Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV holds Ishaani in arms. Amba asks Mala about Ishaani, Mala says she watches her go on roof. RV and Ishaani begin taking rounds around the fire of burning divorce papers, Baa comes to call Ishaani. Ranveer and Ishaani are shocked and look at each other. Ranveer drops Ishaani, blames Ishaani to come to him again and again. Ishaani argues he was the one to drop her, Ishaani says he is the one who does not want her to take her right after divorce. Lakshmi comes and call Amba and Baa to see what they are burning. Ishaani says to Ranveer that she will get made more divorce papers, with even more clauses. RV says she will get what she will deserve; his mother says one must only give 2% of you money to the needy. Baa deters that if they won’t, she will take them to court as he hurt Ishaani.

Baa takes Ishaani along, Amba and Baa blaming each other. Ranveer and Ishaani are hurt.
Ranveer thinks that those who have stopped their rounds will get it done. He leaves.
Lakshmi says to Amba that she thought Ranveer was taking rounds with Ishaani. Amba says he will never repeat his mistakes, now he will only take divorce with Ishaani.
Baa is worried and murmurs will he refuse to give money. Everyone was making the list of guests. Baa asks about Chaitali as so much is left, Ritesh says she has gone for shopping. Baa says to Ishaani that she did good in transferring the diamond company to her name, Ranveer and Amba won’t give her a penny. Ishaani says she will take all the money from them, but right now she is excited about Sharman’s wedding. He is the eldest son of family, while his sister is the owner of a diamond company; the functions will be grand. Disha notices Ishaani, Ishaani’s phone rings. Ishaani takes the call of Ranveer, and asks yes Ratee? He asks who Ratee? Ishaani says she is with the family, he says there must be Baa. Ishaani says why he has called. He tells her he is in hospital, came to meet Gori and has shifted her to an apartment. He says there is a good news about Shanaila. Ishaani repeats the name, Disha’s bells ring. Ishaani says there is no network and goes away, Disha stands up to bring juice. Baa calls Mala, but Disha says she will get it herself. Ishaani comes to a side, Disha hears it. Ranveer says Shanaila will be fine, as the doctors say. Ranveer says he has asked doctors not to worry about the payment. Ishaani says she is still guilty that when Chiraag hit Shanaila she couldn’t help her. Ranveer says they will get Chiraag pay for her, when she is fine. Ishaani says they will make her give verdict against Chiraag in court. Disha hears all this and goes away saying Shanaila is Chiraag’s girlfriend. Ranveer and Ishaani hope she is fine. Ishaani asks him to tell Gori she will come to meet her soon, and asks him to come home soon. Ranveer says if she is waiting he will surely come here soon. He goes to meet Shanaila.
Parul was waiting with a rose in hand. Pratik and Sharman come there, Pratik says he brought Sharman as well. Parul asks them to wait for everyone and hides the rose in drawer trickily. Ritika also comes there. Parul was speechless, then says the plan says it is Ishaani and Ranveer’s first valentine, they must plan something. Pratik says what can they plan. Parul says Amba checks them both all the day. Pratik says they must give them Jamaal goata, so that they keep busy in bathroom. Ranveer says they are all there and shut the door behind. He asks what was going on, Ritika says they were deciding the dances of their Sangeet.
Ranveer says they have to make Amba and Baa friends, else he and Ishaani will have to pose to be getting divorce forever. He says he is sending them for a pooja, and tells about a plan.
Sharman stops Ritika in the corridor, she asks him to let go so that she can execute Ranveer’s plan. He asks what is their valentine’s plan. She says Ranveer has made one, when Amba and Baa have left, they will rejoin Ranveer and Ishaani. Sharman clarifies he is talking about his and her plan. She asks if he is fine, and wipes sweat off his face. He is irked. She laughs and says she knows it is their valentines, she couldn’t be selfish so firstly they will get their plan accomplish. He asks can they talk about the plan, she asks couldn’t he talk about it rightfully, and asks what is her plan. He gets her closer and asks shall he give it right here. They get close, he asks why is she sweating now, is she shy or nervous. She minds, and says she never shies away and is going to do her work. He must plan her surprise.
Ranveer comes to Amba and says he wants to ask something. She asks if he needs something to eat. Ranveer says he is frustrated from Ishaani, he needs her prayers. Amba says she always pray, Ranveer says she must get some pooja etc. Amba says they will do something. Ranveer says there is Seena ji’s pooja in South India, Mr. Javeri told him about. Parul stood behind the door, and appreciates Ranveer’s acting skills.
Baa is excited to hear Ritika tell about the pooja. Ritika says it is really a big event. Ritika says there has been an expensive poshak called here, and will be given to the most respectable family of Gujrat. Ritika says her papa will boast if the poshak comes to their home.
Amba tells Ranveer she will get both the poshak and manat there. Ranveer asks Lakshmi and Amba to pray for him.
Ritika asks Baa to leave early, as the trust only give the Poshak to the one who arrives earlier.
Ranveer asks Amba to hurry, as the Pooja is about to start in an hour.
Baa asks Pratik to get ready, as they have to bring Thakur ji’s poshaak soon. Pratik and Ritika cheer and say Dewarsh will have to give up his date for his sister.
Parul goes to Amba and Lakshmi as both hurry to get ready. Ranveer makes a text, mission accomplished.
Disha read a book, Manas said there is everything fine between Ranveer and Ishaani. Baa comes there and asks Disha to get ready for a Pooja, she will pray for Sharman and Ritika and her and her child. Disha says her doctor has asked her to join Lamas classes, she has to go there. Manas asks her to drop, but Disha says she will go by herself and heads to leave. Manas leaves as well.
Ishaani is excited that Baa and Amba have agreed. Parul appreciates Ranveer’s acting, Pratik appreciates Ritika’s acting skills. Ishaani says thanks God they have agreed and prays they get family and Gods are always one. She thanks them all. Parul asks her to get ready, as she has to do the acting of going to lawyer. She couldn’t understand, they say she has to act in front of Baa and Amba that they are going to lawyer.

