Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the jail, the ladies stood in lines making hair. The lady inspector comes in and tells them all to be calm and listen to her. She says a new minister is coming to the jail and with a good news. The ladies make jokes, the inspector says if they behave well their punishments might be forgiven. The inspector goes to receive the minister, she turns back and asks for Ishaani. One of them says she won’t come, the inspector says it is an important day for her, as she thinks she must be the one who should go out of here. They bring the minster into the jail, showing him the kitchen, a room for rehabilitation, when the minister comes to ladies. The minister distributes gifts amongst the prisoners. The ladies told him about how they were innocent and kept here. The minister announces that after

reviewing their cases he will acclaim eight of them as innocent. He spots Ishaani inside the jail and asks who is she.
Ritika gets up at night. Ranveer was asleep, she comes to the study where the drawer was still open. She says she watches this drawer from months, but he is neither emotional to open it fully nor angry enough to shut it. She also doesn’t dare to close it completely. Ranveer’s words echo in her mind, during awards. She says no one knows about the reality of their relations, she has got the respect but not the happiness. We are not sharing a life, but only a room; Ranveer is with her but his heart and mind is still somewhere else. This half opened drawer is the presence of Ishaani in their life, which neither Ranveer let go of nor forgets. She watches the photo and comes to her bed again.
The inspector is speechless, the minister moves towards Ishaani. Ishaani had her back at them, the minister asks what is her name and why she got jailed. The judge’s verdict echoes in her mind, the minister was asking what happened to her. She recalls how she wanted her end so that Ranveer can lead a good life. Ishaani says she killed her love.

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Ranveer sits on the side of bed thinking that Ishaani had loved Chiraag. She had said how could she forget him, she said in the recording that their marriage even doesn’t need a divorce as there isn’t any relation. Ranveer comes to the garden in frustration, pained.
Ishaani was lost somewhere, she says she watched him killed in front of her. The minister asks Ishaani for the complete truth, Ishaani turns to him and asks will he prove her innocent. The man who has married thrice won’t understand love, if he has to free he must do this to his wives. And if he wants to free them, he must resign from his position first, a corruption free society will get them a better living place. The minister in enraged, the lady inspector tries to tell him that she is doing this so that her hanging in brought about early. The minister says he will now make sure it take place soon. Ishaani goes back to her bench, the minister leaves there in anger.
Ranveer also cries sitting on the bench. He fell asleep on the bench, thinking about Ishaani. Tears fell of Ishaani’s eyes as well.
Ritika teaches Amba and Kailash about yoga. Kailash corrects Amba while she isn’t able to do it. Amba says her back isn’t getting straight, but Ritika says no pain no gain. Ritika asks them to relax. Amba says she is worried only about Ranveer, he has such a big case today. Ritika says she has done all the paper work, they will win the case for sure. Amba asks when she did this, Ritika says she woke up early at 3 in the morning. Kailash boasts that Ritika is a very sensible girl. Ritika tells them that her friend Shekhar is fighting the case, he will solve it in one go. Amba and Kailash begin to get up, but Ritika tells them not to go but do their relaxing yoga.
Ritika comes to the room, the shower was on. She calls on him, if he is nervous. He says he let go of getting nervous years ago. She says she is really tensed and so is his family because if he loses the case he might get a jail. He opens the door and says he doesn’t care. She turns around, he realizes it and goes inside; opens the door again for towel. She hands it to him, he comes out wrapped in it. She gives him way, then hands him his clothes face on the other side. She says it is a big case, he says he isn’t afraid of anything; whatever has to take place, does happen. The case is in judge’s hand, it is better to be confident. He asks if she want to see him nervous or confident, living of a life depends upon you. Everything comes planned, so one must live life as he wants to, not the way people wants to. He says they have hired Shekhar, they may win; and if he loses and go to jail even, it won’t matter. She says it seems he himself wants to go to jail. He gets silent, and takes a leave. She stops him, comes to him then corrects his collar, he feels awkward but she says all the best, I know you will win the case, do call after the verdict. He leaves.

