Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar says to RV that he must dance in his sister’s engagement. If not for him then for Ritika. He challenges him if he can do anything or not. Ritika stood worried, RV looks at her then Sharman. Ritika thinks Ishaani hasn’t replied her still, if she is coming on terrace or not. RV thinks Ritika is upset seeing Sharman may be. Ishaani watches from upstairs as RV brings Ritika to the center and says this dance is for his beautiful wife Ritika. Ishaani is upset. They do a couple dance on Ishq Bulawa. Ishaani remembers her dances with Ranveer. Tears fill her eyes as Ritika and Ranveer dance. Ritika runs away while RV turns to see her left. Everyone claps, Amba comes to appreciate his dance. Shekhar says he came out to be multi-talented, Ritika must be very happy. RV wonders where she

has gone and excuses himself. He comes to look for Ritika hoping she is fine. Shekhar comes to him and taunts that he keeps on finding his Laila. RV complains that he called them here to meet Nirupa but she isn’t here anywhere. Shekhar says he will let them meet if he comes to him. RV says he was very busy. Shekhar says he will make him meet her but first tell him which one to gift her and shows two anklets. RV smiles that he would give her anklets, Shekhar says he is thinking about tying her feet with him so that she can’t go away from him. RV laughs, Shekhar complains that he is confused because it is his first give. He asks what to say with it, she might slap him otherwise. Ranveer laughs that the biggest lawyer in the city is speechless in front of a girl. Shekhar asks which one to give, Ranveer chooses one saying she must like it. Shekhar says he knows what kind of girl will like what, he was also a heart throwing lover. RV says his eyes didn’t wander from a single face, how could he see others; she was also shy so he knows such tastes. Shekhar asks what he must say at the time of gifting her, RV says he must say anything from heart. Tell her he is thankful for what she is doing to his family, thanks her for coming to his life and house. She will know about what is in his heart, and if she replies he would also know what she thinks. Tell the truth and be safe for a long time. Shehar says to RV he is truly a love-teacher, he has drunk if fully dissolved. RV says lived love, and those who live love never makes mistakes in love. Shekhar asks him to transfer this thing in him, he will impress Nirupa today.
Shekhar comes to Ishaani and shows her the anklet. She asks if this is for her. He says yes and places it in her hand. He says it is for her, gulps and thinks she is so unpredictable. What if she slaps instead of saying thanks. Ishaani watches him, he says if she dislikes he won’t mind it. He hasn’t send this gift, mom did and was about to leave. Ishaani asks if mom gave this? Shekhar says yes, she did because she helped her in NGO and then in Krisha’s engagement too. Ishaani looks at it, and is about to speak. Shekhar says she must be asking why mom didn’t come herslf. Ishaani denies but he says mom is busy with guests and she doesn’t want to go between them. Ishaani again looks at anklet, he says he has hidden his love in anklet. She smiles, he thinks thanks God she didn’t catch his lie this time. He asks how is the gift She says it is good, infact very good. He smiles. She says this is the same as she likes. Shekhar thinks RV was right, Ishaani would like this anklet. He asks won’t she wear it for him. She asks what. He says aunty has sent it, she would like to know how it looks. And what if she keeps it somewhere and forgets, he will have to find it then. Ishaani asks does she forget? He requests her to wear, she says ok and bends down. Shekhar is happy to see her there this way, and thinks that before her mood changes he must make her meet RV. Ishaani stands up, Shekhar says statue and tells her to stay here, he will be back. She asks why? He asks why she asks so many questions. Ishaani stood still, he tells her not to move and runs inside. Ishaani stood there still.
Kanchal comes to RV and asks why is he worried. He says he can’t see Ritika after dance. Kanchal says she told her to rest as she was tired and must be in Krisha’s room. RV says she must rest. Shekhar comes and says she accepted it, wore it and liked it too. He says it is good he meets her as she is in good mood and is in corridor. RV says he will meet her with Ritika, but Shekhar says she will meet her later. Kanchal calls Shekhar for dance of Krisha and Dewarsh. RV tells him to go watch dance, he will go and meet Nirupa. Shekhar says he must tell him if he liked her, because his love life won’t proceed without his opinion.
Krisha starts the dance, Dewarsh dances with her on London Thumakda. Ishaani watches RV coming from the corridor, wonders why is Ranveer coming here and runs away. RV goes looking for her, but she runs away from him. RV calls her as Nirupa ji, listen to me but she runs into a room.
Everyone enjoys the dance performance.
Ishaani runs into a room and hides behind the door leaving it semi-closed. She prays to God to send Ranveer away, she doesn’t want to come to his front. RV asks her not to shy away, he is RV, Shekhar’s friend. He doesn’t know if Shekhar told her about him and his wife Ritika. SHekhar and Ritika are old friends and he met Shekhar sometime ago and became good friends. Shekhar speaks a lot about her. He says we met a few days ago in NGO but I couldn’t see her face because the light went off. He says he wants to say thanks to her for doing so much to Shekhar. She is Shekhar’s family friend so their friend as well. He asks if she is hearing him. Ishaan thinks if she won’t say something he might come in. Ishaani runs inside the room to her purse and goes into the washroom.
Falguni was on terrace why Ritika didn’t come here. She texted on Ishaani’s phone. She thinks she wants to know what she has to say to Ishaani. Would she leave RV for Ishaani, She is getting Ishaani’s happiness. It has her daughter’s right. She comes to a gallery and watches Ishaani running out of the fate. Ishaani looked for taxi on gate. Falguni was about to call Ishaani, then thinks she will first meet Ritika, and will meet Ishaani afterwards with good news. Ishaani comes to face Falguni.
RV calls Nirupa, knocks at the door and comes in to see she wasn’t here. He looks for her in the room.
Ishaani get in a taxi, Falguni comes to gallery calling her. The gallery was lose and fell off so does Falguni. She comes to the ground, Everyone hears her scream. Baa recognizes it is Falguni, they run utside. Falguni was hurt badly in head. They run to hold her, Ranveer calls her as Falguni maa. Mr Mehra checks on nerves to declare her dead. Everyone was taken aback, shocked. They all started crying. Ishaani cries in the car that she can’t even meet her mother nor Ranveer thought they are so close to her, luck has kept her away from everyone.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Shekhar what happened to her. Shekhar was silent, he says she is dead. Ishaani slaps him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. saranya

