Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba and Ritika blame Ishaani. Ishaani come to the door and says this is a lie. Ritika is shocked to see Ishaani. Ishaani comes to Ranveer and tries to explain to Ranveer that he knows her, she doesnt know that man. Ritika stops Ishaani, she says she and her family can’t see her happiness, if she hated her she should take revenge from her, why she killed her child. Who else was there in this world of her child. Shekhar calls that child’s grand mother was there. Shekhar comes there with Mrs. Mehta and says to Ritika why she didnt tell anyone that Mrs. Mehta is the grand mother of her child. Ranveer asks what is happening here. Shekhar asks Mrs. Mehta to speak now. Ritika was about to go when Ishaani holds her hand and says to Ritika that when she has lied so much, she must hear

some truth as well. Mrs. Mehta says they might not believe anything she is about to say but Ritika is about to become a mother of her Chiraag’s child. She asks them to forgive her because someone asked her to say whatever she is saying. Amba asks who? Mrs. Mehta takes the name of Ishaani. ishaani leaves Ritika’s hand in shock.

Mrs. Mehta says Ishaani gave her money to say this all to them. Shekhar and Ishaani resists, but Ranveer tells them to stop it. Ishaani comes to plead but Mrs. Mehta asks Ishaani not to kill her now. She says she had sent Ishaani that night and she had sent the shooter as well. When she couldnt convince RV that night, Ishaani asked the shooter to fire. Shekhar resists, but RV blames Ishaani. He says to Ishaani that she will not say a word now, Mrs. Mehta, Ritika and shooter all are saying the same thing, she got Ritika’s child murdered. He says that for money, Ishaani fell down so much. Ishaani says she didnt kill anyone but Ritika killed Chiraag. Ritika is shocked. Ishaani says that she wanted Chiraag to marry her, but when he denied she killed him. RV shuts Ishaani up, he says DNA test proved it was Sharman’s child. Ishaani says Sharman knew this and was posing. Ritika says that everyone has been doing a drama. Ishaani says that she will do anything to save RV from her. She tells RV that she had no accident, Ritika attacked on her to kill her on the day he was getting married to Ritika. She was about to marry Shekhar still she came back to RV to save him from this lady. RV disbeliefs Ishaani, he asks if she was doing all this drama of memory loss. Shekhar tries to explain, RV stops him. He says he has been hurt because he knows her since childhood. He says that when he loved her she went away from him but when he moved on in life she couldnt see this, she returned to him. He says today he will hold his hand on her if she says a word. Shekhar comes forward and says stop it, Ishaani did this all for him. RV pushes him back, he blames Shekhar for being involved as well. He tells him to take Ishaani and get out of this home. He says that Ishaani lied to him and Shekhar lied to his friend. He says he will push them all today like he was pushed out of this house. Ishaani stops RV, RV says he wants Ishaani to stop this all. He curses the day he fall in love with her, as Ishaani isnt worth loving. He says that first Ishaani ruined his life and now is about to ruin Ritika’s life. Ishaani tries to explain, but RV doesnt listen. He says when Ishaani has recalled her memory, she must divorce him now. He drags Ishaani out of the house, Ishaani asks him to think again. RV says he doesnt want to think about her now, but only his family. He pushes her out of the door, thinking about their wedding being reversed. He shuts the doors leaving Shekhar and Ishaani out. RV goes into the room. Ritika thinks she has told Ishaani she won’t win. ishaani wanted to seperate her from RV, but got seperated herself.
Outside, Ishaani walks lost. Shekhar follows her. Ishaani says everything is finished, their plan, their mission, everything. She wanted to seperate RV from Ritika, but she brought them even more close. She wanted to save Ranveer from Ritika but she increased his problem. Shekhar says nothing is ruined, they can plan something else. Ishaani says nothing can be done now, she thanks him for being there always. Shekhar says I can understand but whenever she needs him he is a phone call away. Ishaani walks out alone.
Ishaani walks on the road, thinking about RV’s words, crying.
RV comes to study angrily, he watches Ishaani’s photo there and breaks it on the floor. He walks restlessly, crying, thinking about Mrs. Mehta’s words. Ishaani’s confession. He breaks another vase in frustration.