PRECAP: The judge asks the police to kidnap a man, the man removes his fake hair and moustache. He introduces himself as Ranveer’s defence lawyer, Shekhar Mehra. He says to the judge that my name is Shekhar Mehra and I am not a terrorist.

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  1. arora

    today episode ok… Hello rithika what are doing , you create a drama…….., ranveer collar ah sari pana unaku ena rights irku… Ishaani only do this work.. Becoz she is his aashiqui… Omg ishaani look pity… And ranveer dont cry i didnt saw your face, its so painfull…. Oh god ranveer kasta padratha paaka mudila….. Waiting for good episode….

  2. N which respect she is talkin about..the respect which u gained by cheating,that respect is nt fr long time..its fr a short while n when ur truth’ll cm out thn u’ll regret this so called respect..u’ll be finished

  3. vidhya

    I like ranveer…. even ishani said that she hates him and loves chirag. But he understood that ishani is telling lie. And loves her very much… i love ishveer.

    Seekrama ishveer ah sethu vainga pls. Avanga alugratha paaka mudila….. pls

  4. sai

    Really very happy… that ritika n ranveer r nt together… I ll really b damn angry if they say that new face is pair fr ish…

  5. pinky

    precap is very good. While shekhar entry was awasome. Ishveer scenes look so painful. after his entry the show will going intresting. But what case is going on, I didn’t know, hey anyone of you tell me ya what case is going on the court………..

  6. Rosh

    I am confused is this Ritika bad or good? But she doesn’t look that bad. I want some thing bad to happen to that Amba . OMG some one teach her a lesson she never say a single good word to Ishani. This Ri don’t know which Mr. India ki bacha uske pet mein uskoitna pyar karti Ho. What double standard yaar. RV also didnt defend her many times.I am so irritated today. Common Shikher do some thing bring the truth out

    • Rosh…..Amba only is seeing the money behind Ritika. Remember how she reacted when she thought Ishani was pregnant when it really was Disha…..

      Nothing matters to her but money money and more money. She needs to be taught a very very big lesson. Cheapo of the first order.

  7. guys right now ishani is going to come out bcoz of shekhar. later ishani and shekar are going to get married. for few months ranveer will appear less in the serial bcoz he is doing a dance show.
    I really hate this show now. no more ishveer moments. 🙁

    • Your so ryt…..However the biggest twist is that sooner or later t will b revealed that..Chirag’s actual murderer is Ritika….bcoz she discovered that she was pregnant wid his child..Wat confuses me is that…RV wid such great name and intellect does not have the basic knowledge of DNA test?…How can one be so ignorant…Neway, as much as I’m glad that the,”Chirag Mehta bala tali”,I truly miss IshVeer……I’m also curious to know wat happened to Shenella..or wateva Chirag’s stupid ex’s name was….

  8. Rosh

    By the time the serial will drop TRP very low . Shakti can concentrate on all other reality shows . The seria can wind up I will never ever watch another one and make this mistake again.

    • Well, you are not the first one to be disappointed. My friend left the forum because he could not understand the whole tangent this love story has taken.

      What is the point of a love story when the 2 people in the pair marry someone else??

  9. kowsi

    Stupid writter…ithuku munadi ishaani ku oru scene ipdi vaikala like award function and collar scene…

  10. anisha

    Madam ritika plz ranveer par apna haq mat jamao becoz he luvs ishaani and its only her right tobdo that

  11. riku

    Hii… everyone MATSH fan…..i am just happy, bcoz i just saw Nach Bliye 7’s final contestants list , someone of u said our Shakti Arora will be busy in shooting for reality show , so ishveer can’t patch up , but in the list their names (Shakti and Neha ) r not there . Its a video on u tube also , which was posted on 20 March 2015 only. Sooo i just hope Shakti’s msg for fans (he was saying that they will be together soon , don’t be sad ) will come out true as soon………so guys let’s just pray for our ishveer reunion…….

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