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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Milan hits Ranveer on head, he drags him and says today only evil will remain. He is villain.
Milan comes inside hits a waiter, the glass drop. He orders to switch the lights off, as this can get current flow on wires. He takes the torch from the guard. Baa is worried in the dark that what an accident has happened in this house. What a night it is. Everyone was worried. Milan enters the hall with a torch. He says Ranveer Vaghela he has got enough luxuries in life, now he will get punished and I will celebrate wedding night. He heads towards the hall. The lights get on. Amba asks Ranveer if he found someone, Ishaani also asks him the same. Baa asks how he got hurt on his forehead. Milan says he was running in the dark and hit a pole. Kailash asks Manas if there was someone upstairs.

Police had arrived. The lady inspector asks whose accident took place. Amba says it’s Nimisha. The doctor checks on her, he announces she is no more. The inspector asks how it happened. Ishaani says she just fell off from terrace. Ritesh says it seems someone pushed her. The lady inspector asks if they felt someone as unknown. Milan thinks that he is stranger, but they won’t suspect him. The inspector asks if they informed her family. Sharman says she is coming, but she doesn’t know her daughter is dead. Mrs. Mehta is shocked on the door hearing this, she goes crying to Nimisha. She shouts what happened to her daughter. Milan thinks that they need to tell her the whole story, he was fed up of the whole drama. The lady inspector asks who can it be, Milan says it is someone from outside, any enemy. He says if she behaves such a low charatered, this will happen. Milan says she fell off from terrace, he has heard that in such age this happens. Mrs. Mehta blames him, saying he murdered her daughter, they must arrest him.
The van stops by, boys come out of it but hides behind the van watching a guard standing in front of the bag. The guard goes towards the bag. The boy acting as inspector, says he will divert his attention by giving the horn, meanwhile he must remove the bag. He gives the horn and asks the guard about an address. The guard comes back to find no bag there.
Mrs. Mehta says he came to their home and deterred Nimisha. He came to their home at around 4.30. She holds Milan’s collar saying he must tell them what he had said, that her daughter wears small clothes. He got her freed from jail, and when he couldn’t get his hands on her daughter, he killed her. She asks them to give him jail. Milan says he was at home till late. Parul and Manas say that he was home. Amba says she was with him the whole day, he didn’t go anywhere. Mrs. Mehta shouts that they are all involved, he is a murderer. Amba stops Mrs. Mehta, but Milan gets emotional. He says he can think about her pain, she got a shock and hugs her murmuring, had she married her daughter to him this wouldn’t have happened, else she will have to die as well. Mrs. Mehta pushes him away, she says he again repeated the same thing. Milan asks her to beat him, he knows about her pain.
The inspector orders to take the body for postmortem. Milan says the body must not feel any pain while post martem, and they must do her last rituals as they did the marriage. Mrs. Mehta says she doesn’t need a rupee from his money, first he and Ishaani had killed her Chiraag and now her daughter as well. She cries watching Nimisha’s body being covered in white cloth. She runs after the men.
Milan goes to Ishaani and says had she taken care of her, she wouldn’t have lost control of herself in youth, nor on stairs. Amba says this isn’t good, death at home on the day of marriage. Baa says they must thank God that the accident took place after wedding. They have to do all the rituals of marriage as well. Milan asks Amba to perform the rituals first. Amba sends Lakshmi to bring the thaal.
The men brings Ranveer to a godown, they tie him to a pillar there in unconscious condition. They throw water on his face to wake him, they suspect may be he is dead. The other throws some more water, Ranveer gets conscious. They laugh that he is still alive, they thought he has died. He asks the hero to wake up. Ranveer opens his eyes, looks around and struggles. Ranveer asks who is he, and who that man was. The boy says they aren’t answerable to them. They tell Ranveer that he married today, he must let them enjoy and leave. Ranveer struggles again, then thinks about Milan’s words.
Amba performs the welcoming rituals of Ishaani. Ranveer thinks about Milan, he wanted everything that was his. He says he was just like him, what if he reach his home. What if everyone thinks of him as Ranveer.
Amba asks Ishaani to enter the house now.
Ranveer struggles again.
The boys poured themselves wine.
Ranveer watches a cut piece of glass nearby.
Ishaani turns towards God’s temple, Milan thinks devil is with her, what God will do.

PRECAP: Ishaani says that finally they are married. Milan says that real wedding takes place after wedding night. Ishaani asks what this means. Milan says she married Ranveer but he will celebrate the night with her. He looks at her from the corner of his eyes. Ishaani is worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. please end this Milan track soon..hope Ishveer unite soon.. Ranveer escape and expose MILAN soon.. where did raavan went..? Rv save Ishaani.. Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Rv come soon n save ishani frm milan. Btw shakti ur acting is superb as milan bt i don’t like the character of milan.

  3. Today episode i cried alot ekatha i will kill u go to hell please dont seperate my ishveer

  4. Pagal lady director… Satya gye h pagal etnu pariksha bhagwano ke avtaaar ne bhi nhe di kbhi jitni es serial me ho gye….. Tooo much
    I can’t tolerate these at all…..what the story. Against of title…!!

  5. I want Ranvver & Ishani To be Reunite and want Milan to get off from their life

  6. Awesome ya ghatiya bolu. ……..

  7. ArielRamberan

    Shakti Arora I love u a lot great job on the double role!!!!!

  8. shakthi you are a fantaastic actor in double role also.keep itup.god bless you I LOVE SHADHIKA _ISHVEER

  9. plz matsh end this milan track soon plz unite ishveer forever

  10. Hi friends all of you voting ishveer for hottest jody of colours.plz vote

  11. I think iktha mam vl do here also one more twist like marrage… We vl see… Ishani love is pure… So nothing vl happn

  12. plzzz ishani and ranveer join again.. ranveer u will escape there… go and protect ur wifeeee ishani..she is so innocent girl… plz go… expose Milan soon

  13. End this track soon….

  14. Atleast bring the truth to ishani

  15. Hello guys whats going on ekta’s mind please don’t do this ranveer go fast and save ishu i am with u i am biggest fan ishveer

  16. plz rv save ishaani and finish that bl**** Milan. .I hope rv will definitely save ishaani bcoz his love on ishaani is more genuine

  17. I think this story will go like a shastri sisters,Olmost same story

  18. ranveer plzzzz go fast to save ur love…….I just cant scold milan bcoz that is also shakti ….but hate tat character….ekta mam plz end this milan track…..we want ishveer’s lovable scenes……..ranveer ur acting is super and love u soooooooooooo much………

  19. Nooooooo pls ekta mam pls ranveer ko jail na bhejo i want ishveer and shakti ur acting superb my cutie pie ishveer luv u

    1. Me too radhika….want ishveer’s scenes…

  20. very bad milan I HATE U,HATE U,HATE U 🙁 MILAN,just ask for money to ranveer,he”ll give u,then go and see sanjay babu’s film.OK?just stay out of ISHVEER’S LIFE.please milan.OR ELSE,nallavana maaridu purunjidha?

  21. dont like episode……….

  22. Shameful for writer to continue unnecessarily and TV bosses to let it being telecast.

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