PRECAP: Ishaani says to Shekhar that she wants to save RV from Ritika at any cost but doesnt get it how to accomplish that. She holds her head worried.

Update Credit to: Sona


    • marry

      finnaly u didnt say that today,s episide was good…………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feeling sad 4 ishani…………..!!!!!!!!!!!

      • marry

        i just to say this rv,s chacter is worst than anybody else i ve started hated ranveer so much if he know that from childhood that ishani is stupid ……………..than y didnt he inquires all the matter so all the fault is of ranveer…………. ishani is stupid from childhood but i think ranveer thinks that he is so intelligent…….but he didnt do anything 4 ishani after become rich he just pretent it…………

  1. suga

    Today’s episode was annoying and paining lot.. I didn’t expect RV will react this way to Ishaani.. I feel like breaking the TV… RITHIKA EVIL VAMP doesn’t know when she will get exposed.. Shikhar trust Ishaani more than RV.. started to Hate this show.. Change the title to Meri Dushmani tum se hi…thank god atleast Shikhar is standing by Ishaani’s side..

  2. suga

    Latest interesting SPOILER:

    There is a big twist in the show. Ranvir and Ishani are shown dead and the family mourning around them. Baa and Amba cry for them and hug their bodies. Amba recalls she has known Ishani since childhood, and mourns for her, though she has always been rude to her.

  3. kowsi

    fed up of it drama…love …hate …betray…revench…big twist in this serial guys …ranveer wants divorce from ishaani..ishaani refuses to sign the paper ..but rv make suicide attempt at tat time ishaani stop ranveer comitting for suicide and ready to give divorce.
    Today spoilers told there s major twist in this serial both rv and ishaani are shown dead and the family mourning around them. Baa and Amba cry for them and hug their bodies. Amba recalls she has known Ishani since childhood, and mourns for her, though she has always been rude to her.

  4. ABG

    Hello… Can some one tell me what is going on, how long will Rv & ishani suffer. Now shektar too is suffering bcos of them. Pls writer can u given us some break pls. I know he who lough last lough best. But let good win too, we have linger here for long. Seen precap I guest there’s still hope.

  5. neha

    Seriously,,, what rubbish is this? Anyway , I already knew this is going to happen……. Don’t know why writer’s gave importance of ritika’s character not ishani….. Ishani did so much sacrifices for rv but writer’s only want to win ritika not ishani….. Uuuhhhh.
    Really fed up with this nonsense story….I don’t read the updates fully…
    But I am happy with this show trp ratings coming down,… Last week this shows was no. 5 and now belongs to no.8….. I want the show trp rate will be 1.1…. Then only cvs do smthng better with this show…

    • marry

      neha i want the trp zerooooooooooooooooooooooooo its suits on matsh i say to kill ranveer not ishani………only and only ………………………….. ishani is suffering after her papa,s death…………………and when mother go nothing left…………ranveer take many advantages of innocent ishani ……………i was happy if ishani really listen wat his papa say to marry chiraag……….his father know that chiraag is even better than ranveer………wrong disicion taken at that time when ishani marry ranveer and after than love him…….i love if ritika kill ranveer and chirag marry ishani…… ishani just suffering becoz she didnt fulfill his father wish………and ranveer wat can i say money make him to consider his love(ishani) so small this is rite money changes every thing it changes ishani totally(in a good way) and it changes ranveer(in a bad way) totatly ……… just feeling sorry 4 ishani………….y u kill ishani………….just one thing ishani have to say ranveer…………….. MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI…………… its an aashiqui of girl……………..which sacrifices everything and atlast her aashiqui take her life…………..i must say ishani aashiqui so true………………..