PRECAP: Ishaani opens the box of balloons in the room. She looks at Ranveer, they hug each other and share romantic moments.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thank you…

  2. plz producrs , kick this amba nd baa out , always tryng to sprate our IshVeer.
    Disgustng, idiots , gud fr nothng.

    1. How ? It’s been planed according to story Anjali

  3. today episode is really good. Day by day ishveer love developing…… It was lovely and cute… And ranveer valantine plan is almost touching, sharman and rithika scene is amazing………and they all help ranveer’s love. Disha is always iritating girl I really hate her. What type of girl she is, very cute smile ranveer I love u……….. And precap is very romantic, waiting for monday episode. And pls change the front screen of this serial, ishveer reunited so plzzzzzzzz change it, I am waiting for it………..

  4. It’s completely idiotic ! Ranveer finish and talk to to your faimilty where is your love for ishani which we are watching since so long .????

  5. Lovely episode…

  6. Yeah change the turtle screen

  7. can’t wait fr mon’s epi nd hope mission gets successfull.

    1. Oh really !!

  8. Sorry tittle

  9. I hate disha who are always wanted vary smart girl then do a vary big mistake so that ranveer is in trobule. I think disha find sanelila and says about chirag so that ranveer again in trouble bt now issveer love is so good I m vary happy when the couple romance I hope they continue their love n fight together against every problem.

  10. ya you are right arora plz change the front screen. And very nice episode ishveer I luv u. Both acting is very funny. I really enjoy it

  11. yes arora you are right I never think about that,you remember me. Hello change the front screen it is very sad. Both of reunited but you didn’t change it……….. From Monday you must change it………..

  12. I only want to say- AWESOME

  13. I am with u anjali

  14. Why don’t some chase that disha out of the house and Isveers life

  15. Anjali i kniw it’s hard but every story have a hard time and it’s same here.(my sisters love stroy is similar every love story have villan)

  16. seriously, d title screen has to change, n we want to see ishani n ranveer completing their incomplete fheres, so producers charge up n ishani n ranveer, u guys continue wid ur romance.

  17. why dont dey give a valentine maha episode???? for every sad thing producers gve maha episodes, den why not now??? why will we miss their romance on a sunday????

  18. Disha is so irritating and always wants to be the centre of attraction, I just don’t know what her problem is.I wish she’s taken out of this serial cos I can’t stand her.

  19. Today’s episode was good.. Always a person disturbs Ishveer.. Disha will never change in this era.. Amba,lakshmi,baa are irritating.. hope we get some good scenes of Ishaani Ranveer in the upcoming episode..

  20. Ranveer and Ishani needs to let their families no they’ve changed their minds about thedivorce&stop behaving like some kids. To be able to enjoy their love life. Beautiful episode!
    Looking forward to Monday episode

  21. Manas take ur irritating wife with u 2 ur home n if possible pls cousins make arrangements that ishveer could go out for few days without any disturbance of these 4 amba disha baa n Lakshmi. By d way where is rvs’dad phalguni n nitin ?

  22. So nice that ishveer finally realized happy n waiting for monday episode.Will u plz change the front screen of the serial it is not nice

  23. I love ranveer and ishaani

  24. quboolhai4ever

    I think sanam should of died cuz seher is a more spunky and lively character

  25. quboolhai4ever

    Sorry people wrong site ( I feel so embarrassed right now )

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