Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Falguni comes to Kanchal and asks her to talk to her for a moment. Kanchal goes with Falguni. Falguni says that Nirupa gave us all so many gifts, we must also give gifts to her. She asks Kanchal to hand a gift to her, and asks where is she. Kanchal says she is a bit shy. Falguni says she won’t insist.
Shekhar makes an announcement that he is going to give a dance performance for his sister’s engagement. Ishaani comes upstairs from behind the curtain to watch this. Everyone enjoys the performance and claps. Kanchal goes and gives the gift to Ishaani saying Dewarsh’s kaki gave this. Ishaani reconfirms sentimentally, and opens the gift. It was chain and pendant. Ishaani weeps, while Kanchal says to her that she said she gave gifts to everyone; she is so sweet that she wins everyone’s

heart. She wanted to meet her, but she denied. Kanchal asks if she really doesn’t want to meet anyone. Ishaani says no please, and don’t force me. Ishaani cries. Kanchal asks why is she crying, does she miss someone looking at this. Ishaani says no, someone gifted her after a long time so she got a bit emotional. Kanchal goes down to someone’s call. Ishaani asks her to say thanks to Dewarsh’s kaki.
Shekhar comes to Ishaani, she wipes her tears but Shekhar stops her. He says it is her brother’s engagement, can’t she forget it all for one day. Ishaani says no, she won’t meet them. Shekhar asks doesn’t she feel like being a part of her family for a while. Ishaani says they are happy being away from her, and she will be happy watching them from a distance. Shekhar thinks it is her right to be happy in their happiness, but he will let her watch the ceremony.
Mr. Mehra asks them all to come forward for ring ceremony. Shekhar wonders if everyone stays around how Ishaani will see the ceremony. Ishaani peeks from behind the curtain, and was about to go when Shekhar calls them all to stop for a minute. He asks them to come with the huge mirror, Kanchal asks what is this. Shekhar says Dewarsh and Krisha will watch the mirror while doing the ring ceremony. Kanchal asks Baa to let him do this, Baa allows when Shekhar says it increases love. Ishaani can see the ring ceremony from mirror now. Shekhar looks at her, she nods at him gratefully.
Ritika feels discomfortable, Ritika says it was very hot there, she feels clatarophobic whenever in crowd. RV goes to get drink for her, Ritika thinks it doesn’t feel right to lie to RV, she must talk to Ishaani and makes a call to her.
Kanchal offers them food, Pratik says they will take it by themselves. Kanchal asks Krisha to offer Dewarsh food as well. Krisha says Dewarsh’s stomach will fill seeing her eat, when two people are in love one’s stomach fills the others itselves. Kanchal says actually Nirupa was telling her about love relating it to love. Falguni asks what was Nirupa saying. Krisha says Nirupa told her her papa said that when one is in love, one’s love alone is enough for both. Falguni remembers Harshid saying this to her and misses Ishaani. Dewarsh tries to handle saying he will love her as much that his love alone would be enough for them both. Falguni follows Kanchal and says she has to talk to her for a while. Kanchal asks Falguni why is she worried. Falguni asks is Krisha talking about the same girl for whom I gave you the gift. Kanchal asks Nirupa? Falguni asks where is she, she says I don’t know that girl but it seems I have a long relation to her, I want to meet her, who is she and where she came from. Kanchal says I don’t know much about her, I can tell you whatever I know. Kanchal says she herself took a promise from me not to tell anyone, Falguni promises not to tell anyone. Kanchal says her real name isn’t Nirupa, she came freed from jail so she asked to change her identity. Falguni asks which jail, Kanchal says she was charged with murder and was about to be hanged on 25th march but since she was innocent her hanging was discarded. Kanchal tells her that Shekhar fought her case and saved her from hanging. She is happy that an innocent got justice from Shekhar, how can such a lovely girl kill someone. But people don’t understand this and see her as a murderer, so she changed her name to Nirupa so that she can start a new life. Falguni takes a photo of Ishaani from her phone and asks is this Nirupa? Kanchal is shocked to see the photo and asks how she got this.
Falguni says she has met her, she helped her as well. Kanchal says she told her what she asked, but please don’t tell anyone. Falguni asks but where she is, can she meet her once; she promises not to tell anyone. Kanchal is reluctant for a while, then says she is there in the room; she can go and meet her. Falguni goes upstairs. In the room, Falguni comes calling Ishaani’s name. She wasn’t there, Falguni goes to pick Ishaani ear pins and cries holding them to her chest. She says I want to know what happened to you, you said you murdered Chirag, but you were freed; this means you were innocent and if you were why you took such a blame to yourself. Why you didn’t tell your mother the truth, I have to say sorry to you as being a mother I couldn’t recognize your liability and you had to go to jail. She wonders where has Ishaani gone, then watches Ishaani’s phone. There was Ritika’s message in it, she says this means Ritika knows Ishaani is alive and in this house. The message read Ishaani! Meet me in the terrace. Falguni wonders if RV knows about it?