      • Niharika

        what u say is right marry but slight change is that i want shikhar to marry ishani…. in this way she will get that respect and love which was always missing from her life as shikhar’s family loves and cares ishani so much…. her family members and then vaghela in-laws tortured her so bad… if this was not all, even ranveer joined the group……. i dont why they are showing like ranveer and ishani’ s dead bodies but i wanted both of them to live….. i wanted ranveer to see the true face of ritika after marrying her, he should have faced it worst than what ishani has been through… that moment ishani should have said MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI.. cant u see she lost everything, nothing is left….. this truly depicts how deep a girl’s love can go…… appreciation for ishani a lot..!!!

    • marry

      niharika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dear i absolutely agree but in my ranking 1st is shekker 2nd is chirag 3rd is ranveer. no no ranveer is not in anyway……………… that flirt chirag is also better than ranveer he give less pain to ishani when she love him but ranveer crosses all the limitssssssssssssss

      • Niharika

        can you tell how ritika is behaving in this situation?? i mean surely she wanted ishani to die but not ranveer….. ritika wanted to marry ranveer and all the situations were already favorable for her so why should she kill ranveer….. or is that something fishy is going on??? how can both ranveer-ishani die at the same time??? as in that earlier promo, we saw ritika deciding to destroy ranveer, ishani, shikhar, falguni and we have already she did that so successfully…. i just want to know what will happen next or will it close on this note– shikhar being heartbroken and evil winning over good???

      • marry

        niharika just one thing ishaveer r doing drama just 4 trp so relaxxxxxxxxxxxxx vdout hero heroen drama would b end…………but its not possible soon………….so chillllll……………. 😀 🙂

  6. Divya

    RV believes everyone except ishaani and says that he loved her…he’s gonna feel very bad when he comes to know the truth….waiting for it..atb ishani

  7. Kalai

    Stupid storyline and it doesn’t worth watching. If it continue then the serial doesn’t worth reading written updates even. Same story in kkb now. Female lead do drama to expose the negative ones. Boring to the edge. Testing the patience of the viewer. Be at least somewhat realistic

  8. Viral

    Pls ektaji public ko bevkuf samjna ban karo, 2 bar marriage, 2 birth, 2 death, , kabhi bhi pregnant, or kabhi bhi murder, kya public kuch bhi dikhaogne or public dekh to rahegi, ji nahi pls hambak seril dikhana ban karo thoda to serial jasa lage wasa to banao, apki all serila me yehi problem hoti, kya serila thodi chali kya or bada me haumbak dikhana suru kar dwto ho, pls close the serial meri aashiqi tum sw Hi

  9. ishveer

    How could u do this rithika for this situation too.ur baby is lost,but no feelings… a days i hate this story line….plz as much as possible end this track…plz director tell us when rv and ishani reunit… I am so fed up …..

  10. A.D.

    RV is not at fault at all. How can he believe ishani when she never believed on him. If she had believed she would’ve told him the truth directly. Rv had done so much for ishani in the past. But she never involved him in her plans. When they can try to make their families one , together. Why can’t they face every hurdle together. But no…dumb ishani thinks that she is always right.and want to become goddess of goodness and sacrifice. She should have asked rv first if Chirag was actually killed by him. And secondly she should have enquired about rithika’s baby if she trusted rv. And lastly she should have told the entire truth on the day of the marriage itself when ritika was afraid to be caught. But no..she had to go back to Shikhar too isn’t it. She always lied to rv and humiliated him though for the sake of his good. And we all expect rv to trust her inspire of repeated lies. Wow!

    • SAGA

      You are absolutely right .Ishani is so dumb.She should realise how much it will hurt RV if she is acting of having a memory loss.

      Bechara RV will defenitely go mad because of Ishani and Ritika
      I really wondered how RV is not gone mad.Cos Ishani is saying some times she did love him and sometimes she didnt Love him.So he is confused about what she is?And this Ritika (Is this the one they showed before with RV a good friend)If RV comes to know about Ritika he will be broken so much.Cos first he trusted ishani so much she broke his trust by the lies she said to him and now ritika (a good friend in RVs POV)was so much evil than one can imagine.