    Hi arora busy ah. Actually na yethir patha mathiriye tamil ah antha song potanga meri aashiqui oda tamil version.

  2. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. As expected ranveer ishaani didn’t meet. Please don’t give false hope to fans of MATSH. Miss falguni maa very much.. OMG please show some positive hoping scenes.Thank god atleast Shekhar is there to console ishaani. Hate this Rithika to core.. err.. waiting for a good episode.

  3. komal

    got irritated to see rv- rits performance…………whenever i think rv has some scope, he repeats the same mistake, his extra concern for rits……….the usual hide n seek between ishani and rv………its very sad that falguni could not meet ishani before her death…feeling bad for her……..but i didnt understand the expression of rits– whether she purposely planned all that in the terrace for ishani?? she seemed a bit confused………a very sad pracap… 🙁 🙁 🙁 ……
    however i hope the mystery will soon be revealed……want to see reaction of rv and amba then…..

  4. saranya

    Oh my god. Ishani its all because of ur stupid decision. If u have try to know d truth of chirag’s death. But ur blind lova na.

  5. maryam

    Rithika isn’t the one that kill falguni then why will they make a false rumor(spoiler) that rithika was trying to take revenge from ishaani so she killed falguni !! Nonsense.

  6. shiva

    எதிர் பார்த்த மூடிவு..falguni maa died instead of iishaani I think.rithika must have planned to kill ishaani but fate falguni maa died

  7. abs

    Stop it
    Make rv meet ish
    Parekh’s should be punished for cheating krisha ,Rv,and his parents
    And even ish
    They show love only for money not relations
    They should be roads and live in slums

  8. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    I feel y dey r making ritika negative bt I guess y dat stupid burns her own photo or she is a twin or doppelganger of ritika

  9. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    I dunno y ekta wants her shws trp to be less by shwng all dis nonsense yhm was such an awesome seriak wid a social msg in evry epi bt nw it has turnd into typical villainous indian serial

  10. vivian

    Yes rik is evil and am sure that she plan to kill ishani so that it will look like accident and fulagi maa becomes the victim.and I hope that the message she sent to ishani will be enough for ishani and sheker to get tothe killer that is ritika.

