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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl comes to Ranveer in the club thinking him to be hot. She introduces herself as Sonam Khanna as she was married. She asks Ranveer where they are going for dinner after drink. Ranveer asks if Mr. Khanna won’t mind. She makes a call to her husband that she is going for the birthday party of a friend. Ranveer offers her to go to his room, will do the dinner there. He thinks that he can now see each and every color of woman and with each color a new face of Ranveer will be seen.
Ishaani was in the room thinking that Ranveer will have to suffer if she makes a mistake. Ritika comes there and throws a dress at her. Ishaani asks what this is for. Ritika says she wanted to meet the one who is running her life according to himself. Who wants life against life? She tells Ishaani that

Ranveer has just started new life, she must cooperate with them else Ranveer will no longer get the daily injections that he has to get each day. She tells Ishaani that she will have to testify her love each day. Ishaani thinks that she wants to meet him but why would he call a prisoner in their family pooja. Ritika hands her a dress asking her to get ready.
In the room, Sonam appreciates the suite Ranveer had booked for her. He says his taste is as sweet as he is. Ranveer pours drink for them both. The girl tells Ranveer she hasn’t seen someone as handsome as he is. She says she can even leave her husband for him. Ranveer switches the lights on. She asks him to let them off. Ranveer asks how he will show her surprise without eyes. She looks around. Ranveer points at behind the curtain, a man appears from behind them. Sonam is shocked to see that man and asks what he is doing here. Ravi thanks Ranveer saying he wouldn’t have known his wife’s reality had he not called him here. Ranveer says to Ravi that there is only one chance to prevent cheating, not to trust anyone specially his wife. He says his wife cheated on him, and then they claim they want to be their shadow. He says till they are together, life is a destruction.
Ritika takes Ishaani to the corridor upstairs. She watches the pooja going on. The Pandits end the pooja and asks them to prepare for sacrifice. The call for the owner. Ishaani thinks that the one who got Ranveer treated is none from Ranveer. Ishaani feels pity for the animal being sacrificed. A man arrives, Ritika tells Ishaani that the man she wants to meet has arrived. They all stand up as the man enters with the sword, and takes blessings from the elder woman and keeps a hand on younger sister’s head. Ishaani observes him perform religious rituals. Ishaani thinks this shouldn’t happen, she won’t be able to see this all. She shouts from upstairs a No, struggles with Ritika and runs downstairs. She takes hold of the goat and hugs it saying she won’t let anything happen to her. She says if he wants to sacrifice, he must sacrifice her but no the goat. The man puts a cut over a nearby melon that breaks to two pieces. The pandit calls that sacrifice has been complete. Ishaani is shocked to see the face of the man, it was Behlul Singh. He smiles that it’s not Behlul Singh but Nurbehr Singh Rakhawat. He sits and eats a sugarcane. He says he is the biggest businessman of this city that is enough for her. The pandit tells them to get melon juice sprinkled all around the house to keep peace. Nurbehr tells Pandit to leave. He says to Ishaani that she must have known they had to sacrifice a pumpkin and not a goat. He tells his men to keep the pumpkin over her head, she will sprinkle it all around the house. He was reluctant, but Nurbehr angrily orders him that he abides. Nurbehr comes to Ishaani and tells Ishaani to go to each and every corner of the house and sprinkle this pumpking juice. Ishaani tries to resist but he says she can use her tongue some other time as well. Ishaani leaves with the pumpkin. Nurbehr’s brother ask who this girl is. He says he doesn’t need to intervene in his matters. Ishaani thinks he is such a rude man. The man calls his servants, Ishaani comes there too. He tells his mother that there are now seven servants in the house, Ishaani being the seventh one.

PRECAP: Nurbehr asks Ishaani to decide if she wants to be his wife or be a widow of Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wen wil ranveer realise d truth? I’m waitng 4 dat

  2. Every villian in matsh seriel takes advantage of ishani. Ishani only wants ranvi well. But y ranvi u not undestand the fate. Today ranvi angry shows he still loves her.

  3. phirse vahi sab hoga kya????? please reunite ishveer.

  4. Nibhur take revenge on ranvi and ishani life. And he hurting ishani intentionly. But i feel he slowly love her. Nibhur wins to seperating ranvi and ishani. But no one can’t be seperating both heart. Nibhur u wants revenge on ranvi so go to ranvi and fight face to face. But y r choosing this type of revenge drama. I feel even Every villians have some quality that if u choose any one be a villian then i will face to face meet them. But this indirect drama its such cheap quality.

