Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar says Ritika must get her DNA test but he knows she won’t get it. Ishaani says Ritika will do it, she tells Ritika that she has to do this for her child, if proven Sharman will accept her in front of the world and give his name to his child. Amba agrees as well, she says to Ritika that she must get the test done and throw the results over Sharman’s face ruining his reputation the way he did to her. Ishaani asks Ranveer to say something, RV says they are right and Ritika must get the tests. He tells Ritika this is for her own self respect.Ishaani asks Shekhar to call some DNA specialist as he might want them often. Amba stops Shekhar and says she doesnt trust them, Ritika’s doctor will get the tests. Shekhar says anyone might get the test, result will be same.

and Ritesh knock the door, Krisha meets them. Dewarsh asks why they came here, but Chaitali says she was missing her daughter in law so came here. Pratik spits that they came to do breakfast here. Ritesh tells Krishaa that they all wanted to do breakfast together. Krisha goes to order breakfast for everyone. Chaitali scolds Dewarsh what problem he has if her brother pays all the bills. Chaitali whispers to Dewarsh he must learn from Ishaani who always gets all her work done from rich men. Dewarsh tells her to look at Pratik and Ritesh who were eating mouth full. He says anyone may see and know immediately that why he married Krishaa.
The doctor had arrived, Amba asks how can she get to know about the father of the child before he is born. The doctor says that these days everything is possible, they will not harm the child and still take his DNA from mother’s blood. She takes Sharman’s sample but Ritika denies giving the sample. Ishaani, Ranveer, Shekhar and Baa all force her to take it but she doesn’t and pretent to faint. THe doctor says it sometimes happens in pregnancy and she has taken stress. They take her to room, Ishaani takes care of Ritika and tells RV that this happens in such conditions. She will take care of her, Shekhar tells Ishaani that Ritika is a good friend of him, she must take good care of her. Ishaani tells Mala to leave the room, Ritika peeks around. Ishaani thinks Ritika won’t be able to save herself from her. SHe turns Ritika’s arm, Ritika sits immediately. Ishaani says she is concious now and calls for the doctor. Ritika faints again.
Chaitali orders everything in the menu for the doctor. The waiter brings Khichdi for her, she is irked at him but he reads the menu and tells her what she ordered was Khichdi. Everyone makes fun of her, she scolds the waiter. Ishaani shows the bracelet of Ritika to the doctor that had some blood on it, the doctor says they will take the blood from it and will give them report in three hours. RV stands and tells Sharman to come her when the reports have come. RV leaves, Sharman as well. In the room, Amba asks Lakshmi is she saw Sharman’s face, today Ritika’s truth will come to everyone soon. Lakshmi asks Amba how can Ritika take so much blood on bracelet, they can’t trust Ishaani. Amba says they arent concerned with this all, in a few hours their Ritika will be proven innocent. Lakshmi asks what good these reports will do to them. She asks if the test prove Ritika’s child is Sharman and if Sharman own that child, how will Ritika marry RV. She says RV will not let Ishaani go till she is well. Amba asks what she should do. Lakshmi asks Amba to go to Parekh family and asks what they are upto.Baa asks Amba why she came here, did she come to take something or give something. Amba says she only came to ask what drama her grand daughter is doing. Baa asks what is she doing. Amba says Ishaani wants Ritika to marry Sharman, she must get Ishaani treated soon so that she can go to Shekhar. Baa says she also wants that, but doctor says she make take a year to get well as well, she thinks not the doctors but the they can make her well. Amba asks what she means. Baa says they will have to recreate all the situations again by living together.

PRECAP: Sharman says that they have made a drama of himself, if they really mean it that he is the father of the child Ritika must immediately get the DNA test.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ishkar giving smiles and glances to each other were best.

  2. Today’s episode was good. Va re va what an acting by Rithika.. too much… felt bad for Sharman.. like to see Ranveer Amba reaction when Ri truth exposed… enough of dragging.. dont want Shikhar to become negative… let atleast him be good… for fans sake..
    Lakshmi you stupid… for that you will give ur family name to someone’s heir hey kya… what nonsense…
    Precap is annoying hope Rithika played game.. waiting for a good episode.