  11. k.vasanthi

    ayooo yepadha rv and ishaani meet panuvanga. rv and rithika scenes realy gt irritating day by day edhula dance veraya….. nallavela naa pakkala……. plssss writter dnt drag too much realy its getting irritated. waiting for ishveer good episode pls

  12. Sathyasree venkat

    Innum 1 month aaidu ishaani yum ranveer rum meet pandrathuku, aana ippa konjam interesting a poitu irruku, semma ishaani ranveer oru vellai meet pannagana innum konjam interest ta irrukum,confirm andha ellam photo vaiyum yerichathu ritika dhan because ishaani ya terrace ku vara solli ritika sonna, aana athuku pathila falguni terrace lenthu kezhala vilunthuta, ellam ritika plan na dhan irrukum

  13. rig

    Miss you falguni naa.shikhar pls don’t love ishaani she will only give you pain as she did for ranveer and herself also for her mother. Ranveer why are you doing this man. Lost all hope on you. But what a coincidence falguni fall from balcony LOL

  14. maryam

    This show is turning to rubbish. And yeah ishaani you kill your mum because I actually cant find any reason why u are hiding from you family and love ones

    • MATSH

      true say i cant understand even after living in jail Ishani hasn’t realized her mistakes,, and doing same damn mistakes again and again,,, why all these bakwaas hide and seek drama Ishani?

  15. maryam

    Yeah it true u heard rv moved on then why don’t you confront him after hearing that. And director we(those who are watching ur movie) are bot that dumb so if u wanna twist the movie twist it in a way that people will believe in it.

    • sameera

      i agree…… confront is biggest requirement in the present context……..only then the story can come to a proper track…….dont understand why directors are dragging it without purpose……the story is already so boring these days plus these irritating twists…

  16. maya

    me confused between two things- either ritika came to know that falguni knows ishani truth and thus killed her or she wanted to kill falguni to give pain to ishani..??? the terrace scene seemed like it was all planned…–was it planned for falguni or she just fell into the trap??? anyways,it was sad for her that she could not even meet ishani before she died….will miss u falguni maa……
    i am just not understanding where the story is leading to…..ishani is continuously running away from her family and rv….angry on her too for that……… ..i hope some positive part come soon in the show….waiting eagerly….

  17. Tamizh

    ya correct sathyashree, while she dance with ranveer she went somewhere without informing him. she only burnt all the photos. but we wil miss falguni maa.

  18. Shimpi

    kuttika ab achi ni lgti uska face v ab villain type lgta h chiraag ka murder v usi ne kiya h…….!

  19. Tamizh

    ya me too confused in that why she burnt her own photo if this is not rithika means who it is and wat is her motive to kil ishaani’s family… and shikar have to think how Ranveer knows falguni maa. if he knows falguni maa means he has to know abt ishaani also la, he is a big lawyer why he didnt think this. where is the story going but it seems intresting. and coming to Ranveer he behaving like a big idoit, he has been with ishaani more than 15yrs and he loves her at first sight when he saw her cant he recognise from backside. if his love is deep means atleast he has to feel that she is around him everytime. plz make ishaani and ranveer to meet each other after that only the story will more interst.

  20. Stylish

    hope so k falguni zinda ho wo mar b kaise sakti h ishaani se miley bina.feeling verrrrrry bad for ishaani.falguni maa nd harshad dono ishaani ko chor k chalay gaey nd also RV is not with her to support her.rithika i hate you tumhra face daikhne qabil nae h m ap k scenes nai daikhti stupid girl bht buri wife ho ap bht buri frnd b.shekhar plz bring Rv nd Ishaani 2gtr.writers plz falguni maa ko mat maro unhe zinda rehne do i love her in d show.

    • maya

      I agree with u…plz dont kill falguni…..let it be any other tragedy like coma, or something else but not death plz……falguni is really very nice..hate u ritika….its disgusting to c her face, i cant bear…..