      RV is not at fault.I think its only Ishani who is spoiling everything because of her dumbness(You cant always be thyagg ki devi and to show her goodness she is hurting her love(so called becos if she really loves him she will do anything to keep him happy lifelong) but she is doing ulta by hurting him) and herself).

      No heart feelings Ijust commented about characters and not about shakthi or Radhika.COS I like them so much

  11. Shahlo

    Nonsense….fuuuu…irritating…i just wanna kill writers n producers!!! What stupid story is this? Cant tolerate!!!! Hate u, matsh!!!

  12. sree

    instead of talking abt present track…vich im nt watching….i cn say i really love dat sentence in spoiler dat ishaani n rv dead….do that plz…we really fed up of ur drama…dnt say rv loves ishaani…dis serial dats y u ppl telling rv as really i hate rv character..brainless stupid character…n lead pair..both r brainless characters…
    actually yesterday some said to kill rv…..writter really taking all negative advices vit full happiness….anyway do vat ever stupid thing u vant to do mr.writter…bcz no one s going to watch dis…..let da trp down…n let da team of maths enjoy vit deir own failure…bt i pity on actors…due to stupid stry…dey ll get defame…frankly speaking actors in da show r very talented….shakti,arjun,radika, sruti khanna, are really very gud actors…even amba n baa characters is really nice acting…bt bcz of stry…everything got spoiled….

  13. sree

    its very sad to say dat i was watching only two serials……one s going to end on 27th….another one already got spoiled..vich i stoped watching it….

  14. sourav

    This is new low for show n Rv.How Rv can behave this with Ishani n also with Shikhar.Rv literally warned to Ish that he will slap her.He also manhandled Shikhar.This is seriously not Gentleman Ranveer.

  15. aish

    Why all this drama. When will rithika’s truth come out. Now these episodes are not intresting. So boring

  16. sona

    Serial has been so negative…..hsmesha acchai bechari roti rahti hai aur justify karti rahti hai aur burai mast badiya aish……chi. Chi disgusting

  17. SF

    this is so lame….rithika has confessed her crime so many times….ishaani is always carrying a phone….how long does it take to record audio on the phone as evidence….when ishaani was in the house for months and what not all she did was play childish bhoot games….that shikhar…what kind of a lawyer is he…cant dig up one dna report…cant find one saboot….i mean really…if rithika can change things around with money….ishaani and shikhar have enough money to pay the goons more than rithika to get the right confessions…..

    such a LAME show….i could have recorded the damn confession in my phone in one day and finished the game….very LAME and ILLOGICAL and ANNOYING !!!

    TV serials should be short stories….logical and realistic…..


    I want to say goodbye
    Becoz now this serial is one of my disgusting and irritating serial.
    So goodbye meri ashiqui tum se hi

  19. Ap

    sorry to say that this serial is unnecessarily dragging with valueless twist. Only disappointing the viewer. If this is going to be continued like this, I’m sure that it will be graded as lowest trp value.

  20. Ap

    Unnecessarily dragging the serial with valueless twist, just disappointing the viewers . I’m dam sure that if the writer is going to take the story as going now, then this episode will get the lowest trp.

  21. Meera

    Ranveer ishani dead
    Despite all irritation I feel really sad from this story line. I just remembered the story of ekta’s another popular show kasauti zindagi ki. In that serial also she didn’t unite prerna and anurag till the end and they died together. I hope this is not the end of MATSH. It shouldn’t end this way..sad ?…

  22. Vinay Karthik

    Hai Guyzzz….. I know u all r fed up with sterday’s episode.but v all already know this is going to happen.i read all ur comments and u all blaming ranveer for this situation but I don’t thing so.u all forgot what happened before.Let me first explain about the character.

