Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba says to Kailash that their Ranveer is coming back tomorrow, they must decorate the whole house. Kailash gets teary saying she smiled after such a long time. Amba says he got his treatment done, they must forget all about their past.
Ritika says to Ishaani that she gets a great glow on hearing Ranveer’s name. She tells Ishaani that she has no idea what is going to happen with her life now, she did really well coming back here. Ishaani was afraid and asks what she is going to do. Ritika says it is going to be the biggest day of her life, she must sleep well right now.
Doctors bring Ranveer, his face had been bandaged. The doctor says to Ranveer that today they are going to remove his bandage and then he will see his beautiful face again. Ishaani marks the day saying today

Ranveer’s life will be back again. The same house, same face and just she won’t be there around. He will hate her always, and if he gets everything back for hating her, she can bear this much for him. She will spend the rest of her life as well like the six months passed.
The doctors remove Ranveer’s bandage. He says that his surgery is a miracle, no one can even say he was infected with virus D. He asks sister to get the mirror, Ranveer tells him he wants to see Ishaani’s face first. They bring Ishaani’s photo. The doctors say that for many people it isn’t possible to overcome such infections. Ranveer thinks about Ishaani’s last acts of hatred. He holds her photo and the mirror, watches his face and then touches to feel it. He curtly looks at Ishaani’s photo and puts a cross around her photo with a marker nearby. He says it has been six months, eighteen days, seven hours and thirty four minutes that she left him. He kept an account of these days, it is said that time doesn’t return but he will. He will take revenge from her. He beats a fist over the mirror to break it.
Ishaani hear men working and being supervised outside. She wonders why there is so much noise at home. The man comes with her food plate, opens the door and leaves keeping the plate on floor. Ishaani comes to take the plate. He watches her as she sits on the ground to eat the food. He leaves the door open. Ishaani looks at the door, opens it and steps outside. In the hall, Ishaani looks around. There were preparations for some pooja. The man urges them to work really fast. Ishaani thinks the man who is getting Ranveer’s treatment must also be here. She must thank him and ask him to let her go to Ranveer. She hears men talking about a sacrifice and sharpen a sword for that. She also remember Behlul telling her that this man sacrifices someone after sometime. She wonders if he is thinking about her sacrifice.
A man brings a goat in lap, the man tells him to take it inside as there is time in his sacrifice now. She thinks why people sacrifice innocent animals. There is a call that their owner has come. Ishaani comes downstairs but she is told to go back to her room. She comes upstairs, thinking that Ritika had said tomorrow will be the biggest day of her life. She hears cars coming and peeks through the window. A lady comes out of a car, points at the men who welcomes a couple from the car behind. They then go to welcome another young man. Ishaani wonders whom they are going to sacrifice. She says she must meet that man today, she must ask why he is taking revenge from Ranveer and has kept her here like this.

PRECAP: Ishaani runs downstairs to save the goat from being sacrificed. She is shocked to see the man being Behlul Singh. He says he isn’t Behlul Singh but Nerbehr Singh Alawat.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    I don’t know y i really likes the precape. And today ranveer scence are played. I already thought behul singh will be alive. My guess is right. Ranvi counted the time priod and he wants to take revenge on ishani. Ranvi not known that she is saviour of him.

  2. hi.. I am Sathya from chennai.. I like this serial very much becoz of ranveer love story and ranveer is so handsome,beauty, cute smile, cute look….etc.. I loveeeeeee ranveer… semmmmmmaaaa aalagu da ranveer… ninga Tamil LA epo parunga super ah iruku.. epathan ishveer join aava poranga… ungalaku theriyum aavanga romance epo vara poguthu…valentines day spl… plzz watch viewers in polimer channel.. if u r have this Channel in ur surrounding so u must watch it… timing 8.00pm

    • Nandhini

      Hi sathya! Its not 8 pm…its 8:30 pm…and i too like this serial one and only because of Ranveer.!..his one sided pure love for ishaani is incredible…and his superb acting…dis serial wil be interesting to watch until the murder of chirag…then its so boring….

  3. Diya

    Disgusting… Serial has completely lost track… Love story has totally gone for a change
    They have to do something unusual
    Atleast RV needs to understand ishaani

  4. K.praveena

    Hai sathya. I also from tamilnadu. And i waiting for the valen’s day moments of ranvi and ishani. Now a days i really getting sad to watch matsh in hindi language but the same time i watched urave uyire in polimer tv then i feel, so happy and i give my face full of expressions and smiles also. Both(shakti and radhika) are cute.

  5. K.praveena

    I don’t know y i never hate this seriel. Now irrting drama happen in matsh and new twist and seperation of love birds. So people gets irrked even me too. But every seperatiön goes out ishveer life then both of them come close to each other. Also they r relation gots more storng.

  6. sana

    I am very happy to see rv in normal but feeling very sad for ishani.writers pls make understand rv about ishani’s sincere love and unite them immediately.

  7. swana

    BAD SCRIPT SPOILED A GOOD SHOW at least to make the serial somewat good rv should understand ishaani in Tamil it is going to be superb…

  8. suni

    i watch this serial frm hyderabad though serial track is very worst but i watch it be’coz i like ISHVEER love story

  9. I hate the new entries in matsh,they dragging toooo much,i’m great fan of matsh,whenever iam tensed i just watch ishveer scenes iam get fresh and some times tis serial makes my life happy,i dnt know y i love matsh tis much, really i fl peacefull for seeing ishveer pair,but now a days its verry much irritating i miss ishveer scenes and also now a days we miss shakthi and radhi interviews ,selfies.iam totally depressed of ongoing episodes .waste to post comment here nothing change ll happen

  10. Finally ranveer is back his cute face is back his handsome look is back
    But he wants to take revenge from ishani
    Please understand ranveer that ishani is pretending to hate you whereas she stills love u

  11. kowsi

    kitni bakwass track ektha mam….u r spoiling al the serial yhm kkb now meri aashiqui…pls give the happy note for ur serial…how many times the serial took leap????…wen u ppl introduced milan track im not watch this serial in my tv only written update…bcoz of trp rating u doing lyk this ??? ishveer seperation anothr villian last time shikar will saviour of ishaani all pblm this no one …waiting for ishveer reunite….

  12. K.praveena

    Every vilian like chirag, ritika, now nibhray comes to toruture in my swt Ishani. Ranvi protects her from evil.

  13. Trivedi Jyoti

    Ekta Mam Jab se Seriol Start hui hai tab se ranveer Aur Ishani ko aaj tak milaya nai hai…..puri seriol spoil kar di hai pehle jitni maja nai ati hai

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