  21. Stylish

    hope so k falguni zinda ho wo mar b kaise sakti h ishaani se miley bina.feeling verrrrrry bad for ishaani.falguni maa nd harshad dono ishaani ko chor k chalay gaey nd also RV is not with her to support her.rithika i hate you tumhra face daikhne qabil nae h m ap k scenes nai daikhti stupid girl bht buri wife ho ap bht buri frnd b.shekhar plz bring Rv nd Ishaani 2gtr.writers plz falguni maa ko mat maro unhe zinda rehne do i love her in d show.falguni ki jagah baa ya phir stupid kritika ko maar do.

  22. krishna mohan

    Mai jaanta hu ki chiraag ka murder ritika ne kiya hai jaha par ranveer ne panvell highway par us e zinda chhora tha wahi par ritika v aayi thi….aur uss ne chiraag ko kisi baat ko lekar ritika ne usse apne paas se hataya aur chiraag jaakar gaadhe me gir gaya aur ritika chilayi chiraag ……bus mai itna tak hi mai chiraag ke murder ke baare me jaanta hu ki………ritika ne uska murder kiya hai……….

  23. priya

    I think it’s ritika only behind everything bad that happened. I watched carefully the precap where a girl burns every photo and my observation says it’s ritika only….may be she burns her own pic too just to be on safe side so that noone can blame her and doubts ishaani instead! Poor ishaani……and kamini ritika….i hate her from the very biginning…she seemed always fishy ’cause noone can be as good as she shows….! :@

  24. priya

    I think it’s ritika only behind everything bad that happened. I watched carefully the precap where a girl burns every photo and my observation says it’s ritika only….may be she burns her own pic too just to be on safe side so that noone can blame her and doubts ishaani instead! Poor ishaani……and kamini ritika….i hate her from the very beginning…she seemed always fishy ’cause noone can be as good as she shows….! :@

  25. Tum hi ho

    todays epi was gud…feeling really bad for ishaani..she had already lost evryone whom she loved dearly…nd upar se uski maa bhi usse chod kar chali gyi…nd rv is really behaving weird..he knws ishaani frm childhood…still he didnt realize dat its his ishaani who is running away frm him…disgusting…nd rits is surely behind falgunis wasnt an accident but a well planned murder…ava ishaaniye kola panradikhu daan ithu ellam panna…anna unfortunately falguni got trapped in it…ellena rithika daane ishaanikku msg panna madiyil varutukku…anna ava varave ille…appo idukku artham iddu daan dat she wanted to kill her…nd but why d hell is she trying to do dis..what will she get aft doin all dis..?? rv toh pehle hi uske saat hai…phir kyu…???

  26. Tum hi ho

    nd upar se its shown in dat promo dat she is burning all d pics…which evn included does dat mean dat she wntd to delibertely kill falguni also..?? it also shws shikar’s nd her own pic..why..?? nw why shikar aft all..?? avan ippo daan inda showyille vanda..?? den why him…usne kisika kya barbaad kiya hai…woh ishveer ke pics bhi jhalaati hai…means she wanna destroy dem..nd finally her own pic…does dat in any way convey dat she’s is not zaveri’s daughter rithika…but sumone else…nd burning of her own pic mean she is trying to burn RITHIKA…but not her own identity…?? god knws wat dis ahow is trying to convey..!!!!

    • aliya

      i tink uh r ri8..wht if the ritika datz nw rvs wife is nt da orginal ritika zaveriz daughter…coz uh knw in da begnkn it was ritika hu actualy encrgd rv 2 get mrried 2 ishani..odervise rv wuldnt hav mrried ishani..nd nw she all evil..wht if dis ritika is sum1else?? is possible wid all da stupid drama..

  27. Shikar and ishaani scenes r super…..rithika and rv dance r irritating yaar.. falguni dead so sad…yesterday episode falguni scene really superb nxt day she wil be dead…

  28. sadaf

    its ritika who ushed falguni from the gallery…….coz falguni was waiting for ritika 2 come ……i thinkshe stood n 1 corner n heard wat falguni was telling …n when she called ishaani ritika pushed er n falguni fell….did u guys notice after dance was over ritika was missing

  29. Stylish

    agar falguni maa ki death ho gai tou m show m bht miss karungi unko i love falguni maa,ishaani nd RV nd just hate ugly rithika.