    Ranveer – an unconditional love for ishaani from childhood

    Ishaani – she has no own point of view.she simply belief what others saying.

    The story begins with RV loves ishaani , bt ishaani loves chiraag and believes him whatever he said.RV is tried to prove ishaani that chiraag is cheating her bt he doesn’t trust him.On a marriage day after lot of dramas RV married ishaani.Then on seeing RV’s good nature and caring for her ishaani also started to love RV.

    Then the twist comes in their lives after chiraag death.Ishaani thinks(already I explained her character above) RV killed chiraag and took a blame on her to save RV.Before going to jail she said to RV that she hate him and also asked for divorce.RV is shocked and confused at that time.When she is in jail RV tried to contact her bt she avoided him.When RV heared about ishaani hanging he suddenly rushed to jail to meet her bt ishaani used jail inspecter who said that ishaani loves chiraag not him this became shock to RV.
    After this I want to give my own opinion

    Once she get released from jail , ishaani comes to know that RV get remarried and she attempted a suicide bt shikhar saved her.and then she comes to know Rv married ritika.As ritika is pregnant , again she thinks that child belong to RV.I want to ask u guyz how she could think that ritika is pregnant due to RV.she knows him well and also she knows how much RV loves her and how can she think that RV can do this eventhough she was in jail for 6 months only.Within 6 months can RV changed like this? Why ishaani thinks like this?
    Again ishaani becomes matarani for ritika and her baby.She assumed that RV is happily married and she showed her fake annoyance to RV.U all r remembered the scene when RV met ishaani at the hospital how much she shows annoyance to RV.In that scene she said she hate him and also she insulted him by saying he is a driver son how can he think that she loves him.What this guys… is this way to show her fake annoyance to RV. R u guyzzz support ishaani for this….

    After that whenever she met RV she scolded him and to show him that she is moved on she said that she is ready to marry shikhar(at that time she knows RV and ritika are not married).Guyzz think RV is totally heart broken at that time.

    Then she come to know Ritika murdered falguni and chiraag, she re-entered RV life saying memory loss drama.She always saying I want to save RV from ritika and it’s not true.Because till now ritika doesn’t harm RV and his family so she shouldn’t say like this.she should say that I came to take revenge for killing her mother it’s only true.

    And also she always says that she promised shikhar that she will come to him.I want to ask u guyzzz can she not remembered the promise which she was given at the time of her marriage.she knows RV still loves her and how can she say like this.

    And sterday scene how can u think that RV should trust ishaani.RV is confused whether ishaani is telling truth r not. In the beginning RV blindly trust ishaani and that trust get broken bcoz of ishaani.

    So guyzz what u think about this…… this is simply my own opinion and u guyzzz plz reply me if anything I said was wrong.

    • SAGA

      You are right to the core.

      Even I think RV’s Love is better than ISHANIs cos I dont think a girl can hurt her Love to this extreme.

      And Yes you are Right.She didnt came back in RVs life because she loves him or because RITIKA may harm him or his Family.she came back in his life only to take revenge from ritika for her mothers death(Such a selfish).And after the Revenge she will go back to shikar (WAh..Wah…She is deserved to be loved …Seriously???)

      • Archies

        Hi SAGA,

        I don;t agree… she came back to save RV from making the biggest mistake of his life. She told shikar she would marry him infront of the whole family and she wants to keep her word. Her love is always RV. But she made a comittment to shikar and she dont want to hurt the people who helped her in her difficult times. Its more of an obligation for her. But yes she is extremely stupid as all her decisions are taken without knowing the whole truth and poor RV is the one who has to pay the price for her decisions always. And I think every kid who love their mom would want to kill the person who killed their mother. I hope the writers don’t end this serial saying that the lovers united by death..