    1. Spoiler is interesting.. waiting for the episodes.

  3. wow nyc epi

  4. Nice epi

  5. Home › Spoiler › #Meri Ashiqui Tum Se Hi › #Radhika Madan
    MATH: Ranvir to make Shikhar’s drunk knowing Radhika’s truth Upcoming Episode

    Tuesday, July 21 2015

    Ishani (Radhika Madan) asks Ritika (Smriti Khanna) for DNA test in Meri Ashqui Tumse Hi

    Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi shows that Ishani spoiled Ranvir’s plan f getting to know the truth of her memory loss.

    Shikhar gets shocked seeing Ishani and Ranvir closer to each other because he cannot see Ishani with anyone.

    Furthermore, Ishani makes a plan to bring Ritika’s truth in front of Ranvir by asking Ritika for DNA test.

    Shikhar also support Ishani and this creates a doubt in Ranvir’s mind as Shikhar knows the truth of Ishani.

    Furthermore, Ranvir invites Shikhar for a chat and make him to drink a lot.

    Ranvir (Shakti Arora) feels jealous to know Shikhar’s (Arjun Bijlani) love feelings for Ishani
    In drunken state Shikhar confess his feelings for Ishani before Ranvir.

    Ranvir gets jealous and feels Shikhar loves Ishani more than him.
    Ranvir gets stunned when Shikhar says to him that they both love IShani madly and they can do anything for her.
    Ranvir asks Shikhar about Ishani’s memory loss and Shikhar tells Ranvir that IShani met an accident but Shikhar interrupt by someone .
    Will Ranvir comes to the reality of Ishani?

    1. Wow thanks for d update?

    2. Thanks for the spoilers

  6. very nice episode today

  7. nice epi and thanks fr t update. Love u ishani.

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Ishani shikar get that ritika’s truth soon , want to see rv scolding that psycho ritika

  10. Guys next ghost episode.they started putting advertisement for it so interesting.

  11. Nice epi.excellent play by rithika.Lakshmi u shameless how can u give ur name to others child.boring precap
    Plz don’t drag the serial

  12. Episode is boringggggg

  13. OMG….what an episode….if amba n tv happen to know about ritika’s truth…i wanna seeee

  14. I am desperate to see ritika true face exposed in front of everyone…… Writer’s plz make it happen soon……. I hate ritika character but she’s fantastic actress…… I requested to the writer’s plz don’t make shikhar character in negative…….. I want to see ishveer together……?☺

  15. Nxt coming episodes r interesting yar when ritikas truth comes out why its draging so much

  16. I hate ritika I want to see ishveer together n I love u ishveer

  17. Plz dont drag the serial nw a days its boring

  18. TODAY’S episode was nice…..but really sad to know that shikhar would become negative………
    plz let him remain positive only writers…..
    whatever may be the track please unit ishveer ….. atleast ranveer should come to know about ishani’s aashiqui for him….

  19. TODAY’S episode was nice…..but really sad to know that shikhar would become negative………
    plz let him remain positive hon’ble writers…..
    whatever may be the track please unit ishveer ….. atleast ranveer should come to know about ishani’s aashiqui for him…. even if ishani left him..even if she has hurt him…..but she loves him……she loves him sso much that she was ready for being hanged till death for her……….

  20. Don’t drag it too mch yaar… Plzz … 1 month s Wii chal rha. .. Cm on .. Now plz expose the ritikas true face soon… Wanna c the ishveer romance again .. Plz dnt drag

    1. Oh really sad to know that shikhar will help ritika

  21. I am going to stop watching this show, coz ishveer separation soon going to happen…. And shikhar is going to be In negative role and trying to help ritika to separate ishani and ranveer……. I can’t take it anymore now…’s enough now……. I don’t know why writer’s, unnecessarily dragging the show…..this is the most worst track I would ever seen in my life…….. Really disgusting.???

  22. Why episodes on YouTube are not starting

  23. Oh know yar dont do like that shikhar why writers dragging the show we cant see rv n ishani to separate

  24. Missing the old and evergreen episodes of matsh very much. The current track boring and dragging. Please ishani don’t leave ranveer let him get his most awaited aashiqui…

  25. the current track is boring ya….waitin fr ishveer’s romantic dance…..

  26. hate tis shikar and ritika to the core

  27. hey ishani!!!unaku konjam kooda feelingsye kidaiyada….atleast ranveera hurt panrome kooda unaku tonala…..ellathayum pannitu ethuku sorry solra….avan kooda irikumpodu unaku avanoda arumaiye theriyadu….

    1. Of course ya….very true

  28. u r 100 percent right bindu . love u ranveer . . .

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