  30. Stylish

    kitni happy family ti parikh family but pehle chiragh nd then rithika ne dooriyoo ki devaar bana di kitni badnaseeb maa h (falguni) k ishaani zinda hote hue b un k liye mari hui ti aur ab jab unhe milna ta ishaani se tou writers ne unhe mar dia show m.ishaani feeling very bad for u nd RV kaisa luv h apka k apko kahi se pata chala k ishaani is death nd u believe that nd yaha tk k kal ki epi m jb wo apke samne se guzri tou pehchaan b na sakay pehle tou uski aahat sunai daiti ti nd ab back se b nahi pehchaan paey.

  31. Manisha

    Nonsense episode.bec of Ishanis foolishness all are suffering.she has always taken wrong decision so they are apart.and I dn unds Falguni died accidentally or some one looked like accident death.then why they are saying Ritika is behind them.and if she is vamp why she is behaving so innocent.its really boring serial.and tired of Ranveer Ishani hide and seek.if Ritika is vamp why she is burning her own picture?everything is confusing.and make us fool.waiting for good episode but if they will show this crap again and again serial will definitely lose audience.

  32. Ritika burnt her own photo na….i think because while taking tat photo she was acting as if she is a positive character and nw she is gng to reveal tat she is negative by buring her photo……

  33. anita

    namma tamil fans ku ellam enna aachu paa..
    munnadila neraya comments tamila varum….
    ipoo rendu moonu comments than varutu…
    so sad

  34. anita

    many of them are really criticising this serial and story line..
    yaa I do agree that this story line is boring…
    but all those critics dont forget the written updates and the comments
    that is ishveer magic…..
    AM I RIGHT?…

  35. sania

    What a boring n dragging episode.ishani always crying like hell.I feel pissed of seeing her stupidity.she must be dumb.I don’t Knw why so much cant ranveer see wat a foolishness.ishani crying n crying.get something really suks dumb ass makers .

  36. abs

    Like falguni end chapters of parekh family
    Really they are deceiving others for wealth and pride

  37. MATSH

    finally Ishani killed her mother too,, first she hurt RV and didnt trust him, then lost her beautiful life with RV and finally killed her mother,,,,,,
    i felt so sorry for falguni… pehle what a beautiful life she lived with HARSHAD in the parekh house,,now she is lost,, Falguni’s concept at the beginning of the show was to give her daughter in marriage to the richest bachelor in town,, later she felt love is also important in a marriage after she knew about Chirag,, so amidst how much hardships she gave ishani in marriage to RV, HER DAUGHTER GOT BOTH MONEY AND LOVE FROM HER HUSBAND RV,,but her stupid daughter didnt know to live that life properly from the beginning of her marriage and lost that beautiful life and gave only pain to her mother,,,and husband too
    i hate Ishani for all these

  38. MATSH

    if the directors need to bring twists in the plot please do something that the viewers will believe,, not supernatural concepts,,,lol

  39. aysha

    V vl misss u Falguni maa..
    Its very sad that she cudnt talk vtj Ishani.Yet she gave a priceless gift fr the rest of life of Ishani.
    Ya..vy ishani leav frm everyone.atleast vy she nglect Rv..
    Story leads to boaring..
    plz punish Devarsh …he s not a good person nw

  40. Aww Falguni died no wen will ishani n Ranveer meet new hate that b*t*h rithika it’s all her plan n sorry about that @sara

  41. krishna mohan

    Plzzzz go to youtube nd write meri aashiqui tumse hi 23rd april then it will appear by colors TV like this download video nd watch it…..

  42. Stylish

    plz anyone tell me what happens in today epi nd why not u updating today epi.i have no source to watch on youtube as it is not working right now.plz anyone tell me about today epi

  43. Stylish

    i will miss you very much falguni maa nd RV please stupid rithika ko choro aur ishaani k paas ajao she needs u agr shekhar ne shadi karli na ishaani se tou pachtao gay

  44. kim

    What happen to telly update today? Why there’s no written update in MATSH and Warrior High?
    Please update ASAP ‘coz i can’t fully understand hindi, i’m just relying in written updates.

  45. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    sona r u alright I mean u dint gav any updates of my fav shws kyy wh & matsh so I am askng

  46. gaya

    innaiku written update engaaaaaaaaa…. enaku hindi theriyathey……yen innaiku update pannala….

  47. k.vasanthi

    what happen 23rd april written updates. i dnt understand hindi…ena pandradhu ena aachi cha

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