    • Best reminder to all MATSH fans,, it’s RV always right and it’s selfish and so quick Ishani always wrong,,
      She lives in her own world and de ides everything before knowing the whole picture,,
      Yuck woman,, came back to RV only take revenge from her moms death but not for the love of tv

  23. neha

    Hiiii vinay, whatever u said was not wrong but not fully correct also… I know that ishani hurt rv a lot……but rv always said that he knows ishani from his childhood, he knows that when’re ishani happy or sad….then why he doesn’t trust ishani….he can trust ritika who is a killer of chirag(her unborn child’s father) and she killed falguni, who was not only ishani’s mother but rv also called her as falguni maa, his mota bapuji’s wife(rv praised his mota bapuji a lot) and she attempt to kill ishani twice…. Do you really think that rv deserves ritika just becoz she’s not hurting rv’s family but actually she’s a big criminal.

    You tell me,can you accept this(ritika) kind of girl in real life….or ishani… If I know my frnd since my childhood thn I know from what extent he or she can go to…..and I find out the reason behind her changed behaviour…. But rv didn’t do anything like that……but this is also true that rv believes an outsider’s,,,he believes ritika and chirag’s mom and he knows very well chirag and his family too…..I agree that ishani hurt rv a looooooootttttt……….. But whatever rv’s doing now is correct??????

    I don’t think so!!!!!! If yes, thn what’s the difference remains between rv and ishani….. Are they doing tit for tat to each other…..if ishani did a mistake before than rv also repeating the same mistakes of ishani now….
    Do you really agree, that rv believing ritika is true.???.not ishani.
    Anyways, its my opinion,,,, and this is ekta’s show we can’t predict anything coz its up to writer’s what kind of story they want to show….
    But right now, I am not satisfied with this twist at all…its annoying, its hurting viewers also…..I am not watching this show since 3 weeks ago…?

  24. lakshi

    Y a hero of this serial left so unvalued. He has to understand all and come front to save others. But ranveer left his life for someone to save.

  25. Shahlo

    Hey guys, I agree with you, both of you!
    @vinay, u r right, rv cant trust ishani anymore, coz ishani lost his trust with her own hands!! She did a lot of drama in order to save rv’s life, but actually she killed him, maybe he wouldnt suffer like this, if he went to jail even!!!
    @neha, I agree with u also! If rv knows ishani from his childhood, how he can trust that ishani is killer?
    Anyway, writers could not creat trustworthy characters!!! Both ishani n rv are stupid!!!! I hate both of them!

  26. Hei, wht d u thnk? Is shikar doing all thnks tht hpnd ystrdy?othr wis hw rithika can contact the killer frm d oprtn teatr? And shikar already take bail for ishani, and said tht he flt that ishani wl b jailed.Also chirakz mom cmz wth shikar. And said tht ishani said to hr the baby s chirakz.. So i thnk shikar s hlpng rithika. Bkz he knws tht ishani and rv loves frm the core f their hrt. May b he flt that whn al prblmz are solved thn rv wl b mr clsr to ishani nd he wl los hr. So to make nafrath towardz ishani n rv s mind, shikar s doing ths. I thnk so. Wht abt u al

  27. Manisha

    It’s ishanis mistake also.she could have told Ranveer about Ritika and they both could have find the proof against Ritika and exposed her but Ishani never talked to Ranveer about Ritika and just making false plans to expose her but she couldnt get success.but writers want to drag serial so spoiling the lead characters.dont understand the spoiler about their death.if they both dies then it’s a end of the show.yesterdays episode Chirags mom took ritikas side it’s really sad.she took the side of the woman who killed her son ?we are so confused about the story .now I also wish that Ishani should leave Ranveer and start her own business and make her smart independent woman

  28. Hi guys !! I agree wid u vinay n neha bcos ishani always cum in rv life bcos she loves him but she alvaz lies to him n d end she breaks his trust but she cums in his life for a gud reason !!

    But as usual RV dinn trust her bcos he is confused !!!