  5. Just now i read some news about matsh that nibhur and ritika announced ishani in his wife infront of people.ishani was helpless.
    People assumes ishani is nibhray wife and send her in nibhur room and nibhur just hates her so he tortures her emotionaly.
    Nibhur wants revenge on ranvir life so he seperating ishani from ranvir life.
    Bcoz he thinks ranvir be murderer of his wife death. I don’t know it’s really true or not.

  6. Ishani Rv are both very dumb cant understand the true love for eachotjer

  7. Ekta ur going mad or what

  8. Pls unite ishveer.waiting for that.

  9. Well today’s episode was kinda dragging and the scene with nirbhay phew felt like laughing….?this guy has to learn acting from ranveer….from this episode I can only feel ranveer still loves ishaani the way he reacted when dat girl came near him and touched him….but when will the scenes between Ishveer will start…..hope this leap does not take more tym in showing rithika nirbhay and all other characters….plz show more of ranveer scenes?please don’t make ranveer to fall in love with nirbhay s younger sister???

  10. Plz reunite ranveer n ishanni.nama real life yae terible la iruku.inga vantha athuku maela iruku.i don’t hw many times dese guys will get divorce.

  11. chaa… yennama ippadi panrainga LA……etha serial starting LA ranveer love,trust,nambika,friendship .yellam .ranveer Thu mattum pothum …..but athula true love illanu thoonuthu.ishani love panna start pannathula iruthu rv kaka yevallavo pannra but ranveer atha purijuka panra .but ishani rv yenna pannalum understand pannikura ….first. na rv kaka than etha serial patha.but now I am watching for ishani.bcoz rv is not understand ishani love.rv hateing ishani ….ishani romba kasta patra who going to help.cha na yeppavum serial pakave mata yetha language laum.first na patha serial koraens drama than bcoz athu 1 or 2 months LA mudichudum…athum 1st tamila than patha … friends LA yeppavum polimer pathi pesuvainga .na 2nd Start panna serial urve uire athu paka start panna thula iruthu romba pudichuduchu .so came to watch in colors.but ippa yennala pakavm mudila stop pannavum mudila …….etha serial nalle ippadi than …..yeppa than rv unmaiya purijuka porano…. velya vara poralo.rv is not thinking y? ishani do like that …now started to think revenge to ishani……ishani sacrifice her life for rv.when she going to come out from ritika &new villan…..hai k.praveena do u watch any upcoming news?????ishani want to get her love again .ippa comment kuda 10ku mela vara matinguthu so sad

  12. Ranveer looking cute , handsome iam feeling be’coz Ranveer still loves Ishani

  13. At first rv’s love ❤ was great he only correctly stands for the words like love ,trust loyalty etc..but now he is not at all even thinking why ishaani is doing this instead he wants to take revenge stupid…pls don’t drag the serial make rv to understand ishaani as soon as possible..

  14. Ranveer looking cute , handsome iam feeling be’coz Ranveer still loves Ishani

    plz unite ishveer

  15. Stop this draggingg

  16. Am least interested to watch dis show now….same thing s happening …pls keep ishvwer together soon

  17. Stupid track.they just want to drag serial .this serial was based on ranveers love but they are showing ishanis ashiqui for Ranveer.again they are showing that Ranveer is stupid and doesn’t understand Ishani.he is the hero but he always gets wrong role.cvs pls make him hero

  18. ye to sahi hain ki serial ka track bikul bhi achha nahi chal raha hain lekin is sab mein bhi sab logonka look to bohot achha hain. phir vo ishani ka ho ranveer ka ho ya phir villain Ritika ho.

  19. I can’t believe this show is still running. No matter hw many sacrifices ishaani makes ranveer vil not trust her wen required… So the bottom line is there is no true aashiqui here. Nd I think rithiks vil get nibhrur married to ishaani nd show to ranveer tat ishaani married a rich man after leaving him

  20. ada chi,ennapa ipdi pogudhu????????kashtama iruku

  21. I hate the new entries in matsh,y they dragging tis much.ishani always sacrifice herself but rv wont understand he is totally dump a days i’m stop watching tis serial but i fl verry bad for ishveer

  22. Hi nithya..ur correct pa…entha serial yen epadi pokuthu..

  23. Worst serial ever…. Hate this… Dis serial mus get renamed to “hamaari adhuri kahaani”

  24. Kya bakwas bana diya he serial ko….

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