Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The girl Rumi says hi to RV, Milan cheers watching her. He goes to hug her, then asks Ishaani what she is watching. He brings Rumi in saying she drinks Rum. He asks Ishaani to bring Rum for everyone. Ishaani goes inside and gets the drink. Milan asks her to pour it for everyone. Ishaani looks around at the guests, then pours the drink for them all. He observes Ishaani who goes to his friend with the drink. He then asks Ishaani if she liked his girlfriend. He says she is a friend and a girl, so she is girlfriend. Ishaani says she is beautiful. Milan thinks she is so stubborn, he must increase the load on her. He asks Rumi to have a dance, and orders Ishaani to play music. He dances with Rumi as Ishaani watches this. She finally switches the music off, Milan says now there was some effect.

Ishaani says for her dancing with her husband is normal, but for her dancing with her husband in front of her she must take her permission. Next time, she would like it if Rumi takes her permission. RV’s friend offers Ishaani to dance with him, Ishaani says she doesn’t know how to dance and won’t. He tries to touch Ishaani, Milan shouts at him and pushes him outside asking how dare he touched her. The other one sides him, Milan throws the three of them outside. He shuts the door, and asks Ishaani why she kept on standing here. Ishaani says he had asked her to stand here, how she could go inside. She says she won’t hate him, infact she won’t be angry at him because when it came to her respect he couldn’t bear anything. She goes inside. Milan says what he did to her, he wanted to create hatred in her heart, and instead there is now a soft corner for him.
The doctors tell the bandaged Ranveer that nothing will happen to him.
Ishaani was in her room, keeping something in wardrobe. Milan brings a gift for Ishaani, he says he wants her to wear this tonight. She asks if they are going somewhere. He says they will do the Sangeet at home as he wants to marry Parul and Manas as soon as possible. Ishaani gets a call then.
The doctor tells Ishaani that patient’s condition is worsening, the police wants a case on Manas. He has a way out for them, but they must come here. Ishaani says to Milan that she has to leave urgently, she will explain later. Milan wonders what is so urgent that she didn’t care about Ranveer’s gift.
Chaitali was getting the arrangements done, Manas comes inside in shock. Ishaani comes downstairs and tells Manas that doctor called them. Milan follows them. In the hospital, Ishaani says to Manas she hopes everything is alriight. Ranveer wonders who is ill over here. Ishaani and Manas come inside. Ramveer’s face was bandaged. The doctor says he wasn’t well sometime before, police came here but doctors can’t guarantee his life. Manas would be arrested because he did this accident. Ishaani assures the doctor that nothing will happen to him, she isn’t saying this because she wants to save Manas. She is saying this because he is the love of someone. Ranveer opens his eyes. The doctor says if she remains with him for the next 24 hours, this is possible. Milan heard this conversation, he opens the door and says this is possible. Milan says if he can get well by being with her, they must take him home. Ishaani says they will take him home, they must do all the formalities and inform Manas as well. Ishaani says to Milan she was about to tell him. Milan says he is doing this all for his sister’s wedding. He thinks he needs to find out why he remains well only being with Ishaani. He says to Manas that he will go with him to marry Parul. Ishaani nods at Manas who leaves.
Amba curses the decorators for arriving so early, as she prepares for her pooja. She lights the flame. Ishaani arrive with Ranveer in ambulance. Ishaani holds Ranveer’s bandaged head on the wheel chair. Amba does the pooja, she turns around to give Aarti all around the house. Ishaani comes with Ranveer on the door, Amba is moved. The flower man loses control of his basket and flower drip on Ranveer and ishaani. Amba turns around and watches Ishaani and Ranveer, she moves towards them. She gives the aarti to Ranveer.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ranveer to promise he won’t lose hope. Ranveer brings his fingers to touch Ishaani’s. Ishaani asks him not to break his promise now, but is moved with the touch.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ishani ranveer is aswsome. Precape is so good. Ishani brings ranveer to home.flower man today u did a superb job.

  2. OMG.. what an episode.. Milan started to fall for Ishaani.. Ranveer jaldi teek hojao and reveal Milan infront of all.. End milan track soon.. waiting for Ishveer uniting..precap super.. waiting for next episode..

    1. Hi suga. We r Tamil Ian’s ……innaikku episode super nu tamila type pannuviga…..but ippa illa….ippa yen Hindi la …….please type in English or Tamil…..

  3. This serial has a get impact…best 1…. love it a lot… d sequences of this serial from epi 1 till now just like as if it is a sequence of my “ollywood film something something”

  4. Best serial ….al d epi till now r just like sequel of my ollywood film something something

  5. End milan track immediately.

  6. pls koi bathao ishani knows that orginal rv pls some one tell

  7. Thanks for update nice episode

  8. wow….ranveer has come….supera irundadu…ennimae milan settada nee….sema jolly….ishveer sera porangale..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yrr yeh ho kya rha h serial mein please reunite our ishveer

  10. S s rendu perum sera porange. Milan story sekiram mudiaum

    1. tamila…superji..matsh current track pidikuda???

  11. Nice episode especially andha flowers scene was awesome super ra irundhuchu bt pls unite ishveer

  12. Supr episode and nice precap

    1. It’s shakti not sakti

  13. Today episode was superrrrrbbbbbb…..and the flower scene is nice precap is interesting…

  14. Please end milan track..

  15. Awesome precape

  16. Wow so many tamil viewers romba santhosama iruku neraya tamil comments for hindi serial elaraum varaverkurathu namathan,superbbbbb episode waiting for ishveer reunite

  17. neraiya tamilians hi guys
    neengulum papinlaa

  18. hi maha, shalini gaya

  19. what show yar……….
    u people don’t know nothing abt good shows………why tamilians are like this????

  20. Hi guys,I ‘m joining u all frm 2day

  21. We have trust on true love Thatsway v watching tis serial,good or bad tamilians welcome all apart from language

  22. awww nyc precap ishani is going to find everything>>

  23. nice precap….hi Tamilians….urave uyire rockzzz…..

    1. Hi guys I’m joining u all from today

  24. Welcome Surksa,ya meera ishveer jodi always rockzzz…..

  25. Ya suraksa u can join us yaar okkkk

    1. Hey r u radhika madan???

  26. Superb epi. I’m waiting for next epi.

  27. I answered u arnav.I really loves my matsh seriel.. Bcoz ranveer and my sweet heart ishani loves truly, geneunily. And my hero ranveer loves ishani since childhood. He really handsome. Lot of tamil fans likes the seriel just one reason behinds this tamil people trust on love not attraction on someone. So many tragedy going to matsh but i never missed that. Whatever happen in my matsh i never hate this.

  28. Whenever i saw meri aashiqui plays in backround in matsh then i will be meltted. This is my fav seriel also tamil version superb. Ishani ranveer voice in tamil is so fantastic. What a choice of voice.

  29. I love this line One’s loves enough for both so many times ishveer used this dialogue. I thought love is not given take policy it’s unique. Ishani & ranvi loves forever not only togetherness even seperation too. It’s quility of love.

  30. Hi!I’m new here.I love MATSH.:-*

  31. Well said praveena..i agree wit u..ya ranveer and ishani voice in tamil version uyire urave serial is superbb yaar

  32. love forever ishaAni and ranveer

  33. actor shakthi arora asked date to radhika ,what ???????? plz guys replay

  34. Meli eclam hai
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