  29. U r rit shahlo.ishani killed rv lot f whil ishani s back frm jail. She saw an awardnit n the tv, tht rv introduce rithika as hs wif infrnd f d wrld

    • Shahlo

      Yes, I know about it, But If I were ishani, i would go to rv’s house n talk to him, I would ask about ritika..but ishani didnt do that, instead of it she made desicion herself as usual! She decided not to disturb rv n ritika again n it was the biggest mistake of her! Thats why I dont like her even she loves rv madly…

  30. Shahlo

    As well as, I dont want to take rv’s side also..he blindly believes ritika n even never suspects her, I think he should learn smth from shikhar!
    I dont mind ishveers death! Hope this disgusting story will finish after their death!!!

  31. Krishy

    too much drama ……. a sweet luv story became a totally irritating one ….. fed up of these twists and turns

  32. Krishy

    ishaani and rv to be dead soon …………… is the serial going to end ……………………………………..why can’t rithika be dead
    always the irritating characters live 4ever .

  33. pI knw ths serial s annoying. Bt i dnt wish to stop ths serial.dnt knw y. Shahlo,ishani went to rv s hom. Bt servnt said tht, he s vry hpy wth rithika and she s going to b a mom.. amba also said i dnt lik ishani on those days. Bkz while rv was injured, he askd evry thng to hr. Y she ddnt go to hm aftr cmng frm she dnt ask anythng abt tht to hm. And she said unwanted thngs nd break d hrt f rv.nd says evry thng s fr rv.she s a real fool..those days i realy fl sad on rv. Nd hated ishani.

  34. pooja shetty

    hello dear,
    i wanted to tell u that why u guys write shekhar in written updates… it’s not Shekhar its Shikar…
    plz correct it from next updates… also someone copy paste ur same updates in instagram with dat wrong name only…

  35. pooja

    i have read all the comments and i realise what u are all saying is somewhat correct.but see the reality it is all part of a serialand everyone is acting.they are basically doing their job to get money.both ranveer and ishani had done many mistakes .but we cannot blame them right .they have to act according to if they read all these comments they will feel very bad and hurt.As viewers we must patiently wait for the rest of story.but pls understand the reality.but i am not saying u are all wrong .but pls understand the reality.we need to encourage them so that the writters will make the story line better for that we must not write hurting comments. we need to wait for the twist yet to come

  36. sana khan

    Itssss tooo muchhhh…. whn wil dey cum together. . Its heartbrkin to c dt the writtr is draging it too much dt ppl r gttin mad to c ishanis sacrifices fr rv.. shekar is also goin through a though situation.. atlast rv n ishani will b 1 bt wht will shekar gt fr being so trusty n truth lover r friend wtevr u say… shekar is also sacrificing evrythn jst in a blv dt ishani will cum bck to her.. well just eanna say dt plz dnt spoil dis serial by dragging it… at last true lovers will win bt they lovestory in not yet been started. . OMG

  37. neha

    Hiiii guys another news of matsh:

    After pragya of “kumkum bhagya”, ” meri aashiqui tumse hi ” pair ranveer and ishani to return in all-new avatar…

    Fans of matsh,,,were thrown into a tizzy after the news of ishani and ranveer death broke out.

    The restless viewers have been expressing their disgust over the new twist on social media, but there’s some positivity around the corner.

    According to a report, both ishani and ranveer will be back from the dead in all-new avatars.

    The question remains whether they will be seen sporting new looks or will the makers alter their identity all together.

    Just wait n watch, what will happen next in this show.???? Well I just hope that after this twist ishveer unite and ritika’s evil face going to revealed soon…. Let’s see!!!!!! Fingers crossed….

  38. Anup

    Guys he is Shikhar not Shekhar.Arjun himself has tagged many times #Shikhar on Instagram.

    Telly Updates please correct it.

  39. Anup

    Again you are not showing my comment.Get a life telly updates.You are acting like hypocrites.

    Your not showing my comment will not change the fact………His name is Shikhar,not Shekhar.

  40. Nemo

    Please stop dragging the show…. When Ritika’s true face will be out??? Tried of watching this show now… Hate you Ritika….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.