaragni b to isi track pe hain and wo top 10 mai hain and naagin also have track like this to fir matsh mai b ye black magic hit ho skta hai…………..

  46. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    hope that veiwers like it …………..ssk swaragni and nagin have also track like this surely audeince going to enjoy this track in matsh too…………

  47. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    guyzzzzz if this track works in matsh then our matsh will b in top 3……………if naagin and ssk swaragni gonna hit by this track then y not our matsh,,,,,,,,,,,,???????

  48. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    but we all want ishveeer romance ………….plzzzzzzzz show romance also………

  49. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    guyzzzz i think if ishveer live together and then this track come then it will b hit ………….

  50. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    but ekta g 1st live them together atleast then our ishveer can face any one………….

  51. sathya …. pls tell me …. dr… in utube jan 21 nd 22 …. episodes videos mb say pls…..

    pls say to me jan 21 st epi … ishveer dialogues are muted or not…..

    u r using wifi ….. data …..

  52. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz watch matsh matsh atleast deserves top 5 in trp………..

  53. hai guyzzz..sathya dr i have some work na dr…so i joint u after 6 o clok….plzz matsh the comments yaar..we will makke just 500 na yaar

  54. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    hope this track make place n veiwers heart again it will b suspencefull entertaining ………….but plzzzzz no rona dhona sadness plzzzzzzzzzz

  55. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    surely black magic is not matsh last track …… will b hit track…………

  56. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    guyzzzzzzzz what do u think,,,,,,,,,,?????i m veryyyyy curious to know about the next track it seems attractive………

  57. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    if this week trp upto 2.5 or may b 3.0 then i m 100 % sure that this track will b hit in matsh……like swaragini and ssk……..

  58. naina

    black magic track is better then this nirbhay family track this totally dump track waitng for matsh next track..

  59. sunaina

    i saw sbs matsh going to b rock and last track i dont beleive matsh deseves last chance i hope black magic become super hit in matsh…

  60. sunaina

    matsh is really attractive serial.,,, it need to be hit plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz promote matsh

    • hema

      Are you seeing swaragini and sasural simar ka like that matsh is going to do and i dont they make real blackmagic like both serials many of them dont trust it including me i think there was an some trick behind that like ishita and raman’s yhm ghost drama

  61. sana

    And now am very tired so am going to sleep.tomorrow I have Gud night and have a ishveer dream guys.

  62. Ektha…. go to hell …

    we want ishveer romance…..

    not these patoli devi ….

    dont… spoil Matsh storty ….

    no….. ektha go to hell …

    • ranaji

      why this much angry???pls scold sonali jaffer becoz she is the one who seperate ishveer and ekta mam is just a producer we should thank her becoz she did not quit the show

    • no i think they do not going to use real blavkmagic like raman isita’s yhm ghost drama there some trick behind this blakmagic drama

  63. Oh thanks sana.,omg tis new track is not good,such romantic story how tis black magic workout yaar.oh the writers having brain or not..matsh is an good story line but the writers dont know how to handle it,ps make story like” ranvi loss in business and he lost everything Someone x who oppose ranvi but ishaani is with her both of them struggle together and they support each other and they grown slowly so they can show their love and trust even in a bad time meanwhile ishaani is in pregnent”like that make a story,or else make story among other charecters like parul manas disha like that..but tis black magic track is not good

  64. IshuRV

    I think agar black magic track se pehle ten ya twelve epi bhi ishveer romance me dikhaye to matsh phirse ek bar top 2 mein apni pakad bana lega. what u think ishveerians? especially ranaji and marry

  65. My3

    Hi Guys,
    I am new to this forum and I love watching this show.
    started watching this show from last Dec 2015.

  66. gud mng sathya..and all other dhfo ishveer..plzz guyzz pray for ishveer’s longlosting reunion…once they will reunitue then…how the big problems had happen…they will face in each other..plzz sonali plzz reunit ishveer..

  67. Hai …. Guys ….



    THE BEST ACTOR AWARD AT THE DARSHANIK MUMBAI…..?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  68. SHAKTHI AORA …. is very talented actor …. his magical …. eyes nd his expressions….. his voice is so sweet ….. always deserves awards…. no one can beat him …. Love u shakthi ….

  69. SHAKTI was ecstatic on being awarded
    the best actor award by mumbai
    Daarshnik press media Awards he shows off the trophy,
    He says it is every actor dream
    To receive the best actor awards
    And in the year 2016
    This was his first award

    He thanks the organizers. For that
    Award and aslo the viewers for showering him with so much love
    when asked about the show he says
    That changes have been made in the track as viewers
    wanted to see ishani nd Ranveer together
    Now viewers will get more ishveer romantic scenes, nd more changes
    have been made with will give them lots of entertainment
    He asked viewers to keep watching the show

    ( There
    was no
    of MATSH
    going off

  70. SHAKTI was ecstatic on being awarded
    the best actor award by mumbai
    Daarshnik press media Awards he shows off the trophy,
    He says it is every actor dream
    To receive the best actor awards
    And in the year 2016
    This was his first award

    He thanks the organizers. For that
    Award and aslo the viewers for showering him with so much love
    when asked about the show he says
    That changes have been made in the track as viewers
    wanted to see ishani nd Ranveer together
    Now viewers will get more ishveer romantic scenes, nd more changes
    have been made with will give them lots of entertainment
    He asked viewers to keep watching the show

    ( There
    was no
    of MATSH
    going off

  71. colors channel go to hell … ?????????????

    in colors channel …. Matsh friday episode didnt repeat telecast …. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    The MAHA BAKWAS SERIAL repeated telecast ….. swaragini
    …… ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  72. RADHIKA MADAN the winning BEST ACTRESS…..

    AWARD ……… Congralations …. keep rocking ….. ishu … ??????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????

  73. sharing …. her happiness excitement about the same , Radhika told us ” To be very honest, i never thought that i will bag an award…. for the best actress in my very first year with my very show

    i think its because of the love i receive from everyone arround me , be it my fans of everyone else who supported me i feel truely grateful right now that i had all the right people beside me.

  74. RADHIKA …. is very talented … actress…. she is vry beautiful girl … simple girl …. her eyes nd smile is supperb …. Love u Radhika♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  75. MY prince nd princess got awards i am so happy …. Today
    Love u ishveer …. ??????????????????????
    nd hearty congralutions…. ishveer

    keep rocking Rv nd ishu

  76. Our prince nd princess got awards … Today … enjoy Guys….

    Love u shadika … my hearty congralutions ….

    Our hearty congralutions …


  77. MATSH NEWS : This week ishani will finally get to know exact truth behind nirbhays wife pooja accident . she thinks that Ranveer cannot kill anyone. she will try to prove Ranveer innocent mean while Ranveer nd nain wedding preparation started . ishani tries to gather evidence against to Rithika

  78. Dhruva

    Woah congrats to our ishveer you are really the best actor….on such a boring track also your acting is awesome I’m just watching MATSH because of my ishveer my shadhika my life………LOVE YOU ISHVEER AND SHADHIKA TOO !!!!!!!!

  79. arham

    Ya sathya dr..i am also waiting for today’s epi…and also u2….but i will not watch today dr..bcoz i am going to i will see tmo…

  80. IshuRV

    me too vyshu .I’m also v.happy . ishveerians upcoming track ke bare kuch info ho please share karo………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.