PRECAP: Ishaani hides from RV who follows her. She hides herself behind a door and pray God to send RV away as she doesn’t want to come in front of him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good. Shekhar scene was amazing… wow.. and Atlast ishaani mom came to know about ishaani. OMG can’t able to see rithika overacting scenes. ISHAANI come in front of Ranveer..precap seems to be interesting but any way we know that they will not meet.waiting for a good episode.

    1. Do you know ishani’s mom is going to die

      1. From the spoilers all know she is going to die.. so sad ya..

  2. Guyz i want falguni to meet ishaani once b4 her death. And that mystery episode is on tomorrow nd say after tomorrow. It none other dan our ritika nlyyy

    1. it will be 2moro…but i guess they wont be showing ritika bacause directors just want to drag it more.. anyways from 2moro onwards the story will be bit fast-tracked…..more rona-dhona and suddenly the blast of truth…

  3. Arora tamil ah pathingala omg dialogue apdiye kolluthu tamil ah kekkum pothu innum na intha serial ah romba nesikka arambichuten.

  4. I hope ranveer and Ichabod get together and live happily ever after but I also want shikhar with ishaani someone plz reply

    1. I mental ishaani on them first sentence

  5. nice performance by shikhar,….. it was a nice trick by him … 🙂 🙂 …..ranvir seems so confused……precap seems nice but they wont meet as always…..maybe now the death track of falguni is going to come on the show but i just want falguni to meet ishani before her death otherwise it will really be depressing….

  6. Episode s k. Shekhar did all for ishanni oh god. Wat ill happen if he come to know about ishveer

  7. Came to this forum after a very long gap. Read that Ritika is turning negative. Am so happy coz she was ditched badly by RV on her marriage day. RV only thought about Ishani but didn’t think twice about Ritika feelings. RV-Ishani deserve this torture by Rituka.Anyway this serial is only going to get worse coz Ekta Kapoor told in show launch speech that this is a failed love story. No point in following this crap!!

    1. Ritika herself told rv to marry ishani at that time……y does she need space now?? I didnt know abt ekta speech but she still can make it happy ending…hoping for that

      1. RV was anyways going to ditch Ritika. There was no point in asking him to marry her. If he really loved Ishani so much he should have waited for her to get married and then move on coz till then he would have a chance.RV very well knew Ritika was in love with him. He made her love him and then ditched her.Not acceptable.

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!…noooooooooooo…..ETK ji plssssssssssss……make this story a good n positive ending plsssssss..

  9. Want IshVeer Reunion plz… 🙁 :'(

  10. RV’s most trustable person’s cheated sherman(rishi, ritika) ayyo paavam. After he comes to know the truth I just want rv slaps ritika harder like once he gave rishi(or more & more than that)

  11. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    hey who is rishi

    1. the guy who had an affair with disha.

  12. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    omg omg omg plz let rv meet ishaani awwww

  13. Ishaani and Shekhar rockzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I can’t see them separately pls director you have join them very soooooooooooooooooooooooooiooion pls i just want ranshani back plsplssssssssssaaaaaa

  15. Falguni’s scenes were amazing today ,, I felt so sorry how will a mother feel when she come to know her child is alive but staying hiding,, when I saw the first epi in Tamil I felt so sad about falguni,, she was so rich and proud,, but today her situation is really bad,,
    RV is taking tooooooooo much care of drama queen Ritika.. I hate him wen he is over reacting for Ritika,,

    1. falguni really made everyone cry today by her performance…….it was really very sad…..i just hope she meets ishani before her death…..rv is okay sometimes but seems big stupid when he starts serving that ritika….angry for that…


  17. Boring. …waiting for a gud episode……
    Luv u ISHVEER!!!!!…

  18. I m sure ritika is about to push ishaani from terrace……but she’ll push falguni thinking her ishaani……as she has called ishaani on the terrace

  19. shibam sharma

    please dont die falguni maa,!!!!

  20. shibam sharma

    i hate ritika,please skip this and change the story,

  21. Change the story writers all sad episodes bore

  22. Love u shekhar…he is rocking want shekhar nd ishani together…if ranveer really lvd ishani he will wait for her,if he want to prtct ritika he can do that being a brthr…shekhar really care for her..

  23. This is ridiculous. I don’t know why ishani is reacting in this way. This is too much for me to digest.

    1. true me and my mom cant resist Ishani fro half an hour,,,

    2. true me and my mom cant resist Ishani for half an hour,,,

  24. diz serial is so complicated…bt i wud love shekher and ishaani to be to together..

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